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Creating Multiuser Web3D Applications Embedded in Web Pages

Author(s): Xandre Chourio | Francisco Luengo | Gerardo Pirela
Frof Guest Editors

Author(s): Mark J. W. LEE | Hakan G. SENEL
Ontology of a scene based on Java 3D architecture.

Author(s): Holman Bolívar Barón | Rubén González Crespo | Oscar Sanjuán Martínez
WebVR——Web Virtual Reality Engine Based on P2P network

Author(s): zhihan LV | Tengfei Yin | Yong Han | Yong Chen | Ge Chen
Effects of Stereoscopic 3D Contents on the Process of Learning to Build a Handmade PC

Author(s): Aika Mukai | Yoshio Yamagishi | Makoto J. Hirayama | Toshiya Tsuruoka | Tosh Yamamoto
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