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World species of the genus Platyscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)

Author(s): Charuwat Taekul | Norman Johnson | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek | Rajmohana K.
Revision of world species of the genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea, Platygastridae)

Author(s): Elijah Talamas | Norman Johnson | Simon van Noort | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek
The organization and implementation of community-based education programs for health worker training institutions in Uganda

Author(s): Kaye Dan | Mwanika Andrew | Burnham Gilbert | Chang Larry | Mbalinda Scovia | Okullo Isaac | Nabirye Rose | Muhwezi Wilson | Oria Hussein | Kijjambu Stephen | Atuyambe Lynn | Aryeija Warren
Drawing and interpreting data: Children's impressions of onchocerciasis and community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) in four onchocerciasis endemic countries in Africa

Author(s): Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo | Yolande Flore Longang Tchounkeu | Rahel Akumu Oyugi | Asaph Turinde Kabali | Joseph C. Okeibunor | Cele Manianga | Uche V. Amazigo
Small-Scale Use of Solar Power in Remote, Developing Regions: A Case Study

Author(s): Brian Osende | John Patrick Abraham | Greg Mowry
HIV Awareness and Risk Behavior among Pregnant Women in Mateete, Uganda (2010)

Author(s): Josefin Sandqvist | Johanna Wahlberg | Elly Muhumuza | Rune Andersson
The pathway of obstructed labour as perceived by communities in south-western Uganda: a grounded theory study

Author(s): Jerome K. Kabakyenga | Per-Olof Östergren | Maria Emmelin | Phionah Kyomuhendo | Karen Odberg Pettersson
The Impact of HIV on Maternal Morbidity in the Pre-HAART Era in Uganda

Author(s): Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha | Richard T. Mayon-White | Pius Okong | Peter Brocklehurst | Lucy M. Carpenter
Risk Factors and Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C among Patients Hospitalized at Mulago Hospital, Uganda

Author(s): J. I. O'Reilly | P. Ocama | C. K. Opio | A. Alfred | E. Paintsil | E. Seremba | A. N. Sofair
Biochemical and Histological Studies of Aqueous Extract of Bidens pilosa Leaves from Ugandan Rift Valley in Rats

Author(s): J.O.C. Ezeonwumelu | A.K. Julius | C.N. Muhoho | A.M. Ajayi | A.A. Oyewale | J.K. Tanayen | S.O. Balogun | A. Ibrahim | B. Adzu | C.P. Adiukwu | J. Oloro | D.M. Kiplagat | A.D.T. Goji | A.G. Okoruwa | A.N. Onchweri | P.M.K. Reddy
Barriers to Initiation of Pediatric HIV Treatment in Uganda: A Mixed-Method Study

Author(s): T. Sonia Boender | Kim C. E. Sigaloff | Joshua Kayiwa | Victor Musiime | Job C. J. Calis | Raph L. Hamers | Lillian Katumba Nakatudde | Elizabeth Khauda | Andrew Mukuye | James Ditai | Sibyl P. Geelen | Peter Mugyenyi | Tobias F. Rinke de Wit | Cissy Kityo
Breakfast, midday meals and academic achievement in rural primary schools in Uganda: implications for education and school health policy

Author(s): Hedwig Acham | Joyce K. Kikafunda | Marian K. Malde | Wilna H. Oldewage-Theron | Abdul A. Egal
Correlates of Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Jane B. Palmier | Rogers Kasirye | Huang Yao
Response of Sorghum Accessions from Four African Countries against Colletotrichum sublineolum, Causal Agent of Sorghum Anthracnose

Author(s): Thomas Isakeit | Hugo Cuevas | Ramasamy Perumal | Louis K. Prom | John Erpelding
Inter-religious Cooperation for HIV Prevention in Uganda: A Study among Muslim and Christian Youth in Wakiso District

Author(s): Magid Kagimu | David Guwatudde | Charles Rwabukwali | Sarah Kaye | Yusuf Walakira | Dick Ainomugisha
Maternal education and childbirth care in Uganda

Author(s): Bbaale E | Guloba A
Corporate Customers Usage of Internet Banking in East Africa

Author(s): Nelson Jagero | Silvance O. Abeka
Infraspecific Delimitation of Acacia senegal (Fabaceae) in Uganda

Author(s): John Wasswa Mulumba | Esezah Kakudidi
Book Reviews

Author(s): M. Heerma van Voss | J. Vergote | W. Thoden van Velzen-van Wetering | Alan Harwood | J.G. Oosten | E.E. Evans Pritchard | A.A. Trouwborst | Robert Brain | A.A. Trouwborst | E.E. Evans-Pritchard | John Beattie | Jack Goody | D.H. Reader | Mia Brandel-Syrier | R. Buijtenhuijs | Ariane Deluz | John Beattie | Samwiri Rubaraza Karugire | Jan Vansina | D.W. Cohen | Th. Gerold-Scheepers | Alexander Alland jr. | J. Prins | Heribert Adam | Wim van Zanten | Hugo Zemp | Jan Knappert | W.H. Whiteley | Rudolf van Zantwijk | John L. Gwaltney | Th. J.J. Leyenaar | Carlo T.E. Gay | A.J. Bernert Kempers | Dag Strömbäck | L. Brunt | Hetty Nooy-Palm
Cognition, behaviour and academic skills after cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children surviving severe malaria: a randomised trial

Author(s): Bangirana Paul | Allebeck Peter | Boivin Michael | John Chandy | Page Connie | Ehnvall Anna | Musisi Seggane
Mentorship needs at academic institutions in resource-limited settings: a survey at makerere university college of health sciences

Author(s): Nakanjako Damalie | Byakika-Kibwika Pauline | Kintu Kenneth | Aizire Jim | Nakwagala Fred | Luzige Simon | Namisi Charles | Mayanja-Kizza Harriet | Kamya Moses
A Single-Blind randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of extended counseling on uptake of pre-antiretroviral care in eastern uganda

Author(s): Muhamadi Lubega | Tumwesigye Nazarius | Kadobera Daniel | Marrone Gaetano | Wabwire-Mangen Fred | Pariyo George | Peterson Stefan | Ekström Anna
Immunovirological response to combined antiretroviral therapy and drug resistance patterns in children: 1- and 2-year outcomes in rural Uganda

Author(s): Ahoua Laurence | Guenther Gunar | Rouzioux Christine | Pinoges Loretxu | Anguzu Paul | Taburet Anne-Marie | Balkan Suna | Olson David | Olaro Charles | Pujades-Rodríguez Mar
Effect of praziquantel treatment of Schistosoma mansoni during pregnancy on immune responses to schistosome antigens among the offspring: results of a randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Author(s): Tweyongyere Robert | Mawa Patrice | Kihembo Macklyn | Jones Frances | Webb Emily | Cose Stephen | Dunne David | Vennervald Birgitte | Elliott Alison
Constraints and prospects for contraceptive service provision to young people in Uganda: providers' perspectives

Author(s): Nalwadda Gorrette | Mirembe Florence | Tumwesigye Nazarius | Byamugisha Josaphat | Faxelid Elisabeth
High prevalence of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the surgical units of Mulago hospital in Kampala, Uganda

Author(s): Kateete David | Namazzi Sylvia | Okee Moses | Okeng Alfred | Baluku Hannington | Musisi Nathan | Katabazi Fred | Joloba Moses | Ssentongo Robert | Najjuka Florence
The burden of malaria in post-emergency refugee sites: A retrospective study

Author(s): Anderson Jamie | Doocy Shannon | Haskew Christopher | Spiegel Paul | Moss William
More support for mothers: a qualitative study on factors affecting immunisation behaviour in Kampala, Uganda

Author(s): Babirye Juliet | Rutebemberwa Elizeus | Kiguli Juliet | Wamani Henry | Nuwaha Fred | Engebretsen Ingunn
Family planning among people living with HIV in post-conflict Northern Uganda: A mixed methods study

Author(s): Nattabi Barbara | Li Jianghong | Thompson Sandra | Orach Christopher | Earnest Jaya
High acceptance of home-based HIV counseling and testing in an urban community setting in Uganda

Author(s): Sekandi Juliet | Sempeera Hassard | List Justin | Mugerwa Micheal | Asiimwe Stephen | Yin Xiaoping | Whalen Christopher
Spatial epidemiology of hospital-diagnosed brucellosis in Kampala, Uganda

Author(s): Makita Kohei | Fèvre Eric | Waiswa Charles | Kaboyo Winyi | Eisler Mark | Welburn Susan
Parasite infection is associated with Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV) in Ugandan women

Author(s): Wakeham Katie | Webb Emily | Sebina Ismail | Muhangi Lawrence | Miley Wendell | Johnson W Thomas | Ndibazza Juliet | Elliott Alison | Whitby Denise | Newton Robert
Mapping biomass with remote sensing: a comparison of methods for the case study of Uganda

Author(s): Avitabile Valerio | Herold Martin | Henry Matieu | Schmullius Christiane
Individual and health facility factors and the risk for obstructed labour and its adverse outcomes in south-western Uganda

Author(s): Kabakyenga Jerome | Östergren Per-Olof | Turyakira Eleanor | Mukasa Peter | Pettersson Karen
Mortality in an antiretroviral therapy programme in Jinja, south-east Uganda: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Amuron Barbara | Levin Jonathan | Birunghi Josephine | Namara Geoffrey | Coutinho Alex | Grosskurth Heiner | Jaffar Shabbar
Herd prevalence of bovine brucellosis and analysis of risk factors in cattle in urban and peri-urban areas of the Kampala economic zone, Uganda

Author(s): Makita Kohei | Fèvre Eric | Waiswa Charles | Eisler Mark | Thrusfield Michael | Welburn Susan
Comparing antiretroviral treatment outcomes between a prospective community-based and hospital-based cohort of HIV patients in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Konde-Lule Joseph | Rubaale Tom | Okech-Ojony Joa | Alibhai Arif | Saunders Duncan
Vulnerability to high risk sexual behaviour (HRSB) following exposure to war trauma as seen in post-conflict communities in eastern uganda: a qualitative study

Author(s): Muhwezi Wilson | Kinyanda Eugene | Mungherera Margaret | Onyango Patrick | Ngabirano Emmanuel | Muron Julius | Kagugube Johnson | Kajungu Rehema
Evidence for a useful life of more than three years for a polyester-based long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net in Western Uganda

Author(s): Kilian Albert | Byamukama Wilson | Pigeon Olivier | Gimnig John | Atieli Francis | Koekemoer Lizette | Protopopoff Natacha
Impact of antiretroviral therapy on fertility desires among HIV-infected persons in rural Uganda

Author(s): Kipp Walter | Heys Jennifer | Jhangri Gian | Alibhai Arif | Rubaale Tom
Bayesian geostatistical modelling of malaria and lymphatic filariasis infections in Uganda: predictors of risk and geographical patterns of co-endemicity

Author(s): Stensgaard Anna-Sofie | Vounatsou Penelope | Onapa Ambrose | Simonsen Paul | Pedersen Erling | Rahbek Carsten | Kristensen Thomas
Evaluation of the role of location and distance in recruitment in respondent-driven sampling

Author(s): McCreesh Nicky | Johnston Lisa | Copas Andrew | Sonnenberg Pam | Seeley Janet | Hayes Richard | Frost Simon | White Richard
The ACTwatch project: methods to describe anti-malarial markets in seven countries

Author(s): Shewchuk Tanya | O'Connell Kathryn | Goodman Catherine | Hanson Kara | Chapman Steven | Chavasse Desmond
Survey of mycotic infection in patients with AIDS

Author(s): Kazemi A | Emami M | Nasirzadeh M | Mohraz M | Sheedfar M
Malaria Treatment Policy Change and Implementation: The Case of Uganda

Author(s): Miriam Nanyunja | Juliet Nabyonga Orem | Frederick Kato | Mugagga Kaggwa | Charles Katureebe | Joaquim Saweka
The Love of Money, pressure to Perform and Unethical Marketing Behavior in the Cosmetic Industry in Uganda

Author(s): Stephen Korutaro Nkundabanyanga | Charles Omagor | Bruce Mpamizo | Joseph Mpeera Ntayi
Analysis of Ozone (O3) and Erythemal UV (EUV) measured by TOMS in the equatorial African belt

Author(s): Taddeo Ssenyonga | Jakob J. Stamnes | Arne Dahlback | Andreas Steigen | Willy Okullo | Øyvind Frette
Evidence of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus Antibodies in Small Ruminants in Amuru and Gulu Districts, Uganda

Author(s): Robert Sande, Chrisostom Ayebazibwe1*, Charles Waiswa2, Francis Ejobi2, Frank Norbert Mwiine2, William Olaho-Mukani1
Human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS and other important predictors of maternal mortality in Mulago Hospital Complex Kampala Uganda

Author(s): Wandabwa Julius | Doyle Pat | Longo-Mbenza Benjamin | Kiondo Paul | Khainza Betty | Othieno Emmanuel | Maconichie Noreen
Diabetes in Sub Saharan Africa 1999-2011: Epidemiology and public health implications. a systematic review

Author(s): Hall Victoria | Thomsen Reimar | Henriksen Ole | Lohse Nicolai
The impact of mass drug administration and long-lasting insecticidal net distribution on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in humans and mosquitoes: an observational study in northern Uganda

Author(s): Ashton Ruth | Kyabayinze Daniel | Opio Tom | Auma Anna | Edwards Tansy | Matwale Gabriel | Onapa Ambrose | Brooker Simon | Kolaczinski Jan
Using verbal autopsy to assess the prevalence of HIV infection among deaths in the ART period in rural Uganda: a prospective cohort study, 2006-2008

Author(s): Mayanja Billy | Baisley Kathy | Nalweyiso Norah | Kibengo Freddie | Mugisha Joseph | Van der Paal Lieve | Maher Dermot | Kaleebu Pontiano
Social autopsy: INDEPTH Network experiences of utility, process, practices, and challenges in investigating causes and contributors to mortality

Author(s): Källander Karin | Kadobera Daniel | Williams Thomas | Nielsen Rikke | Yevoo Lucy | Mutebi Aloysius | Akpakli Jonas | Narh Clement | Gyapong Margaret | Amu Alberta | Waiswa Peter
Implementing services for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV: a comparative descriptive analysis of national programs in four countries

Author(s): Chatterjee Anirban | Tripathi Sangeeta | Gass Robert | Hamunime Ndapewa | Panha Sok | Kiyaga Charles | Wade Abdoulaye | Barnhart Matthew | Luo Chewe | Ekpini Rene
Scaling up antiretroviral therapy in Uganda: using supply chain management to appraise health systems strengthening

Author(s): Windisch Ricarda | Waiswa Peter | Neuhann Florian | Scheibe Florian | de Savigny Don
Family planning in conflict: results of cross-sectional baseline surveys in three African countries

Author(s): McGinn Therese | Austin Judy | Anfinson Katherine | Amsalu Ribka | Casey Sara | Fadulalmula Shihab | Langston Anne | Lee-Jones Louise | Meyers Janet | Mubiru Frederick | Schlecht Jennifer | Sharer Melissa | Yetter Mary
Determination of circulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and transmission patterns among pulmonary TB patients in Kawempe municipality, Uganda, using MIRU-VNTR

Author(s): Nabyonga Lydia | Kateete David | Katabazi Fred | Odong Paul | Whalen Christopher | Dickman Katherine | Moses Joloba
Taking stock: provider prescribing practices in the presence and absence of ACT stock

Author(s): Hensen Bernadette | Paintain Lucy | Shretta Rima | Bruce Jane | Jones Caroline | Webster Jayne
Biotechnological approaches to determine the impact of viruses in the energy crop plant Jatropha curcas

Author(s): Ramkat Rose | Calari Alberto | Maghuly Fatemeh | Laimer Margit
Epidemiology of HPV genotypes in Uganda and the role of the current preventive vaccines: A systematic review

Author(s): Banura Cecily | Mirembe Florence | Katahoire Anne | Namujju Proscovia | Mbonye Anthony | Wabwire Fred
Early alcohol use and problem drinking among students in Zambia and Uganda

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Bina Ali | Jane Palmier | Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye | George Sikazwe | Jeremiahs Twa-Twa | Kasirye Rogers
Climatic Trends at Namulonge in Uganda: 1947-2009

Author(s): francis wasswa Nsubuga | J. M. Olwoch | C. J. de W. Rautenbach
Erratum to “Malaria Burden in Pregnancy at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda”

Author(s): Fatuma Namusoke | Niloofar Rasti | Fred Kironde | Mats Wahlgren | Florence Mirembe
Plasmodium falciparum msp1, msp2 and glurp allele frequency and diversity in sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Mwingira Felista | Nkwengulila Gamba | Schoepflin Sonja | Sumari Deborah | Beck Hans-Peter | Snounou Georges | Felger Ingrid | Olliaro Piero | Mugittu Kefas
An assessment of mental health policy in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Author(s): Faydi Edwige | Funk Michelle | Kleintjes Sharon | Ofori-Atta Angela | Ssbunnya Joshua | Mwanza Jason | Kim Caroline | Flisher Alan
Quality of life among patients receiving palliative care in South Africa and Uganda: a multi-centred study

Author(s): Selman Lucy | Higginson Irene | Agupio Godfrey | Dinat Natalya | Downing Julia | Gwyther Liz | Mashao Thandi | Mmoledi Keletso | Moll Tony | Sebuyira Lydia | Ikin Barbara | Harding Richard
Increasing malaria hospital admissions in Uganda between 1999 and 2009

Author(s): Okiro Emelda | Bitira David | Mbabazi Gladys | Mpimbaza Arthur | Alegana Victor | Talisuna Ambrose | Snow Robert
Lessons from case studies of integrating mental health into primary health care in South Africa and Uganda

Author(s): Petersen Inge | Ssebunnya Joshua | Bhana Arvin | Baillie Kim
Evaluation and pharmacovigilance of projects promoting cultivation and local use of Artemisia annua for malaria

Author(s): Willcox Merlin | Burton Shelly | Oyweka Rosalia | Namyalo Rehema | Challand Simon | Lindsey Keith
Feasibility of magnetic bead technology for concentration of mycobacteria in sputum prior to fluorescence microscopy

Author(s): Albert Heidi | Ademun Patrick | Lukyamuzi George | Nyesiga Barnabas | Manabe Yukari | Joloba Moses | Wilson Stuart | Perkins Mark
Strengthening the research to policy and practice interface: exploring strategies used by research organisations working on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Theobald Sally | Tulloch Olivia | Crichton Joanna | Hawkins Kate | Zulu Eliya | Mayaud Philippe | Parkhurst Justin | Whiteside Alan | Standing Hilary
National policy development for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia: the relationship between Context, Evidence and Links

Author(s): Hutchinson Eleanor | Parkhurst Justin | Phiri Sam | Gibb Di | Chishinga Nathaniel | Droti Benson | Hoskins Susan
Patterns of anti-malarial drug treatment among pregnant women in Uganda

Author(s): Sangaré Laura | Weiss Noel | Brentlinger Paula | Richardson Barbra | Staedke Sarah | Kiwuwa Mpungu | Stergachis Andy
Land slide disaster in eastern Uganda: rapid assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene situation in Bulucheke camp, Bududa district

Author(s): Atuyambe Lynn | Ediau Michael | Orach Christopher | Musenero Monica | Bazeyo William
Heterogeneous decrease in malaria prevalence in children over a six-year period in south-western Uganda

Author(s): De Beaudrap Pierre | Nabasumba Carolyn | Grandesso Francesco | Turyakira Eleanor | Schramm Birgit | Boum Yap | Etard Jean-François
Palliative care making a difference in rural Uganda, Kenya and Malawi: three rapid evaluation field studies

Author(s): Grant Liz | Brown Judith | Leng Mhoira | Bettega Nadia | Murray Scott
Isolation of non-tuberculous mycobacteria from pastoral ecosystems of Uganda: Public Health significance

Author(s): Kankya Clovice | Muwonge Adrian | Djønne Berit | Munyeme Musso | Opuda-Asibo John | Skjerve Eystein | Oloya James | Edvardsen Vigdis | Johansen Tone
The World Starts With Me: A multilevel evaluation of a comprehensive sex education programme targeting adolescents in Uganda

Author(s): Rijsdijk Liesbeth | Bos Arjan | Ruiter Robert | Leerlooijer Joanne | de Haas Billie | Schaalma Herman
To use or not to use a condom: A prospective cohort study comparing contraceptive practices among HIV-infected and HIV-negative youth in Uganda

Author(s): Beyeza-Kashesya Jolly | Kaharuza Frank | Ekström Anna | Neema Stella | Kulane Asli | Mirembe Florence
Pilot randomized trial of therapeutic hypothermia with serial cranial ultrasound and 18-22 month follow-up for neonatal encephalopathy in a low resource hospital setting in uganda: study protocol

Author(s): Robertson Nicola | Hagmann Cornelia | Acolet Dominique | Allen Elizabeth | Nyombi Natasha | Elbourne Diana | Costello Anthony | Jacobs Ian | Nakakeeto Margaret | Cowan Frances
Cost of individual peer counselling for the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding in Uganda

Author(s): Chola Lumbwe | Nkonki Lungiswa | Kankasa Chipepo | Nankunda Jolly | Tumwine James | Tylleskar Thorkild | Robberstad Bjarne
HPV types, HIV and invasive cervical carcinoma risk in Kampala, Uganda: a case-control study

Author(s): Odida Michael | Sandin Sven | Mirembe Florence | Kleter Bernhard | Quint Wim | Weiderpass Elisabete
Genetic diversity and population structure of Glossina pallidipes in Uganda and western Kenya

Author(s): Ouma Johnson | Beadell Jon | Hyseni Chaz | Okedi Loyce | Krafsur Elliot | Aksoy Serap | Caccone Adalgisa
Experience of sexual coercion and risky sexual behavior among Ugandan university students

Author(s): Agardh Anette | Odberg-Pettersson Karen | Östergren Per-Olof
'Pregnancy comes accidentally - like it did with me': reproductive decisions among women on ART and their partners in rural Uganda

Author(s): King Rachel | Khana Kenneth | Nakayiwa Sylvia | Katuntu David | Homsy Jaco | Lindkvist Pille | Johansson Eva | Bunnell Rebecca
Assessment of Business Information Access Problems in Uganda

Author(s): Constant Okello-Obura | Mabel K. Minishi-Majanja | Linda Cloete | J.R. Ikoja-Odongo
Cross-Border Bean Market Performance in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda

Author(s): Lianda Wanyonyi Mauyo | Jonas N. Chianu | Bernard Kibet Nassiuma | Richard Onyango Musebe
Seroprevalence of Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis Antibodies in Cattle from Wakiso, Mpigi and Luwero Districts in Uganda

Author(s): Julius Boniface Okuni | Panayiotis Loukopoulos | Manfred Reinacher | Lonzy Ojok
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