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Performance Monitoring of Nonlinear CSTR Using Novel Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter

Author(s): Lotfollah Jargani | Mehdi Shahbazian | Karim Salashoor | Vahid Fathabadi
FPGA Based Kalman Filter for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Vikrant Vij | Rajesh Mehra
An Improved Particle Filter for Target Tracking in Sensor Systems

Author(s): Xue Wang | Sheng Wang | Jun-Jie Ma
PFPSO: An Optimised Filtering Approach Based on Sampling

Author(s): Y. Hernane | S. Hernane | M. Benyettou
Nonlinear Filtering for Hybrid GPS/GSM Mobile Terminal Tracking

Author(s): Carsten Fritsche | Anja Klein
Application Of Extended Kalman Filter For A Free Falling Body Towards Earth

Author(s): Leela Kumari B | Padma Raju | Chandan .V.Y.V | Sai Krishna. R | V.M.J. Rao
Low Complexity Track Initialization from a Small Set of Non-Invertible Measurements

Author(s): Christian R. Berger | Martina Daun | Wolfgang Koch
Unscented Kalman Filter Applied to the Spacecraft Attitude Estimation with Euler Angles

Author(s): Roberta Veloso Garcia | Helio Koiti Kuga | Maria Cecilia F. P. S. Zanardi
A full bi-tensor neural tractography algorithm using the unscented Kalman filter

Author(s): Lienhard Stefan | Malcolm James | Westin Carl-Frederik | Rathi Yogesh
Microphone Array Speaker Localizers Using Spatial-Temporal Information

Author(s): Gannot Sharon | Dvorkind Tsvi Gregory
Particle Filtering Optimized by Swarm Intelligence Algorithm

Author(s): Wei Jing | Hai Zhao | Chunhe Song | Dan Liu
Unscented Kalman Filtering for Single Camera Based Motion and Shape Estimation

Author(s): Dah-Jing Jwo | Chien-Hao Tseng | Jen-Chu Liu | Hsien-Der Lee
Tracking with Estimate-Conditioned Debiased 2-D Converted Measurements

Author(s): John N. Spitzmiller | Reza R. Adhami
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