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The C-banding pattern of the Egyptian Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): Cribiu EP | Obeidah A | Boscher Jeannine
Nuclear DNA content in water buffalo

Author(s): Salerno A | Varchetta A | Donne G Delle
Fit of different linear models to the lactation curve of Italian water buffalo

Author(s): C. Dimauro | G. Catillo | N. Bacciu | N.P.P. Macciotta
Tradition and innovation in the water buffalo dairy products

Author(s): F. Addeo | V. Alloisio | L. Chianese | V. Alloisio
Cleft Palate in a Male Water Buffalo Calf

Author(s): Y. Mazaheri | R. Ranjbar | A.R. Ghadiri | F. Saberi Afsahr | S. Goorani Nejad | M. Khaksary Mahabady | M. Afrough | R. Karampoor | A. Tavakoli
Effect of Trisodium Phosphate on Quality of Buffalo Offals

Author(s): P. Selvan | S.K. Mendiratta | K. Porteen | K.N. Bhilegaonkar
Physico-Chemical and Functional Quality of Buffalo Head Meat and Heart Meat

Author(s): A.K. Verma | V. Lakshmanan | Arun K. Das | S.K. Mendiratta | A.S.R. Anjaneyulu
Genetic characterization of indigenous anatolian water buffalo breed using microsatellite dna markers

Author(s): M.I. Soysal | E. Ozkan | S. Kok | M. Occidente | Y.T. Tuna | E.K. Gurcan | D. Matassino
Molecular characterization of water buffalo meat by proteomic techniques

Author(s): P. Ferranti | L. Gualtieri | R. Sacchi | M. Quarto | L. Chianese
Standardisation of an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection

Author(s): Manuela Tittarelli | Barbara Bonfini | Fabrizio De Massis | Armando Giovannini | Massimo Scacchia
Genetic Characterization of Indigenous Anatolian Water Buffalo Breed Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): M. I. Soysal | E. Ozkan | S. Kok | Y. T. Tuna | E. K. Gurcan
Immunolocalization of progesterone receptors in binucleate trophoblast cells of the buffalo placenta (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): Ana Flávia de Carvalho | Celina Almeida Furlanetto Mançanares | Flávia Thomaz Verechia Pereira | Carlos Eduardo Ambrósio | Maria Angélica Miglino
Nuclear DNA content in water buffalo

Author(s): Salerno A | Varchetta A | Donne G Delle
A serological survey of brucella spp. in water buffalo in Khoozestan province, Iran

Author(s): A. Nowroozi-Asl | A. Oliaei | M. Poormahmood-Shalgahian
The buffalypso: the water buffalo of Trinidad and Tobago

Author(s): S. P. Bennet | G. W. Garcia | P. Lampkin
Water buffalo kappa-casein gene sequence

Author(s): P. Masina | A. Rando | P. Di Gregorio | G. Cosenza | A. Mancusi
Genetic and environmental effects on parturition and lactation intervals in water buffaloes from Brazil

Author(s): P.L. Souza Carneiro | C.H. Mendes Malhado | P.R. Antunes de Mello Affonso | A. de Amorim Ramos
Development of some intestinal endocrine cell populations in water buffalo

Author(s): L. Maruccio | C. Lucini | R. Antonucci | L. Castaldo
Physical and chemical composition of swamp and water buffalo milk: a comparative study

Author(s): M. A. S. Khan | M. N. Islam | M. S. R. Siddiki
Intensive rainfed and irrigated forage crop production for Mediterranean Italian Buffalo feeding

Author(s): P. Martiniello | G. Gesualdo | E. Sabia | G.M. Terzano | C. Pacelli | N. Berardo
The Opium Must Go Thru The Opium Must Go Thru

Author(s): Anita Flanders Rebello
High-resolution haplotype block structure in the cattle genome

Author(s): Villa-Angulo Rafael | Matukumalli Lakshmi | Gill Clare | Choi Jungwoo | Van Tassell Curtis | Grefenstette John
Expressional dynamics of minisatellite 33.15 tagged spermatozoal transcriptome in Bubalus bubalis

Author(s): Srivastava Jyoti | Premi Sanjay | Kumar Sudhir | Ali Sher
Microsatellite markers of water buffalo, Bubalus bubalis - development, characterisation and linkage disequilibrium studies

Author(s): Nagarajan Muniyandi | Kumar Niraj | Nishanth Gopala | Haribaskar Ramachandran | Paranthaman Karthikeyani | Gupta Jalaj | Mishra Manish | Vaidhegi R | Kumar Shantanu | Ranjan Amresh | Kumar Satish
Influence of housing conditions and calving distance on blood metabolites in water buffalo cows

Author(s): Fernando Grasso | Giuseppina Maria Terzano | Giuseppe De Rosa | Carmela Tripaldi | Fabio Napolitano
Water buffaloes in Venezuela

Author(s): J. Reggeti G.
Buffaloes breeding in Brasil

Author(s): O. Bernardes
Evaluation of water beef buffalo from birth to two years using different growth curves

Author(s): A.A. Ramos | J.C. DeSouza | C.H.M. Malhado | A.M. Jorge | P.B. Ferraz Filho | J.A. DeFreitas | R.R. Bacon Jr. | W.R. Lamberson
Evaluation of development traits of beef buffalo in Brazil using multivariate analysis

Author(s): J.C. DeSouza | A.A. Ramos | C.H.M. Malhado | A.M. Jorge | P.B. Ferraz Filho | J.A. DeFreitas | N. Flournoy | W.R. Lamberson
Microsatellite loci isolation from river buffalo using enriched partial genomic libraries

Author(s): L.P. Rodrigues Venancio | M.E.J. Amaral | M.P.C. Schneider | A.L. Silva
Genetic Traceability of the geographical origin of different water buffalo populations (Bubalus bubalis) by molecular markers

Author(s): D. Iamartino | C. Loffi | E. Genzini | A. Coletta | L. Gubitosi | M. Blasi
Effect of Dietary Cation Anion Difference on Buffalo Performance during Summer

Author(s): M.A. Shahzad | M. Sarwar | Mahr un Nisa
Isolation of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAG) from water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) placenta by use of Vicia villosa bound agarose affinity chromatography

Author(s): O. Barbato | N.M. Sousa | K. Klisch | E. Clerget | A. Debenedetti | V. Barile | A. Malfatti | J.F. Beckers
Reproductive disorders induced by Chlamydophila spp. infections in an italian mediterranean buffalo (bubalus bubalis) herd

Author(s): G. Greco | M. D’Abramo | G. Campanile | R. Di Palo | M. Corrente | D. Buonavoglia
Cystic echinococcosis in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): F. Capuano | M.P. Maurelli | L. Rinaldi | A.G. Perugini | V. Veneziano | V. Musella | G. Cringoli
An updating on Cryptosporidium parvum in the water buffalo

Author(s): R.U. Condoleo | L. Rinaldi | G. Saralli | M.E. Morgoglione | M. Schioppi | R. Condoleo | V. Musella | G. Cringoli
First studies on Giardia duodenalis in the water buffalo

Author(s): L. Rinaldi | V. Musella | R.U. Condoleo | G. Saralli | G. Bruni | M.P. Maurelli | G. Cringoli
Lice (Haematopinus tuberculatus) in water buffalo farms from central Italy

Author(s): V. Veneziano | M. Santaniello | S. Carbone | S. Pennacchio | M.E. Morgoglione | M. Schioppi | R. Condoleo | G. Cringoli
High prevalence of Neospora caninum antibodies in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) in ranches of Corrientes, Chaco and Formosa provinces, Argentina

Author(s): G. Crudeli | C.M. Campero | D.P. Moore | D. Benitez | G. Draghi | D. Polich | J. Konrad | D. Cano | M.R. Leunda | M. Arzeno | A. Odeón
Effect of feeding systems on aromatic characteristics of buffalo mozzarella cheese

Author(s): G.F. Cifuni | M. Pizzillo | S. Claps | M.A. Di Napoli | M. Mazzi | R. Rubino
Relation of postmortem protease activity to tenderness in buffalo meat and Brahman beef

Author(s): K.E. Neath | A.N. Del Barrio | R.M. Lapitan | J.R. V. Herrera | L. C. Cruz | T. Fujihara | S. Muroya | K. Chikuni | M. Hirabayashi | Y. Kanai
Meat characteristics of buffaloes fed with different roughage: concentrate ratios

Author(s): S. Jaturasitha | C. Petra | A. Na-Chiangmai | N. Sanghuayprai | M. Gauly
Characterization and kinetics studies of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) myoglobin

Author(s): R. Dosi | A. Di Maro | A. Chambery | G. Colonna | S. Costantini | G. Geraci | A. Parente
Anatolian water buffaloes husbandry in Turkey: preliminary results on somatic characterization

Author(s): M.I. Soysal | Y.T. Tuna | E.K. Gurcan | E. Ozkan | S. Kok | N. Castellano | O. Cobanoglu | C.M.A. Barone
Water buffalo industry in Iran

Author(s): A.A. Naserian | B. Saremi
Haematological and Serum Protein Values in Tuberculin Reactor and Non-Reactor Water Buffaloes, Cattle, Sheep and Goats

Author(s): M. Tariq Javed*, L. Ahmad, M. Irfan, I. Ali, A. Khan, M. Wasiq, F. A. Farooqi, A. Latif Shahid and M. Cagiola2

Author(s): Denise de Souza Ablas | Evaldo Antonio Lencioni Titto | Alfredo Manuel Franco Pereira | Cristiane Gonçalves Titto | Thays Mayra da Cunha Leme
Development of multiplex reactions for linkage mapping in water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Author(s): Muraleedharan Padeeri | Neeraj Jain | Hariprasad Naidu | Gangadhar Rao | Chandrasekhar Reddy | Sambasiva KRS Rao
Water Buffalo Genome Science Comes of Age

Author(s): Vanessa N. Michelizzi, Michael V. Dodson, Zengxiang Pan, M Elisabete J Amaral, Jennifer J. Michal, Derek J. McLean, James E. Womack, Zhihua Jiang
Efficacy of Brucella abortus vaccine strain RB51 compared to the reference vaccine Brucella abortus strain 19 in water buffalo

Author(s): Vincenzo Caporale | Barbara Bonfini | Elisabetta Di Giannatale | Andrea Di Provvido | Simona Forcella | Armando Giovannini | Manuela Tittarelli | Massimo Scacchia
Misconceptions And Myths In The Management Of Animal Bite Cases

Author(s): Sekhon A.S | Singh Amarjit | Kaur Paramjit | Gupta Sonia
Available Feeds and the Quantities Fed to the Large Ruminants in Different Areas of Bangladesh

Author(s): M.M. Zaman | M.M. Rahman | M.R. Islam | M.K. Hossain | K.A. Khan
Detection of Cow Milk in Water Buffalo Cheese by SYBR Green Real-Time PCR: Sensitivity Test on Governing Liquid Samples

Author(s): Maria Feligini | Naima Alim | Ivan Bonizzi | Giuseppe Enne | Riccardo Aleandri
Antibodies for Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii in water buffaloes fromSão Paulo State, Brazil/ Detecção de anticorpos contra Neospora caninum e Toxoplasma gondii em soros de bubalinos ( Bubalus bubalis) no Estado de São Paulo, Brasil

Author(s): Luciano Melo de Souza | Adjair Antonio do Nascimento | Patricia Iriê Furuta | Lúcia Mara Souza Basso | Daniela Miyasaka da Silveira | Alvimar José da Costa
Calcium, Magnesium and Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) in Seminal Plasma of Water Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Bulls and their Relationships with Semen Characteristics

Author(s): Mahdi Eghbali | Sayed Mortaza Alavi-Shoushtari | Siamak Asri-Rezaei | Mohammad-Hassan Khadem Ansari
Effects of the Seminal Plasma Iron and Lead Content on Semen Quality of Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Bulls

Author(s): Mahdi Eghbali | Sayed Mortaza Alavi-Shoushtari | Siamak Asri-Rezaei | Mohammad-Hassan Khadem Ansari
Comparison of quality attributes of buffalo meat curry at different storage temperature

Author(s): Gurunathan Kandeepan | Anne Seet Ram Anjaneyulu | Napa Kondaiah | Sanjod Kumar Mendiratta
Role of Clostridium perfringens in Causing Abomasal Ulcers in Buffalo

Author(s): Ali R. Ghadrdan Mashhadi | Masoud Ghorbanpour | Sojdeh Kamali | Raghu N. Kohli
A Global View of 54,001 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) on the Illumina BovineSNP50 BeadChip and Their Transferability to Water Buffalo

Author(s): Vanessa N. Michelizzi, Xiaolin Wu, Michael V. Dodson, Jennifer J. Michal, Jorge Zambrano-Varon, Derek J. McLean, Zhihua Jiang
A serological survey of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever in animals in the Sharkia Governorate of Egypt

Author(s): Mohamed Mohamed | Abd-Raboh Said | Amr Murad | Robert Graham
Origin of mitochondrial DNA diversity of domestic yaks

Author(s): Guo Songchang | Savolainen Peter | Su Jianping | Zhang Qian | Qi Delin | Zhou Jie | Zhong Yang | Zhao Xinquan | Liu Jianquan
Morphological characterization of the intercaruncular region of pregnant cows and water buffalo cows

Author(s): Rodrigo da Silva Marques | Mirella Vulcano | Susana M. M. Cazerta | Maria Angélica Miglino | Antônio Chaves de Assis Neto | Flávia Thomaz Verechia Pereira
Phylogeography and domestication of Indian river buffalo

Author(s): Kumar Satish | Nagarajan Muniyandi | Sandhu Jasmeet | Kumar Niraj | Behl Vandana
Frequency of Toxoplasmosis in Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in Trinidad

Author(s): Anil Persad | Roxanne Charles | Abiodun A. Adesiyun
Water buffaloes productive system in the sugar-cane zone of Pernambuco, Brazil. Diagnostic and characterization Sistemas Produtivos de Búfalos na zona canavieira de Pernambuco, caracterização e diagnóstico

Author(s): Sérgio Augusto de Albuquerque Fernandes | Geraldo Majella Bezerra Lopes | Juan Carlos José Panizza | Soraia Vanessa Matarazzo
Influence of the year and calving season on production, composition and mozzarella cheese yield of water buffalo in the State of Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil

Author(s): Kácia B.S. Araújo | Adriano H.N. Rangel | Francisco C.E. Fonseca | Emerson M. Aguiar | Aurino A. Simplício | Luciano P. Novaes | Dorgival M. Lima Júnior
Call to Conserve the Wild Water Buffalo (Bubalus Arnee) in Nepal

Author(s): Achyut ARYAL | Tej Kumar SHRESTHA | Ashok RAM | Wolfgang FREY | Colin GROVES | Helmut HEMMER | Maheshwar DHAKAL | Raj Kumar KOIRALA | Joel HEINEN | David RAUBENHEIMER
In search of the genetic footprints of Sumerians: a survey of Y-chromosome and mtDNA variation in the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

Author(s): Al-Zahery Nadia | Pala Maria | Battaglia Vincenza | Grugni Viola | Hamod Mohammed | Kashani Baharak | Olivieri Anna | Torroni Antonio | Santachiara-Benerecetti Augusta | Semino Ornella

Author(s): Peter Haščík | Miroslav Müller | Adriana Pavelková | Miroslava Kačániová | Juraj Čuboň | Emília Benczová | Marta Habánová | Michal Mihok | Jozef Garlík

Author(s): T.Jdalayer | M.Maleki | M.Moghtaderi
Intestinal Coccidia

Author(s): MJ Ggaravi
Animal Fasciolosis in North of Iran

Author(s): A Eslami | SH Hosseini | B Meshgi
Comparison of Fatty Acid and Cholesterol Content of Pakistani Water Buffalo Breeds

Author(s): Farah. N. Talpur | Nusrat N. Memon | M. I. Bhanger
Conservation and Developing Indigenous Knowledge of Using Water Buffaloes

Author(s): Samanchai Suwanamphai | Songkoon Chantachon | Kosit Paengsoi | Niwat Thongwol
Properties of buffalo Mozzarella cheese as affected by type of coagulante

Author(s): Nawal S. Ahmed | Mona A.M. Abd El-Gawad | M.M. El-Abd | N.S. Abd-Rabou
Buffalo milk: proteins electrophoretic profile and somatic cell count

Author(s): M. Pasquini | B. Tommei | S. Mattii
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