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Functional Visual Disturbance due to Hysteria

Author(s): Hui-Chun Lai | Ken-Kuo Lin | Meng-Ling Yang | Henry Shen-Lih Chen
Visual Spatial Attention in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Author(s): Chung-Yao Chen | Chia-Ling Chen | Ching-Yi Wu | Hsieh-Ching Chen | Fuk-Tan Tang | May-Kuen Wong
Antiviral selection in the management of acute retinal necrosis

Author(s): Patrick MK Tam | Claire Y Hooper | Susan Lightman
Percutaneous Vertebroplasty for the Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures: A Preliminary Report

Author(s): Jyi-Feng Chen | Shih-Tseng Lee | Tai-Ngar Lui | Chieh-Tsai Wu | Cheng-Chieh Liao

Author(s): Lopez-Galindo Dora | Henao-Garcia Lus Stella | Castro-Suarez Ofelia
Designing and Evaluation of the Computer Aided Teaching Material about Reproduction of Plants

Author(s): Hasan KARAL | Semra FİŞ ERÜMİT | Atilla ÇİMER
Attentional Networks and Biological Motion

Author(s): Chandramouli Chandrasekaran | Lucy Turner | Heinrich H. Bülthoff | Ian M. Thornton

Author(s): Tatiana Maíta Alves Conceição | Thais Miranda Curvelo Soare
Visual attention focusing / Focalização da atenção visual

Author(s): Joaquim Carlos Rossini | Cesar Alexis Galera
Visual Attention Shift based on Image Segmentation Using Neurodynamic System

Author(s): Lijuan Duan | Chunpeng Wu | Faming Fang | Jun Miao | Yuanhua Qiao | Jian Li
Relationship between depressive symptoms and cognitive status in acute ischemic stroke

Author(s): Bugarski Vojislava | Semnic Marija | Slankamenac Petar

Author(s): Quijano Martínez, María Cristina | Cuervo Cuesta , María Teresa
Effects of Fasting During Ramadan Month on Cognitive Function in Muslim Athletes

Author(s): Ho-Heng Tian | Abdul-Rashid Aziz | Weileen Png | Mohamed Faizul Wahid | Donald Yeo | Ai-Li Constance Png
Using P300 to Evaluate the Effect of Object Color Knowledge in Novelty Detection

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Khoshlessan1 | Sadra Sadeh | Reza Nilipour

The Potential Therapeutic Effect of Green Tea in Treatment of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

Author(s): Abbas Attarzadeh | Mohammad Reza Khalili | Mahnaz Mosallaei
Amaurosis secondary to sphenoid mucocele

Author(s): Melo, Antonio Antunes | Caldas Neto, Sílvio da Silva | Gouveia, Mariana Carvalho Leal | Santos, Patrícia Ferreira
The Importance of the Trainer`s Gaze in Horse Training

Author(s): Simona Normando | Iris Perini | Flaviana Gottardo
Kernel Density Feature Points Estimator for Content-Based Image Retrieval

Author(s): Tranos Zuva | Seleman M. Ngwira | Oludayo O. Olugbara | Sunday O. Ojo
Attention deficits in Japanese multiple sclerosis patients with minor brain lesion loads

Author(s): Takeda A | Nakajima M | Kobayakawa M | Tsuruya N | Koyama S | Miki T | Kawamura M
Neuropsychological Function in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder and Suicidal Attempt

Author(s): Manoochehr Gharaipoor | Mohammad Kazem Atef-Vahid | Mehdi Nasr-Esfahani | Ali-asghar Asgharnejad Farid
The Effect of Stress on Visual Selective Attention Regarding Conscientiousness

Author(s): Amir Mohammad Shahsavarani | Seyed Kazem Rasoolzade Tabatabaei | Abbas Ali Allahyari | Hassan Ashayeri | Kolsoom Sattari
Eye-tracking as a tool in process-oriented reading test validation

Author(s): Oddny Judith SOLHEIM | Per Henning UPPSTAD
Efficacy of Tinospora cordifolia on Learning and Memory in Healthy Volunteers: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Study

Author(s): K Laxminarayana Bairy | Yeshwanth Rao | Shyamal Kumar Das | K. Balachander Kumar
Conjunctive Use Modeling of Groundwater and Surface Water

Author(s): Hosein Mahjoub | Mohammad Mahdi Mohammadi | Masoud Parsinejad
Zaburzenia ciągłości uwagi u pacjentów z chorobą afektywną dwubiegunową w remisji

Author(s): Aleksandra Suwalska | Dorota Łojko | Justyna Janik | Janusz Rybakowski
Zaburzenia funkcji poznawczych po usunięciu oponiaka rynienki węchowej – opis przypadku

Author(s): Monika Talarowska | Krzysztof Zboralski | Dominika Berent | Piotr Gałecki
Transforming 3D Coloured Pixels into Musical Instrument Notes for Vision Substitution Applications

Author(s): Bologna Guido | Deville Benoît | Pun Thierry | Vinckenbosch Michel
Perceptual Image Representation

Author(s): Mancas Matei | Gosselin Bernard | Macq Benoît
Audio Classification in Speech and Music: A Comparison between a Statistical and a Neural Approach

Author(s): Bugatti Alessandro | Flammini Alessandra | Migliorati Pierangelo
Stereoscopic Visual Attention-Based Regional Bit Allocation Optimization for Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Zhang Yun | Jiang Gangyi | Yu Mei | Chen Ken | Dai Qionghai
Steady-State VEP-Based Brain-Computer Interface Control in an Immersive 3D Gaming Environment

Author(s): Lalor E | Kelly SP | Finucane C | Burke R | Smith R | Reilly RB | McDarby G
Attentional Mechanisms for Interactive Image Exploration

Author(s): Machrouh Joseph | Tarroux Philippe
Content-Aware Video Adaptation under Low-Bitrate Constraint

Author(s): Hsiao Ming-Ho | Chen Yi-Wen | Chen Hua-Tsung | Chou Kuan-Hung | Lee Suh-Yin
Compact Visualisation of Video Summaries

Author(s): Ćalić Janko | Campbell Neill W
An Attention-Driven Model for Grouping Similar Images with Image Retrieval Applications

Author(s): Marques Oge | Mayron Liam M | Borba Gustavo B | Gamba Humberto R
Optimization of Visual Tasks for Detecting Visual Cortex Activity in fMRI Studies

Author(s): "A. Mirzajani | M. A. Oghabian | N. Riyahi Alam | K. Firouznia | H. Saberi "
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cognitive impairment: effects of CPAP

Author(s): Alessandra Giordano | Alessandro Cicolin | Roberto Mutani
Low-level light therapy of the eye and brain

Author(s): Rojas JC | Gonzalez-Lima F
Comparison of Auditory Event-Related Potential P300 in Sighted and Early Blind Individuals

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidari | Saeed Farahani | Ghassem MohammadKhani | Dr. Ebrahim Jafarzadepour | Dr. Shohre Jalaie
Initial Orientation of Attention towards Emotional Faces in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Author(s): Mehrnoosh Ahmadi | Mitra Judi | Anahita khorrami | Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei MD | Mehdi Tehrani-Doost MD
Cream Soda. The rhythm of everyday life

Author(s): Eleonora Benecchi
Islamic Gardens with a Special Emphasis on the Ottoman Paradise Gardens:

Author(s): Burcu Alarslan ULUDAS | Fatos ADĠLOĞLU
A Hierarchical Computational Model of Selective Visual Attention

Author(s): Qiaorong Zhang | Huimin Xiao | Haibo Liu
Feature Description and Image Retrieval Based on Visual Attention Model

Author(s): Yunqi Lei | Xiaoling Gui | Zhenxiang Shi
Perceptual Object Extraction Based on Saliency and Clustering

Author(s): Qiaorong Zhang | Yafeng Zheng | Haibo Liu | Jing Shen | Guochang Gu
An Improved Computational Approach for Salient Region Detection

Author(s): Qiaorong Zhang | Haibo Liu | Jing Shen | Guochang Gu | Huimin Xiao
Mnemonic Instruction: A Way to Boost Vocabulary Learning and Recall

Author(s): Mohammad Amiryousefi | Saeed Ketabi
An Architecture for Performance Optimization in a Collaborative Knowledge-Based Approach for  Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Manuel Angel Gadeo-Martos | Jose Angel Fernandez-Prieto | Joaquin Canada-Bago | Juan Ramon Velasco
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Teste de Cancelamento dos Sinos: Comparação Entre Duas Versões

Author(s): Caroline de Oliveira Cardoso | Rochele Ferronato Correa da Silva | Rochele Paz Fonseca
Dorsal stream involvement in recognition of objects with transient onset but not with ramped onset

Author(s): Laycock Robin | Cross Alana | Lourenco Tomas | Crewther Sheila
Outcome of penetrating keratoplasty in corneal ulcer: a single-center experience

Author(s): Sedghipour MR | Sorkhabi R | Shenasi A | Dehghan H
A Knowledge Driven Computational Visual Attention Model

Author(s): Joseph Amudha | K P Soman | S Padmakar Reddy
Simplified Neural Network Design for Hand Written Digit Recognition

Author(s): Muhammad Zubair Asghar | Hussain Ahmad | Shakeel Ahmad | Sheikh Muhammad Saqib | Bashir Ahmad | Muhammad Junaid Asghar
Some aspects on the Pictures of the North

Author(s): Lennart Pettersson
Pediatric functional magnetic resonance neuroimaging: tactics for encouraging task compliance

Author(s): Schlund Michael | Cataldo Michael | Siegle Greg | Ladouceur Cecile | Silk Jennifer | Forbes Erika | McFarland Ashley | Iyengar Satish | Dahl Ronald | Ryan Neal
Brain-computer interfacing using modulations of alpha activity induced by covert shifts of attention

Author(s): Treder Matthias | Bahramisharif Ali | Schmidt Nico | van Gerven Marcel | Blankertz Benjamin
Alertness and visuospatial attention in clinical depression

Author(s): Schock Lisa | Schwenzer Michael | Sturm Walter | Mathiak Klaus
Multi-source analysis reveals latitudinal and altitudinal shifts in range of Ixodes ricinus at its northern distribution limit

Author(s): Jore Solveig | Viljugrein Hildegunn | Hofshagen Merete | Brun-Hansen Hege | Kristoffersen Anja | Nygård Karin | Brun Edgar | Ottesen Preben | Sævik Bente | Ytrehus Bjørnar
Low visual information-processing speed and attention are predictors of fatigue in elementary and junior high school students

Author(s): Mizuno Kei | Tanaka Masaaki | Fukuda Sanae | Yamano Emi | Shigihara Yoshihito | Imai-Matsumura Kyoko | Watanabe Yasuyoshi
Cognitive performance in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal study in daily practice using a brief computerized cognitive battery

Author(s): Edgar Chris | Jongen Peter | Sanders Evert | Sindic Christian | Goffette Sophie | Dupuis Michel | Jacquerye Philippe | Guillaume Daniel | Reznik Regine | Wesnes Keith
Discriminating between ADHD adults and controls using independent ERP components and a support vector machine: a validation study

Author(s): Mueller Andreas | Candrian Gian | Grane Venke | Kropotov Juri | Ponomarev Valery | Baschera Gian-Marco
Confidence, Visual Research, and the Aesthetic Function

Author(s): Stan Ruecker | Stéfan Sinclair | Milena Radzikowska
Contour-Based Image Segmentation Using Selective Visual Attention

Author(s): Engin Mendi | Mariofanna Milanova
Feature Selection in TopDown Visual Attention Model using WEKA

Author(s): Amudha.J | Soman.K.P | Kiran.Y
New Media and Political Dissent in Egypt

Author(s): Hirschkind, Charles
Some aspects on the Pictures of the North

Author(s): Lennart Pettersson
Neuropsychological Differences in Faulty and Safe Bus Drivers

Author(s): Hassan Hagh-Shenas | Mohammad Ali Ghaffari

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