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Scale-adaptive surface modeling of vascular structures

Author(s): Wu Jianhuang | Wei Mingqiang | Li Yonghong | Ma Xin | Jia Fucang | Hu Qingmao
Review: Steganography – Bit Plane Complexity Segmentation (BPCS) Technique

A Novel Method for 3D-Segmentation of Vascular Images

Author(s): Bing-yin REN | Yong-bo ZHANG | Daniel X.B. CHEN
Evolution of surface-based deformable image registration for adaptive radiotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Author(s): Guckenberger Matthias | Baier Kurt | Richter Anne | Wilbert Juergen | Flentje Michael
Applying Feature Extraction for Classification Problems

Author(s): Foon Chi | Ray Williams | Ivan Bindoff | Byeong Ho Kang
A methodology to measure the volume of spheroid and oblong solid bodies based on artificial vision technique

Author(s): T. Cordova-Fraga | J. Bernal-Alvarado | J.C. Martinez | M. Sosa | M. Vargas | E. Hernández | R. Huerta
Assessment of Vascular Network Segmentation

Author(s): Jack Collins, Christopher Kurcz, Curtis Lisle, Yanling Liu, Enrique Zudaire
New Method for Blood Vessels Segmentation in Retinal Images

Author(s): Hadi Farzin | Hamid Abrishani Moghaddam | MohammadShahram Moin
Virtual Contrast for Coronary Vessels Based on Level Set Generated Subvoxel Accurate Centerlines

Author(s): Ingmar Bitter | Robert Van Uitert | Ivo Wolf | Efstathia Tzatha | Ahmed M Gharib | Ronald Summers | Hans-Peter Meinzer | Roderic Pettigrew
A Novel Retinal Identification System

Author(s): Hadi Farzin | Hamid Abrishami-Moghaddam | Mohammad-Shahram Moin
Personal Authentication through Retinal Blood Vessels Intersection Points Matching

Author(s): Md. Amran Siddiqui | S. M. Hasan Sazzad Iqbal | Md. Rounok Salehin
The effects of long-term noninvasive ventilation in hypercapnic COPD patients: a randomized controlled pilot study

Author(s): De Backer L | Vos W | Dieriks B | Daems D | Verhulst S | Vinchurkar S | Ides K | De Backer J | Germonpre P | De Backer W
General aspects for choosing the DICOM viewer

Author(s): Afshin Niakan | Maryan Zibaeefard | Hady Daivary
A Review of Retinal Vessel Segmentation Techniques and Algorithms

Author(s): Mohd. Imran Khan | Heena Shaikh | Anwar Mohd. Mansuri
Automatic detection of multiple oriented blood vessels in retinal images

Author(s): P. C. Siddalingaswamy | K. Gopalakrishna Prabhu
An Empirical Study of Container Terminal’s Service Attributes

Author(s): Jing Lu | Xiaoxing Gong | Lei Wang

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