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Existence of solutions for an Oldroyd model of viscoelastic fluids

Author(s): Geraldo M. De Araujo | Silvano B. De Menezes | Alexandro O. Marinho
Method of straight lines for a Bingham problem

Author(s): German Torres | Cristina Turner
On the dissipation layer of radial bearings

Author(s): R. O. Ayeni | S. S. Okoya | C. J. Agorzie
Optimization and Characterization of Castor Seed Oil

Author(s): Bagali S. SHRIDHAR | K. V. BEENA | M. V. ANITA | K. B. PARAMJEET
Normalization of flow-mediated dilation to shear stress area under the curve eliminates the impact of variable hyperemic stimulus

Author(s): Padilla Jaume | Johnson Blair | Newcomer Sean | Wilhite Daniel | Mickleborough Timothy | Fly Alyce | Mather Kieren | Wallace Janet
Some Exact Solutions of Plane Steady Hydromagnetic Flow with Variable Viscosity

Author(s): Pankaj Mishra | R. B. Mishra | Atul K. Srivastava
Research on zinc fortified potato starch and on its use in dessert production

Author(s): Hanna Śmigielska | Joanna Le Thanh-Blicharz
Modelling debris flows down general channels

Author(s): S. P. Pudasaini | Y. Wang | K. Hutter
fMRI-compatible rehabilitation hand device

Author(s): Khanicheh Azadeh | Muto Andrew | Triantafyllou Christina | Weinberg Brian | Astrakas Loukas | Tzika Aria | Mavroidis Constantinos
Totally Anisotropic Cosmological Models with Bulk Viscosity for Variable G and Λ

Author(s): Manoj K. Verma | Manish K. Singh | Shri Ram
Effect of soya milk on nutritive, antioxidative, reological and textural properties of chocolate produced in a ball mill

Author(s): Zarić Danica B. | Pajin Biljana S. | Rakin Marica B. | Šereš Zita I. | Dokić Ljubica P. | Tomić Jelena M.
Correlation between retention force of experimental plates and viscosity of experimental fluids

Author(s): Mladenović Dragan | Stanković Dragutin | Stanković Jasmina | Stanković Saša | Mladenović Lidija | Bošković Mirjana
Apparent Viscosity of a Skim Milk Based Dessert: Optimization Through Response Surface Methodology

Author(s): Felipe Richter Reis | Adaucto Bellarmino de Pereira-Netto | Joana Lea Meira Silveira | Charles Windson Isidoro Haminiuk | Lys Mary Bileski Cândido
Effects of high hidrostatic pressure on the viscosity of β-lactoglobulin solution

Author(s): Danijela Marjanović | Snežana Jovanović | Albert Baars | Miroljub Barać
Boundary Effect on Marangoni Convection in a Variable Viscosity Fluid Layer

Author(s): N. Z. Abidin | N. M. Arifin | M. S.M. Noorani
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