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T-Epitope Designer: A HLA-peptide binding prediction server

Author(s): Pandjassarame Kangueane | Meena Kishore Sakharkar
Analysis of Server Log by Web Usage Mining for Website Improvement

Author(s): Navin Kumar Tyagi | A. K. Solanki | Manoj Wadhwa
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Seq4SNPs: new software for retrieval of multiple, accurately annotated DNA sequences, ready formatted for SNP assay design

Author(s): Field Helen | Scollen Serena | Luccarini Craig | Baynes Caroline | Morrison Jonathan | Dunning Alison | Easton Douglas | Pharoah Paul
Towards a systems biology approach to mammalian cell cycle: modeling the entrance into S phase of quiescent fibroblasts after serum stimulation

Author(s): Alfieri Roberta | Barberis Matteo | Chiaradonna Ferdinando | Gaglio Daniela | Milanesi Luciano | Vanoni Marco | Klipp Edda | Alberghina Lilia
Object Oriented Analysis and Design of e-Learning System

Author(s): M.K. Jayanthi | S.K. Srivatsa | T. Ramesh
Mechanical behaviour of composite materials made by resin film infusion

Author(s): Barile C. | Casavola C. | Pappalettere C. | Tursi F.
Ingénierie des compétences et scénarisation pédagogique

Author(s): Richard Hotte | Josianne Basque | Violaine Page-Lamarche | Diane Ruelland
Out of Our Heads! Four perspectives on the curation of an on-line exhibition of medically themed artwork by UK medical undergraduates

Author(s): Trevor Thompson | Danny van de Klee | Catherine Lamont-Robinson | Will Duffin
Microarray oligonucleotide probe designer: a Web service

Author(s): Viren C Patel | Kajari Mondal | Amol Carl Shetty | et al
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Fuzzy Approach to the Selection of Material Data in Concurrent Engineering Environment

Author(s): Adavi Balakrishna | G. Ravi Chandra | Balakrishna Gogulamudi | Chinta Someswararao
A Web-based Computer-Aided Material-Selection System for Aircraft Design

Author(s): Yuanpei Lan | Zhidong Guan | Qixiang Jiao | Guangxing Xu
Input-output Conformance Testing for Channel-based Service Connectors

Author(s): Natallia Kokash | Farhad Arbab | Behnaz Changizi | Leonid Makhnist
LabKey Server NAb: A tool for analyzing, visualizing and sharing results from neutralizing antibody assays

Author(s): Piehler Britt | Nelson Elizabeth | Eckels Josh | Ramsay Sarah | Lum Karl | Wood Blake | Greene Kelli | Gao Hongmei | Seaman Michael | Montefiori David | Igra Mark
Security Engineering of SOA Applications Via Reliability Patterns

Author(s): Luigi Coppolino | Luigi Romano | Valerio Vianello
Assessing User Trust to Improve Web Usability

Author(s): Punam Bedi | Hema Banati
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