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The relationship of graft survival and herpes simplex virus latency in recipient corneal buttons

Author(s): Orhan Aydemir | Peykan Türkçüoglu | Yasemin Bulut | Ahmet Kalkan
Evaluation of Problem-Based Learning Education after Clerkship at the Chang Gung University School of Medicine

Author(s): Yung-Chang Chen | Ji-Tseng Fang | Jen-Der Lin | Wen-Jin Cherng
Current use of contraceptive method among women in a middle-income developing country

Author(s): Paul A Bourne | Christopher AD Charles | Tazhmoye V Crawford | et al
Psychiatric comorbidity and suicide risk in patients with chronic migraine

Author(s): Maurizio Pompili | Gianluca Serafini | Daniela Di Cosimo | et al
The effect of the state anxiety level on tennis exam performance in university students

Author(s): Koray Coşkun | Asuman Şahan | Alparslan Kemal Erman
Contraception usage among young adult men in a developing country

Author(s): Paul A Bourne | Christopher AD Charles
The controversy over the association between statins use and progression of age-related macular degeneration: a mini review

Author(s): Vasileios Peponis | Spyridon E Chalkiadakis | Stefanos Bonovas | et al
Spirituality and well being among elders: differences between elders with heart failure and those without heart failure

Author(s): Mary T Quinn Griffin | Yi-Hui Lee | Ali Salman | Yaewon Seo | Patricia A Marin | et al
The relationship between early life stress and microstructural integrity of the corpus callosum in a non-clinical population

Author(s): Robert Paul | Lorrie Henry | Stuart M Grieve | Thomas J Guilmette | Raymond Niaura | et al
Increased mRNA expression of cytochrome oxidase in dorsal raphe nucleus of depressive suicide victims

Author(s): A Sanchez-Bahillo | V Bautista-Hernandez | Carlos Barcia Gonzalez | R Bañon | A Luna | et al
Cognitive performance and the thymus among HIV-infected subjects receiving HAART

Author(s): Maria J Miguez-Burbano | John E Lewis | Jose Moreno | Joel Fishman
Effect of audible and visual reminders on adherence in glaucoma patients using a commercially available dosing aid

Author(s): Lawrence Y Ho | Larissa Camejo | Malik Y Kahook | Robert Noecker
Late life depression with cognitive impairment: Evaluation and treatment

Author(s): Consuelo H Wilkins | Jose Mathews | Yvette I Sheline
High prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms in patients with both acute and nonacute cough

Author(s): Yoshihisa Urita | Toshiyasu Watanabe | Hiroki Ota | Motohide Iwata | Yosuke Sasaki | et al
Development and validation of a scale to measure patients’ trust in pharmacists in Singapore

Author(s): Xu-Hao Zhang | Jing Jin | Surachat Ngorsuraches | Shu-Chuen Li
A systematic review of the cardiovascular risk of inhaled anticholinergics in patients with COPD

Author(s): Daniel E Hilleman | Mark A Malesker | Lee E Morrow | Dan Schuller
Patient perception of pain care in hospitals in the United States

Author(s): Anita Gupta | Sarah Daigle | Jeffrey Mojica | et al
The relationship between student perceptions of tutor performance and tutors' background in problem-based learning in South Korea

Author(s): Eun-Kyung Chung | Maurice A. Hitchcock | Sun-A Oh | Eui-Ryoung Han | Young-Jong Woo
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Cefditoren in upper and lower community-acquired respiratory tract infections

Author(s): Francisco Soriano | María-José Giménez | Lorenzo Aguilar
CCL3 genotype and current depression increase risk of HIV-associated dementia

Author(s): Andrew J Levine | Elyse J Singer | Janet S Sinsheimer | et al
Preface, MSM 2011

Author(s): Editor, MSM
Relationship between sleep duration and clustering of metabolic syndrome diagnostic components

Author(s): Katano S | Nakamura Y | Nakamura A | Murakami Y | Tanaka T | Takebayashi T | Okayama A | Miura K | Okamura T | Ueshima H
Questões Sociais e Engajamento dos Jovens na Vida Sociopolítica

Author(s): Júlio Rique | Tiago Jesse Souza de Lima | Camila Batista Nóbrega | Cássio Clayton Martins Andrade | Caroline Costa Gomes Alencar
Toward Food System Sustainability through School Food System Change: Think&EatGreen@School and the Making of a Community-University Research Alliance

Author(s): Alejandro Rojas | Will Valley | Brent Mansfield | Elena Orrego | Gwen E. Chapman | Yael Harlap
Students' perceptions of the impact of assessment on approaches to learning: a comparison between two medical schools with similar curricula

Author(s): Hanan M. Al Kadri | Mohamed S. Al-Moamary | Mohi E. Magzoub | Chris Roberts | Cees P.M. van der Vleuten
Identity Status of Adolescents in Tehran

Author(s): B. Gharaai | M. K. Atefvahid | M. Dejkam | M. Mohammadian
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Prevention interventions for human immunodeficiency virus in drug-using women with a history of partner violence

Author(s): Stockman JK | Ludwig-Barron N | Hoffman MA | Ulibarri MD | Penniman Dyer TV

Author(s): Evrim Üstünlüoğlu | Kısmet Funda Akgül Zazaoğlu | Michelle N. Keskin | Beril Sarayköylü | Gülfem Akdoğan
An evaluation of primary school teachers towards child sexual abuse and necessity of its reporting

Author(s): Sajad Alboukordi | Mohammad NikousiarJahromi | Leili Mosalanejad | Javad Khodadadi
In vitro release and in vitro–in vivo correlation for silybin meglumine incorporated into hollow-type mesoporous silica nanoparticles

Author(s): Cao X | Deng WW, Fu M | Wang L | Tong SS | Wei YW | Xu Y | Su WY | Xu XM | Yu JN
Arab Teens Lifestyle Study (ATLS): objectives, design, methodology and implications

Author(s): Al-Hazzaa HM | Musaiger AO; ATLS Research Group
Effect of dispersants of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on cellular uptake and biological responses

Author(s): Haniu H | Saito N | Matsuda Y | Kim YA | Park KC | Tsukahara T | Usui Y | Aoki K | Shimizu M | Ogihara N | Hara K | Takanashi S | Okamoto M | Ishigaki N | Nakamura K | Kato H
Significant correlations between optic nerve head microcirculation and visual field defects and nerve fiber layer loss in glaucoma patients with myopic glaucomatous disk

Author(s): Yokoyama Y | Aizawa N | Chiba N | Omodaka K | Nakamura M | Otomo T | Yokokura S | Fuse N | Nakazawa T
International Prostate Symptom Score: Really Appreciated by All Patients or Not?

Author(s): Metinİshak Öztürk | Orhan Koca | Muzaffer Oğuz Keleş | Mustafa Güneş | Cevdet Kaya | Muhammet İhsan Karaman

Author(s): Matei Mirabela Constanta | Abrudan Maria-Madela

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU)
Prevalence of childhood Riboflavin deficiency and nutritional status; a study in rural area in Kerman province

Author(s): Tabatabai Sh | Siassi F | Harrison G | Jalali M | Keyghobadi K
Job satisfaction and its related factors among Tehran university medical school faculty member

Author(s): Asle Soleymani H | Saeei F | Sedaghat M | Meshkani Z S
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Osteoporosis among a group of Iranian Adolescent Females (2007

Author(s): Farideh Dehghan Menshadi | Afsaneh Azari | Jalil Kuhpayeh Zadeh | Mehri Ghasemi
Familial aggregation of esophageal cancer in Babol district in the north of Iran

Author(s): Shafieezadeh T. | Holakuei Naieni K. | Fotohi A. | Mahmoodi M
Preparedness of the Iran University of Medical Sciences hospitals against earthquak

Author(s): SM Hosseini Shokouh | M Arab | A Rahimi | A Rashidian | N Sadr Momtaz
Participation in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): S.R Majdzadeh | SH Nedjat | J Gholami | M Ghorbani | M Shokouhi | R Yousefi
Examination of third molar Missing in skeletal Cl I , Cl II in Tehran dental school patients during

Author(s): Chalipa J | Hosseini MH | Hosseinian Serajelou MK | Khorshidian A
Attitudes of Nursing and Midwifery School’s Faculty toward Blended E-learning at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): M Zolfaghari (MSc.) | MR Sarmadi (Ph.D) | R Negarandeh (Ph.D) | B Zandi (Ph.D) | F Ahmadi (Ph.D)
Study of 72 Cases of Human Brucellosis in Tehran

Author(s): Nassrollah Mojdehi | Mahmoud Moine
Trichotillomania in Iranian children

Author(s): Sh. Tarighati
The evaluation of the relevance of teaching of homeopathy at the medical school

Author(s): Francisco José de Freitas | Debora Alves dos Santos Fernandes
Seroepidemiological Study of Toxoplasmosis among High-School Girls in Gonabad

Author(s): Heidari A | Mokhtarian Deloie H | Ghahramani M | Basiri Moghaddam M | Moslem A | Sarshar N | Yaghoobi AvvalRiabi M | Naghavi M
Perfluoroalkyl chemicals and elevated serum uric acid in US adults

Author(s): Shankar A | Xiao J | Ducatman A
The Relationship Between Service Quality and Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty in Malaysian Mobile Communication Industry

Author(s): Sany Sanuri Mohd. Mokhtar | Ahmed Audu Maiyaki | Norzaini bt Mohd Noor
Students Computer Skills in Faculty of Education

Author(s): Mehmet Caglar | Mukaddes Sakalli Demirok
Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US

Author(s): Schumock GT | Gibbons RD | Lee TA | Joo MJ | Valuck RJ | Stayner LT

Author(s): Mercedes García-Porchas | Víctor Guadalupe Santiago-Hernández | Alejandro Córdova-Yánez | Manuel Arturo Coronado-García | Rubén Ángel Vásquez-Navarro
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Moderate alcohol consumption and cognitive risk

Author(s): Neafsey EJ | Collins MA
Perception of weight and psychological variables in a sample of Spanish adolescents

Author(s): Jáuregui-Lobera I | Bolaños-Ríos P | Santiago-Fernández MJ | Garrido-Casals O | Sánchez E
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