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Ultra Wideband Antennas - Past and Present

Author(s): Eng Gee Lim | Zhao Wang | Chi-Un Lei | Yuanzhe Wang | K.L. Man
A Propagation Environment Modeling in Foliage

Author(s): Jing Liang | Qilian Liang | Sherwood W. Samn
A Transient UWB Antenna Array Used with Complex Impedance Surfaces

Author(s): A. Godard | L. Desrumaux | V. Bertrand | J. Andrieu | M. Lalande | B. Jecko | V. Couderc | M. Brishoual | R. Guillerey
Optimal Waveforms Design for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Sensors

Author(s): Bin Li | Zheng Zhou | Weixia Zou | Dejian Li | Chong Zhao
Chip Equalized Adaptive Rake Receiver for DS-CDMA UWB Systems

Author(s): Biradar G | Merchant S | Desai U
Antenna Evaluation for Ultra-Wideband Microwave Imaging

Author(s): Jeremie Bourqui | Mark A. Campbell | Trevor Williams | Elise C. Fear
A 3 to 5 GHz UWB SiGe HBT Low Noise Amplifier for WPANS IEEE 802.15.3a Standard

Author(s): Farid Touati | Skandar Douss | Zia Nadir | Mohammed Bait Suwailam | Mourad Loulou
Design of Analytical Model for Ultra Wideband System

Author(s): Alpana P. Adsul | Shrikant K. Bodhe
Wavelet Packet based Multicarrier Modulation for Cognitive UWB Systems

Author(s): Haleh Hosseini, Norsheila Fisal, & Sharifah K. Syed-Yusof
Interference Mitigation between Ultra-Wideband Sensor Network and Other Legal Systems

Author(s): Bin Li | Zheng Zhou | Weixia Zou | Feng Zhao | Zhuo Li | Dejian Li
UWB Slot Antenna with Rejection of IEEE 802.11a Band

Author(s): J. William | R. Nakkeeran
Studies of Scattering, Reflectivity, and Transmitivity in WBAN Channel: Feasibility of Using UWB

Author(s): Md. Humaun Kabir | Kazi Ashrafuzzaman | M. Sanaullah Chowdhury | Kyung Sup Kwak
Fast Multi-Symbol Based Iterative Detectors for UWB Communications

Author(s): Qi Zhou | Xiaoli Ma | Vincenzo Lottici
Ultra-Wideband Indoor Channel Modelling Using Ray-Tracing Software for through-the-Wall Imaging Radar

Author(s): Christophe Lièbe | Pierre Combeau | Alain Gaugue | Yannis Pousset | Lilian Aveneau | Rodolphe Vauzelle | Jean-Marc Ogier
Accurate Permittivity Measurements for Microwave Imaging via Ultra-Wideband Removal of Spurious Reflectors

Author(s): Mathew G. Pelletier | Joseph A. Viera | John Wanjura | Greg Holt
Nonlinear correlation receiver performance in UWB radio system

Author(s): Milošević Nenad | Dimitrijević Bojan | Nikolić Zorica
A Novel LTCC Bandpass Filter for UWB Applications

Author(s): Thirumalaivasan K | Nakkeeran R.
Imaging Method: An Efficient Algorithm for Moving Target Tracking by UWB Radar

Author(s): Dusan Kocur | Jan Gamec | Maria Švecová | Maria Gamcová | Jana Rovňáková
Time Domain DS-UWB Channel Estimation using Maximum Likelihood Algorithm

Author(s): Zhendong Yin | Zhenguo Shi | Guowei Qi | Yi Zhou
Joint Multiuser Detection of CD and AFSA in DS-UWB Communication Systems

Author(s): Zhilu Wu | Zhiyuan Zong | Zhendong Yin | Xianguang Chen
Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Space Communication Links based on DS-UWB

Author(s): Zhendong Yin | Zhenguo Shi | Jiayang Liang | Zhilu Wu
Fine Synchronization Through UWB TH-PPM Impulse Radios

Author(s): Moez Hizem | Ridha Bouallegue
Sub-Nanosecond Greater-Than-10-V Compact Tunable Pulse Generator for Low-Duty-Cycle High-Peak-Power Ultra-Wideband Applications

Author(s): Renfeng Jin | Subrata Halder | Walter R. Curtice | James C. M. Hwang | Choi L. Law
Generation of Quasi-Gaussian Pulses Based on Correlation Techniques

Author(s): POHOATA, S. | POPA, A. | ALEXANDRU, N. D.
Comparison of Kurtosis and Fourth Power Detectors with Applications to IR-UWB OOK Systems

Author(s): Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam | Vahid Tabataba Vakili | Javad Taghipour
Microstrip Ultra-Wideband Filter with Flexible Notch Characteristics

Author(s): Jens Bornemann | Marjan Mokhtaari
Improving Bandwidth of Yagi-Uda Arrays

Author(s): Richard A. Formato
A Survey on Recent Approaches in the Design of Band Notching UWB Antennas

Author(s): Abbas Ali Lotfi Neyestanak | Mohammad Jahanbakht
A Survey on Recent Approaches in the Design of Band Notching UWB Antennas

Author(s): Abbas Ali Lotfi Neyestanak | Mohammad Jahanbakht
Ultra Wideband Microstrip Diamond Slotted Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth

Author(s): Chia Ping Lee | Chandan Kumar Chakrabarty
Analyzing an UWB Bandpass Filter for High Power Applications Using Rectangular Coaxial Cables with Square Inner Conductors

Author(s): Nasreddine Benahmed | Nadia Benabdallah | Salima Seghier | Fethi Tarik Bendimerad | Boumedienne Benyoucef
Spiral Tuning Stub CPW-Fed UWB Slot Offset, Edge Cleft and Edge Slotted Antennas

Author(s): A. A Jamali | A Gaafar | A. A. Abd Elaziz
A Novel Ultra-Wideband Monopole Antenna with Band-Stop Characteristic

Author(s): Hadi Jalali Lak | Changiz Ghobadi | Javad Nourinia
Development of Compact Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Microstrip Bandpass Filter

Author(s): Kaliyavarathan Thirumalaivasan | Rangaswamy Nakkeeran
Development of Hexagonal MMR Based UWB Bandpass Filter with 5 GHz Notch Band

Author(s): Kaliyavarathan Thirumalaivasan | Rangaswamy Nakkeeran
Implementation and investigation of circular slot UWB antenna with dual-band-notched characteristics

Author(s): Kalteh Abdol | DadashZadeh Gholamreza | Naser-Moghadasi Mohammad
Interference Mitigation for Coexistence of Heterogeneous Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Zhang Yongjing | Wu Haitao | Zhang Qian | Zhang Ping
A Complementary Code-CDMA-Based MAC Protocol for UWB WPAN System

Author(s): Zhu Jiang | Fapojuwo Abraham O
Optimal and Suboptimal Finger Selection Algorithms for MMSE Rake Receivers in Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Gezici Sinan | Chiang Mung | Poor H Vincent | Kobayashi Hisashi
Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems: Technology and Applications

Author(s): Svensson Arne | Nallanathan Arumugam | Tewfik Ahmed
Novel Radio Architectures for UWB, 60 GHz, and Cognitive Wireless Systems

Author(s): Cabric Danijela | Chen Mike SW | Sobel David A | Wang Stanley | Yang Jing | Brodersen Robert W
Blind Synchronization in Asynchronous UWB Networks Based on the Transmit-Reference Scheme

Author(s): Djapic Relja | Leus Geert | van der Veen Alle-Jan | Trindade António
Analog-Digital Partitioning for Low-Power UWB Impulse Radios under CMOS Scaling

Author(s): Badaroglu Mustafa | Desset Claude | Ryckaert Julien | De Heyn Vincent | Van der Plas Geert | Wambacq Piet | Van Poucke Bart
Pulse Interval Modulation for Ultra-High Speed IR-UWB Communications Systems

Author(s): Herceg Marijan | Švedek Tomislav | Matić Tomislav
Fast Multi-Symbol Based Iterative Detectors for UWB Communications

Author(s): Zhou Qi | Ma Xiaoli | Lottici Vincenzo
Error Probability of DPPM UWB Systems over Nakagami Fading Channels with Receive Diversity

Author(s): Zhang Hao | Lu Ting-ting | Wang Jing-jing | Gulliver TAaron
Design and Performance of Cyclic Delay Diversity in UWB-OFDM Systems

Author(s): Tarasak Poramate | Png Khiam-Boon | Peng Xiaoming | Chin Francois
Blind CP-OFDM and ZP-OFDM Parameter Estimation in Frequency Selective Channels

Author(s): Le Nir Vincent | van Waterschoot Toon | Moonen Marc | Duplicy Jonathan
Millimeter-Wave Ultra-Wideband Six-Port Receiver Using Cross-Polarized Antennas

Author(s): Khaddaj Mallat Nazih | Moldovan Emilia | Wu Ke | Tatu SeriojaO
Time Domain Equalizer Design Using Bit Error Rate Minimization for UWB Systems

Author(s): Husain SyedImtiaz | Yuan Jinhong | Zhang Jian | Martin RK
Interference Mitigation between Ultra-Wideband Sensor Network and Other Legal Systems

Author(s): Li Bin | Zhou Zheng | Zou Weixia | Zhao Feng | Li Zhuo | Li Dejian
On the Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Interference Effects on a WiMAX Receiver

Author(s): Cano Eduardo | Rabbachin Alberto | Fuehrer Detlef | Fortuny Joaquim
A Cross-Layer Approach in Sensing and Resource Allocation for Multimedia Transmission over Cognitive UWB Networks

Author(s): Mohd Aripin Norazizah | Rashid RozehaA | Fisal N | Lo ACC | Ariffin SHS | Yusof
Range-Based Localization for UWB Sensor Networks in Realistic Environments

Author(s): Shen Guowei | Zetik Rudolf | Hirsch Ole | Thomä ReinerS
A Propagation Environment Modeling in Foliage

Author(s): Liang Jing | Liang Qilian | Samn SherwoodW
Ultra-Wideband Transceivers for Cochlear Implants

Author(s): Buchegger Thomas | Oßberger Gerald | Reisenzahn Alexander | Hochmair Erwin | Stelzer Andreas | Springer Andreas
Jitter-Robust Orthogonal Hermite Pulses for Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Communications

Author(s): de Abreu Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas | Mitchel Craig John | Kohno Ryuji
A Low-Cost Time-Hopping Impulse Radio System for High Data Rate Transmission

Author(s): Molisch Andreas F | Li Ye Geoffrey | Nakache Yves-Paul | Orlik Philip | Miyake Makoto | Wu Yunnan | Gezici Sinan | Sheng Harry | Kung SY | Kobayashi H | Poor H Vincent | Haimovich Alexander | Zhang Jinyun
Ultra-Wideband Radio

Author(s): Scholtz Robert A | Pozar David M | Namgoong Won
Influence of the Antennas on the Ultra-Wideband Transmission

Author(s): Sörgel Werner | Wiesbeck Werner
Principles and Limitations of Ultra-Wideband FM Communications Systems

Author(s): Gerrits John FM | Kouwenhoven Michiel HL | van der Meer Paul R | Farserotu John R | Long John R
Performance Analysis and Comparison of Time-Hopping and Direct-Sequence UWB-MIMO Systems

Author(s): Siriwongpairat W Pam | Olfat Masoud | Liu KJ Ray
Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds for the Synchronization of UWB Signals

Author(s): Zhang Jian | Kennedy Rodney A | Abhayapala Thushara D
An Analog Correlator for Ultra-Wideband Receivers

Author(s): Tu Chunjiang | Liu Boan | Chen Hongyi
Subspace Analysis of Indoor UWB Channels

Author(s): Hayar Aawatif Menouni | Knopp Raymond | Saadane Rachid
Combining OOK with PSM Modulation for Simple Transceiver of Orthogonal Pulse-Based TH-UWB Systems

Author(s): Majhi Sudhan | Madhukumar AS | Premkumar AB | Richardson Paul
Optimization of Linear Precoded OFDM for High-Data-Rate UWB Systems

Author(s): Stephan Antoine | Guéguen Emeric | Crussière Matthieu | Baudais Jean-Yves | Hélard Jean-François
Digital Receiver Design for Transmitted Reference Ultra-Wideband Systems

Author(s): Wang Yiyin | Leus Geert | van der Veen Alle-Jan
Ultra-Wideband Channel Modeling for Intravehicle Environment

Author(s): Niu Weihong | Li Jia | Talty Timothy
Comparative Analysis of Exponentially Shaped Microstrip-Fed Planar Monopole Antenna With and Without Notch

Author(s): M. Venkata Narayana | I.Govadhani | K.P.Sai Kumar | K. Pushpa Rupavathi

Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
A Framework for UWB-Based Communication and Location Tracking Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Juan Chóliz | Ángela Hernández | Antonio Valdovinos
Robust Techniques for Accurate Indoor Localization in Hazardous Environments

Author(s): Gunawath Mudiyanselage Roshan Indika Godaliyadda | Hari Krishna Garg
The Effect of Notch Filter on RFI Suppression

Author(s): Wenge CHANG | Jianyang LI | Xiangyang LI
UWB Channel Modeling Improvement in Indoor Line-of-Sight (LOS) Environments

Author(s): Vahid Tabataba Vakili | Dariush Abbasi-Moghadam | Mostafa Yahyaabadi
Power Spectral Analysis of Orthogonal Pulse-Based TH-UWB Signals

Author(s): Sudhan Majhi | Paul Richardson
Design and Measurements of Ultra-Wideband Antenna

Author(s): Giorgos TATSIS | Vasilis RAPTIS | Panos KOSTARAKIS
A/D Restrictions (Errors) in Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radios

Author(s): Giorgos Tatsis | Constantinos Votis | Vasilis Raptis | Vasilis Christofilakis | Panos Kostarakis
An Experimental Study of the Printed-Circuit Elliptic Dipole Antenna with 1.5-16 GHz Bandwidth

Author(s): Chun-Chi LEE | Hsin-Sheng HUANG | Cheng-Da YANG | Chia-Wei WANG
Ultra Wideband Log-periodic Trapezoidal Antenna on K15 LC-Substrate Material

Author(s): B.T.P.Madhav, | Prof VGKM Pisipati | N.V.K Ramesh, | K.V.Sundeep, | Y.Joseph Manoj Reddy, | N.Srinivas Sri Chaitanya, | N.Krishna Chaitanya
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