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The use of virtual slides in the EUROPALS examination

Author(s): van den Tweel Jan | Bosman Fred
Information literacy

Author(s): Silva Novljan
Paths to knowledge on the internet

Author(s): Helena Pečko-Mlekuš
Service Innovation in Online Recruiting

Author(s): Elfi Ettinger | Bjoern Kijl
Normes de competència en informació

Author(s): Angulo Marcial, Noel
Normas de competencia en información

Author(s): Angulo Marcial, Noel
A graphical simulation software for instruction in cardiovascular mechanics physiology

Author(s): Wildhaber Reto | Verrey François | Wenger Roland
School library user studies

Author(s): Zdenka Verlič
A User-Centered Design Approach to Develop a Web-Based Instructional Resource System for Homeland Education

Author(s): Chaoyun Liang | Wen-Shou Chou | Yu-Ling Hsu | Chien-Chien Yang
The Importance of Practical Training for Diploma Students: A Study in UiTM Kedah, Malaysia

Author(s): Zaherawati Zakaria | Zaliha Hj Hussin | Nazni Noordin | Daing Maruak Sadek | Mohd Rizaimy Shaharudin | Zuriawati Zakaria
A Web Application to Create a Virtual Campus for Students at Petroleum and Gas University, Ploiesti

Author(s): Catalin Popescu | Bogdan Vasilescu | Tiberiu Stanescu
Phishing: A Growing Challenge for Internet Banking Providers in Malaysia

Author(s): Gerald Goh Guan Gan | Tan Nya Ling | Goh Choon Yih | Uchenna Cyril Eze
Instant e-Teaching Framework Model for Live Online Teaching

Author(s): Suhailan Safei | Mat Atar Mat Amin | Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose | Mohd Nordin Abdul Rahman
Modern Communication Techniques For Children With Cerebal Palsy

Author(s): Swati Uppal | Nisha Sharma | Sorabh Gupta | Renu Sharma | Ashima Kalra | Priyanka Aggarwal

Author(s): KOSTOLÁNYOVÁ, Kateřina | ŠARMANOVÁ, Jana | TAKÁCS, Ondřej
Development of the competency-based objective resident education using virtual patients system

Author(s): Taylor Sawyer | Alan Stein | Holly Olson | Christopher Becket Mahnke
Achieving Continuity of Care: Facilitators and Barriers in Community Mental Health Teams

Author(s): Belling Ruth | Whittock Margaret | McLaren Susan | Burns Tom | Catty Jocelyn | Jones Ian Rees | Rose Diana | Wykes Til
E-education in pathology including certification of e-institutions

Author(s): Kayser Klaus | Ogilvie Robert | Borkenfeld Stephan | Kayser Gian
Importance of Practical Relevance and Design Modules in Electrical Circuits Education

Author(s): Ruba Akram Amarin | Issa Batarseh | Kalpathy Sundaram | Arthur Weeks
Project-Based Learning in Student Teams in Computer Science Education

Author(s): Andreas Breiter | Görschwin Fey | Rolf Drechsler

Author(s): Victorio A. Marzocchi | Horacio R. Beldoménico | Nicolás A. Vanzetti

Author(s): Adebiyi MARION O. | Akinboni OLUWAFUNMILAYO A.
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians

Author(s): Suzanne Lewis | Gillian Hallam | Ann Ritchie | Catherine Clark | Cheryl Hamill | Melanie Kammermann | Patrick O'Connor
A Pesquisa Científica e o Interesse Público

Author(s): Simon Schwartzman
UK community health visiting: challenges faced during lean implementation

Author(s): Carr SM | Pearson P | Young-Murphy L | Cleghorn B
SPLAT: Innovative Collaboration in Idaho's Libraries

Author(s): Memo Cordova | Amy Vecchione
Isabelle/PIDE as Platform for Educational Tools

Author(s): Makarius Wenzel | Burkhart Wolff
Guidance to the user of the hearing aid: retention of information

Author(s): Geraldo, Tatiane | Ferrari, Deborah Viviane | Bastos, Barbara Guimarães
Creating a Virtual Learning Community with HUB Architecture: CLEERhub as a Case Study of User Adoption

Author(s): Qaiser H. Malik | Nataliia Perova | Thomas J. Hacker | Ruth A. Streveler | Alejandra J. Magana | Patrick L. Vogt | Ann M. Bessenbacher
An Evaluation of Infection Control in Dental Offices and Dental Clinics in Isfahan (2003)

Author(s): M Razavi | A Motaghi | M Sajadi | M Jahanbakhsh
Changing roles of the librarian and the interlibrary-loan user

Author(s): Vida Močnik | Alenka Logar Skobir
The Descriptive Study of Knowledge Discovery from Web Usage Mining

Author(s): Yogish H K | Dr. G T Raju | Manjunath T N
Graphical Simulation of N Queens Problem

Author(s): G. Murali | Sadia Naureen | Y.Abhigna Reddy | M.Swetha Reddy
Service user and carer experiences of seeking help for a first episode of psychosis: a UK qualitative study

Author(s): Tanskanen Sanna | Morant Nicola | Hinton Mark | Lloyd-Evans Brynmor | Crosby Michelle | Killaspy Helen | Raine Rosalind | Pilling Stephen | Johnson Sonia
Information preferences of people living with fibromyalgia – a survey of their information needs and preferences

Author(s): Lubna Daraz | Joy C. MacDermid | Seanne Wilkins | Jane Gibson | Lynn Shaw
Natural Resource Knowledge and Information Management via the Victorian Resources Online Website

Author(s): Mark Imhof | Matthew Cox | Angela Fadersen | Wayne Harvey | Sonia Thompson | David Rees | Christopher Pettit
Overview of Imaging Informatics

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Enterprise PACS as a Solution

Author(s): Morteza Bakhtiary | Hassan Ghanaati
Using Recommendation System for E-learning Environments at degree level

Author(s): Oscar Sanjuán Martínez | B. Cristina Pelayo G-Bustelo | Rubén González Crespo | Enrique Torres Franco
Of the sacred and the secular: Missionary collections in university museums

Author(s): Patricia H. J. Huang | Jeng-Horn Chen
H-RBAC: A Hierarchical Access Control Model for SaaS Systems

Author(s): Dancheng Li | Cheng Liu | Binsheng Liu
A High-Performance Communication Service for Parallel Servo Computing

Author(s): Cheng Xin | Zhou Yunfei | Hu Yongbin | Kong Xiangbin
E-learning as a Research Area: An Analytical Approach

Author(s): Sangeeta Kakoty | Monohar Lal | Shikhar Kr. Sarma
A Web-based E-learning Platform for Physical Education

Author(s): Chun-Hong Huang | Su-Li Chin | Li-Hua Hsin | Jason C. Hung | Yi-Pei Yu
An Empirical Evaluation of Technical Drawing Didactic in Virtual Worlds

Author(s): Sharefa Murad | Ignazio Passero | Rita Francese | Genoveffa Tortora
Dynamic User Interface Based on Cognitive Approach in Web Based Learning

Author(s): L Jayasimman | A Nisha Jebaseeli | E George Dharma Prakashraj | J Charles
A Survey on Web-based AR Applications

Author(s): Behrang Parhizkar | Ashraf Abbas M. Al-Modwahi | Arash Habibi Lashkari | Mohammad Mehdi Bartaripou | Hossein Reza Babae
Rapid assessment response (RAR) study: drug use and health risk - Pretoria, South Africa

Author(s): dos Santos Monika | Trautmann Franz | Kools John-Peter
A feasibility study for the provision of electronic healthcare tools and services in areas of Greece, Cyprus and Italy

Author(s): Mougiakakou Stavroula | Kyriacou Efthyvoulos | Perakis Kostas | Papadopoulos Homer | Androulidakis Aggelos | Konnis Georgios | Tranfaglia Riccardo | Pecchia Leandro | Bracale Umberto | Pattichis Constantinos | Koutsouris Dimitrios
Relatives Education And Coping Toolkit - REACT. Study protocol of a randomised controlled trial to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a supported self management package for relatives of people with recent onset psychosis

Author(s): Lobban Fiona | Glentworth David | Wainwright Laura | Pinfold Vanessa | Chapman Lesley | Larkin Warren | Dunn Graham | Postlethwaite Adam | Haddock Gillian
Development of a Webbased StudentLecturer Relationship Information System'EAssessment'

Author(s): K. A. Akintoye | O. T Arogundade | Oluwakemi Oke
Reframing the development of corporate learning

Author(s): Meredith Godat | Brian Atkin
Technology Acceptance: Course and Teaching Surveys Case Study at Sultan Qaboos University

Author(s): Ali H. Al-Badi | Abdullah S. Al-Rashdi | Taher A. Ba-Omar
A QoE Assessment System in Distance Education

Author(s): Dengyin Zhang | Yangyang Xu | Chunling Cheng
Posture of academic dentistry about the performance teamwork and the principle ofintegrality

Author(s): Sérgio Luis Mattos Tezza | Ricardo Mitoso Alho | Lucas Melo Pioner | Kellyson Jackson Caldas Pinto | Rodrigo Otávio Moretti–Pires
Learning Content Recommendation for Visual Basic.Net Programming Language based on Ontology

Author(s): Saman Shishehchi | Seyed Y. Banihashem | Nor A.M. Zin | Shahrul A.M. Noah
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