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Towards a General Definition of Biometric Systems

Author(s): Markus Schatten | Miroslav Baca | Mirko Cubrilo
Convergence Time Evaluation of Algorithms in MANETs

Author(s): Annapurna P.Patil | Narmada Sambaturu | Krittaya Chunhaviriyakul
Using UML to Model Web Services for Automatic Composition

Author(s): Amal Elgammal | Mohamed El-Sharkawi
A Modelagem de Negócio com UML de uma Central de Monitoração de Diabéticos

Author(s): Márcia Ito | José Sidnei C. Martini | Lúcia C. Iochida
A Model-driven Approach for Runtime Assurance of Software Architecture Model

Author(s): Yujian Fu, Xudong He, Sha Li, Zhijiang Dong and Phil Bording
Semantic web data warehousing for caGrid

Author(s): McCusker James | Phillips Joshua | Beltrán Alejandra | Finkelstein Anthony | Krauthammer Michael
Software Architecture Risk Assessment (SARA) Tool

Author(s): K. Shaik | W. M. Abdelmoez | H.H. Ammar
Computers in Physical Therapy Education: Interactive Multimedia Learning with MuStreT

Author(s): Luciana Vieira CASTILHO-WEINERT | Heitor Silvério LOPES

Author(s): Sonia Pérez Lovelle | Fernando Orejas Valdés

Author(s): Popa Silviu | Avornicului Mihai-Constantin | Avornicului Constantin

Author(s): Dr. Vipin Saxena, | Santosh Kumar
Functional Representation and Realization of E-Procurement: A Case Study in the Cosmetic and Drug Industry

Author(s): Chung-Yang Chen | Pei-Chi Chen | Hui-Ju Lee | Yu-Jen Chen | Cherng-Min Ma
RFID Application in Waste Monitoring Management of Electronic Products

Author(s): Ling-Lang Tang | Ming-Tsang Lu | Wei-Chin Hung
High level modeling of Dynamic Reconfigurable FPGAs

Author(s): Imran Rafiq Quadri | Samy Meftali | Jean-Luc Dekeyser
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Tero Arpinen | Erno Salminen | Timo D. Hämäläinen | Marko Hännikäinen
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga | Habtamu Abie
A Constraint-Driven Executable Model of Dynamic System Reconfiguration

Author(s): D’Arcy Walsh | Francis Bordeleau | Bran Selic
Efficient Algorithms for Verification of UML Statechart Models

Author(s): C.M. Prashanth | K. Chandrashekhar Shet
A Preliminary Correctness Evaluation Model of Object-Oriented Software Based on UML

Author(s): S. Wesley Changchien | Jau-Ji Shen | Tao-Yuan Lin
Object Oriented Modeling of Multimedia Applications

Author(s): Pantano Rokou Franca Maria
A Formative Assessment Tool for Conceptual Database Design Using UML Class Diagram

Author(s): Josep Soler | Imma Boada | Ferran Prados | Jordi Poch | Ramon Fabregat
Roundtrip Engineering using Unified Modeling Language with Rational Rose and JAVA

Author(s): Dr.GSVP Raju | K Koteswara Rao | M Sumender Roy
XML based Mediated Query Re-writing Framework

Author(s): Jahangir khan | Muhammad Ahmed | Muhammad Khalid khan
Development of Integrated Protein Analysis Tool

Author(s): Poorna Satyanarayana Boyidi, | Srinivas Kudipudi, | Sridhar GR, | Allam Appa Rao, | Mohan Rao CPVNJ

Author(s): Daniel Ionita
Optimal Boolean Function Simplification through K-Map using Object-Oriented Algorithm

Author(s): Arunachalam Solairaju | Rajupillai Periyasamy
Intrusion Detection in Dos Attacks

Author(s): P. Rajapandian | K. Alagarsamy
Generating a Performance Stochastic Model from UML Specifications

Author(s): Ihab Sbeity | Leonardo Brenner | Mohamed Dbouk
From UML Activity Diagrams to CSP Expressions-A Graph Transformation Approach using Atom3 Tool

Author(s): Raida Elmansouri | Houda Hamrouche | Allaoua Chaoui
Experiences and Comparison Study of EPC & UML For Business Process & IS Modeling

Author(s): Md. Rashedul Islam | Md. Rofiqul Islam | Md. Shariful Alam | Md. Shafiul Azam
QVT transformation by modelling - From UML Model to MD Model

Author(s): I.Arrassen | A.Meziane | R.Sbai | M.Erramdani
Modeling Web-based Educational Systems: Process Design Teaching Model

Author(s): Franca Pantano Rokou | Elena Rokou | Yannis Rokos
The caCORE Software Development Kit: Streamlining construction of interoperable biomedical information services

Author(s): Phillips Joshua | Chilukuri Ram | Fragoso Gilberto | Warzel Denise | Covitz Peter
Aquifer vulnerability mapping and GIS: A proposal to monitor uncertainty associated with spatial data processing

Author(s): Valérie Murat | Alfonso Rivera | Jacynthe Pouliot | Marcelo Miranda-Salas | Martine M. Savard
The development and deployment of Common Data Elements for tissue banks for translational research in cancer – An emerging standard based approach for the Mesothelioma Virtual Tissue Bank

Author(s): Mohanty Sambit | Mistry Amita | Amin Waqas | Parwani Anil | Pople Andrew | Schmandt Linda | Winters Sharon | Milliken Erin | Kim Paula | Whelan Nancy | Farhat Ghada | Melamed Jonathan | Taioli Emanuela | Dhir Rajiv | Pass Harvey | Becich Michael
In silico Design of of "Un-Natural" Natural Products

Author(s): Hranueli, D. | Starcevic, A. | Zucko; J. ...(et al.)
National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank: A standard based biospecimen and clinical data resource to enhance translational research

Author(s): Amin Waqas | Parwani Anil | Schmandt Linda | Mohanty Sambit | Farhat Ghada | Pople Andrew | Winters Sharon | Whelan Nancy | Schneider Althea | Milnes John | Valdivieso Federico | Feldman Michael | Pass Harvey | Dhir Rajiv | Melamed Jonathan | Becich Michael
Comparative Study on DFD to UML Diagrams Transformation

Author(s): Atif A. A. Jilani | Muhammad Usma | Aamer Nadeem | Zafar I. Malik | Zahid Halim
Evaluating software architecture using fuzzy formal models

Author(s): Payman Behbahaninejad | Ali Harounabadi | Sayed Javad Mirabedini
An Event-Based Methodology to Generate Class Diagrams and its Empirical Evaluation

Author(s): Sandeep K. Singh | Sangeeta Sabharwal | J. P. Gupta
A new approach of designing Multi-Agent Systems

Author(s): Sara Maalal | Malika Addou
Performance Evaluation of UML2-Modeled Embedded Streaming Applications with System-Level Simulation

Author(s): Arpinen Tero | Salminen Erno | Hämäläinen TimoD | Hännikäinen Marko
Reverse Engineering Java Code to Class Diagram: An Experience Report

Author(s): Shivani Budhkar | Dr. Arpita Gopal

Internetware Structure Description and Research of the Petri Net Method

Author(s): Zhijian Wang | Yuping Hu | Shaohua Li | Dingguo Wei
Usage Control Model for Digital Rights Management in Digital Home Networks

Author(s): Zhiyong Zhang | Tao Huang | Danmei Niu | Lili Zhang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Shiguo Lian | Zhu Li | Stefanos Gritzalis | Xi Chen
An Intelligent Mediating Model for Collaborative e-Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Akanbi Caleb Olufisoye | Adagunodo E Rotimi
Un Perfil UML 2.0 para el modelado de planes del entrenamiento deportivo

Author(s): Anelis Pereira Vale | Emilio Soler Cárdenas | Lázaro Pereira Velázquez | Juan Trujillo | Yanocci Enríquez
Mobile Based Electricity Bill Deposit System through UML

Author(s): Pawan Kumar Chaurasia | Vipin Saxena
An Embedded Software Modeling and Process by Using Aspect-Oriented Approach

Author(s): Yong-Yi FanJiang | Jong-Yih Kuo | Shang-Pin Ma
An Approach to Generation of Process-Oriented Requirements Specification

Author(s): Jingbai Tian | Keqing He | Chong Wang | Huafeng Chen
Component-Based Software Development Framework for 3rd Party Logistics Business

Author(s): Yang-Ja Jang | Taehan Lee | Seungkil Lim

Author(s): Ben-Jeng Wang | Tzu-An Chiang | Fu-Chiang Hsu | Yung-Chieh Chien
An Integrated Conceptual Model for Temporal Data Warehouse Security

Author(s): Marwa Salah Farhan | Mohamed E. Marie | Laila M. El-Fangary | Yehia K. Helmy
Study of Object Oriented Analysis and Design Approach

Author(s): Sunil K. Pandey | G. P. Singh | Dr. V. Kansal
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