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Author(s): Corina Ursulescu | C. Lupaşcu
A Low-Cost Fiducial Reference Phantom for Computed Tomography

Author(s): Levine, Zachary H. | Grantham, Steven | Sawyer, Daniel S. | Reeves, Anthony P. | Yankelevitz, David F.
Comparative Study of the Total Acidity Determination in Wine by Potentiometric and Volumetric Titration

Author(s): Irena Budić-Leto | Nela Mešin | Jasenka Gajdoš Kljusurić | Ivan Pezo | Marija Bralić
Use of microwave energy for accelerated curing of concrete: a review

Author(s): N. Makul | B. Chatveera | P. Ratanadecho
An Advanced Technique for Volumetric Analysis

Author(s): R. B. Dubey | M.Hanmandlu | S. K. Gupta | S. K. Gupta
Using the Weibull function for prognosis of yield by diameter class in Eucalyptus urophylla stands

Author(s): Eder Pereira Miguel | Sebastião do Amaral Machado | Afonso Figueiredo Filho | Julio Eduardo Arce
The effects of sheet spacing on the fatigue life of spot­welded joints

Author(s): Hassanifard S. | Zehsaz M. | Esmaeili F.
Real-time three-dimensional echocardiography: technology and clinical application

Author(s): M Correale | R Ieva | ND Brunetti | MDi Biase
Lattice Strain Due to an Atomic Vacancy

Author(s): Shidong Li | Michael S. Sellers | Cemal Basaran | Andrew J. Schultz | David A. Kofke
About Some Applications of Microwave Energy

Author(s): Marius A.Silaghi | Ulrich L.Rohde
Aeromycoflora in Outdoor Environment of Timisoara City (Romania)

Author(s): Nicoleta IANOVICI | Dorina TUDORICA
Equações volumétricas para o Cerrado Sensu Stricto, em Minas Gerais

Author(s): Ana Luiza Rufini | José Roberto Soares Scolforo | Antonio Donizette de Oliveira | José Márcio de Mello
Using of Artificial Neural Networks for Evaluation Soil Water Content with Time Domain Reflectometry

Author(s): Davood Namdar-Khojasteh | Mahdi Shorafa | Mahmoud Omid
Evaluation of the Poisson's ratio from the 3D laser scanning data

Author(s): Lovre Krstulovic-Opara | Matej Vesenjak | Petar Marendic | Zoran Ren | Zeljko Domazet
Finite element modeling of ground deformation and gravity field at Mt. Etna

Author(s): G. Currenti | C. Del Negro | G. Ganci
Stable high volumetric production of glycosylated human recombinant IFNalpha2b in HEK293 cells

Author(s): Loignon Martin | Perret Sylvie | Kelly John | Boulais Denise | Cass Brian | Bisson Louis | Afkhamizarreh Fatemeh | Durocher Yves
Characterization of zebra mussel transport near a pump intake

Author(s): R. A. Tatara | D. R. Poe | G. M. Lupia
Calibration of TDR for moisture determination in peat deposits**

Author(s): Oleszczuk R. | Brandyk T. | Gnatowski T. | Szatyłowicz J.
Enzyme controlled glucose auto-delivery for high cell density cultivations in microplates and shake flasks

Author(s): Panula-Perälä Johanna | Šiurkus Juozas | Vasala Antti | Wilmanowski Robert | Casteleijn Marco | Neubauer Peter
Particle Size and Pore Structure Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Prepared by Confined Arc Plasma

Author(s): Mingru Zhou | Zhiqiang Wei | Hongxia Qiao | Lin Zhu | Hua Yang | Tiandong Xia
Comparison of MSM Model for Prediction of Potential Evapotranspiration of Maize with FAO Methods

Author(s): A. Majnooni-Heris | Sh. Zand - Parsa | A. R. Sepaskhah | A. A. Kamgar-Haghighi
Assessment of Cotton Planting Seeders Performance

Author(s): A. Hemmat | A. Assadi Khoshoei
Coronary flow reserve measurement in the coronary sinus in pre and post CABG status

Author(s): M Hajaghaei | M Maleki | HR Salehi | Z Ojaghi | F Noohi
Evaluation of the physical properties of a latosol under different vegetation covers in Alegre (ES)

Author(s): Leonardo Nazário Silva dos Santos | Renato Ribeiro Passos | Luís Carlos Mendes Cardoso | Carlos Lacy Santos | Roberto Avelino Cecílio
A dual propagation contours technique for semi-automated assessment of systolic and diastolic cardiac function by CMR

Author(s): Feng Wei | Nagaraj Hosakote | Gupta Himanshu | Lloyd Steven | Aban Inmaculada | Perry Gilbert | Calhoun David | Dell'Italia Louis | Denney Thomas
Análisis del desgaste de la articulación cabeza femoral–copa acetabular mediante simulación experimental con máquina perno-disco

Author(s): Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderón | Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Sosa | Luis Héctor Hernández-Gómez | Emmanuel Alejandro Merchán-Cruz | Manuel Vite-Torres | César Victor Feria-Reyes | Juan Alfonso Beltrán-Fernandez
Fiber Reinfoced Polymer Used for Flooding Protection of Engineering Structures Made of RC and Brick Masonry

Author(s): Gabriel Oprişan | Vlad Munteanu | Nicolae Ţăranu | Alina Lazăr
Mechanical lymphatic drainage in the treatment of arm lymphedema

Author(s): Bordin Newton | Guerreiro Godoy Maria de Fatima | Pereira de Godoy Jose
Hippocampal volumes are important predictors for memory function in elderly women

Author(s): Ystad Martin | Lundervold Astri | Wehling Eike | Espeseth Thomas | Rootwelt Helge | Westlye Lars | Andersson Martin | Adolfsdottir Steinunn | Geitung Jonn | Fjell Anders | Reinvang Ivar | Lundervold Arvid
Fabrication of ceramic preforms based on Al2O3 CL 2500 powder

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Kremzer | A. Nagel | B. Huchler
Structure and properties of ceramic preforms based on Al2O3 particles

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | M. Kremzer | A. Nagel
A novel fed-batch based cultivation method provides high cell-density and improves yield of soluble recombinant proteins in shaken cultures

Author(s): Krause Mirja | Ukkonen Kaisa | Haataja Tatu | Ruottinen Maria | Glumoff Tuomo | Neubauer Antje | Neubauer Peter | Vasala Antti
Building generic anatomical models using virtual model cutting and iterative registration

Author(s): Xiao Mei | Soh Jung | Meruvia-Pastor Oscar | Schmidt Eric | Hallgrímsson Benedikt | Sensen Christoph
Application of experimental plans method to formulate a self compacting cement paste

Author(s): Mebrouki, A. | Belas, N. | Viña, J. | Argüelles, A. | Zenasni, R.
Reproducibility of fetal heart volume by 3D-sonography using the XI VOCAL method

Author(s): Barreto Enoch | Milani Hérbene | Júnior Edward | Haratz Karina | Rolo Liliam | Nardozza Luciano | Filho Hélio | Moron Antonio
Study on Demulsification of Water-in-Oil Emulsions Via Microwave Heating Technology

Author(s): Abdurahman | H. Nour | Rosli | Mohd Yunus | Zulkifly Jemaat
Decolorization of Reactive Blue 19 Dye from Textile Wastewater by the UV/H2O2 Process

Author(s): Abbas Rezaee | Mohammad Taghi Ghaneian | Sayed Jamalodin Hashemian | Gholamreza Moussavi | Ali Khavanin | Ghader Ghanizadeh
Penentuan Kurva Retensi Air Tanah Laboratorium dengan Sensor Resistensi dan Kapasitansi

Author(s): Cahyoadi Bowo | Mohammad Hasan | Bambang Marhaenanto
Determination of potassium iodide in table salt

Author(s): Rajković Miloš B.
Potential of high-resolution detection and retrieval of precipitation fields from X-band spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar over land

Author(s): F. S. Marzano | S. Mori | M. Chini | L. Pulvirenti | N. Pierdicca | M. Montopoli | J. A. Weinman
Soil CO2 efflux of a larch forest in northern Japan

Author(s): N. Liang | T. Hirano | Z.-M. Zheng | J. Tang | Y. Fujinuma
Semi-Automatic Image Segmentation for Volumetric Visualization of Pelvis CT Scan-Images

Author(s): Suprijanto | Farida I. Muchtadi | Irwan Setiawan
Demulsification of Water-in-Crude Oil (W/O) Emulsion by using Microwave Radiation

Author(s): A.H. Nour | S.F. Pang | A.H. Nour | M.S. Omer
VBM based MR Imaging Volumetric Analysis of AD and MCI

Author(s): M.M. Patil | A.R. Yardi
Theoretical Prediction of Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient (kLa) for Designing an Aeration Tank

Author(s): Pisut Painmanakul | Jidapa Wachirasak | Marupatch Jamnongwong | Gilles Hebrard
A Steganography method for JPEG2000 Baseline System

Author(s): P.Ramakrishna Rao M.Tech.,[CSE],
Xylitol production from xylose mother liquor: a novel strategy that combines the use of recombinant Bacillus subtilis and Candida maltosa

Author(s): Cheng Hairong | Wang Ben | Lv Jiyang | Jiang Mingguo | Lin Shuangjun | Deng Zixin
A hybrid blob-slice model for accurate and efficient detection of fluorescence labeled nuclei in 3D

Author(s): Santella Anthony | Du Zhuo | Nowotschin Sonja | Hadjantonakis Anna-Katerina | Bao Zhirong
Estimating the Distribution of Air Voids in Concrete

Author(s): Beasman L.E. | McCuen R.H.
A proper methodology aimed at surface wave tomography

Author(s): F. J. Sabadell | F. J. Serón | J. Badal
Contração volumétrica e forma dos frutos de mamona durante a secagem = Shape and shrinkage of the castor bean fruit during the drying process

Author(s): André Luís Duarte Goneli | Paulo Cesar Corrêa | Felipe Elia de Almeida Magalhães | Fernanda Machado Baptestini
Developing an improved soil moisture dataset by blending passive and active microwave satellite-based retrievals

Author(s): Y. Y. Liu | R. M. Parinussa | W. A. Dorigo | R. A. M. De Jeu | W. Wagner | A. I. J. M. van Dijk | M. F. McCabe | J. P. Evans
Volumetric Calibration of Stereo Camera in Visual Servo Based Robot Control

Author(s): Perez | Ulises | Cho | Sohyung | Asfour | Shihab
Conformal radiotherapy of prostate carcinoma: Procedure description

Author(s): Erak Marko | Bugarčić Biljana | Erak Dragica | Aranđelović Dragan | Nađ Ilinka | Tešanović Dušanka
Gold-ionic liquid nanofluids with preferably tribological properties and thermal conductivity

Author(s): Wang Baogang | Wang Xiaobo | Lou Wenjing | Hao Jingcheng
Antifoam addition to shake flask cultures of recombinant Pichia pastoris increases yield

Author(s): Routledge Sarah | Hewitt Christopher | Bora Nagamani | Bill Roslyn
Potential of high-resolution detection and retrieval of precipitation fields from X-band spaceborne synthetic aperture radar over land

Author(s): F. S. Marzano | S. Mori | M. Chini | L. Pulvirenti | N. Pierdicca | M. Montopoli | J. A. Weinman

Author(s): Awaludin Martin | Bambang Suryawan | Muhammad Idrus Alhamid | Nasruddin

Author(s): Eduardo Serna Cuéllar | Luis Santamaría Solís
Statistical analysis in enrichment of total whey protein by continuous foam fractionation method

Author(s): Goutam Mukhopadhyay | Jasmina Khanam | Arunabha Nanda | Nripendra Nath Bala | Won Chun Oh
Effect of the composite curing light mode on polymerization shrinkage of resin composites

Author(s): Ozden Ozel Bektas | Feridun Hürmüzlü | Diğdem Eren
The moisture – a negative deterioration factor of rock mass

Author(s): Martin Brček | Ján Vlčko | Ľudovít Kubičár | Vlastimil Boháč | Renáta Adamcová
Advances in Modal Analysis Using a Robust and Multiscale Method

Author(s): Picard Cécile | Frisson Christian | Faure François | Drettakis George | Kry PaulG
Analysis of Injection and Production Data for Open and Large Reservoirs

Author(s): Danial Kaviani | Peter Valkó | Jerry Jensen
Spiral CT Scan for Detecting Coronary Artery Stenosis

Author(s): A. Soltani Shirazi | N. Nasehi | M. Sametzadah | H. Saberi | M.A. Shabani
Designing of a liver phantom to quantify 32p radionuclide using gamma camera

Author(s): Maryam Khazaee Moghadam | Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri | Hosseyn Pourbeygi
Estructura y porosidad de recubrimientos híbridos de SiO2

Author(s): Gallardo, J. | Galliano, P. | Durán, A.
Shape Design of Lifting body Based on Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Yongyuan Li | Yi Jiang | Chunping Huang
Síntesis y sinterización de soluciones sólidas de cromita de lantano obtenidas por el método de coprecipitación en medio alcalino

Author(s): Rendón-Ángeles, J. C. | Valadez-Farias, L. M. | Rodríguez-Galicia, J. L. | Méndez-Nonell, J. | López-Cuevas, J.
Development of a Standardized Procedure for Cleaning Glass Apparatus in Analytical Laboratories

Simplified Procedure for Unsaturated Flow Parameters

Author(s): N. Jitrapinate | V. Sriboonlue | K. Srisuk | D. Hormdee
Industrialized Building System (IBS): Revisiting Issues of Definition and Classification

Author(s): Kamarul A. M. Kamar | Zuhairi A. Hamid, | M. N. A. Azman | M. S. S. Ahamad
Image-Based Multiresolution Implicit Object Modeling

Author(s): Sarti Augusto | Tubaro Stefano
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