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TDAH y Dificultades de Aprendizaje en escritura: comorbilidad en base a la Atención y Memoria Operativa ADHD and Writing learning disabilities: comorbidity in basis of attention and working memory.

Author(s): Celestino Rodríguez | David Álvarez | Paloma Gónzalez-Castro | Jesús N. García | Luis Alvarez | José C. Núñez | Julio A. González | Ana Bernado
Colonic Lipid Peroxidation, Nuclear Membrane ATPase and Stress Enzymes in Rats Fed a Nigerian-Like Diet and Cycas

Author(s): G.E. Eriyamremu | S.O. Asagba | S.O. Uanseoje | S.E. Omeregie | C.O. Omofoma
Aspirin Induced Changes in Enzymes of Colonic Energy Metabolism and ATPases of Rats Exposed to Cycas and Fed a Nigerian-Like Diet

Author(s): G.E. Eriyamremu | E.C. Onyeneke | N.J. Orhue | S.I. Ojeaburu | S.O. Uanseoje | V.E. Osagie | S.O. Asagba

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