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Caring for people at the end of life: Iranian oncology nurses′ experiences

Author(s): Iranmanesh Sedigheh | Abbaszadeh Abbas | Dargahi Helen | Cheraghi Mohammad
Use of a cysteine proteinase from Carica candamarcensis as a protective agent during DNA extraction

Author(s): Genelhu M.S. | Zanini M.S. | Veloso I.F. | Carneiro A.M.D. | Lopes M.T.P. | Salas C.E.
Avian influenza virus (H5N1); effects of physico-chemical factors on its survival

Author(s): Shahid Muhammad | Abubakar Muhammad | Hameed Sajid | Hassan Shamsul
Evolutionary flexibility of protein complexes

Author(s): Seidl Michael | Schultz Jörg
Loss of the insulator protein CTCF during nematode evolution

Author(s): Heger Peter | Marin Birger | Schierenberg Einhard
Caring for dying and meeting death: Experiences of Iranian and Swedish nurses

Author(s): Iranmanesh Sedigheh | Axelsson Karin | Sävenstedt Stefan | Häggström Terttu
Nanomaterials science

Author(s): Heinrich Rohrer
Changes in anti-viral effectiveness of interferon after dose reduction in chronic hepatitis c patients: a case control study

Author(s): Bekkering Frank | Neumann Avidan | Brouwer Johannes | Levi-Drummer Rachel | Schalm Solko
Metabolic and cardiovascular improvements after biliopancreatic diversion in a severely obese patient

Author(s): Woods Philippe | Paquette Carmen | Martin Julie | Dumesnil Jean-Gaston | Marceau Picard | Marceau Simon | Biron Simon | Hould Frédéric | Lescelleur Odette | Lebel Stéphane | Poirier Paul
Muscular subunits transplantation for facial reanimation

Author(s): Hazan André Salo Buslik | Nahas Fábio Xerfan | Faria Rodrigo Tiago | Sinder Ramil | Ferreira Lydia Masako
Clinical and socio-behavioral correlates of tooth loss: a study of older adults in Tanzania

Author(s): Kida Irene | Åstrøm Anne | Strand Gunhild | Masalu Joyce
Telomerase activity, estrogen receptors (α, β), Bcl-2 expression in human breast cancer and treatment response

Author(s): Murillo-Ortiz Blanca | Astudillo-De la Vega Horacio | Castillo-Medina Sebastian | Malacara JM | Benitez-Bribiesca Luis
Complete Sequence and Analysis of the Mitochondrial Genome of Hemiselmis andersenii CCMP644 (Cryptophyceae)

Author(s): Kim Eunsoo | Lane Christopher | Curtis Bruce | Kozera Catherine | Bowman Sharen | Archibald John
A procedure to characterize geographic distributions of rare disorders in cohorts

Author(s): Van Meter Karla | Christiansen Lasse | Hertz-Picciotto Irva | Azari Rahman | Carpenter Tim
Tracheostomy cannulas and voice prosthesis

Author(s): Kramp, Burkhard | Dommerich, Steffen
A goal programming technique for railroad passenger scheduling

Author(s): Masoud Yaghini | Alireza Alimohammadian | Samaneh Sharifi
Botulinum-A toxin in the treatment of urinary incontinence due to overactive bladder following spinal cord injury

Author(s): Mohseni M.GH | Aghamir S.M.K. | Meysame A. | Gooran SH. | Mohtaram S.N.
Hipax Cluster PACS Server

Author(s): Ramin Payrovi
Incidence and economic impact of ophthalmological occupational accidents in Greece

Author(s): Kyriakos Souliotis | Michalis Angelou | Christina Golna | Yannis Tountas
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