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Author(s): Behrang Parhizkar | Abdulbasit Mohammad Abdulrahman Alazizi | Mohammad Nabil Sadegh Ali | Anand Ramachandran | Sujata Navaratnam
Urine Metabolomics in Hemorrhagic Shock: Normalization of Urine in the Face of Changing Intravascular Fluid Volume and Perturbations in Metabolism

Author(s): Elizabeth R. Lusczek | Teresa Nelson | Daniel Lexcen | Nancy E. Witowski | Kristine E. Mulier | Greg Beilman
Axle Load Determination of Truck with Trailer and Truck with Semitrailer for Wood Transportation

Author(s): Marijan Šušnjar | Dubravko Horvat | Zdravko Pandur | Marko Zorić
Small Magnetic Sensors for Space Applications

Author(s): Marina Díaz-Michelena
Bladder Neck Preservation During Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy and Postoperative Urinary Continence

Author(s): Ali Razi | Seyed Reza Yahyazadeh | Mohammad Ali Sedighi Gilani | Seyed Mohammad Kazemeyni
Balloon-borne radiometer measurements of Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude stratospheric HNO3 profiles spanning 12 years

Author(s): M. Toohey | B. M. Quine | K. Strong | P. F. Bernath | C. D. Boone | A. I. Jonsson | C. T. McElroy | K. A. Walker | D. Wunch
A Study on Trend of Logs Production and Export in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia

Author(s): Mohd Hasmadi Ismail | Pakhriazad Hassan Zaki
Numerical Simulation of the Swelling Pressure Test on Compacted Boom Clay

Author(s): K. Bendani | N. Laredj | H. Missoum | H. Khelafi
Percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects leads to normalisation of atrial and ventricular volumes

Author(s): Teo Karen | Dundon Benjamin | Molaee Payman | Williams Kerry | Carbone Angelo | Brown Michael | Worthley Matthew | Disney Patrick | Sanders Prashanthan | Worthley Stephen
Adam33 polymorphisms are associated with COPD and lung function in long-term tobacco smokers

Author(s): Sadeghnejad Alireza | Ohar Jill | Zheng Siqun | Sterling David | Hawkins Gregory | Meyers Deborah | Bleecker Eugene
Lung function changes and complications after lobectomy for lung cancer in septuagenarians

Author(s): Subotic Dragan | Mandaric Dragan | Radosavljevic Gordana | Stojsic Jelena | Gajic Milan
Masked volume wise principal component analysis of small adrenocortical tumours in dynamic [11C]-metomidate positron emission tomography

Author(s): Razifar Pasha | Hennings Joakim | Monazzam Azita | Hellman Per | Långström Bengt | Sundin Anders
The 2008 Analysis of Information Remaining on Disks Offered for Sale on the Second Hand Market

Author(s): Andy Jones | Craig Valli | Glenn S. Dardick | Ian Sutherland | Gareth D. O. Davies
Long term precipitation chemistry and wet deposition in a remote dry savanna site in Africa (Niger)

Author(s): C. Galy-Lacaux | D. Laouali | L. Descroix | N. Gobron | C. Liousse
What does the global mean OH concentration tell us?

Author(s): M. G. Lawrence | P. Jöckel | R. von Kuhlmann
Fresh frozen plasma is ineffective for reversal of coagulation factor dilution in an in vitro model

Author(s): C. Jámbor | V. Lesch | T. W. Schnider | G. Kreienbühl | W. Korte
An approach to retrieve information on the carbonyl fluoride (COF2) vertical distributions above Jungfraujoch by FTIR multi-spectrum multi-window fitting

Author(s): P. Duchatelet | E. Mahieu | R. Ruhnke | W. Feng | M. Chipperfield | P. Demoulin | P. Bernath | C. D. Boone | K. A. Walker
Impacts of climate change scenarios on runoff regimes in the southern Alps

Author(s): S. Barontini | G. Grossi | N. Kouwen | S. Maran | P. Scaroni | R. Ranzi
The influence of peat volume change and vegetation on the hydrology of a kettle-hole wetland in Southern Ontario, Canada

Author(s): P. Whittington | M. Strack | R. van Haarlem | S. Kaufman | P. Stoesser | J. Maltez | J.S. Price | M. Stone
BioGlue and Peri-strips in lung volume reduction surgery: pilot randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Rathinam Sridhar | Naidu Babu | Nanjaiah Prakash | Loubani Mahmoud | Kalkat Maninder | Rajesh Pala
Impact of Chinese SO2 emissions on submicron aerosol concentration at Mt. Tateyama, Japan

Author(s): K. Osada | T. Ohara | I. Uno | M. Kido | H. Iida
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Exploring the optimum approach to the use of CT densitometry in a randomised placebo-controlled study of augmentation therapy in alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency

Author(s): Parr David | Dirksen Asger | Piitulainen Eeva | Deng Chunqin | Wencker Marion | Stockley Robert
Effect of exposure on material response of a swelling elastomer

Author(s): T. Pervez | S.Z. Qamar | R.A. Siddiqui | M. van de Velden
Altered hippocampal morphology in unmedicated patients with major depressive illness

Author(s): Carrie E Bearden | Paul M Thompson | Christina Avedissian | Andrea D Klunder | Mark Nicoletti | Nicole Dierschke | Paolo Brambilla | Jair C Soares
An approach to retrieve information on the carbonyl fluoride (COF2) vertical distributions above Jungfraujoch by FTIR multi-spectrum multi-window fitting

Author(s): P. Duchatelet | E. Mahieu | R. Ruhnke | W. Feng | M. Chipperfield | P. Demoulin | P. Bernath | C. D. Boone | K. A. Walker | C. Servais | O. Flock
Effect of fluid preloading on postoperative nausea and vomiting following laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Author(s): Turkistani Ahmed | Abdullah Khalid | Manaa Essam | Delvi Bilal | Khairy Gamal | Abdulghani Badiah | Khalil Nancy | Damas Fatma | El-Dawlatly Abdelazeem

Accuracy of DXA in estimating body composition changes in elite athletes using a four compartment model as the reference method

Author(s): Santos Diana | Silva Analiza | Matias Catarina | Fields David | Heymsfield Steven | Sardinha Luís
Orbitofrontal lobe volume deficits in Antipsychotic-Naive schizophrenia: A 3-Tesla MRI study

Author(s): Behere Rishikesh | Kalmady Sunil | Venkatasubramanian Ganesan | Gangadhar B
The associations between indices of patellofemoral geometry and knee pain and patella cartilage volume: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Tanamas Stephanie | Teichtahl Andrew | Wluka Anita | Wang Yuanyuan | Davies-Tuck Miranda | Urquhart Donna | Jones Graeme | Cicuttini Flavia
Assessment of Food Products and Virtual Water Trade as Related to Available Water Resources in Iran

Author(s): N Rouhani | H Yang | S Amin Sichani | M Afyuni | S.F Mousavi | A.A Kamgar Haghighi
Stock Return Predictability at Bovespa: a Test Involving the Expected Return Factor Model

Author(s): Luciano Martin Rostagno | Gilberto de Oliveira Kloeckner | João Luiz Becker
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Alert Correlation for Extracting Attack Strategies

Author(s): Bin Zhu | Ali A. Ghorbani
Effects of Niacin on Milk Production and Blood Parameters in Early Lactation of Dairy Cows

Author(s): Behnam Ghorbani | Narges Vahdani | Saeed Zerehdaran
Efficiency of Mono and Mixed Columns of Vermiculite for Treating Raw Tannery Effluent

Author(s): R.M. Jayabalakrishnan | D. Augustine Selvaseelan
Stability and forcing of the Iceland-Faroe inflow of water, heat, and salt to the Arctic

Author(s): B. Hansen | H. Hátún | R. Kristiansen | S. M. Olsen | S. Østerhus
Thoracic epidural analgesia for off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Mehta Yatin | Vats Mayank | Sharma Munish | Arora Reetesh | Trehan Naresh
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Brain MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis with oligoclonal cerebrospinal fluid bands

Author(s): Mesaroš Šarlota | Drulović Jelena S. | Lević Zvonimir | Perić Vesna
Reduction of radiation pneumonitis by V20-constraints in breast cancer

Author(s): Goldman Ulla | Wennberg Berit | Svane Gunilla | Bylund Håkan | Lind Pehr
Radical Prostatectomy Practice in England

Author(s): Vishwanath S Hanchanale | John E McCabe | Pradip Javlé
Asthma: Effect of Genotype on Response to Therapy in the Emergency Department

Author(s): Henderson, Sean | Lee, Chi | Calder, Kirsten | Mack, Wendy J
Pharmacokinetic profile of an intradeltoid diclofenac injection in obese Indian volunteers

Author(s): Dhaneshwar Shep | Ashwini Ojha | Sweta Patel | et al
Application of High Pressure in Food Processing

Author(s): Krešić, G. | Lelas, V. | Režek Jambrak, A. | Herceg, Z.
Intravitreal bevacizumab (Avastin) in the treatment of macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion

Author(s): Juan Carlos Mesa Gutiérrez | Luis Arias Barquet | Josep Maria Caminal Mitjana | Sergi Prades Almolda | Nùria Planas Domènech | et al
Stability and forcing of the Iceland-Faroe inflow of water, heat, and salt to the Arctic

Author(s): B. Hansen | H. Hátún | R. Kristiansen | S. M. Olsen | S. Østerhus
Dimensioning the Irrigation Variables for Table Grape Vineyards in Litho-soils

Author(s): Pasquale Campi | Francesca Modugno | Domenico A. Palumbo | Marcello Mastrorilli
ACE gene insertion/deletion polymorphism has a mild influence on the acute development of left ventricular dysfunction in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction treated with primary PCI

Author(s): Parenica Jiri | Goldbergova Monika | Kala Petr | Jarkovsky Jiri | Poloczek Martin | Manousek Jan | Prymusova Krystyna | Kubkova Lenka | Tomcikova Daniela | Toman Ondrej | Tesak Martin | Tomandl Josef | Vasku Anna | Spinar Jindrich
The provision of non-needle/syringe drug injecting paraphernalia in the primary prevention of HCV among IDU: a systematic review

Author(s): Gillies Michelle | Palmateer Norah | Hutchinson Sharon | Ahmed Syed | Taylor Avril | Goldberg David

Author(s): Angelo De Santis | Baldev Arora | Heather McCreadie
Long-term monitoring of air pollution effects on selected forest ecosystems in the Bucegi-Piatra Craiului and Retezat Mountains, southern Carpathians (Romania)

Author(s): Badea O | Neagu S | Bytnerowicz A | Silaghi D | Barbu I | Iacoban C | Popescu F | Andrei M | Preda E | Iacob C | Dumitru I | Iuncu H | Vezeanu C | Huber V
Haemodynamic consequences of changing potassium concentrations in haemodialysis fluids

Author(s): Gabutti Luca | Salvadé Igor | Lucchini Barbara | Soldini Davide | Burnier Michel
Sea-surface salinity variations in the northern Caribbean Sea across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

Author(s): S. Sepulcre | L. Vidal | K. Tachikawa | F. Rostek | E. Bard
Statistical Software for State Space Methods

Author(s): Jacques J. F. Commandeur | Siem Jan Koopman | Marius Ooms
Ecological and Biological Properties of Holm Oak (Quercus ilex L.) on the Island of Rab

Author(s): Milan Oršanić | Damir Drvodelić | Damir Ugarković
Efficiency of Inventory in Uneven-Aged Forests on Sample Plots with Different Radii

Author(s): Anamarija Jazbec | Mislav Vedriš | Mario Božić | Ernest Goršić
Milkfish (Chanos chanos) Fry Concession System in Bolinao, Pangasinan: Implications to Coastal Resources Management

Author(s): Severino Salmo III | Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez | Porfirio Aliño
Reinforcement of Denture Base Resins

Author(s): T Nejatiant | J Van Noortr
Five-year record of atmospheric precipitation chemistry in urban Beijing, China

Author(s): F. Yang | J. Tan | Z. B. Shi | Y. Cai | K. He | Y. Ma | F. Duan | T. Okuda | S. Tanaka | G. Chen
A Case of Central Diabetes Insipidus: Evaluation in Pregnancy

Author(s): Patrizia Gargiulo | Nicoletta Mecca | Valeria Mercuri | Tania D’Amico
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance activity in the United Kingdom: a survey on behalf of the british society of cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Antony Renjith | Daghem Marwa | McCann Gerry | Daghem Safa | Moon James | Pennell Dudley | Neubauer Stefan | Dargie Henry | Berry Colin | Payne John | Petrie Mark | Hawkins Nathaniel

Author(s): Enicov Igor | Chetraru Aliona
Trend of Iran’s mental health research over three decades

Author(s): Goodarzi Rad R. | Sharifi V. | Rahimi-Movaghar A. | Farhoudian A. | Mohammadi M.R. | Mansouri N. | Nejatisafa A.

Author(s): MAGRO, Felipe Oliveira | SALATA, Ariane da Cunha | HIGUTI, Andrea Reiko Oliveira | CARDOSO, Antonio Ismael Inácio

Author(s): Angela-Nicoleta COZORICI | Student Simona BUTA
High blood pressure, antihypertensive medication and lung function in a general adult population

Author(s): Schnabel Eva | Karrasch Stefan | Schulz Holger | Gläser Sven | Meisinger Christa | Heier Margit | Peters Annette | Wichmann H-Erich | Behr Jürgen | Huber Rudolf | Heinrich Joachim
The primary therapy chosen for patients with localized prostate cancer between the university hospital and its affiliated hospitals in Nara Uro-oncological research group registration

Author(s): Tanaka Nobumichi | Fujimoto Kiyohide | Hirayama Akihide | Samma Shoji | Momose Hitoshi | Kaneko Yoshiteru | Haramoto Masaki | Hayashi Yoshiki | Nakagawa Yoshinori | Otani Takeshi | Watanabe Shuji | Hirao Yoshihiko
Physical Properties of Lithium Containing Cadmium Phosphate Glasses

Author(s): Muhammad Altaf | M. Ashraf Chaudhry

Author(s): Marta García-Fiñana | Luis M Cruz-Orive
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