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Fertility trends in Serbia during the 1990s

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana M.
The common ancestry of life

Author(s): Koonin Eugene | Wolf Yuri

Author(s): Biljana Mišić Ilić
Universality and Halo Nuclei

Author(s): Tomio L.
Renormalization and Universality of Van der Waals forces*

Author(s): Ruiz Arriola E. | Calle Cordón A.
Causality and universality in low-energy scattering

Author(s): Lee D. | Hammer H.-W.
El exilio con Eduardo Nicol

Author(s): Sánchez Cuervo, Antolín
Lo ético y la «mera» lógica

Author(s): Martínez Marzoa, Felipe
Web Services Selection Based on Context Ontology and Quality of Services

Author(s): Nabil Keskes | Ahmed Lehireche | Abdellatif Rahmoun
Microfinance and Inequality

Author(s): Hisako Kai | Shigeyuki Hamori
Semantic Networks: Structure and Dynamics

Author(s): Javier Borge-Holthoefer | Alex Arenas
An In silico approach for the evaluation of DNA barcodes

Author(s): Ficetola Gentile | Coissac Eric | Zundel Stéphanie | Riaz Tiayyba | Shehzad Wasim | Bessière Julien | Taberlet Pierre | Pompanon François
Calculation of partial isotope incorporation into peptides measured by mass spectrometry

Author(s): Fetzer Ingo | Jehmlich Nico | Vogt Carsten | Richnow Hans-Hermann | Seifert Jana | Harms Hauke | von Bergen Martin | Schmidt Frank
Comparison of translation loads for standard and alternative genetic codes

Author(s): Sammet Stefanie | Bastolla Ugo | Porto Markus
Research Avenues in Multimodal Biometrics

Author(s): G Hemantha Kumar | Mohammad Imran
Universality and Beyond

Author(s): Phillips D.R.
Functional connection of didactical elements in teaching geography

Author(s): Živković Ljiljana | Jovanović Slavoljub | Ivanović Marko

Author(s): Dr. Lucian CHIŞU
Evaluating the feasibility of using candidate DNA barcodes in discriminating species of the large Asteraceae family

Author(s): Gao Ting | Yao Hui | Song Jingyuan | Zhu Yingjie | Liu Chang | Chen Shilin
Universality of interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) problem areas in Thai depressed patients

Author(s): Lueboonthavatchai Peeraphon | Thavichachart Nuntika
Nanda’s taxonomy employment in brazil: integrative review

Author(s): Daniella Soares dos Santos, Simone Roque Mazoni, Emilia Campos de Carvalho
Gelation or molecular recognition; is the bis-(α,β-dihydroxy ester)s motif an omnigelator?

Author(s): Peter C. Griffiths | David W. Knight | Ian R. Morgan | Amy Ford | James Brown | Ben Davies | Richard K. Heenan | Stephen M. King | Robert M. Dalgliesh | John Tomkinson | Stuart Prescott | Ralf Schweins | Alison Paul
Materiomics: biological protein materials, from nano to macro

Author(s): Steven Cranford | Markus J Buehler
East Asian Welfare Regimes 東アジア福祉制度

Author(s): Andrew DeWit | Ito Peng | Joseph Wong
Variation in Metaphor Variation in Metaphor

Author(s): Zóltan Kövecses
¿Qué conceptos políticos para Europa?

Author(s): Duso, Giuseppe
Autonomía y heteronomía

Author(s): González Marín, Carmen
Antropología «compleja» de las emociones humanas

Author(s): Ramírez Goicoechea, Eugenia
Diversity in universality

Author(s): Silva Novljan
Design of 16S rRNA gene primers for 454 pyrosequencing of the human foregut microbiome

Author(s): Carlos W Nossa, William E Oberdorf, Liying Yang, Jørn A Aas, Bruce J Paster, Todd Z DeSantis, Eoin L Brodie, Daniel Malamud, Michael A Poles, Zhiheng Pei
Varying Constants, Gravitation and Cosmology

Author(s): Jean-Philippe Uzan
The structure of invasion percolation clusters in two dimension

Author(s): Z. Daadi-Geev | M. Khaksefidi | F. Ebrahimi
Peter Ackroyd’s Chatterton: A Lyotardian Study

Author(s): Noorbakhsh Hooti | Zahra Tahmasbi
A Comparative Study on Basic Emotion Conceptual Metaphors in English and Persian Literary Texts

Author(s): Shahrzad Pirzad Mashak | Abdolreza Pazhakh | Abdolmajid Hayati
A New Approach for Web Information Extraction

Author(s): R.Gunasundari | Dr.S.Karthikeyan

Author(s): Dr. Mehrdad Alipour | Seyed Mahdi Moniri | Javad Tanha
Identification of Nodal Kink in Electron-Doped (Nd1.85Ce0.15)CuO4 Superconductor from Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

Author(s): Liu Haiyun | Liu Guodong | Zhang Wentao | Zhao Lin | Meng Jianqiao | Jia Xiaowen | Dong Xiaoli | Lu Wei | Wang Guiling | Zhou Yong | Zhu Yong | Wang Xiaoyang | Wu Tao | Chen Xianhui | Sasagawa T. | Xu Zuyan | Chen Chuangtian | Zhou X. J.
Equivalent dynamical complexity in a many-body quantum and collective human system

Author(s): Neil F. Johnson | Josef Ashkenazi | Zhenyuan Zhao | Luis Quiroga
Total Quality and Total Mobility Qualità totale e mobilità totale

Author(s): Giuseppe Trieste | Daniela de Mitri
Current advances of DNA barcoding study in plants

Author(s): Shuping Ning | Haifei Yan | Gang Hao | Xuejun Ge
Evolution of vacuolar proton pyrophosphatase domains and volutin granules: clues into the early evolutionary origin of the acidocalcisome

Author(s): Seufferheld Manfredo | Kim Kyung | Whitfield James | Valerio Alejandro | Caetano-Anollés Gustavo
Diversification and the rate of molecular evolution: no evidence of a link in mammals

Author(s): Goldie Xavier | Lanfear Robert | Bromham Lindell
Universality and Constant Scalar Curvature Invariants

Author(s): A. A. Coley | S. Hervik
Quantifying Dynamical Complexity of Magnetic Storms and Solar Flares via Nonextensive Tsallis Entropy

Author(s): Georgios Balasis | Ioannis A. Daglis | Constantinos Papadimitriou | Anastasios Anastasiadis | Ingmar Sandberg | Konstantinos Eftaxias
Donner le sens

Author(s): Livia Georgeta Suciu
A New Evaluation Model for Security Protocols

Author(s): Chao YANG | Jianfeng MA | Xuewen DONG
Fusion of Mutiple Biometric Traits for Person Verification

Author(s): sakshi kapuria | naresh kumar
Scaling properties of protein family phylogenies

Author(s): Herrada Alejandro | Eguíluz Víctor | Hernández-García Emilio | Duarte Carlos
Comparative microarray data analysis for the expression of genes in the pathway of glioma

Author(s): Pramod Katara | Neeru Sharma | Sugandha Sharma | Indu Khatri | Akansha Kaushik | Lalima Kaushal | Vinay sharma

Author(s): Olivier Milhaud
Principle of Link Evaluation

Author(s): Jinbao ZHANG | Hongming ZHENG | Zhenhui TAN | Yueyun CHEN
Gênero, Imersão e Empreendedorismo: Sexo Frágil, Laços Fortes?

Author(s): Gláucia Maria Vasconcellos Vale | Ana Carolina Ferreira Serafim | Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio
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