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Transgender children: more than a theoretical challenge

Author(s): Natacha Kennedy | Mark Hellen
La erótica de Mayra Santos-Febres

Author(s): Daniel Torres
Transgenderism: Facts and fictions

Author(s): Somasundaram O
Quality of life in persons living with HIV–AIDS in three healthcare institutions of Cali, Colombia

Author(s): Claudia Patricia Valencia | Gladys Eugenia Canaval | Diana Marín | Carmen J. Portillo
A transsexual patient searching for adjustment

Author(s): Duišin Dragana | Rakić Zoran | Barišić Jasmina | Nikolić-Balkoski Gordana
Male sex workers: Are we ignoring a risk group in Mumbai, India?

Author(s): Shinde Santosh | Setia Maninder | Row-Kavi Ashok | Anand Vivek | Jerajani Hemangi
The Effects of Environmental Factors on Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Lucersia Nichols | Paul B. Tchounwou | Leandro Mena | Daniel Sarpong
Understanding resilience in same-sex parented families: the work, love, play study

Author(s): Power Jennifer | Perlesz Amaryll | Schofield Margot | Pitts Marian | Brown Rhonda | McNair Ruth | Barrett Anna | Bickerdike Andrew
Rebuilding the US Health Left

Author(s): Matthew Anderson | Lanny Smith | Victor W. Sidel, MD
El sino de nacer hombre o mujer / The Fate of To Be Born Man or Woman

Author(s): Leticia Carreño | Nuria Fernández | María Martínez | Daniel Muriel
Primary Non-Hodgkin B Cell Lymphoma in a Man

Author(s): Sh.M.I. Alhabshi | Z. Ismail | Sh.A. Arasaratnam
Die hormonelle Behandlung transsexueller Personen

Author(s): van Trotsenburg MAA | Cohen EMR | Noe M
Transsexualität - Transgender

Author(s): Jacobeit JW
Developing a matrix to identify and prioritise research recommendations in HIV Prevention

Author(s): Anstee Sydney | Price Alison | Young Amanda | Barnard Katharine | Coates Bob | Fraser Simon | Moran Rebecca
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