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Olfactory perception in women with physiologically altered hormonal status (during pregnancy and postmenopause)

Author(s): Savović Slobodan N. | Ninčić Dejan P. | Lemajić Slobodanka N. | Pilija Vladimir I. | Mandić Aljoša | Rajović Jelka | Ivetić-Petrović Vesna R.
The influence of sex on the olfactory function in healthy subjects

Author(s): Savović Slobodan N. | Pilija Vladimir I. | Lemajić Slobodanka N. | Buljčik Maja M. | Ninčić Dejan P. | Ivetić-Petrović Vesna R.
Potential beneficial effects of butyrate in intestinal and extraintestinal diseases

Author(s): Roberto Berni Canani, Margherita Di Costanzo, Ludovica Leone, Monica Pedata, Rosaria Meli, Antonio Calignano
Visceral hyperalgesia induced by forebrain-specific suppression of native Kv7/KCNQ/M-current in mice

Author(s): Bi Yeping | Chen Hui | Su Jun | Cao Xu | Bian Xiling | Wang KeWei
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