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The Effect of Pressure-Induced Flow (PIF) Processing on the Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Gel

Author(s): Musa E. Babiker | Wang Guangcheng | Zhang Sen | Tang Yi Fei | Peng Yuqing | Rong Huaiping | Yu Muhuo
Comparative study of the wear resistance of Al2O3-coated MA956 superalloy

Author(s): Canahua Loza, Hugo | Escudero Rincón, María Lorenza | Ruiz Fernández, José
Análisis experimental del desgaste entre UHMWPE y acero inoxidable 316l empleados en la manufactura de prótesis coxofemorales

Author(s): Rodríguez Cañizo Ricardo Gustavo | García García Leonardo Azael | Vite Torres Manuel | Merchán Cruz Emmanuel Alejandro | Sandoval Pineda Juan Manuel
Viability of pHEMA Hydrogels as Coating in Human Synovial Joint Prosthesis

Author(s): Bavaresco V.P. | Zavaglia C.A.C. | Malmonge S.M. | Reis M.C.
Chemical eluates from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and fibroblast proliferation.

Author(s): Wang KY | Horne JG | Devane PA | Wilson T | Miller JH
The effect of geometry and abduction angle on the stresses in cemented UHMWPE acetabular cups – finite element simulations and experimental tests

Author(s): Korhonen Rami | Koistinen Arto | Konttinen Yrjö | Santavirta Seppo | Lappalainen Reijo
A Comparison between the Mechanical Behaviour of Steel Wires and Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene Cables for Sternum Closure

Author(s): Roelof Marissen | Mischa Nelis | Mildred Janssens | Michelle D. M. E. Meeks | Jos G. Maessen
Calcitonin substitution in calcitonin deficiency reduces particle-induced osteolysis

Author(s): Kauther Max | Bachmann Hagen | Neuerburg Laura | Broecker-Preuss Martina | Hilken Gero | Grabellus Florian | Koehler Gabriele | von Knoch Marius | Wedemeyer Christian
Uni- and multidirectional wear resistance of different crosslinking degrees in UHMWPE for artificial joints

Author(s): V.A. González-Mora | M. Hoffmann | R. Stroosnijder | E. Espinar | J.M. Llamas | M. Fernández-Fairén | F.J. Gil
Influence of different CoCrMo counterfaces on wear in UHMWPE for artificial joints

Author(s): Victor A. González-Mora | Michael Hoffmann | Rien Stroosnijder | Eduardo Espinar | José Maria Llamas | Mariano Fernández-Fairén | Francisco Javier Gil
The role of hardness and roughness on the wear of different CoCrMo counterfaces on UHMWPE for artificial joints

Author(s): Victor A. González-Mora | Michael Hoffmann | Rien Stroosnijder | F. Javier Gil
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