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Reinforcement learning on complex visual stimuli

Author(s): Wilbert Niko | Legenstein Robert | Franzius Mathias | Wiskott Laurenz
The role of vertical disparities in the oblique effect

Author(s): J. Antonio Aznar-Casanova, Aurora Torrents and Nelson Torro Alves
Contrast sensitivity function of sine-wave gratings in children with acute malnutrition

Author(s): Natanael Antonio dos Santos, Caroline Costa Gomes Alencar and Yuri Henrique Nunes Dias
Discrimination of complex visual stimuli in Cebus apella: identity matching with pictures

Author(s): Olavo F. Galvão, Paulo S. D. Soares Filho, Hernando B. Neves Filho and Milena M. Nagahama
Unverricht-Lundborg Disease in Turkey: Delineating The Phenotype Between Cystatin B Mutation Positive and Negative Cases

Author(s): Oğuz Osman ERDİNÇ | Tarja JOENSUU | Ferda İLĞEN-USLU | Nerses BEBEK | Çiğdem ÖZKARA | Kemal TUTKAVUL | Anna-Elina LEHESJOKI | Betül BAYKAN
Acquisition of L2 Japanese Geminates: Training with Waveform Displays

Author(s): Miki Motohashi-Saigo | Debra M. Hardison
An Assessment of Psychological Noise Reduction by Landscape Plants

Author(s): Fan Yang | Zhi Yi Bao | Zhu Jun Zhu
Similar Symmetries: The Role of Wallpaper Groups in Perceptual Texture Similarity

Author(s): Alasdair D. F. Clarke | Patrick R. Green | Fraser Halley | Mike J. Chantler

Author(s): Jovica Jovanović | Milan Jovanović | Mirjana Aranđelović
Cough and dyspnea during bronchoconstriction: comparison of different stimuli

Author(s): Suguikawa Thais | Garcia Clecia | Martinez Edson | Vianna Elcio
Estimating the duration of visual stimuli in motion environments

Author(s): Judit Mate | Ana C. Pires | Guillermo Campoy | Santiago Estaún
Impact of Surrounding Illumination on Visual Fatigue and Eyestrain While Viewing Television

Author(s): John D. Bullough | Yukio Akashi | Charles R. Fay | Mariana G. Figueiro
Quantitative pinch stimulator for exploring evoked nociceptive responses: A pilot study

Author(s): Chen Chih-Ping | Liao Wen-Li | Tseng Yi-Li | Lu Pen-Li | Lo Yu-Chun | Chen You-Yin | Jaw Fu-Shan
Numeric aspects in pitch identification: an fMRI study

Author(s): Schwenzer Michael | Mathiak Klaus
Interocular induction of illusory size perception

Author(s): Song Chen | Schwarzkopf D Samuel | Rees Geraint
Shared and/or separate representations of animate/inanimate categories: An ERP study

Author(s): Vanja Kovic | Kim Plunkett | Gert Westermann
Ill-lighting syndrome: prevalence in shift-work personnel in the anaesthesiology and intensive care department of three Italian hospitals

Author(s): Morghen Ilaria | Turola Maria | Forini Elena | Di Pasquale Piero | Zanatta Paolo | Matarazzo Teresa
Spatial audition in a static virtual environment: the role of auditory-visual interaction

Author(s): Khoa-Van Nguyen | Clara Suied | Isabelle Viaud-Delmon | Olivier Warusfel
A no-go related prefrontal negativity larger to irrelevant stimuli that are difficult to suppress

Author(s): Proverbio Alice | Del Zotto Marzia | Crotti Nicola | Zani Alberto
Role of serotonergic neurons in the Drosophila larval response to light

Author(s): Rodriguez Moncalvo Verónica | Campos Ana
Developmental dyscalculia: compensatory mechanisms in left intraparietal regions in response to nonsymbolic magnitudes

Author(s): Kaufmann Liane | Vogel Stephan | Starke Marc | Kremser Christian | Schocke Michael | Wood Guilherme
Using the nonlinear control of anaesthesia-induced hypersensitivity of EEG at burst suppression level to test the effects of radiofrequency radiation on brain function

Author(s): Lipping Tarmo | Rorarius Michael | Jäntti Ville | Annala Kari | Mennander Ari | Ferenets Rain | Toivonen Tommi | Toivo Tim | Värri Alpo | Korpinen Leena
What characteristics a clinical CSF system has to have?

Author(s): Elisa Colombo | Luis Issolio | Javier Santillan | Rolando Aguirre
Evolutionary conservation and changes in insect TRP channels

Author(s): Matsuura Hironori | Sokabe Takaaki | Kohno Keigo | Tominaga Makoto | Kadowaki Tatsuhiko
Division of labor between M and P visual pathways: different visual pathways minimize joint entropy differently

Author(s): Luiz Carlos de Lima Silveira, Cézar Akiyoshi Saito, Harold Dias de Mello Jr., Vladímir de Aquino Silveira, Givago da Silva Souza, Anderson Raiol Rodrigues and Manoel da Silva Filho

Author(s): Izabela Mocaiber, Mirtes Garcia Pereira, Fátima Smith Erthal, Ivan Figueira, Walter Machado-Pinheiro, Maurício Cagy, Eliane Volchan & Letícia de Oliveira
Validation, reproducibility and safety of trans dermal electrical stimulation in chronic pain patients and healthy volunteers

Author(s): Lecybyl Remigiusz | Acosta Juan | Ghoshdastidar Joydeep | Stringfellow Kinga | Hanna Magdi
Monitoring of clinical signs in goats with transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

Author(s): Konold Timm | Bone Gemma | Phelan Laura | Simmons Marion | González Lorenzo | Sisó Sílvia | Goldmann Wilfred | Cawthraw Saira | Hawkins Steve
Effect of noise in processing of visual information

Author(s): Hinrikus Hiie | Karai Deniss | Lass Jaanus | Rodina Anastassia
Stereoscopic Visual Attention-Based Regional Bit Allocation Optimization for Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Yun Zhang | Gangyi Jiang | Mei Yu | Ken Chen | Qionghai Dai

Author(s): Lopez-Galindo Dora | Henao-Garcia Lus Stella | Castro-Suarez Ofelia
Attentional Networks and Biological Motion

Author(s): Chandramouli Chandrasekaran | Lucy Turner | Heinrich H. Bülthoff | Ian M. Thornton
A unitary account of conceptual representations of animate/inanimate categories

Author(s): Vanja Ković | Kim Plunkett | Gert Westermann
Temporal variation in memory tests performance in cerebral vascular disease patients / Variação temporal no desempenho em testes de memória em pacientes com doença vascular cerebral

Author(s): Tania Fernandes Campos | Damião Ernane de Souza | Carolina Dutra Gomes Pinheiro | Alexandre Augusto de Lara Menezes
Visual attention focusing / Focalização da atenção visual

Author(s): Joaquim Carlos Rossini | Cesar Alexis Galera
Pain neurophysiology education improves cognitions, pain thresholds, and movement performance in people with chronic whiplash: A pilot study

Author(s): Jessica Van Oosterwijck, MS | Jo Nijs, PhD | Mira Meeus, PhD | Steven Truijen, PhD, MSc | Julie Craps, MS | Nick Van den Keybus, MS | Lorna Paul, PhD
Chinese characters reveal impacts of prior experience on very early stages of perception

Author(s): Elze Tobias | Song Chen | Stollhoff Rainer | Jost Jürgen
The effects of acute and prolonged CRAM supplementation on reaction time and subjective measures of focus and alertness in healthy college students

Author(s): Hoffman Jay | Ratamess Nicholas | Gonzalez Adam | Beller Noah | Hoffman Mattan | Olson Mark | Purpura Martin | Jäger Ralf
Are eavesdroppers multimodal? Sensory exploitation of flo-ral signals by a non-native cockroach Blatta orientalis

Author(s): Rodrigo C. VERGARA, Alejandra TORRES-ARANEDA, Diego A. VILLAGRA, Robert A. RAGUSO, Mary T. K. ARROYO, Cristian A. VILLAGRA
Can native species crucian carp Carassius auratus recognizes the introduced red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii?

Author(s): Fengjin CAI, Zhengjun WU, Nan HE, Zhenxing WANG, Chengming HUANG
Penile Tumescence Assessment Used for a Diagnosis of Paraphilia: A Pedophilia Case Report

Author(s): Ker-Li Hsueh | Ching-Kuan Wu | Chi-Fa Hung | Chun-Chien Hsu | Jung-Kwang Wen
e-Health technologies for adult hearing screening

Author(s): S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | V. Schirkonyer | F. Grandori
Simple reaction time in soccer players from differing categories and field positions

Author(s): C. Ruschel | A. Haupenthal | M. Hubert | H.B. Fontana | S.M. Pereira | H. Roesler
Motion can amplify the face-inversion effect

Author(s): Thornton Ian M. | Mullins Emma | Banahan Kara
P300 Component Modulation During a Go/Nogo Task in Healthy Children

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Nazari | Fabrice Wallois | Ardalan Aarabi | Masoud Nosratabadi | Patrick Berquin
Using P300 to Evaluate the Effect of Object Color Knowledge in Novelty Detection

Author(s): Mohammad Amin Khoshlessan1 | Sadra Sadeh | Reza Nilipour
A Case of Late Diagnosed Hiperekplexia

Author(s): Sedat Işıkay | Kutluhan Yılmaz | Safinur Koska
e-Health technologies for adult hearing screening

Author(s): S. Stenfelt | T. Janssen | V. Schirkonyer | F. Grandori
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Attachment Styles are Related to ERPs Elicited to Angry Faces in an Oddball Paradigm

Author(s): Marrie H. J. Bekker | Fienke I. M. Geurdes | Ruth E. Mark
Discriminating brain activated area and predicting the stimuli performed using artificial neural network

Author(s): Rafael do Espírito Santo | João Ricardo Sato | Maria G. Moraes Martin
A Comparative Study on Cerebral Lateralization of Global-Local Visual Processing in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Author(s): Najmeh Fath | Mohammad Ali Goodarzi | Changiz Rahimi | Mohammad Reza Taghavi | Ali Firoozabadi
The Effect of Stress on Visual Selective Attention Regarding Conscientiousness

Author(s): Amir Mohammad Shahsavarani | Seyed Kazem Rasoolzade Tabatabaei | Abbas Ali Allahyari | Hassan Ashayeri | Kolsoom Sattari
Visual contrast sensitivity in tonic-clonic epileptic patients

Author(s): Paloma C. Bezerra | Caroline C. G. Alencar | Sandra R. Mousinho | Natanael A. dos Santos1
Lateral interactions in visual perception of temporal signals: cortical and subcortical components

Author(s): Claudio E. C. Teixeira | Luiz Carlos L. Silveira | Jan Kremers
Psychophysical measurements of luminance and chromatic spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Author(s): Marcelo Fernandes Costa | Mirella Telles Salgueiro Barboni | Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
The Effects of Chemotherapy on the Contrast Sensitivity Function of Breast Cancer Patients

Author(s): Natanael Santos | Suellen Andrade | Haydee Silva
Affective Priming in Visual-field Superiority

Author(s): Anamitra Basu | Martial Mermillod | Martial Mermillod
Separation of Audio-Visual Speech Sources: A New Approach Exploiting the Audio-Visual Coherence of Speech Stimuli

Author(s): Sodoyer David | Schwartz Jean-Luc | Girin Laurent | Klinkisch Jacob | Jutten Christian
Embedding Color Watermarks in Color Images

Author(s): Chou Chun-Hsien | Wu Tung-Lin
Stereoscopic Visual Attention-Based Regional Bit Allocation Optimization for Multiview Video Coding

Author(s): Zhang Yun | Jiang Gangyi | Yu Mei | Chen Ken | Dai Qionghai
Proliferative reactive gliosis is compatible with glial metabolic support and neuronal function

Author(s): Vázquez-Chona Félix | Swan Alex | Ferrell W Drew | Jiang Li | Baehr Wolfgang | Chien Wei-Ming | Fero Matthew | Marc Robert | Levine Edward
Anti-Predator Responses of Black-Tailed Gull (Larus crassirostris) Flocks to Alarm Calls during the Post-Breeding Season

Author(s): Park, Shi-Ryong | Hoon Chung | Seokwan Cheong | Song-Yi Lee | Ha-Cheol Sung
"Comparison Of Amplitude& Latency Of Auditory Middle Latency Responses In Congenitally Blind And Normally Sighted Subjects In The Range Of 14-20 Yrs. "

Author(s): Gh. Mohamad-khani | A. Molasadeghi | H. Majidi | Z. Jafari | S. Asadmalayeri | Sh. Jalaee
Optimization of Visual Tasks for Detecting Visual Cortex Activity in fMRI Studies

Author(s): "A. Mirzajani | M. A. Oghabian | N. Riyahi Alam | K. Firouznia | H. Saberi "
A computerized method of estimation of sensor motor reaction, complicated with additional cognitive component

Author(s): Boris J. Gutnik | Gennadij V. Ganin | Erica N. Eskina | Julia S. Archangelskaja | Derek Nash
Comparison of Auditory Event-Related Potential P300 in Sighted and Early Blind Individuals

Author(s): Fatemeh Heidari | Saeed Farahani | Ghassem MohammadKhani | Dr. Ebrahim Jafarzadepour | Dr. Shohre Jalaie
Brain Activity Throughout Audiovisual Speech Perception by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Yasaman Nojaba | Nematollah Rouhbakhsh | Mohammad Ali Oghabian | Shohreh Jalaie | Sina Houshmand
Asynchronous BCI control using high-frequency SSVEP

Author(s): Diez Pablo | Mut Vicente | Avila Perona Enrique | Laciar Leber Eric
Physiological and behavioral reactions elicited by simulated and real-life visual and acoustic helicopter stimuli in dairy goats

Author(s): van der Staay Franz | Joosse Martin | van Dijk Henk | Schuurman Teun | van der Meulen Jan
Neural correlates of heterotopic facilitation induced after high frequency electrical stimulation of nociceptive pathways

Author(s): van den Broeke Emanuel | van Heck Casper | van Rijn Clementina | Wilder-Smith Oliver
Learning alters theta amplitude, theta-gamma coupling and neuronal synchronization in inferotemporal cortex

Author(s): Kendrick Keith | Zhan Yang | Fischer Hanno | Nicol Alister | Zhang Xuejuan | Feng Jianfeng
Cluster analysis of behavioural and event-related potentials during a contingent negative variation paradigm in remitting-relapsing and benign forms of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Gonzalez-Rosa Javier | Vazquez-Marrufo Manuel | Vaquero Encarnacion | Duque Pablo | Borges Monica | Gomez-Gonzalez Carlos | Izquierdo Guillermo
Detection of the movement direction by the cells with directional receptive fields in the primary visual cortex of the cat

Author(s): Ausra Daugirdiene | Algimantas Svegzda | Romualdas Satinskas | Henrikas Vaitkevicius
Mirror Symmetry Is Subject to Crowding

Author(s): Gabrielle Roddy | Rick Gurnsey
Reduction of Image Complexity Explains Aesthetic Preference for Symmetry

Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen | Jo-Hsuan Wu | Chia-Ching Wu
RISN: An Efficient Sensor Network Overlay with Support for Autonomous and Distributed Applications

Author(s): Evens Jean | Ingmar Rauschert | Robert T. Collins | Ali R. Hurson | Sahra Sedigh | Yu Jiao
Comparison between Auditory and Visual Simple Reaction Times

Author(s): Jose Shelton | Gideon Praveen Kumar

Author(s): José F. Guzmán | Hector Esteve | Carlos Pablos | Ana Pablos | Cristina Blasco | José A. Villegas
A Cambrian Explosion of Robotic Life

Author(s): Diogo Costa | José Carlos Cavalcanti | Dickson Costa
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