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VANET Routing Protocols: Pros and Cons

Author(s): Bijan Paul | Md. Ibrahim | Md. Abu Naser Bikas
Localization technique in VANets using Clustering (LVC)

Author(s): Nasreddine Lagraa | Mohamed Bachir Yagoubi | Sarah Benkouider
CBVANET: A Cluster Based Vehicular Adhoc Network Model for Simple Highway Communication

Author(s): B. Ramakrishnan | Dr. R. S. Rajesh | R. S. Shaji
Hardware Design of Noble MAC Protocol for Vehicle System

Author(s): Yi-Nan Xu | Ren-Zhuang Fu | Yi-Hu Xu
Reliable Multimedia Broadcasting over Dense Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (Invited Paper)

Author(s): Victor Gau | Chih-Wei Huang | Jenq-Neng Hwang
Design of Simple and Efficient Revocation List Distribution in Urban Areas for VANET’s

Author(s): Ghassan Samara | Sureswaran Ramadas | Wafaa A.H. Al-Salihy
A New Approach in Packet Scheduling In The VANET

Author(s): Sayadi Mohammad Javad | Fathy Mahmood
Sensor Based Framework for Secure Multimedia Communication in VANET

Author(s): Aneel Rahim | Zeeshan.Shafi Khan | Fahad T. Bin Muhaya | Muhammad Sher | Tai-Hoon Kim
Simulation based Analysis of Adhoc Routing Protocol in Urban and Highway Scenario of VANET

Author(s): Pranav Kumar Singh | Kapang Lego | Dr. Themrichon Tuithung
Message Propagation in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks under free flow and congested flow Scenarios

Author(s): Sara Najafzadeh | Norafida Ithnin | Shukor Abd Razak | Ramin Karimi
Efficient Packet Forwarding Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using EBGR Algorithm

Author(s): K. Prasanth | K. Duraiswamy | K. Jayasudha | C. Chandrasekar
Providing Adapted Contextual Information in an Overlay Vehicular Network

Author(s): José Santa | Andrés Muñoz | Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta
A Usage Oriented Analysis of Vehicular Networks: from Technologies to Applications

Author(s): Yacine Khaleda | Manabu Tsukadaa | José Santab | JinHyeock Choia | Thierry Ernsta
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Mohammad S. Obaidat
Two-level Trajectory-Based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Freeway and Manhattan Environments

Author(s): Floriano De Rango | Fiore Veltri | Peppino Fazio | Salvatore Marano
Co-lethality studied as an asset against viral drug escape: the HIV protease case

Author(s): Brouillet Sophie | Valere Thomas | Ollivier Emmanuelle | Marsan Laurent | Vanet Anne
Comparative Study of Simulation for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Author(s): Prof. Vaishali D. Khairnar | Dr. S. N. Pradhan
An Intelligent Driver Assistance System (I-DAS) for Vehicle Safety Modelling using Ontology Approach

Author(s): Saravanan Kannan | Arunkumar Thangavelu | RameshBabu Kalivaradhan
NPPB: A Broadcast Scheme in Dense VANETs

Author(s): L. Zhou | G. Cui | H. Liu | D. Luo | Z. Wu
Sybil Nodes Detection Based on Received Signal Strength Variations within VANET

Author(s): Mohamed Salah Bouassida | Gilles Guette | Mohamed Shawky | Bertrand Ducourthial
Reducing Packet Transmission Delay in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks using Edge Node Based Greedy Routing

Author(s): K.Prasanth | K.Duraiswamy | K.Jayasudha | Dr.C.Chandrasekar
Data Dissemination Techniques in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Dharmendra Sutariya | Dr. S. N. Pradhan
Mobility Models for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network Simulation

Author(s): Vaishali D. Khairnar | Dr. S.N.Pradhan
An Efficient Vehicular Communication Outside the City Environments

Author(s): B. Ramakrishnan | R. S. Rajesh | R. S. Shaji
Safety Message Power Transmission Control for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Ghassan Samara | Sureswaran Ramadas | Wafaa A.H. Al-Salihy
Gateway Node-Based Greedy Routing Algorithm for Efficient Packet Forwarding in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Mohamed Abbas A, | Dr. Sheik Abdul Khader P, | Dr. Munir Ahamed Rabbani M
Study of Communication using IPv6 in VANET

Author(s): Prof. Uma Nagaraj | Ms. Deesha G. Deotale
Optimizing the Power Utilization of Road Side Units in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Dr. R. Manoharan | T Sivakumar | Dr. Thambidurai
Performance Evaluation of AODV and ADV Protocols in VANET Scenarios

Author(s): Kusum Dalal | Prachi Chaudhary | Dr. Pawan Dahiya
Comparison of Three Greedy Routing Algorithms for Efficient Packet Forwarding in VANET

Author(s): K. Lakshmi | K.Thilagam | K. Rama | A.Jeevarathinam | S.Manju Priya
SPCS: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Charging-Station Searching using VANET

Author(s): Lucas Chi Kwong Hui | Victor On Kwok Li | Siu Ming Yiu | Tat Wing Chim | Jeanno Chin Long Cheung
Routing Protocols for V2V communications used in Urban VANET to improve ITS

Author(s): Dongre Manoj M | Bawane N G | Jawade Nilima R
A Fuzzy Realistic Mobility Model for VANET

Author(s): Alireza Amirshahi | Mahmood Fathi | Morteza Romoozi | Mohammad Assarian
Efficient Detection of Sybil attack Based on Cryptography in Vanet

Author(s): Mina Rahbari | Mohammad Ali Jabreil Jamali
Clustering and OFDMA-based MAC protocol (COMAC) for vehicular ad hoc networks

Author(s): Abdel Hafeez Khalid | Zhao Lian | Liao Zaiyi | Ma Bobby
Secure and Efficient Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network with Privacy Preservation

Author(s): Choi Hyoung-Kee | Kim In-Hwan | Yoo Jae-Chern
Traffic Control System by Incorporating Message Forwarding Approach

Author(s): K.V.Ramana, Raghu.B.Korrapati, N.Pattabhi Ram & K.Syam Kumari

Author(s): Akhtar Husain | Ram Shringar Raw | Brajesh Kumar | Amit Doegar
A Survey on Routing Protocols and its Issues in VANET

Author(s): Jagadeesh Kakarla | S Siva Sathya | B Govinda Laxmi | Ramesh Babu B
A Comparative Study of Various Routing Protocols in VANET

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar | Mayank Dave
On the Comparison of Two Vehicular Safety Systems in Realistic Highway Scenarios

Author(s): A. Amoroso | G. Marfia | M. Roccetti | C. E. Palazzi
A Cache Invalidation scheme through Data Classification in IVANET

Author(s): Arun Kumar Dubey | Sanjeev Sharma

Author(s): Mohammad Jalil Piran | G. Rama Murthy | G. Praveen Babu
Increase Emergency Message Reception in Vanet

Author(s): G. Samara | W.A.H.A. Alsalihy | S. Ramadass
PCAR: A Packet-delivery Conditions Aware Routing Algorithm for Vanet Networks

Author(s): Meimei Huo | Zengwei Zheng | Xiaowei Zhou | Jing Ying
Performance Study of Threshold Variations in Temporal Decision Systems for Routing in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): B. S. Shylaja | V. M.A. Rajam | V. U. Maheswari | Arul Siromoney
An Algorithm for Localization in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): Hajar Barani | Mahmoud Fathy

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