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Relationships between type and longevity in the Holstein breed

Author(s): Larroque Hélène | Ducrocq Vincent
Milking procedures and milk ejection in Italian Brown cows

Author(s): A. Tamburini | A. Sandrucci | C. Nicoletti | L. Zanin
Importance of Mammary System Conformation Traits in Selecting Dairy Cows on Milk Yield in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Bhuiyan | M.R. Islam | M.L. Ali | M.K. Hossain | M.A. Kadir | N.S. Lucky | B.R. Das
Milk flow pattern, somatic cell count and teat apex score in primiparous dairy cows at the beginning of lactation

Author(s): Maddalena Zucali | Luciana Bava | Anna Sandrucci | Alberto Tamburini | Renata Piccinini | Valentina Daprà | Mirella Tonni | Alfonso Zecconi
Relationship between udder and milking traits during lactation in Istrian dairy crossbreed ewes

Author(s): Alen Dzidic | Dragica Salamon | Ana Kaic | Kresimir Salajpal | Miroslav Kaps
Genetic evaluation for body condition score in Italian Brown Swiss cattle

Author(s): A. Rossoni | C. Nicoletti | O. Bonetti | L. Testa | E. Santus
Milk flow traits of buffalo cows in intensive farming system

Author(s): L. Bava | A. Sandrucci | A. Tamburini | M. Zucali
Genetic parameters for functional longevity, type traits, SCS, milk flow and production in the Italian Brown Swiss

Author(s): Antonia B. Samoré | Rita Rizzi | Attilio Rossoni | Alessandro Bagnato
A Study of Relationships Between Milk Yield and Some Udder Traits by Using of Path Analysis in Akke?i Goats

Author(s): Siddik Keskin | Askin Kor | Serhat Karaca | Hamit Mirtagio lu
Genome-wide association analysis of thirty one production, health, reproduction and body conformation traits in contemporary U.S. Holstein cows

Author(s): Cole John | Wiggans George | Ma Li | Sonstegard Tad | Lawlor Thomas | Crooker Brian | Van Tassell Curtis | Yang Jing | Wang Shengwen | Matukumalli Lakshmi | Da Yang
Cluster Analysis on Across Country Genetic Correlations for Conformation Traits in Holstein Cattle Breed

Author(s): Mara Battagin | Flavio Forabosco | Mauro Penasa | Martino Cassandro
Mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in sheep. IV. Analysis of lactation persistency and extended lactation traits in sheep

Author(s): Jonas Elisabeth | Thomson Peter | Hall Evelyn | McGill David | Lam Mary | Raadsma Herman
Comparative expression profiling of E. coli and S. aureus inoculated primary mammary gland cells sampled from cows with different genetic predispositions for somatic cell score

Author(s): Brand Bodo | Hartmann Anja | Repsilber Dirk | Griesbeck-Zilch Bettina | Wellnitz Olga | Kühn Christa | Ponsuksili Siriluck | Meyer Heinrich | Schwerin Manfred
Sources of variation and heritability estimates for milking speed in Italian Brown cows

Author(s): M. Povinelli | C. Romani | L. Degano | M. Cassandro | R. Dal Zotto | G. Bittante
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