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Wavelet Denoising of NMR Signal Using QMF Filter Bank Designed by Remez Algorithm

Author(s): Radek Kubasek | Eva Gescheidtova | Karel Bartusek
Observation of a mesospheric front in a thermal-doppler duct over King George Island, Antarctica

Author(s): J. V. Bageston | C. M. Wrasse | P. P. Batista | R. E. Hibbins | D. C Fritts | D. Gobbi | V. F. Andrioli
The integral wavelet transform in weighted Sobolev spaces

Author(s): Nguyen Minh Chuong | Ta Ngoc Tri
Hierarchical Leak Detection and Localization Method in Natural Gas Pipeline Monitoring Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jiangwen Wan | Yang Yu | Yinfeng Wu | Renjian Feng | Ning Yu
On the Discrete Harmonic Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Carlo Cattani | Aleksey Kudreyko
Literature Review of Wavelet based Digital Image Watermarking Techniques

Author(s): Vaishali S. Jabade | Dr. Sachin R. Gengaje
Reduction in Feature Vector Size of Colour Averaging based Image Retrieval Techniques using Walsh Wavelet Pyramid Levels

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Sudeep D. Thepade | Dr. Tanuja K. Sarode | Varun K. Banura
"Iris recognition using Partial Coefficients by applying Discrete Cosine Transform, Haar Wavelet and DCT Wavelet Transform"

Author(s): Dr. H. B. Kekre | Dr. Tanuja K. | Pratik Bhatia | Sandhya N. Nayak | Dheeraj Nagpal
Wavelet Domain Shrinkage Methods for Noise Removal in Images: A Compendium

Author(s): E.Jebamalar Leavline | S.Sutha | D.Asir Antony Gnana
A robust scheme for Digital Video Watermarking based on Scrambling of Watermark

Author(s): Mahesh R. Sanghavi | Dr. Archana M. | Dr. Rajeev Mathur | Kainjan S. Kotecha
Hybrid Emotional Neural Network for Facial Expression Classification

Author(s): K. V. Krishna Kishore | G. P. S. Varma
A Fast FractalCurvelet Image Coder

Author(s): A. Muruganandham | S. Karthick | Dr. R. S. D. Wahida Banu
A Robust Wavelet Packet Based Blind Digital Image Watermarking using HVS characteristics

Author(s): C. Patvardhan | A. K. Verma | C. Vasantha Lakshmi

Author(s): Mohsen Zare Baghbidi | Kamal Jamshidi | Ahmad Reza Naghsh Nilchi | Saeid Homayouni

Author(s): Tamililakkiya.V | Vani K | Lavanya A | Anto Micheal

Author(s): N. Sergienko | A. Marenich
Designing an Approach for Network Traffic Anomaly Detection

Author(s): Seyed Mahmoud Anisheh | Hamid Hassanpour
Enhancement of Mammographic Images using Morphology and Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Harish Kumar.N | Amutha. S | Dr. Ramesh Babu .D. R
Wavelet based Multi Class image classification using Neural Network

Author(s): Ajay Kumar Singh | Shamik Tiwari | V. P. Shukla
Personal Authentication System using Hand Vein Biometric

Author(s): G. Sathish | Dr. S.V. Saravanan | Dr. S. Narmadha | Dr. S. Uma Maheswari
Wavelet Denoising of NMR Signal Using QMF Filter Bank Designed by Remez Algorithm

Author(s): Radek Kubasek | Eva Gescheidtova | Karel Bartusek
Inverted Pattern in Inverted Time Domain for Icon Steganography

Author(s): Rengarajan Amirtharajan | John Bosco Balaguru Rayappan
Notched-noise embedded frequency specific chirps for objective audiometry using auditory brainstem responses

Author(s): Farah I. Corona-Strauss | Bernhard Schick | Wolfgang Delb | Daniel J. Strauss
Color Image Enhancement Techniques: A Critical Review

Author(s): Anish Kumar Vishwakarma | Agya Mishra
3-D Face Recognition Using Improved 3D Mixed Transform

Author(s): Mr. Hamid M. Hasan | Prof. Dr. Waleed A. AL.Jouhar | Dr. Majid A. Alwan
Audio Steganography Coding Using the Discrete Wavelet Transforms

Author(s): Siwar Rekik | Driss Guerchi | Habib Hamam | Sid-Ahmed Selouani
Retinal Identification System Based on the Combination of Fourier and Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Kouchaki | Ali Zahedi | Mehdi Fattahi | Masoud Sabaghi | S. Reza Hadianamrei
Retinal Identification System Based on the Combination of Fourier and Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Kouchaki | Ali Zahedi | Mehdi Fattahi | Masoud Sabaghi | S. Reza Hadianamrei
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
Image Deblocking in Wavelet Domain Based on Local Laplace Prior

Author(s): Vijay Kumar Nath | Deepika Hazarika
Improved Performance by Parametrizing Wavelet Filters for Digital Image Watermarking

Author(s): Mangaiyarkarasi Palanivel | Arulselvi Shanmugam
Tree Based Wavelet Transform and DAG SVM for Seizure Detection

Author(s): A.S.Muthanantha Murugavel | S.Ramakrishnan
Features Extraction of ECG signal for Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmias

Author(s): P.D.Khandait | N.G. Bawane | S.S.Limaye
Image Watermarking Algorithm using DCT, DWT and SVD

Author(s): Nidhi H. Divecha | N. N. Jani
Exploring Duplicated Regions in Natural Images

Author(s): Kavita V.Hulmukhe | S.S.Sane | Alpana A. Borse
Mathematical Model for Digital Video Watermarking Based On 3D Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Sonam A. Bhandari | Amar D. Rana | Swati Z. Bhandari
Image Stenography Skin Tone Detection

Image Retrieval System Using Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique

Author(s): Vadhri Suryanarayana | M.V.L.N. Raja Rao | P. Bhaskara Reddy | G. Ravindra Babu
Advanced Video Compression Technique of H.264 Codec Using SPIHT Algorithm

Author(s): S.K Singh | Mahendra Sharma | Priti Singh | Greta Dabre
Low Bit Rate Video Coding Implementation Using Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Swapna D. Pahade | Ajay .D. Jadhav | Poorva Waingankar
A Hybrid Algorithm for Classification of Compressed ECG

Author(s): Shubhada S.Ardhapurkar | Ramandra R. Manthalkar | Suhas S.Gajre
High Capacity and Resistance to Additive Noise Audio Steganography Algorithm

Author(s): Haider Ismael Shahadi | Razali Bin Jidin
Artificial Neural Network for Transfer Function Placental Development: DCT and DWT Approach

Author(s): Mohammad Ayache | Mohamad Khalil | Francois Tranquart
Video Compression Algorithm Based on Frame Difference Approaches

Author(s): MuzhirShaban Al-Ani | Talal Ali Hammouri
Robust Secure and Blind Watermarking Based on DWT DCT Partial Multi Map Chaotic Encryption

Author(s): Esam A. Hagras | M. S. El-Mahallawy | A. Zein Eldin | M. W. Fakhr
Brain Computer Interface Based Real Time Control of Wheelchair Using Electroencephalogram

Author(s): Vijay Khare | Jayashree Santhosh | Sneh Anand | Manvir Bhatia
Prediction of hydrophobic regions effectively in transmembrane proteins using digital filter

Author(s): Jayakishan Meher | Mukesh Kumar Raval | Gananath Dash | Pramod Kumar Meher
Wavelet-Based MPNLMS Adaptive Algorithm for Network Echo Cancellation

Author(s): Deng Hongyang | Doroslovački Miloš
Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Wang Beibei | Wang Yao | Selesnick Ivan | Vetro Anthony
Energy-Efficient Transmission of Wavelet-Based Images in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Lecuire Vincent | Duran-Faundez Cristian | Krommenacker Nicolas
Costs and Advantages of Object-Based Image Coding with Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Cagnazzo Marco | Parrilli Sara | Poggi Giovanni | Verdoliva Luisa
A Real-Time Wavelet-Domain Video Denoising Implementation in FPGA

Author(s): Katona Mihajlo | Pižurica Aleksandra | Teslić Nikola | Kovačević Vladimir | Philips Wilfried
3D Scan-Based Wavelet Transform and Quality Control for Video Coding

Author(s): Parisot Christophe | Antonini Marc | Barlaud Michel
Speckle Suppression in Ultrasonic Images Based on Undecimated Wavelets

Author(s): Argenti Fabrizio | Torricelli Gionatan
An Approach to Adaptive Enhancement of Diagnostic X-Ray Images

Author(s): Öktem Hakan | Egiazarian Karen | Niittylahti Jarkko | Lemmetti Juha
Training Methods for Image Noise Level Estimation on Wavelet Components

Author(s): De Stefano A | White PR | Collis WB
Automatic Target Detection Using Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Arivazhagan S | Ganesan L
Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Galaxies by Multiscale Methods

Author(s): Starck J-L | Martínez VJ | Donoho DL | Levi O | Querre P | Saar E
Fast Frequency Estimation by Zero Crossings of Differential Spline Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Wang Yu-Ping | Chen Jie | Wu Qiang | Castleman Kenneth R
Optical Wavelet Signals Processing and Multiplexing

Author(s): Cincotti Gabriella | Moreolo Michela Svaluto | Neri Alessandro
Wavelet Video Denoising with Regularized Multiresolution Motion Estimation

Author(s): Jin Fu | Fieguth Paul | Winger Lowell
A Secret Image Sharing Method Using Integer Wavelet Transform

Author(s): Huang Chin-Pan | Li Ching-Chung
Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Signal Analysis

Author(s): Tse Norman CF | Lai LL
Combining Wavelet Transform and Hidden Markov Models for ECG Segmentation

Author(s): Andreão Rodrigo Varejão | Boudy Jérôme
Medical Image Fusion via an Effective Wavelet-Based Approach

Author(s): Yang Yong | Park DongSun | Huang Shuying | Rao Nini
Review on Binary Image Steganography and Watermarking

Author(s): Mrs. Gyankamal J. Chhaje | Ms. Krupali V. Deshmukh | Ms. Trupti S. Kulkarni

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