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Delving into Transition to the Semantic Web

Author(s): Ioan Despi | Lucian Luca
Liquid-liquid phase transition: is it possible in Fe melts?

Author(s): Mirzoev A.A. | Sobolev A.N.
Modeling and Analysis the Web Structure Using Stochastic Timed Petri Nets

Author(s): Po-Zung Chen | Chu-Hao Sun | Shih-Yang Yang
Using highly excited baryons to catch the quark mass

Author(s): Van Cauteren T. | Bicudo P. | Cardoso M. | Llanes Estrada F.J.
Experimental study of dynamic fragmentation of shockloaded metals below and above melting

Author(s): Signor L. | Lescoute E. | Loison D. | De Rességuier T. | Dragon A. | Roy G.
Nitromethane ignition observed with embedded PDV optical fibers

Author(s): Mercier P. | Bénier J. | Frugier P.A. | Debruyne M. | Crouzet B.
Quark Number Scaling in Fluid Dynamics and Hadronization via Quarkyonic Matter

Author(s): Csernai L.P. | Cheng Y. | Horvat Sz. | Mishustin I. | Zschocke S.
Analysis of Users Web Browsing Behavior Using Markov chain Model

Author(s): Diwakar Shukla | Rahul Singhai
HMM Logos for visualization of protein families

Author(s): Schuster-Böckler Benjamin | Schultz Jörg | Rahmann Sven
A web server for interactive and zoomable Chaos Game Representation images

Author(s): Arakawa Kazuharu | Oshita Kazuki | Tomita Masaru
Pionic Deuterium

Author(s): Strauch Th. | Amaro F.D. | Anagnostopoulos D.F. | Bühler P. | Covita D.S. | Gorke H. | Gotta D. | Gruber A. | Hirtl A. | Indelicato P. | Le Bigot E.-O. | Nekipelov M. | dos Santos J.M.F. | Schmid Ph. | Schlesser S. | Simons L.M. | Trassinelli M. | Veloso J.F.C.A. | Zmeskal J.
Multiaxial yield behaviour of polypropylene

Author(s): Jerabek M. | Tscharnuter D. | Major Z. | Ravi-Chandar K. | Lang R.
QCD Green's Functions and Phases of Strongly-Interacting Matter

Author(s): Alkofer R. | Mitter M. | Schaefer B.J.
Hybrid approaches to heavy ion collisions and future perspectives

Author(s): Nahrgang M. | Herold C. | Schramm S. | Bleicher M.
Iterative reconstruction of a global metabolic model of Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 using high-throughput growth phenotype and gene essentiality data

Author(s): Durot Maxime | Le Fèvre François | de Berardinis Véronique | Kreimeyer Annett | Vallenet David | Combe Cyril | Smidtas Serge | Salanoubat Marcel | Weissenbach Jean | Schachter Vincent
Web-based guided insulin self-titration in patients with type 2 diabetes: the Di@log study. Design of a cluster randomised controlled trial [TC1316]

Author(s): Roek Mariëlle | Welschen Laura | Kostense Piet | Dekker Jacqueline | Snoek Frank | Nijpels Giel
Dreams of a New Medium

Author(s): Aden Evens
Pharmaceutical E-learning: Precepts, retrospect and prospects

Author(s): Singh B | Kapil R | Katare O
Towards a systems biology approach to mammalian cell cycle: modeling the entrance into S phase of quiescent fibroblasts after serum stimulation

Author(s): Alfieri Roberta | Barberis Matteo | Chiaradonna Ferdinando | Gaglio Daniela | Milanesi Luciano | Vanoni Marco | Klipp Edda | Alberghina Lilia
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Huadong Ma | Guojun Wang | Guojun Wang
An Automatic Test Case Generation Framework for Web Services

Author(s): Yongyan Zheng | Jiong Zhou | Paul Krause
Using Petri Nets to Enhance Web Usage Mining

Author(s): Shih-Yang Yang | Po-Zung Chen | Chu-Hao Sun
Extending MCAS to hypernuclei and radiative-capture reactions

Author(s): Canton L. | Amos K. | Karataglidis S. | Svenne J.P.
Estimation of Glass-Forming Ability and Glass Stability of Sb2S3-As2S3-Sb2Te3 Glasses by Thermal Properties

Author(s): K. N`Dri | J. Sei | D. Houphouet-Boigny | G. Kra | J.C. Jumas
Geometría flexible para las estructuras de barras

Author(s): Sánchez-Cuenca López, Luis
An Improved in Vivo Deuterium Labeling Method for Measuring the Biosynthetic Rate of Cytokinins

Author(s): Petr Tarkowski | Kristýna Floková | Kateřina Václavíková | Pavel Jaworek | Martin Raus | Anders Nordström | Ondřej Novák | Karel Doležal | Marek Šebela | Jitka Frébortová
Experimental research on high pressure phase transitions of Mo and Ta*

Author(s): Cai L.-C. | Zeng Z.-Y. | Zhang X.-L. | Hu J.-B.

Author(s): Lacurezeanu Ramona | Buchmann Robert | Coros Robert | Stanca Liana
Interplay between chiral and deconfinement phase transitions

Author(s): Xu F. | Mukherjee T.K. | Chen H. | Huang M.
Dynamical equilibration in strongly-interacting parton-hadron matter

Author(s): Ozvenchuk V. | Bratkovskaya E. | Linnyk O. | Gorenstein M. | Cassing W.
ATAQS: A computational software tool for high throughput transition optimization and validation for selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry

Author(s): Brusniak Mi-Youn | Kwok Sung-Tat | Christiansen Mark | Campbell David | Reiter Lukas | Picotti Paola | Kusebauch Ulrike | Ramos Hector | Deutsch Eric | Chen Jingchun | Moritz Robert | Aebersold Ruedi
MIR@NT@N: a framework integrating transcription factors, microRNAs and their targets to identify sub-network motifs in a meta-regulation network model

Author(s): Le Béchec Antony | Portales-Casamar Elodie | Vetter Guillaume | Moes Michèle | Zindy Pierre-Joachim | Saumet Anne | Arenillas David | Theillet Charles | Wasserman Wyeth | Lecellier Charles-Henri | Friederich Evelyne
Some physical properties of Al–Sn–Zn melts.

Author(s): Sidorov V. | Drápala J. | Uporov S. | Sabirzyanov A. | Popel P. | Kurochkin A. | Grushevskij K.
Viscosity and volume properties of the Al-Cu melts

Author(s): Konstantinova N. | Kurochkin A. | Popel P.
Photometric analysis of the structure evolution on the Pb-19.4%Sn melt surface in the S-L temperature range

Author(s): Yermishkin V.A. | Minina N.A. | Lyakhovitskii M.M. | Roshchupkin V.V.
Static and dynamical inhomogeneity at liquid - liquid phase transition of Se-Te mixtures

Author(s): Kajihara Y. | Inui M. | Matsuda K. | Ishikawa D. | Tsutsui S. | Baron A.Q.R.
Effect of stress fields on the structural transformations in the Fe-Zr-B based amorphous alloy

Author(s): Yermishkin V.A. | Murat D.P. | Frolov S.N. | Fedotova N.L.
Universal sequence map (USM) of arbitrary discrete sequences

Author(s): Almeida Jonas | Vinga Susana
iHOPerator: user-scripting a personalized bioinformatics Web, starting with the iHOP website

Author(s): Good Benjamin | Kawas Edward | Kuo Byron | Wilkinson Mark
Exact p-value calculation for heterotypic clusters of regulatory motifs and its application in computational annotation of cis-regulatory modules

Author(s): Boeva Valentina | Clément Julien | Régnier Mireille | Roytberg Mikhail | Makeev Vsevolod
Protein contact order prediction from primary sequences

Author(s): Shi Yi | Zhou Jianjun | Arndt David | Wishart David | Lin Guohui
PChopper: high throughput peptide prediction for MRM/SRM transition design

Author(s): Afzal Vackar | Huang Jeffrey | Atrih Abdel | Crowther Daniel
The Aegean sea marine security decision support system

Author(s): L. Perivoliotis | G. Krokos | K. Nittis | G. Korres
Static and Dynamic Chain Structures in the Mean-Field Theory

Author(s): Ichikawa T. | Itagaki N. | Loebl N. | Maruhn J.A. | Oberacker V.E. | Ohkubo S. | Schuetrumpf B. | Umar A.S.
Multistage Interconnection Networks: A transition from Electronic to Optical

Author(s): Rinkle Rani Aggarwal | Lakhwinder Kaur | Himanshu Aggarwal
Internetware Structure Description and Research of the Petri Net Method

Author(s): Zhijian Wang | Yuping Hu | Shaohua Li | Dingguo Wei
WS-DAI-DM: An Interface Specification for Data Mining in Grid Environments

Author(s): Yan Zhang | Luoming Meng | Honghui Li | Alexander Woehrer | Peter Brezany
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Malin Song | Dingding Pan | Jie Wu | Li Yang | Hongping Zhou | Christopher Clemence
Distributed Systems and Web Technologies

Author(s): Adrian GHENCEA | Violeta GAUCAN | Daniela PIRVU
The Public User's Role in Breast Self-Examination Teleconsultation System Development: Modified User-Created Content Approach

Author(s): Norayu A. Talib | Nasriah Zakaria | Sureswaran Ramadass | Faten Damanhoori
A Verified Algebra for Linked Data

Author(s): Ross Horne | Vladimiro Sassone
The Aegean Sea marine security decision support system

Author(s): L. Perivoliotis | G. Krokos | K. Nittis | G. Korres
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