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New Services Development

Author(s): Peter Ciganek | Robert Hudec
Image processing methods and architectures in diagnostic pathology.

Author(s): Gloria Bueno | Oscar DĂŠniz | JesĂşs Salido | Marcial GarcĂ­a Rojo
A Flexible Tool for Web Service Selection in Service Oriented Architecture

Author(s): Walaa Nagy | Hoda M. O. Mokhtar | Ali El-Bastawissy

Author(s): Muhammad Shakil AHMAD | Shahid RASHID | Muhammad Tahir MASOOD | Ehtesham UL MUJEEB
Advanced CAPTCHA technique using Hand Gesture based on SIFT

Author(s): B.Srinivas | G.Kalyan Raju | Dr. Koduganti Venkata Rao
Service Crawling using Google Custom Search API

Author(s): Maria Allauddin | Farooque Azam
The Effective and Efficient Security Services For Cloud Computing

Author(s): Sambhaji Sarode | Deepali Giri | Khushbu Chopde
Channel Aware Uplink Scheduler for a Mobile Subscriber Station of IEEE 802.16e

Author(s): Sandhya Kulkarni | Shwetha D. | Devaraju J. T. | D. Das
Enhanced Link based Congestion Control 'ELCC' in PeertoPeer 'P2P' based Video on Demand 'VoD' System

Author(s): Arockia Xavier Annie R. | Vanitha Sheba M. | Yogesh P.
Dynamic Web Service Composition and Parameters Matchmaking

Author(s): Maria Allauddin | Farooque Azam
Security Agents: A Mobile Agent Based Trust Model for Cloud Computing

Author(s): Priyank Singh Hada | Ranjita Singh | Mukul Manmohan
Biodiversity information platforms: From standards to interoperability

Author(s): Walter Berendsohn | Anton Güntsch | Niels Hoffmann | Andreas Kohlbecker | Katja Luther | Andreas Müller
Location Determining Technique Using Signal Correlation Method in Suburban Environment

Author(s): K. Singh | S. Sulaiman | M. Ismail | K. Jumari
Mobile Node Localization in Cellular Networks

Author(s): Yasir Malik | Kishwer Abdul Khaliq | Bessam Abdulrazak | Usman Tariq

Author(s): Asmaa Ahmed Hussein | Elkhedr Hassan Eibrahim | Aziza Asem
Leading dental journals availability through academic network of Serbia

Author(s): Jaćimović Jelena | Živković Slavoljub

Author(s): Akash Srivastva | Vedpal Singh
Employers’ Perspectives on Future Roles and Skills Requirements for Australian Health Librarians

Author(s): Suzanne Lewis | Gillian Hallam | Ann Ritchie | Catherine Clark | Cheryl Hamill | Melanie Kammermann | Patrick O'Connor
Analysis of the evaluation of the FHP small cities Análise da avaliação do PSF em municípios de pequeno porte.

Author(s): Fábio Aragão Kluthcovsky | Ana Cláudia Garabeli Cavalli Kluthcovsky
Users' satisfaction with Porto Alegre's Primary Care Network Satisfação dos usuários da rede de Atenção Primária de Porto Alegre

Author(s): Aline do Amaral Zils | Rodrigo Caprio Leite de Castro | Mônica Maria Celestina de Oliveira | Erno Harzheim | Bruce Bartholow Duncan
Self-perceived health of adults users of Primary Health Care Services in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Autopercepção da saúde entre usuários da Atenção Primária em Porto Alegre, RS

Author(s): Milena Rodrigues Agostinho | Mônica Celestina Oliveira | Maria Eugênia Bresolin Pinto | Giuliano Uhlein Balardin | Erno Harzheim
UK community health visiting: challenges faced during lean implementation

Author(s): Carr SM | Pearson P | Young-Murphy L | Cleghorn B
SPLAT: Innovative Collaboration in Idaho's Libraries

Author(s): Memo Cordova | Amy Vecchione
Assessment on the Go: Surveying Students With an iPad

Author(s): Jennifer L. Jones | Bryan Sinclair
New Services Development

Author(s): Peter Ciganek | Robert Hudec
Social Forestry Stakeholders in the Sudan: Case from Gedaref State

Author(s): Abdelhai M. Elmadina | Mahir S. Suleiman | Amani A. Kobbail
User Profile Based Proportional Share Scheduling And Mac Protocol For Manets

Author(s): Hannah Monisha . J | Rhymend Uthariaraj .V
Improving the Performance of Packet Transfer in Network Mobility

Author(s): M. Dinakaran | P. Balasubramanie

Author(s): Moisuc Diana-Aderina | Simion Simona-Alina | Steliac Nela

Author(s): K.Vijaya Babu | O. Srinivasa Rao | Dr. MHM Krishna Prasad

Research on User Permission Isolation for Multi-Users Service-Oriented Program

Author(s): Liang Peng | Yingxu Lai | Shupo Bu | Zhan Jing | Li Yu | Jiang Wei | Lin Li
Research on User Permission Isolation for Multi-Users Service-Oriented Program

Author(s): Liang Peng | Yingxu Lai | Shupo Bu | Zhan Jing | Li Yu | Jiang Wei | Lin Li
Los sistemas IPTV ¿una amenaza inminente para los actuales medios de teledifusión?

Author(s): Ricardo Alonso Ferro Bolívar | Cesar Hernández
Using Ontology Reasoning over Location Based Services

Author(s): Akansha A. Totewar | Prashant N. Chatur | AmitMeena
Optimized Heterogeneous Wireless Network with Scoring Methods

Author(s): Ravindra R.Agrawal | Amarsinh Vidhate
An Adult Site Access Verification System for Non-Adults

Author(s): Shalini Puri | Sona Kaushik
Studi Perbaikan Pengelolaan Perpustakaan dan Sistem Pengelolaan Arsip & Dokumen di PT Badak

Author(s): Kodrat Iman Satoto | Adian Fatchur Rochim | Yuli Christyono | Tri Handayani | Amin Taufiq | Putut Suharso
Energy Efficient Dynamic Integration of Thresholds for Migration at Cloud Data Centers

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteishi Diwanji
Actitudes y valoraciones de los jóvenes ante la TV móvil Young People’s Attitudes towards and Evaluations of Mobile TV

Author(s): Miguel de Aguilera Moyano | Eddy Borges Rey | Alfonso Méndiz Noguero
Power Aware Live Migration for Data Centers in Cloud using Dynamic Threshold

Author(s): Richa Sinha | Nidhi Purohit | Hiteshi Diwanji
Implementing and Managing framework for PaaS in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Junaid Qayyum | Faheem Khan | Muhammad LaL | Fayyaz Gul | Muhammad Sohaib | Fahad Masood
A Graphical Password Based System for Small Mobile Devices

Author(s): Wazir Zada Khan | Mohammed Y Aalsalem | Yang Xiang
The Descriptive Study of Knowledge Discovery from Web Usage Mining

Author(s): Yogish H K | Dr. G T Raju | Manjunath T N
A P2P Platform for Real-Time Multicast Video Streaming Leveraging on Scalable Multiple Descriptions to Cope with Bandwidth Fluctuations

Author(s): Lorenzo Favalli | Marco Folli | Alfio Lombardo | Diego Reforgiato | Giovanni Schembra
Reduction of channel zapping delay in IPTV services

Author(s): F. Moumtadi | M. Escobar–Argota | R. López–Moreno | S. Landeros–Ayala
Microblogging Practices of Scientists in E-Learning: A Qualitative Approach

Author(s): Barbara Kieslinger | Martin Ebner | Helga Wiesenhofer
Vulnerabilities of LDAP As An Authentication Service

Author(s): Charlie Obimbo | Benjamin Ferriman
Association and Sequence Mining in Web Usage

Author(s): Claudia Elena DINUCA
Dissemination of Evidence-Based Standards of Care

Author(s): Andre Barkhordarian | Brett Hacker | Francesco Chiappelli
Evaluation of the impact of the voucher and accreditation approach on improving reproductive behaviors and status in Cambodia

Author(s): Bellows Benjamin | Warren Charlotte | Vonthanak Saphonn | Chhorvann Chhea | Sokhom Hean | Men Chean | Bajracharya Ashish | Rob Ubaidur | Rathavy Tung
Regulatory barriers to equity in a health system in transition: a qualitative study in Bulgaria

Author(s): Rechel Boika | Blackburn Clare | Spencer Nick | Rechel Bernd
A study of the user's perception of economic value in nursing visits to primary care by the method of contingent valuation

Author(s): Martín-Fernández Jesús | Pérez-Rivas Francisco | Gómez-Gascón Tomás | del Cura-González Isabel | Tello Bernabé Eugenia | Rodríguez-Martínez Gemma | Polentinos-Castro Elena | Domínguez-Bidagor Julia | Ariza-Cardiel Gloria | Conde-López Juan | Beamud-Lagos Milagros | Aguado-Arroyo Óscar | Sanz-Bayona Teresa | Gil-Lacruz Ana
Digital Watermarks Enabling E-Commerce Strategies: Conditional and User Specific Access to Services and Resources

Author(s): Dittmann Jana | Steinebach Martin | Wohlmacher Petra | Ackermann Ralf
Voice and Video Telephony Services in Smartphone

Author(s): Loscri' Valeria | Tropea Mauro | Marano Salvatore
Multiservice Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithms

Author(s): Zhu Fang | McNair Janise
A QoS Architecture for DVB-RCS Next Generation Satellite Networks

Author(s): Gayraud Thierry | Berthou Pascal
Service user and carer experiences of seeking help for a first episode of psychosis: a UK qualitative study

Author(s): Tanskanen Sanna | Morant Nicola | Hinton Mark | Lloyd-Evans Brynmor | Crosby Michelle | Killaspy Helen | Raine Rosalind | Pilling Stephen | Johnson Sonia
Integration of priority population, health and nutrition interventions into health systems: systematic review

Author(s): Atun Rifat | de Jongh Thyra | Secci Federica | Ohiri Kelechi | Adeyi Olusoji | Car Josip
Evaluating complex interventions and health technologies using normalization process theory: development of a simplified approach and web-enabled toolkit

Author(s): May Carl | Finch Tracy | Ballini Luciana | MacFarlane Anne | Mair Frances | Murray Elizabeth | Treweek Shaun | Rapley Tim
QoS-Aware Active Queue Management for Multimedia Services over the Internet

Author(s): Hwang Bor-Jiunn | Hwang I-Shyan | Chang Pen-Ming
Mobile user-preference-based data dissemination on mobile P2P networks

Author(s): Kim Dohoon | Kim Young-Gab | In Hoh Peter
Titan: An Enabling Framework for Activity-Aware "Pervasive Apps" in Opportunistic Personal Area Networks

Author(s): Roggen Daniel | Lombriser Clemens | Rossi Mirco | Tröster Gerhard
Graceful Degradation in 3GPP MBMS Mobile TV Services Using H.264/AVC Temporal Scalability

Author(s): Hellge Cornelius | Schierl Thomas | Huschke Jörg | Rusert Thomas | Kampmann Markus | Wiegand Thomas
The Performance of Relay-Enhanced Cellular OFDMA-TDD Network for Mobile Broadband Wireless Services

Author(s): Park Kyungmi | Ryu HyunS | Kang ChungG | Chang Daeyoung | Song Seungho | Ahn Jongguk | Ihm Jongtae
Cooperative Mobile Web Browsing

Author(s): Perrucci GP | Fitzek FHP | Zhang Q | Katz MD
Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

Author(s): Sodhi Sumeet | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Burciul Barry | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Bateman Eric | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Cornick Ruth | Faris Gill | Draper Beverley | Mondiwa Martha | Katengeza Egnat | Sanudi Lifah | Zwarenstein Merrick | Schull Michael
Challenges of scaling up and of knowledge transfer in an action research project in Burkina Faso to exempt the worst-off from health care user fees

Author(s): Ridde Valéry | Yaogo Maurice | Kafando Yamba | Kadio Kadidiatou | Ouedraogo Moctar | Sanfo Marou | Coulibaly Norbert | Bicaba Abel | Haddad Slim
New Trends on Ubiquitous Mobile Multimedia Applications

Author(s): Rodrigues JoelJPC | Oliveira Marco | Vaidya Binod
Real-Time Emulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks with End-to-Edge Quality of Service Guarantees: The AROMA Testbed

Author(s): López-Benítez Miguel | Bernardo Francisco | Vučević Nemanja | Umbert Anna
Quality-Assured and Sociality-Enriched Multimedia Mobile Mashup

Author(s): Zhang Hongguang | Zhao Zhenzhen | Sivasothy Shanmugalingam | Huang Cuiting | Crespi Noël
Practical Network-Based Techniques for Mobile Positioning in UMTS

Author(s): Borkowski Jakub | Lempiäinen ukka
An Intelligent Handover Management System for Future Generation Wireless Networks

Author(s): Kassar Meriem | Kervella Brigitte | Pujolle Guy
Dimensioning Method for Conversational Video Applications in Wireless Convergent Networks

Author(s): Fernandez-Duran Alfonso | Perez Leal Raquel | Alonso JoséI
An Evaluation of Interference Mitigation Schemes for HAPS Systems

Author(s): Ku Bon-Jun | Ahn Do-Seob | Kim Nam
"WBC over DVB-H" Testbed Design, Development and Results

Author(s): Ji Zhanlin | Ganchev Ivan | O'Droma Máirtín
A System for the Semantic Multimodal Analysis of News Audio-Visual Content

Author(s): Mezaris Vasileios | Gidaros Spyros | Papadopoulos GeorgiosTh | Kasper Walter | Steffen Jörg | Ordelman Roeland | Huijbregts Marijn | de Jong Franciska | Kompatsiaris Ioannis | Strintzis MichaelG
Comparative study on Relational data sets and XML data sets in J2EE system

Author(s): B.Hemanth kumar | M.Surendra Prasad Babu
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