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Detection and characterization of two chimpanzee polyomavirus genotypes from different subspecies

Author(s): Deuzing Ilona | Fagrouch Zahra | Groenewoud Marlous | Niphuis Henk | Kondova Ivanela | Bogers Willy | Verschoor Ernst
Sequence variations of NKX2-5 and HAND1 genes in patients with atrial isomerism

Author(s): Ali Can Hatemi | Çağrı Güleç | Naci Çine | Burçak Vural | Özden Hatırnaz | Müge Sayitoğlu | Funda Öztunç | Levent Saltık | Erhan Kansız | Nihan Erginel Ünaltuna
Partial blockage of hepatocyte maturation in hepatoma-derived growth factor transgenic mice

Author(s): Hirayuki Enomoto, Hideji Nakamura, Naoko Komatsu-Kanatani, Yu Liu, Kenya Yoshida, Yorihide Okuda, Teruhisa Yamamoto, Weidong Liu, Shuhei Nishiguchi
Mapping and functional characterization of the murine Smoothelin-like 1 promoter

Author(s): Ulke-Lemée Annegret | Turner Sara | Mughal Saad | Borman Meredith | Winkfein Robert | MacDonald Justin
Comparative tissue transcriptomics reveal prompt inter-organ communication in response to local bacterial kidney infection

Author(s): Boekel Jorrit | Källskog Örjan | Rydén-Aulin Monica | Rhen Mikael | Richter-Dahlfors Agneta
Gene expression profiling of oxidative stress response of C. elegans aging defective AMPK mutants using massively parallel transcriptome sequencing

Author(s): Shin Heesun | Lee Hyojin | Fejes Anthony | Baillie David | Koo Hyeon-Sook | Jones Steven
RNA-seq analyses of blood-induced changes in gene expression in the mosquito vector species, Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Bonizzoni Mariangela | Dunn W | Campbell Corey | Olson Ken | Dimon Michelle | Marinotti Osvaldo | James Anthony
Comparative genomics allowed the identification of drug targets against human fungal pathogens

Author(s): Abadio Ana Karina | Kioshima Erika | Teixeira Marcus | Martins Natalia | Maigret Bernard | Felipe Maria Sueli
Global gene expression of Poncirus trifoliata, Citrus sunki and their hybrids under infection of Phytophthora parasitica

Author(s): Boava Leonardo | Cristofani-Yaly Mariângela | Mafra Valéria | Kubo Karen | Kishi Luciano | Takita Marco | Ribeiro-Alves Marcelo | Machado Marcos
Spatial mapping of gene expression in the salivary glands of the dengue vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Juhn Jennifer | Naeem-Ullah Unsar | Maciel Guedes Bruno | Majid Asif | Coleman Judy | Paolucci Pimenta Paulo | Akram Waseem | James Anthony | Marinotti Osvaldo
Identification of miRNAs and their target genes in developing soybean seeds by deep sequencing

Author(s): Song Qing-Xin | Liu Yun-Feng | Hu Xing-Yu | Zhang Wan-Ke | Ma Biao | Chen Shou-Yi | Zhang Jin-Song
Transcriptome analyses based on genetic screens for Pax3 myogenic targets in the mouse embryo

Author(s): Lagha Mounia | Sato Takahiko | Regnault Béatrice | Cumano Ana | Zuniga Aimée | Licht Jonathan | Relaix Frédéric | Buckingham Margaret
Post-transcriptional regulation in the myo1Δ mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Rivera-Ruiz Marielis | Rodríguez-Quiñones José | Akamine Pearl | Rodríguez-Medina José
Human transcriptional interactome of chromatin contribute to gene co-expression

Author(s): Dong Xiao | Li Chao | Chen Yunqin | Ding Guohui | Li Yixue
Identification of genes for small non-coding RNAs that belong to the regulon of the two-component regulatory system CiaRH in Streptococcus

Author(s): Marx Patrick | Nuhn Michael | Kovács Martá | Hakenbeck Regine | Brückner Reinhold
Tumor and reproductive traits are linked by RNA metabolism genes in the mouse ovary: a transcriptome-phenotype association analysis

Author(s): Urzúa Ulises | Owens Garrison | Zhang Gen-Mu | Cherry James | Sharp John | Munroe David
Skeletal muscle gene expression in response to resistance exercise: sex specific regulation

Author(s): Liu Dongmei | Sartor Maureen | Nader Gustavo | Gutmann Laurie | Treutelaar Mary | Pistilli Emidio | IglayReger Heidi | Burant Charles | Hoffman Eric | Gordon Paul
Comparative transcriptomics of drought responses in Populus: a meta-analysis of genome-wide expression profiling in mature leaves and root apices across two genotypes

Author(s): Cohen David | Bogeat-Triboulot Marie-Béatrice | Tisserant Emilie | Balzergue Sandrine | Martin-Magniette Marie-Laure | Lelandais Gaëlle | Ningre Nathalie | Renou Jean-Pierre | Tamby Jean-Philippe | Le Thiec Didier | Hummel Irène
Predicting RNA-binding residues from evolutionary information and sequence conservation

Author(s): Huang Yu-Feng | Chiu Li-Yuan | Huang Chun-Chin | Huang Chien-Kang
Gene expression in developing fibres of Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) was massively altered by domestication

Author(s): Rapp Ryan | Haigler Candace | Flagel Lex | Hovav Ran | Udall Joshua | Wendel Jonathan
Regulation of PURA gene transcription by three promoters generating distinctly spliced 5-prime leaders: a novel means of fine control over tissue specificity and viral signals

Author(s): Wortman Margaret | Hanson Laura | Martínez-Sobrido Luis | Campbell Ann | Nance Jonas | García-Sastre Adolfo | Johnson Edward
Transient and etiology-related transcription regulation in cirrhosis prior to hepatocellular carcinoma occurrence

Author(s): Frédérique Caillot, Céline Derambure, Paulette Bioulac-Sage, Arnaud François, Michel Scotte, Odile Goria, Martine Hiron, Maryvonne Daveau, Jean-Philippe Salier
Legalon-SIL downregulates HCV core and NS5A in human hepatocytes expressing full-length HCV

Author(s): Marjan Mehrab-Mohseni, Hossein Sendi, Nury Steuerwald, Sriparna Ghosh, Laura W Schrum, Herbert L Bonkovsky
Molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid resistance in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Sara De Iudicibus, Raffaella Franca, Stefano Martelossi, Alessandro Ventura, Giuliana Decorti
A STAT3-decoy oligonucleotide induces cell death in a human colorectal carcinoma cell line by blocking nuclear transfer of STAT3 and STAT3-bound NF-κB

Author(s): Souissi Inès | Najjar Imen | Ah-Koon Laurent | Schischmanoff Pierre | Lesage Denis | Le Coquil Stéphanie | Roger Claudine | Dusanter-Fourt Isabelle | Varin-Blank Nadine | Cao An | Metelev Valeri | Baran-Marszak Fanny | Fagard Remi
Fnr (EtrA) acts as a fine-tuning regulator of anaerobic metabolism in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Author(s): Cruz-García Claribel | Murray Alison | Rodrigues Jorge | Gralnick Jeffrey | McCue Lee | Romine Margaret | Löffler Frank | Tiedje James
Analysis of the ArcA regulon in anaerobically grown Salmonella enterica sv. Typhimurium

Author(s): Evans Matthew | Fink Ryan | Vazquez-Torres Andres | Porwollik Steffen | Jones-Carson Jessica | McClelland Michael | Hassan Hosni
Analog regulation of metabolic demand

Author(s): Sonnenschein Nikolaus | Geertz Marcel | Muskhelishvili Georgi | Hütt Marc-Thorsten
Seed-specific elevation of non-symbiotic hemoglobin AtHb1: beneficial effects and underlying molecular networks in Arabidopsis thaliana

Author(s): Thiel Johannes | Rolletschek Hardy | Friedel Svetlana | Lunn John | Nguyen Thuy | Feil Regina | Tschiersch Henning | Müller Martin | Borisjuk Ljudmilla
Post-transcriptional inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication through small interference RNA

Author(s): Ali Ashfaq Usman | Ansar Muhammad | Sarwar Muhammad | Javed Tariq | Rehman Sidra | Riazuddin Sheikh
Transcriptional profiling identifies differentially expressed genes in developing turkey skeletal muscle

Author(s): Sporer Kelly | Tempelman Robert | Ernst Catherine | Reed Kent | Velleman Sandra | Strasburg Gale
Integrative analysis of next generation sequencing for small non-coding RNAs and transcriptional regulation in Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Author(s): Beck Dominik | Ayers Steve | Wen Jianguo | Brandl Miriam | Pham Tuan | Webb Paul | Chang Chung-Che | Zhou Xiaobo
Mechanism of collagen biosynthesis up-regulation in cultured leiomyoma cells.

Author(s): Monika Zbucka | Wojciech Miltyk | Tomasz Bielawski | Arkadiusz Surazynski | Jerzy Palka | Sławomir Wolczynski
Theranostic cRGD-BioShuttle Constructs Containing Temozolomide- and Cy7 For NIR-Imaging and Therapy

Author(s): Manfred Wiessler, Ute Hennrich, Rüdiger Pipkorn, Waldemar Waldeck, Liji Cao, Jörg Peter, Volker Ehemann, Wolfhard Semmler, Twan Lammers, Klaus Braun
EZH2 Methyltransferase and H3K27 Methylation in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Kyung Hyun Yoo, Lothar Hennighausen
Protein Kinases and Transcription Factors Activation in Response to UV-Radiation of Skin: Implications for Carcinogenesis

Author(s): César López-Camarillo | Elena Aréchaga Ocampo | Mavil López Casamichana | Carlos Pérez-Plasencia | Elizbeth Álvarez-Sánchez | Laurence A. Marchat
(Z)-5-(4-methoxybenzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-dione protects rats from carbon tetrachloride-induced liver injury and fibrogenesis

Author(s): Zhi-Zhi Chen | Zheng-Lin Wang | Chong-Yang Deng | Hao Zheng | Xian-Huo Wang | Liang Ma | Xia Ye | Ying-Hua Ma | Cai-Feng Xie | Li-Juan Chen | Yu-Quan Wei
Plant genetic engineering for viral resistance and viral vectors in reverse genetics

Author(s): Giovanni Chaves-Bedoya | Luz Y. Ortiz-Rojas
SPT5 affects the rate of mRNA degradation and physically interacts with CCR4 but does not control mRNA deadenylation*

Author(s): Darren J. Lee | Clyde L. Denis | Palaniswamy Viswanathan | Yajun Cui | Yueh-Chin Chiang
DNA methylation and microRNAs in cancer

Author(s): Xiang-Quan Li | Yuan-Yuan Guo | Wei De
Cytokinins, A classical multifaceted hormone in plant system

Author(s): Mohd Mazid | Taqi Ahmed Khan | Firoz Mohammad
Analysis of regulation of pentose utilisation in Aspergillus niger reveals evolutionary adaptations in Eurotiales

Author(s): E. Battaglia | L. Visser | A. Nijssen | G.J. van Veluw | H.A.B. Wosten | R.P. de Vries
Increased expression of axogenesis-related genes and mossy fibre length in dentate granule cells from adult HuD overexpressor mice

Author(s): Nora I Perrone‑Bizzozero | Daniel C Tanner | Joanna Mounce | Federico Bolognani
Transcription Inhibition as a Therapeutic Target for Cancer

Author(s): Christine M. Stellrecht | Lisa S. Chen
Putative cis-regulatory elements in genes highly expressed in rice sperm cells

Author(s): Sharma Niharika | Russell Scott | Bhalla Prem | Singh Mohan
A single amino acid change within the R2 domain of the VvMYB5b transcription factor modulates affinity for protein partners and target promoters selectivity

Author(s): Hichri Imène | Deluc Laurent | Barrieu François | Bogs Jochen | Mahjoub Ali | Regad Farid | Gallois Bernard | Granier Thierry | Trossat-Magnin Claudine | Gomès Eric | Lauvergeat Virginie
Early monitoring of the human polyomavirus BK replication and sequencing analysis in a cohort of adult kidney transplant patients treated with basiliximab

Author(s): Anzivino Elena | Bellizzi Anna | Mitterhofer Anna | Tinti Francesca | Barile Mario | Colosimo Maria | Fioriti Daniela | Mischitelli Monica | Chiarini Fernanda | Ferretti Giancarlo | Taliani Gloria | Pietropaolo Valeria
MiR-206-mediated dynamic mechanism of the mammalian circadian clock

Author(s): Zhou Wei | Li Yan | Wang Xia | Wu Lianqi | Wang Yonghua
In Silico discovery of transcription factors as potential diagnostic biomarkers of ovarian cancer

Author(s): Kaur Mandeep | MacPherson Cameron | Schmeier Sebastian | Narasimhan Kothandaraman | Choolani Mahesh | Bajic Vladimir
Downregulation of E-Cadherin enhances proliferation of head and neck cancer through transcriptional regulation of EGFR

Author(s): Wang Dongsheng | Su Ling | Huang Donghai | Zhang Hongzheng | Shin Dong | Chen Zhuo
Microarray profiling reveals the integrated stress response is activated by halofuginone in mammary epithelial cells

Author(s): Kamberov Yana | Kim Jihoon | Mazitschek Ralph | Kuo Winston | Whitman Malcolm
Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of cell growth by tbx5 knockdown contribute to dysmorphogenesis in Zebrafish embryos

Author(s): Lu Jenher | Tsai Tzuchun | Choo Sielin | Yeh Shuyu | Tang Renbing | Yang Anhang | Lee Hsinyu | Lu Jennkan
Regulation of phenylacetic acid uptake is σ54 dependent in Pseudomonas putida CA-3

Author(s): O' Leary Niall | O' Mahony Mark | Dobson Alan
Identification and characterization of PhbF: A DNA binding protein with regulatory role in the PHB metabolism of Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1

Author(s): Kadowaki Marco | Müller-Santos Marcelo | Rego Fabiane | Souza Emanuel | Yates Marshall | Monteiro Rose | Pedrosa Fabio | Chubatsu Leda | Steffens Maria
The grapevine guard cell-related VvMYB60 transcription factor is involved in the regulation of stomatal activity and is differentially expressed in response to ABA and osmotic stress

Author(s): Galbiati Massimo | Matus José | Francia Priscilla | Rusconi Fabio | Cañón Paola | Medina Consuelo | Conti Lucio | Cominelli Eleonora | Tonelli Chiara | Arce-Johnson Patricio
Tumor-specific usage of alternative transcription start sites in colorectal cancer identified by genome-wide exon array analysis

Author(s): Thorsen Kasper | Schepeler Troels | Øster Bodil | Rasmussen Mads | Vang Søren | Wang Kai | Hansen Kristian | Lamy Philippe | Pedersen Jakob | Eller Asger | Mansilla Francisco | Laurila Kirsti | Wiuf Carsten | Laurberg Søren | Dyrskjøt Lars | Ørntoft Torben | Andersen Claus
MicroRNAs in rhabdomyosarcoma: pathogenetic implications and translational potentiality

Author(s): Rota Rossella | Ciarapica Roberta | Giordano Antonio | Miele Lucio | Locatelli Franco
Transcript and metabolite analysis in Trincadeira cultivar reveals novel information regarding the dynamics of grape ripening

Author(s): Fortes Ana | Agudelo-Romero Patricia | Silva Marta | Ali Kashif | Sousa Lisete | Maltese Federica | Choi Young | Grimplet Jerome | Martinez- Zapater José | Verpoorte Robert | Pais Maria
Three-dimensional modeling of chromatin structure from interaction frequency data using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling

Author(s): Rousseau Mathieu | Fraser James | Ferraiuolo Maria | Dostie Josée | Blanchette Mathieu
Transcript profiling reveals expression differences in wild-type and glabrous soybean lines

Author(s): Hunt Matt | Kaur Navneet | Stromvik Martina | Vodkin Lila
Genetic variation of γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene contributes to elevated α-tocopherol content in soybean seeds

Author(s): Dwiyanti Maria | Yamada Tetsuya | Sato Masako | Abe Jun | Kitamura Keisuke
Control of V(D)J Recombination through Transcriptional Elongation and Changes in Locus Chromatin Structure and Nuclear Organization

Author(s): Beatriz del Blanco | Vanina García | Alberto García-Mariscal | Cristina Hernández-Munain
Baculovirus Induced Transcripts in Hemocytes from the Larvae of Heliothis virescens

Author(s): Jonathan E. Breitenbach | Kent S. Shelby | Holly J.R. Popham
Transcriptional and Functional Analysis Shows Sodium Houttuyfonate-Mediated Inhibition of Autolysis in Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Guoxing Liu | Hua Xiang | Xudong Tang | Kaiyu Zhang | Xiuping Wu | Xuelin Wang | Na Guo | Haihua Feng | Guangming Wang | Lihui Liu | Qiyun Shi | Fengge Shen | Mingxun Xing | Peng Yuan | Mingyuan Liu | Lu Yu
Is RNA-dependent RNA polymerase essential for transposon control?

Author(s): Crombach Anton | Hogeweg Paulien
Cofactor-mediated conformational control in the bifunctional kinase/RNase Ire1

Author(s): Korennykh Alexei | Egea Pascal | Korostelev Andrei | Finer-Moore Janet | Stroud Robert | Zhang Chao | Shokat Kevan | Walter Peter
Rad6B acts downstream of Wnt signaling to stabilize β-catenin: Implications for a novel Wnt/β-catenin target

Author(s): Gerard Brigitte | Tait Larry | Nangia-Makker Pratima | Shekhar Malathy
Functional identification in Lactobacillus reuteri of a PocR-like transcription factor regulating glycerol utilization and vitamin B12 synthesis

Author(s): Santos Filipe | Spinler Jennifer | Saulnier Delphine | Molenaar Douwe | Teusink Bas | de Vos Willem | Versalovic James | Hugenholtz Jeroen
Regulation of the stem cell marker CD133 is independent of promoter hypermethylation in human epithelial differentiation and cancer

Author(s): Pellacani Davide | Packer Richard | Frame Fiona | Oldridge Emma | Berry Paul | Labarthe Marie-Christine | Stower Michael | Simms Matthew | Collins Anne | Maitland Norman
Artemisinin resistance in Plasmodium falciparum is associated with an altered temporal pattern of transcription

Author(s): Mok Sachel | Imwong Mallika | Mackinnon Margaret | Sim Joan | Ramadoss Ramya | Yi Poravuth | Mayxay Mayfong | Chotivanich Kesinee | Liong Kek-Yee | Russell Bruce | Socheat Duong | Newton Paul | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas | Preiser Peter | Nosten François | Dondorp Arjen | Bozdech Zbynek
Characterization of early host responses in adults with dengue disease

Author(s): Tolfvenstam Thomas | Lindblom Anna | Schreiber Mark | Ling Ling | Chow Angelia | Ooi Eng | Hibberd Martin
From transcriptional landscapes to the identification of biomarkers for robustness

Author(s): Abee Tjakko | Wels Michiel | de Been Mark | den Besten Heidy
Transcriptional analysis of rat piriform cortex following exposure to the organophosphonate anticholinesterase sarin and induction of seizures

Author(s): Spradling Kimberly | Lumley Lucille | Robison Christopher | Meyerhoff James | Dillman James
Effect of iclR and arcA knockouts on biomass formation and metabolic fluxes in Escherichia coli K12 and its implications on understanding the metabolism of Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3)

Author(s): Waegeman Hendrik | Beauprez Joeri | Moens Helena | Maertens Jo | De Mey Marjan | Foulquié-Moreno Maria | Heijnen Joseph | Charlier Daniel | Soetaert Wim
A new pathway of glucocorticoid action for asthma treatment through the regulation of PTEN expression

Author(s): Ni ZhenHua | Tang JiHong | Cai ZhuYing | Yang Wei | Zhang Lei | Chen Qingge | Zhang Long | Wang XiongBiao
Deep sequencing reveals the complex and coordinated transcriptional regulation of genes related to grain quality in rice cultivars

Author(s): Venu RC | Sreerekha MV | Nobuta Kan | Beló André | Ning Yuese | An Gynheung | Meyers Blake | Wang Guo-Liang
In Medicago truncatula, water deficit modulates the transcript accumulation of components of small RNA pathways

Author(s): Capitão Cláudio | Paiva Jorge | Santos Dulce | Fevereiro Pedro
Evidence for a purifying selection acting on the β-lactamase locus in epidemic clones of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Milheiriço Catarina | Portelinha Ana | Krippahl Ludwig | de Lencastre Hermínia | Oliveira Duarte
Theoretical basis of the community effect in development

Author(s): Saka Yasushi | Lhoussaine Cédric | Kuttler Celine | Ullner Ekkehard | Thiel Marco
Gene expression profiling of human dermal fibroblasts exposed to bleomycin sulphate does not differentiate between radiation sensitive and control patients

Author(s): Westbury Charlotte | Sahlberg Kristine | Borresen-Dale Anne-Lise | Isacke Clare | Yarnold John
Serine 204 phosphorylation and O-β-GlcNAC interplay of IGFBP-6 as therapeutic indicator to regulate IGF-II functions in viral mediated hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Ahmad Waqar | Shabbiri Khadija | Ijaz Bushra | Asad Sultan | Nazar Noreen | Nazar Shazia | Fouzia Kiran | Kausar Humera | Gull Sana | Sarwar Muhammad | Shahid Imran | Hassan Sajida
Association of PGC-1alpha polymorphisms with age of onset and risk of Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Clark Joanne | Reddy Sonika | Zheng Kangni | Betensky Rebecca | Simon David
Differential roles of Smad2 and Smad3 in the regulation of TGF-β1-mediated growth inhibition and cell migration in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells: control by Rac1

Author(s): Ungefroren Hendrik | Groth Stephanie | Sebens Susanne | Lehnert Hendrik | Gieseler Frank | Fändrich Fred
Histone deacetylase activity is necessary for left-right patterning during vertebrate development

Author(s): Carneiro Katia | Donnet Claudia | Rejtar Tomas | Karger Barry | Barisone Gustavo | Díaz Elva | Kortagere Sandhya | Lemire Joan | Levin Michael
Comparative genomic reconstruction of transcriptional networks controlling central metabolism in the Shewanella genus

Author(s): Rodionov Dmitry | Novichkov Pavel | Stavrovskaya Elena | Rodionova Irina | Li Xiaoqing | Kazanov Marat | Ravcheev Dmitry | Gerasimova Anna | Kazakov Alexey | Kovaleva Galina | Permina Elizabeth | Laikova Olga | Overbeek Ross | Romine Margaret | Fredrickson James | Arkin Adam | Dubchak Inna | Osterman Andrei | Gelfand Mikhail
MDM2 SNP309, gene-gene interaction, and tumor susceptibility: an updated meta-analysis

Author(s): Wan Yan | Wu Wei | Yin Zhihua | Guan Peng | Zhou Baosen
Microarray analysis and scale-free gene networks identify candidate regulators in drought-stressed roots of loblolly pine (P. taeda L.)

Author(s): Lorenz W Walter | Alba Rob | Yu Yuan-Sheng | Bordeaux John | Simões Marta | Dean Jeffrey
Adaptation to HIF-1 deficiency by upregulation of the AMP/ATP ratio and phosphofructokinase activation in hepatomas

Author(s): Golinska Monika | Troy Helen | Chung Yuen-Li | McSheehy Paul | Mayr Manuel | Yin Xiaoke | Ly Lucy | Williams Kaye | Airley Rachel | Harris Adrian | Latigo John | Perumal Meg | Aboagye Eric | Perrett David | Stubbs Marion | Griffiths John
SOX10 directly modulates ERBB3 transcription via an intronic neural crest enhancer

Author(s): Prasad Megana | Reed Xylena | Gorkin David | Cronin Julia | McAdow Anthony | Chain Kristopher | Hodonsky Chani | Jones Erin | Svaren John | Antonellis Anthony | Johnson Stephen | Loftus Stacie | Pavan William | McCallion Andrew
Ethylene is involved in pistil fate by modulating the onset of ovule senescence and the GA-mediated fruit set in Arabidopsis

Author(s): Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo | Urbez Cristina | Granell Antonio | Carbonell Juan | Perez-Amador Miguel
Transcriptional profiling of fetal hypothalamic TRH neurons

Author(s): Guerra-Crespo Magdalena | Pérez-Monter Carlos | Janga Sarath | Castillo-Ramírez Santiago | Gutiérrez-Rios Rosa | Joseph-Bravo Patricia | Pérez-Martínez Leonor | Charli Jean-Louis
Global transcriptome response in Lactobacillus sakei during growth on ribose

Author(s): McLeod Anette | Snipen Lars | Naterstad Kristine | Axelsson Lars
Transcriptomic response of the red tide dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis, to nitrogen and phosphorus depletion and addition

Author(s): Morey Jeanine | Monroe Emily | Kinney Amanda | Beal Marion | Johnson Jillian | Hitchcock Gary | Van Dolah Frances
Dental treatment of twin monozygotic brothers with Fragile X syndrome

Author(s): Flavia Melo Meira | Luis Candido Pinto Silva | Regina Haddad Rezek Ferreira | Roberval Almeida Cruz
Identification of N6,N6-Dimethyladenosine in Transfer RNA from Mycobacterium bovis Bacille Calmette-Guérin

Author(s): Clement T.Y. Chan | Yok Hian Chionh | Chia-Hua Ho | Kok Seong Lim | I. Ramesh Babu | Emily Ang | Lin Wenwei | Sylvie Alonso | Peter C. Dedon
Move or Die: the Fate of the Tax Oncoprotein of HTLV-1

Author(s): Julie Lodewick | Isabelle Lamsoul | Françoise Bex
Effects of Huangqi Maxingshigan decoction on infectious laryngotracheitis in chickens

Author(s): Jingjing Cheng | Qingyan Li | Wanyu Shi | Xiuhui Zhong
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