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An evaluation of prefilled insulin pens: a focus on the Next Generation FlexPen®

Author(s): Estella M Davis | Emily L Sexson | Mikayla L Spangler | et al
Impact of genetic polymorphisms on clinical response to antithrombotics

Author(s): Kena J Lanham | Julie H Oestreich | Steven P Dunn | et al
Current management of type B aortic dissection

Author(s): T Paul Tran | Ali Khoynezhad
The Costs of Scholarly Teching and Learning

Author(s): Amy M. Goodburn, PhD
Improving rigid fiberoptic intubation: a comparison of the Bonfils Intubating Fiberscope™ with a novel modification

Author(s): Boedeker Ben | Barak-Bernhagen Mary | Miller David | Nicholas Thomas | Linnaus Andrew | Murray WB
Self-Reported Emergency Medicine Residency Applicant Attitudes Towards a Procedural Cadaver Laboratory Curriculum

Author(s): Hoffman, Lance | Wadman, Michael | Erickson, Tammi | Muelleman, Robert
A systematic review of the cardiovascular risk of inhaled anticholinergics in patients with COPD

Author(s): Daniel E Hilleman | Mark A Malesker | Lee E Morrow | Dan Schuller
Alogliptin: a new addition to the class of DPP-4 inhibitors

Author(s): Radha Andukuri | Andjela Drincic | Marc Rendell
The role of bendamustine in the treatment of indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Author(s): Ibrahim T Aldoss | Susan M Blumel | Philip J Bierman
Special Issue: MicroRNAs in Health and Disease

Author(s): Guest Editor: Ajay Singh, Ph.D.
Comparative manufacture and cell-based delivery of antiretroviral nanoformulations

Author(s): Balkundi S | Nowacek AS | Veerubhotla RS | Chen H | Martinez-Skinner A | Roy U | Mosley RL | Kanmogne G | Liu X | Kabanov AV | Bronich T | McMillan J | Gendelman HE
Book Reviews

Author(s): H.J.M. Claessen | Patrick Vinton Kirch | H.J.M. Claessen | Jarich O. Oosten | H.J. Duller | P.W. Preston | H.J. Duller | M. Stiefel | M. Grijns | Kirsten Hastrup | Simon Kooijman | Jelle Miedema | Adam Kuper | R.H. Barnes | C.L.J. van der Meer | Steven Piker | J. Miedema | Mark S. Mosko | David S. Moyer | Rodney Needham | Anke Niehof | Imke Swart | J.H.B. den Ouden | R.S. Khare | Frank N. Pieke | Rubie S. Watson | Rien Ploeg | James A. Boon | Rien Ploeg | Durk Hak | Rien Ploeg | Nancy L. Hamblin | Rien Ploeg | Ladislav Holy | Ronald H. Poelmeijer | Lilly Eversdijk Smulders | Ype H. Poortinga | Dean Peabody | Karen Portier | Khin Thitsa | G.J. Abbink | Serena Nanda | Karen Portier | Signe Howell | Karen Portier | Maila Stivens | R. de Ridder | Dennis Tedlock | R. de Ridder | Dennis Tedlock | G. van Roon | Dietmar Rothermund | Thilo C. Schadeberg | Günter Dabitz | L. van Vroonhoven | Ger van Roon | Wim van Zanten | Nigel Phillips
Sleep estimates in children: parental versus actigraphic assessments

Author(s): Dayyat EA | Spruyt K | Molfese DL | Gozal D
Inflammatory cytokines regulate endothelial cell survival and tissue repair functions via NF-κB signaling

Author(s): Kanaji N | Sato T | Nelson A | Wang X | Li Y | Kim M | Nakanishi M | Basma H | Michalski J | Farid M | Chandler M | Pease W | Patil A | Rennard SI | Liu X

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