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Sfamare un mondo di nove miliardi di persone: le sfide per una zootecnia sostenibile

Author(s): Giuseppe Pulina | Ana Helena Dias Francesconi | Marcello Mele | Bruno Ronchi | Bruno Stefanon | Enrico Sturaro | Erminio Trevisi
Tidal Effects on Groundwater in a Very Small Tropical Island: A Study on the Groundwater Resources of Pag-asa Island, Kalayaan Island Group

Author(s): John Ong | Nancy Aguda | Caroline Jaraula | Zenon Mateo | Chelo Pascua | Joseph Foronda
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet

Author(s): G. Billen | J. Garnier | V. Thieu | M. Silvestre | S. Barles | P. Chatzimpiros
Spatio-temporal impact of climate change on the groundwater system

Author(s): J. Dams | E. Salvadore | T. Van Daele | V. Ntegeka | P. Willems | O. Batelaan
Potentials and limits of urban rainwater harvesting in the Middle East

Author(s): J. Lange | S. Husary | A. Gunkel | D. Bastian | T. Grodek
Water supply project feasibilities in fringe areas of Kolkata, India

Author(s): K. Dutta Roy | B. Thakur | T. S. Konar | S. N. Chakrabarty
Anastomotic leak in colorectal surgery: a review

Author(s): Rahila Essani | Roberto Bergamaschi

Author(s): Georgeta Temocico | Iulian Alecu | Eugenia Alecu
Employment of factorial design to evaluate the organic loading and aeration of biological systems in the degradation of dairy wastewater

Author(s): Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos Salazar | Juliana Sanches Carrocci | Hélcio José Izário Filho
Application of a water balance model for estimating deep infiltration in a karstic watershed

Author(s): Rodrigo de Arruda Camargo | Eduardo de Aguiar do Couto | Luna Gripp Simões Alves | Maria Lúcia Calijuri | Marcos Dornelas Freitas Machado e Silva
Water supply quality for use infood and for cleaning

Author(s): Carmen Corina Visan | Rodica Segal
Climate Change Impacts on Water Supply and Demand in Rheraya Watershed (Morocco), with Potential Adaptation Strategies

Author(s): Saloua Rochdane | Barbara Reichert | Mohammed Messouli | Abdelaziz Babqiqi | Mohammed Yacoubi Khebiza
Determinants of rural household willingness to pay for safe water in Kwara State, Nigeria

Author(s): Laudia Titilola Ogunniyi | Wasiu Adekunle Sanusi | Ayinde Alani Ezekiel

Author(s): Renato José Afonso | Orivaldo Arf | Denis Santiago da Costa | Rafael Marani Barbosa | Salatier Buzetti | Marco Eustáquio de Sá | Ricardo Antônio Ferreira Rodrigues
Cost-Effective Filter Materials Coated with Silver Nanoparticles for the Removal of Pathogenic Bacteria in Groundwater

Author(s): Lizzy Mpenyana-Monyatsi | Nomcebo H. Mthombeni | Maurice S. Onyango | Maggy N. B. Momba
Grazing Habitat of the Rusa Deer (Cervus timorensis) in the Upland Kebar, Manokwari

Use of a Real-Time Remote Monitoring Network (RTRM) to Characterize the Guadalquivir Estuary (Spain)

Author(s): Gabriel Navarro | Isabel Emma Huertas | Eduardo Costas | Susana Flecha | Manuel Díez-Minguito | Isabel Caballero | Victoria López-Rodas | Laura Prieto | Javier Ruiz

Author(s): Sheetal Vyas, Sonal Parikh, Rachna Kapoor, Vaibhavi Patel, Anand Solanki
Improving Water Supply Systems for Domestic Uses in Urban Togo: The Case of a Suburb in Lomé

Author(s): Laurent Ahiablame | Bernard Engel | Taisha Venort

Author(s): Sheetal Vyas, Sonal Parikh, Rachna Kapoor, Vaibhavi Patel, Anand Solanki
Urinary Calcium Excretion in Healthy Children Living in Kashan/ Iran

Author(s): Ali Honarpisheh | Nakysa Hooman | Abbas Taghavi

Author(s): Sheetal Vyas, Sonal Parikh, Rachna Kapoor, Vaibhavi Patel, Anand Solanki
Measurement of turbulent water vapor fluxes using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle system

Author(s): R. M. Thomas | K. Lehmann | H. Nguyen | D. L. Jackson | D. Wolfe | V. Ramanathan
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet

Author(s): G. Billen | J. Garnier | V. Thieu | M. Silvestre | S. Barles | P. Chatzimpiros
The blue water footprint of electricity from hydropower

Author(s): M. M. Mekonnen | A. Y. Hoekstra
Assessing water reservoirs management and development in Northern Vietnam

Author(s): A. Castelletti | F. Pianosi | X. Quach | R. Soncini-Sessa
Topo-edaphic controls over woody plant biomass in South African savannas

Author(s): M. S. Colgan | G. P. Asner | S. R. Levick | R. E. Martin | O. A. Chadwick
Electrical capacitance volume tomography of soil water infiltration in a vessel experiments

Author(s): M. Mukhlisin | M. R. Baidillah | A. El-Shafie | M. R. Taha | W. Warsito
Flood Management in California

Author(s): Jay R. Lund
Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Global Hydropower

Author(s): Byman Hamududu | Aanund Killingtveit
Larval Dispersal: Vent Life in the Water Column

Author(s): Diane K. Adams | Shawn M. Arellano | Breea Govenar
Mechanical and chemical properties of sewage pipes

Author(s): Ł. Wierzbicki | M. Szymiczek
Investigation of Indirect Contact Freezing Process in Desalination of Boshehr Beach's Saline Water

Author(s): M Mahdavi | S Naseri | M Yunesian | A.H Mahvi | M Alimohaadi
Wireless Sensor Node for Surface Seawater Density Measurements

Author(s): Federico Baronti | Gabriele Fantechi | Roberto Roncella | Roberto Saletti
Water Status in the Syrian Water Basins

Author(s): Ronny Berndtsson | Khaldoon A. Mourad
Water Quality, Contamination, and Wetlands in the Croton Watershed, New York, USA

Author(s): Martin H. Otz | James Hassett | Ines Otz | Jeffrey M. McKenzie | Donald I. Siegel | Laura K. Lautz
Toxic Cyanobacteria in Four Brazilian Water Supply Reservoirs

Author(s): Maria do Carmo Bittencourt-Oliveira | Viviane Piccin-Santos
Training hydrologists to be ecohydrologists and play a leading role in environmental problem solving

Author(s): M. E. McClain | L. Chícharo | N. Fohrer | M. Gaviño Novillo | W. Windhorst | M. Zalewski
Combining surface reanalysis and remote sensing data for monitoring evapotranspiration

Author(s): M. Marshall | K. Tu | C. Funk | J. Michaelsen | P. Williams | C. Williams | J. Ardö | B. Marie | B. Cappelaere | A. Grandcourt | A. Nickless | Y. Nouvellon | R. Scholes | W. Kutsch
Measurement and modelling of evaporation from a coastal wetland in Maputaland, South Africa

Author(s): A. D. Clulow | C. S. Everson | M. G. Mengistu | C. Jarmain | G. P. W. Jewitt | J. S. Price | P.-L. Grundling
Water Audit

Author(s): Kedar Chimote | Astashil Bhabhulkar
Helmet Cooling with Phase Change Material

Author(s): Vikrant Katekar | Vishal Khatri
Constraints of camel pastoralists in Gedarif state, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Y. M. Abdalatif, | M. O. Eisa, | A. B. Mustafa | A. M. Salih

Author(s): Gordana HEGIĆ | Dragan BUBALO
The 2011 Brisbane Floods: Causes, Impacts and Implications

Author(s): Robin C. van den Honert | John McAneney
Influence of intense scavenging on Pa-Th fractionation in the wake of Kerguelen Island (Southern Ocean)

Author(s): C. Venchiarutti | M. Roy-Barman | R. Freydier | P. van Beek | M. Souhaut | C. Jeandel
Microbiological Evaluation of Water Quality from Urban Watersheds for Domestic Water Supply Improvement

Author(s): A. Mark Ibekwe | Shelton E. Murinda | Alexandria K. Graves

Author(s): John O’M. Bockris
Numerical modelling of POC dynamics in the southern Baltic under possible future conditions determined by nutrients, light and temperature

Author(s): Lidia Dzierzbicka-Głowacka | Karol Kuliński | Anna Maciejewska | Jaromir Jakacki | Janusz Pempkowiak
Erosion control and protection from torrential floods in Serbia-spatial aspects

Author(s): Ristić Ratko | Radić Boris | Nikić Zoran | Trivan Goran | Vasiljević Nevena | Dragićević Slavoljub | Živković Nenad | Radosavljević Zoran
An Integrated Approach to Address Endemic Fluorosis in Jharkhand, India

Author(s): Luke H. MacDonald | Gopal Pathak | Burton Singer | Peter R. Jaffé
Water Supply Dilemma in Nigerian Rural Communities: Looking Towards the Sky for an Answer

Author(s): H. T Ishaku | M. R Majid | A. A Ajayi | A Haruna
Relationship between Climate and Groundwater Recharge in the Besseke Watershed (Douala – Cameroon)

Author(s): Feumba Roger | Ngounou Ngatcha Benjamin | Tabue Youmbi Jean Ghislain | Ekodeck Georges Emmanuel
Geo-Spatial Database Creation for Wazirabad Canal Command Area

Author(s): Chalumuri Ramesh Naidu | M. V. S. S. Giridhar
Efficiency Upgrade in PWRs

Author(s): Morteza Gharib | Abdolazim Yaghooti | Majid Oloomi Buygi
Solar Thermal Aquaculture System Controller Based on Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Doaa M Atia | Faten H Fahmy | Ninet M Ahmed | Hassen T Dorrah
Research on the Leading Industry Selection of Ecological Environment:Take Cheng-Yu Economic Zone as an Example

Author(s): XIAO Hong-yan | YUAN Xingzhong | LI Bo | CAO Hui | LIAO zhengjun
Water outage increases the risk of gastroenteritis and eyes and skin diseases

Author(s): Huang Ling-Ya | Wang Yu-Chun | Liu Chung-Ming | Wu Trong-Neng | Chou Chang-Hung | Sung Fung-Chang | Wu Chin-Ching

Author(s): Adabara N. U. | Mawak J.D. | Momohjimoh A. | Bala J.D. | Abdulrahaman A.A. | Oyedum U.M. | Jagaba A.
GIS in Water Supply Network Maintenance in Tarkwa, South Western Ghana

Author(s): Michael Soakodan Aduah | Saviour Mantey | Naa Dedei Tagoe
Corroded scale analysis from water distribution pipes

Author(s): Rajaković-Ognjanović Vladana N. | Grgur Branimir N.
Recent trends in bioethanol production

Author(s): Semenčenko Valentina V. | Mojović Ljiljana V. | Petrović Slobodan D. | Ocić Ozren
Analysis of selected elements in water in the drinking water preparation plants in Belgrade, Serbia

Author(s): Antanasijević Davor Z. | Lukić Nataša A. | Pocajt Viktor V. | Perić-Grujić Aleksandra A. | Ristić Mirjana Đ.
Toward a Heat Recovery Chimney

Author(s): Dan Zhang | Yuelei Yang | Min Pan | Zhen Gao
Nutritional requirements of freshwater ornamental fish: a review

Author(s): Yohana Velasco-Santamaría | Wilson Corredor-Santamaría
A channel transmission losses model for different dryland rivers

Author(s): A. C. Costa | A. Bronstert | J. C. de Araújo
Persistent influence of ice sheet melting on high northern latitude climate during the early Last Interglacial

Author(s): A. Govin | P. Braconnot | E. Capron | E. Cortijo | J.-C. Duplessy | E. Jansen | L. Labeyrie | A. Landais | O. Marti | E. Michel | E. Mosquet | B. Risebrobakken | D. Swingedouw | C. Waelbroeck
The water footprint of electricity from hydropower

Author(s): M. M. Mekonnen | A. Y. Hoekstra
Silicon pool dynamics and biogenic silica export in the Southern Ocean inferred from Si-isotopes

Author(s): F. Fripiat | A.-J. Cavagna | F. Dehairs | S. Speich | L. André | D. Cardinal
Water Balance Principles: A Review of Studies on Five Watersheds in Iran

Author(s): A. Ghandhari | S.M.R. Alavi Moghaddam
Exclusively Breastfeeding and Hypernatremic Dehydration

Author(s): MK Çağlar | FŞ Altugan | I Özer

Author(s): Mokhtari M. Naddafi K | Mahvi A.H. | Naseri S
Evaluating the Microbial Content of the Drinking Water in Rural Areas of Tehran Province

Author(s): R Nabizadeh | K Naddafi | M Mohebbi | M Yonesian | A.M Mirsepasi | S Oktaie
IODP Expedition 317: Exploring the Record of Sea-Level Change off New Zealand

Author(s): Craig S. Fulthorpe | Koichi Hoyanagi | Peter Blum | the IODP Expedition 317 Scien
Enhanced transdermal delivery of evodiamine and rutaecarpine using microemulsion

Author(s): Zhong YT | Zhao JH | Zhang SJ | Zhong YZ | Wang Z | Liu Y | Shi F | Feng NP
Water use efficiency and yield of winter wheat under different irrigation regimes in a semi-arid region

Author(s): Mohamed Hakim Kharrou | Salah Er-Raki | Ahmed Chehbouni | Benoit Duchemin | Vincent Simonneaux | Michel LePage | Lahcen Ouzine | Lionel Jarlan

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