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A Study on Block Matching Algorithms for Motion Estimation

Author(s): S. Immanuel Alex Pandian, | Dr. G. Josemin Bala, | Becky Alma George
Fractal and Multifractal Analyses of Compressed Video Sequences

Author(s): Irini Reljin | Branimir Reljin
Ontology Based Approach for Video Transmission Over the Network

Author(s): Rachit Mohan Garg | Yamini Sood | Neha Tyagi


Video Encryption-A Survey

Author(s): Jolly Shah | Vikas Saxena
Data Embedding In Multimedia and Improved Digital Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Kishore Nerella | Ch GVN Prasad | Kishore Kumar Kalluri | Nagendra Chary Kotthoju
Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed images and videos

Author(s): P.Ramakrishna Rao | Dr.B.Addai | G.Ramakrishna | T.PanduRanga Vital
Sports Video Summarization using Priority Curve Algorithm

Author(s): K Susheel Kumar, | Shitala Prasad | Santosh Banwral, | Vijay Bhaskar Semwa
Occupational affiliation does not influence practical skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for in-hospital healthcare professionals

Author(s): Källestedt Marie-Louise | Berglund Anders | Thoren Ann-Britt | Herlitz Johan | Enlund Mats
Object Detection In Image Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Ankit Sharma, | Nirbhowjap Singh
Distributed Video Coding: CODEC Architecture and Implementation

Author(s): Vijay Kumar Kodavalla | P.G. Krishna Mohan
Object Detection In Image Using Predator-Prey Optimization

Author(s): Ankit Sharma | Nirbhowjap Singh
Parallel Implementation of Compressed Sensing Algorithm on CUDA- GPU

Author(s): Kuldeep Yadav | Ankush Mittal | M. A. Ansar | Avi Srivastava
Multilayer Bit Allocation for Video Encoding

Author(s): Elavarasan.R | Sunitha Abburu
DEIMOS – an Open Source Image Database

Author(s): M. Klima | K. Fliegel | P. Pata | S. Vitek | M. Blazek | P. Dostal | L. Krasula | T. Kratochvil | V. Ricny | M. Slanina | L. Polak
A Similar Structure Block Prediction for Lossless Image Compression

Author(s): C.S.Rawat | Seema G.Bhateja | Dr. Sukadev Meher
Data Hiding in JPEG Images

Author(s): S. K. Muttoo | Sushil Kumar
Distributed Coding/Decoding Complexity in Video Sensor Networks

Author(s): Paulo J. Cordeiro | Pedro Assunção
Context Based Adaptive Variable length Coding for H.264 Encoder

Author(s): P. Sangeetha | Anjum Sheikh | M.R.Bhongade
Lossy Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform

Author(s): Pravin B. Pokle | N. G. Bawane
High Performance DCT Implementation using NEDA on FPGA

Author(s): Monika Zope | P. S. Mahajani
Full Search Algorithm for Movies Files

Author(s): Sangeeta Mishra | Sudhir Sawarkar
Mathematical Model for Digital Video Watermarking Based On 3D Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Sonam A. Bhandari | Amar D. Rana | Swati Z. Bhandari
Advanced Video Compression Technique of H.264 Codec Using SPIHT Algorithm

Author(s): S.K Singh | Mahendra Sharma | Priti Singh | Greta Dabre
Video Compression Using MPEG

Author(s): Sangeeta Mishra | Sudhir Sawarkar
Low Bit Rate Video Coding Implementation Using Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Swapna D. Pahade | Ajay .D. Jadhav | Poorva Waingankar
Fuzzy Logic Based Three Step Search Algorithm for Motion Vector Estimation

Author(s): Suvojit Acharjee | Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri
A Denoising Filter Design based on No-Reference Image Content Metric

Author(s): B.Padhmavathi | Dr.P.Nirmal Kumar
Safety and outcome using endoscopic dilatation for benign esophageal stricture without fluoroscopy

Author(s): Nawal Kabbaj | Mouna Salihoun | Zakia Chaoui | Mohamed Acharki | Naïma Amrani
Video Compression Algorithm Based on Frame Difference Approaches

Author(s): MuzhirShaban Al-Ani | Talal Ali Hammouri
ECAKP: Encrypt Collect Authenticate Kill Play

Author(s): Mahmoud Mohamed El-Khouly
Detection and Tracking of objects in Analysing of Hyper spectral High-Resolution Imagery and Hyper spectral Video Compression

Author(s): T. Arumuga Maria Devi | Nallaperumal Krishnan | K.K Sherin | Mariadas Ronnie C.P
Digital Video Encryption Algorithms Based on Correlation-Preserving Permutations

Author(s): Socek Daniel | Magliveras Spyros | Ćulibrk Dubravko | Marques Oge | Kalva Hari | Furht Borko
Joint Encryption and Compression of Correlated Sources with Side Information

Author(s): Haleem MA | Subbalakshmi KP | Chandramouli R
JPEG2000-Compatible Scalable Scheme for Wavelet-Based Video Coding

Author(s): André Thomas | Cagnazzo Marco | Antonini Marc | Barlaud Michel
Adaptation of Zerotrees Using Signed Binary Digit Representations for 3D Image Coding

Author(s): Christophe Emmanuel | Duhamel Pierre | Mailhes Corinne
Perceptual Image Representation

Author(s): Mancas Matei | Gosselin Bernard | Macq Benoît
High-Speed Smart Camera with High Resolution

Author(s): Mosqueron R | Dubois J | Paindavoine M
Energy-Efficient Acceleration of MPEG-4 Compression Tools

Author(s): Kinane Andrew | Larkin Daniel | O'Connor Noel
Compression Independent Reversible Encryption for Privacy in Video Surveillance

Author(s): Carrillo Paula | Kalva Hari | Magliveras Spyros
Video Data Hiding for Managing Privacy Information in Surveillance Systems

Author(s): Paruchuri JithendraK | Cheung Sen-chingS | Hail MichaelW
Video-Object Oriented Biometrics Hiding for User Authentication under Error-Prone Transmissions

Author(s): Ntalianis Klimis | Tsapatsoulis Nicolas | Drigas Athanasios
Temporal Resolution Enhancement in Compressed Video Sequences

Author(s): Robertson Mark A | Stevenson Robert L
Wavelet Kernels on a DSP: A Comparison between Lifting and Filter Banks for Image Coding

Author(s): Gnavi Stefano | Penna Barbara | Grangetto Marco | Magli Enrico | Olmo Gabriella
3D Scan-Based Wavelet Transform and Quality Control for Video Coding

Author(s): Parisot Christophe | Antonini Marc | Barlaud Michel
Classified Region Algorithm for Fast Intermode Decision in H.264/AVC Encoder

Author(s): Bharanitharan K | Liu Bin-Da | Yang Jar-Ferr
Stereoscopic Visual Attention-Based Regional Bit Allocation Optimization for Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Zhang Yun | Jiang Gangyi | Yu Mei | Chen Ken | Dai Qionghai
Iterative Multiview Side Information for Enhanced Reconstruction in Distributed Video Coding

Author(s): Ouaret Mourad | Dufaux Frédéric | Ebrahimi Touradj
Design and Optimization of the VideoWeb Wireless Camera Network

Author(s): Nguyen HoangThanh | Bhanu Bir | Patel Ankit | Diaz Ramiro
Efficient Transmission of H.264 Video over Multirate IEEE 802.11e WLANs

Author(s): Pourmohammadi Fallah Yaser | Nasiopoulos Panos | Alnuweiri Hussein
A Secure and Robust Object-Based Video Authentication System

Author(s): He Dajun | Sun Qibin | Tian Qi
Performance and Complexity Co-evaluation of the Advanced Video Coding Standard for Cost-Effective Multimedia Communications

Author(s): Saponara Sergio | Denolf Kristof | Lafruit Gauthier | Blanch Carolina | Bormans Jan
Error Resilient Video Compression Using Behavior Models

Author(s): Taal Jacco R | Chen Zhibo | He Yun | Lagendijk R (Inald) L
SMART: An Efficient, Scalable, and Robust Streaming Video System

Author(s): Wu Feng | Sun Honghui | Shen Guobin | Li Shipeng | Zhang Ya-Qin | Lin Bruce | Lee Ming-Chieh
New Complexity Scalable MPEG Encoding Techniques for Mobile Applications

Author(s): Mietens Stephan | de With Peter HN | Hentschel Christian
Scalable Fast Rate-Distortion Optimization for H.264/AVC

Author(s): Pan Feng | Yu Hongtao | Lin Zhiping
Low-Cost Super-Resolution Algorithms Implementation Over a HW/SW Video Compression Platform

Author(s): Callicó Gustavo M | Llopis Rafael Peset | López Sebastian | López José Fco | Núñez Antonio | Sethuraman Ramanathan | Sarmiento Roberto
Motion Estimation and Signaling Techniques for 2D+t Scalable Video Coding

Author(s): Tagliasacchi M | Maestroni D | Tubaro S | Sarti A
H.264/AVC Video Compressed Traces: Multifractal and Fractal Analysis

Author(s): Reljin Irini | Samčović Andreja | Reljin Branimir
Compression at the Source for Digital Camcorders

Author(s): Maor Nir | Feuer Arie | Goodwin Graham C
A Total Variation Regularization Based Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm for Digital Video

Author(s): Ng Michael K | Shen Huanfeng | Lam Edmund Y | Zhang Liangpei
Scalable Video Coding with Interlayer Signal Decorrelation Techniques

Author(s): Yang Wenxian | Rath Gagan | Guillemot Christine
Color in Image and Video Processing: Most Recent Trends and Future Research Directions

Author(s): Trémeau Alain | Tominaga Shoji | Plataniotis KonstantinosN
Color Image Coding by Colorization Approach

Author(s): Horiuchi Takahiko | Tominaga Shoji
Compression of Human Motion Animation Using the Reduction of Interjoint Correlation

Author(s): Li Shiyu | Okuda Masahiro | Takahashi Shin-ichi
Occlusion-Aware View Interpolation

Author(s): Ince Serdar | Konrad Janusz
A Patch-Based Structural Masking Model with an Application to Compression

Author(s): Chandler DamonM | Gaubatz MatthewD | Hemami SheilaS
A Blind Video Watermarking Scheme Robust To Frame Attacks Combined With MPEG2 Compression

Author(s): C. Cruz-Ramos | R. Reyes-Reyes | M. Nakano-Miyatake | H. Perez-Meana
An Observation and Analysis of IPTV and Multicasting Traffic

Author(s): Shoyeb Al Mamun Shohag | Mozammel-Bin-Motalab
Failure mechanisms of aluminium foams under compressive loads

Author(s): Sáenz, E. | Villate, A. | Garuz, I. | Irisarri, A. M. | Rausch, G. | Weber, M.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Nehra | Pranay Chaudhuri
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Fast Algorithms for Inter-view Prediction of Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Rong Pan | Zheng-Xin Hou | Yu Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jean-Henry Morin | Shiguo Lian | Xin Wang | David Llewellyn-Jones
Design of Panoramic Mosaic Camera Based on FPGA Using Optimal Mosaic Algorithm

Author(s): Sen Ma | Yuanyuan Shang | Weigong Zhang | Yong Guan | Qian Song | Dawei Xu
Error Concealment Method Based on Motion Vector Prediction Using Particle Filters

Author(s): B. Hrusovsky | J. Mochnac | S. Marchevsky
Advanced Digital HDTV Over ATM Networks

Author(s): Zoran Bojković | Slobodan Lazović | Miodrag Bakmaz
Bit-depth scalable video coding with new inter-layer prediction

Author(s): Chiang Jui-Chiu | Kuo Wan-Ting | Kao Po-Han
A Perceptually Tuned Model for Just Noticeable Distortion Estimation for Videos

Author(s): Bandekar Namrata | Malewar Anant | Gadre Vikram
Frequency Domain Blockiness and Blurriness Meter for Image Quality Assessment

Author(s): Muhammad Tahir QADRI, Tan, K.T, Ghanbari, Muhammad
Image Reconstruction using Fast Inverse Half tone and Huffman Coding Technique

Author(s): Dr. H.B. Kekre | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode | Sanjay R. Sange | Ankit Lahoti | Gauri Sawant
Design and Hardware Implementation of QoSS - AES Processor for Multimedia applications

Author(s): Zeghid Medien | Mohsen Machhout | Belgacem Bouallegue | Lazhar Khriji | Adel Baganne | Rached Tourki
Video Transmission over Cognitive Radio TDMA Networks under Collision Errors

Author(s): Abdelaali CHAOUB | Elhassane IBN ELHAJ | Jamal EL ABBADI
Implementation of Elliptical Curve Cryptography

Author(s): Randhir Kumar | Akash Anil
A Novel Architecture for Motion Estimation

Author(s): Subarna Chatterjee
Object-based Video compression using neural networks

Author(s): Soumaya Ghorbel | Maher Ben Jemaa | Mohamed Chtourou
A Fast Selective Video Encryption Using Alternate Frequency Transform

Author(s): Ashutosh Kharb | Seema | Ravindra Purwar
Image Compression Algorithm- A Review

Author(s): Marcus karnan | M.S.Tamilselvi
Single Core Hardware Module to Implement Partial Encryption of Compressed Image

Author(s): Mamun B.I. Reaz | M. S. Amin | Fazida H. Hashim | K Asaduzzaman
Simulation and Analysis of Digital Video Watermarking Using MPEG-2

Author(s): Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, | Mr. Yunus Mohammed Pervej
Video Frame’s Background Modeling: Reviewing the Techniques

Author(s): Hamid Hassanpour | Mehdi Sedighi | Ali Reza Manashty
Fast Implementation of VC-1 with Modified Motion Estimation and Adaptive Block Transform

Author(s): Michael Tammen | Mohamed El-Sharkawy | Hisham Sliman | Maher Rizkalla
Video Compression by Memetic Algorithm

Author(s): Pooja Nagpal | Seema Baghla
An Excellent Image Data Hiding Algorithm Based on BTC

Author(s): Nur Mohammad | Xingming Sun | Hengfu Yang
Field Programmable Gate Arrays Based Realization of Truncated Multipliers

Author(s): Muhammad H. Rais | Mohammed H. Mijalli

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