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Author(s): Ljiljana Blagojević | Ljiljana Stošić | Branislav Petrović | Dragan Spasić | Milica Drljević
Results of workplace drug testing in Norway

Author(s): Hilde Marie Erøy Lund | Stig Tore Bogstrand | Asbjørg Solberg Christophersen
Physical education techears’ knowledge about chronic diseases risk factors in a southern Brazilian city. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2012v14n1p61

Author(s): Airton José Rombaldi | Thiago Terra Borges | Lúcio Kerber Canabarro | Marilda Borges Neutzling | Leandro Quadro Corrêa
Workplace Affective Commitment, Emotional Labor and Burnout: A Multiple Mediator Model

Author(s): Émilie Lapointe | Alexandre J.S. Morin | François Courcy | Amélie Boilard | Daniel Payette
If Only Math Majors Could Write...

Author(s): Bernard L. Madison
Impact of work place stresses on work ability index in patients with depressive disorders

Author(s): Brekalo-Lazarević Sanja | Pranjić Nurka | Selmanović Senada | Grbović Mensur
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
An Epidemiologic Survey on Burns in Yazd from 2008 till 2009

Author(s): Seyed Jalil Mirmohammadi | Amir Houshang Mehrparvar | Mohammad Jalilmanesh | Kazem Kazemeini | Negar Delbari | Mehrdad Mostaghaci
Fuzzy Logic Method for Assessment of Noise Exposure Risk in an Industrial Workplace

Author(s): Rostam Golmohammadi | Mahbobeh Eshaghi | Mehdi Reyahi Khoram
Effectiveness of a Safety Training Course in Changing Employees Attitude Toward Safety Issues and its Dimensions: A Pathological Study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
Long Absence from Work Due to Sickness Among Psychiatric Outpatients in Japan, with Reference to a Recent Trend for Perfectionism

Author(s): K Nakamura | H Seto | S Okino | K Ono | M Ogasawara | Y Shibamoto | T Agata | K Nakayama
Child abuse: perception and management of the Brazilian endodontists

Author(s): Estela Maris Losso | Glaucia Marengo | Maria Carolina El Sarraf | Flares Baratto Filho
Engineering a Grimm approach to enhancing student engagement with health and safety lectures: a new perspective on an ancient pedagogy

Author(s): Cliodhna McCormac | Graham R. Dale | Jolene Phair | Kevin McHugh | James Davis

Author(s): Norudin Manso | Noorul Huda Zakari | Zalinawati Abdulla
Experimentation in an Academic Library: A Study in Security and Individual Student Engagement

Author(s): Susan Marie Burns Steuer | Matthew Thornton Brodhead
Occupational stress among police personnel of Wardha city, India

Author(s): Selokar D | Nimbarte S | Ahana S | Gaidhane A | Wagh V
Determining Service Life of Respirator Cartridges Using a Simple and Practical Method: Case Study in a Car Manufacturing Industry

Author(s): M Jahangiri | J Adl | S.J Shah Taheri | H kakooii | A Rahimi Forooshani | A.M Rashidi | J Keypoor
Musculoskeletal Injuries and Their Associated Risk Factors

Author(s): A.R Choobineh | H Rahimi Fard | M Jahangiri | S Mahmood Khani
Survey of noise exposure and permanent hearing loss among Shadris spinning factory workers of Yazd using Task Base Method (TBM)

Author(s): M. Ghotbi | M. Monazzam | N. Khanjani | Gh. Halvani | M. Salmani Nodoushan | R. Jafari Nodoushan
Perceived Social Support among Hospital Personnel and its Influential factors: A case study

Author(s): M. Mardani Hamuleh | P. Raeissi | H. Heidari | M. Mahbobi
Evaluation of Change Schedule of Organic Vapor Respirator cartridges in a Petrochemical Industry

Author(s): M. Jahangiri | J. Adl | SJ. Shahtaheri | H. Kakoee | A. Rahimifroshani | A. Rshidi | A. Ghorbanali
Assessment of sick building syndrome among office workers in Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences in 2008

Author(s): G. Kholasezadeh | SJ Mirmohammadi Meybodi | AH Mehrparvar | Fallah Tafti | M. Abedinzadeh | F. Nourani Yazdi
The effect of job safety analysis on risk perception of workers at high risk jobs in a refinery

Author(s): M.J. Jafari | F. Kouhi | M. Movahedi | T. Allah-Yari
Occupational stressors in nursing

Author(s): H. GHolam Nejad | N. Nikpeyma
Determination of a Quantitative Job Severity Score Value for Health Hazards in Industry

Author(s): H. Sadeghi Naeini | M. Rismanchian | A. Nayebzadeh
Musculoskeletal Disorders among Bank Computer Operators

Author(s): A. Choobineh | E. Nouri | A. Arjmandzadeh | A. Mohamadbaigi
Comparing the Heat Stress Index of HSI and WBGT in BakeryWorkplaces in Hamadan

Author(s): R. Golmohammad | M. Hassani | A. Zamanparvar | M. Oliaei | M. Aliabadi | S. Mahdavi

Author(s): Vadasan Ioana | Parean Mihai - Olimpiu
M-learning education trends are popular in Students through iPod

Author(s): Mr. Jamal Mohammad Aqib | Mr. Mohammad Asim
The Naples-Questionnaire of Work Distress (nQ-WD): Bullying at workplace, organizational dysfunctions and bio-psycho-social effects

Author(s): Umberto Carbone | Giuseppe Nolfe | Antonella Cappuccio | Giovanni Nolfe | Maria Triassi
Job Satisfaction and Job Commitment: A Study of Quantity Surveyors in Nigerian Public Service

Author(s): Luqman Oyekunle Oyewobi | Bolaji Suleiman | Abubakar Muhammad-Jamil
Organizational Determinants of Workplace Deviant Behaviours: An Empirical Analysis in Nigeria

Author(s): Bamikole. O. Fagbohungbe | Gabriel A. Akinbode | Folusho Ayodeji
An Integrated Framework for Malware Collection and Analysis for Botnet Tracking

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Sehgal | D. S. Bhilare | Saurabh Chamotra
Social Impact of Internet Access: A Survey

Author(s): Poonam Dhaka | Sandeep Upadhyay | Drashti Dave
Effectiveness of a safety training course in changing employees' attitude toward safety issues and its dimensions: a pathological study

Author(s): Fariba Kiani | Hossein Samavatyan | Siamak Poorabdian | Zahra Mansournejad | Effat Jafari
Occupational Sharp Injuries and Biological Markers of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Viral Infection in Nurses

Author(s): Dragan Mijakoski | Jovanka Karadzinska-Bislimovska | Elisaveta Stikova | Saso Stoleski
Comprometimento calculativo e retaliação: visão integrada dos conceitos em uma organização pública

Author(s): Letícia Gomes Maia | Antonio Virgilio Bittencourt Bastos
Knowledge Sharing in Workplace: Motivators and Demotivators

Author(s): Oye.N.D | Mazleena Salleh | Noorminshah.A
Nurse’s Roles and the Mediating Effects of Stress on Job Performance in Low and Developing Economies

Author(s): Joshua Chiroma Gandi | Wukatda Wokji Beben | Yohanna Gyarazama
Productivity Improvement Model without Increasing Operation’s Risk and Fatigue

Author(s): Adel Al-Shayea | Khalid Al-Saleh | Khalid Al-Yami | Abdulaziz El-Tamimi
Violence Against Allied Healthcare Personnel in an Emergency Department

Author(s): Berna ŞAHİN | Şengül GAYGISIZ | Fethi Murat BALCI | Derya ÖZTÜRK | Müge Bedriye SÖNMEZ | Cemil KAVALCI
Sexual Harassment in the Education Sector

Author(s): D Smit | V du Plessis
Noise exposure and risk of hypertension: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Mashallah Aghilinejad | Masoumeh Ghiasvand | Seyed Javad Haji-Miresmaeil
Hearing impairment due to cigarette smoking and simultaneous exposure to occupational noise

Author(s): Yasser Labbafinejad | Saber Mohammadi | MirSaeed Attarchi | Mashallah Aghilinejad
The effect of perceived discrimination on the health of immigrant workers in Spain

Author(s): Agudelo-Suárez Andrés | Ronda-Pérez Elena | Gil-González Diana | Vives-Cases Carmen | García Ana | Ruiz-Frutos Carlos | Felt Emily | Benavides Fernando
Making a success of providing NHS Health Checks in community pharmacies across the Tees Valley: a qualitative study

Author(s): McNaughton Rebekah | Oswald Nigel | Shucksmith Janet | Heywood Peter | Watson Pat
Implementation of neck/shoulder exercises for pain relief among industrial workers: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Zebis Mette | Andersen Lars | Pedersen Mogens | Mortensen Peter | Andersen Christoffer | Pedersen Mette | Boysen Marianne | Roessler Kirsten | Hannerz Harald | Mortensen Ole | Sjøgaard Gisela
A randomised controlled trial among cleaners-Effects on strength, balance and kinesiophobia

Author(s): Jørgensen Marie | Ektor-Andersen John | Sjøgaard Gisela | Holtermann Andreas | Søgaard Karen
Collaboration between infection control and occupational health in three continents: a success story with international impact

Author(s): Yassi Annalee | Bryce Elizabeth | Breilh Jaime | Lavoie Marie-Claude | Ndelu Lindiwe | Lockhart Karen | Spiegel Jerry
Hours spent and energy expended in physical activity domains: Results from The Tomorrow Project cohort in Alberta, Canada

Author(s): Csizmadi Ilona | Lo Siou Geraldine | Friedenreich Christine | Owen Neville | Robson Paula
Interventions to improve work outcomes in work-related PTSD: a systematic review

Author(s): Stergiopoulos Erene | Cimo Adriana | Cheng Chiachen | Bonato Sarah | Dewa Carolyn
Collective Learning in the Workplace: Important Knowledge Sharing Behaviours

Author(s): Anoush Margarayn | Allison Littlejohn | Colin Milligan

Author(s): Bucciarelli Edgardo | Odoardi Iacopo | Pagliari Carmen | Tateo Armando
Occupational risk in flexible forms of employment in Greece

Author(s): Antonis TARGOUTZIDIS | Savvas ROBOLIS
Universal design of workplaces through the use of Poka-Yokes: Case study and implications

Author(s): Cristóbal Miralles | Raimond Holt | Juan A. Marin-Garcia | Lourdes Canos-Daros
Prioritising the emotional intelligence (EI) needs of undergraduates in Taiwan

Author(s): Jennifer C H Min | Hui-Wen Vivian Tang | Mu-Shang Yin
O sentido social do suicídio no trabalho

Author(s): Selma Venco | Margarida Barreto
Workplace Inhalant Abuse in Adult Female: Brief Report

Author(s): Rohit Verma | Yatan Pal Singh Balhara | Smita N. Deshpande
Social Responsibility in Hospitals of Isfahan City

Author(s): A Barati Marani | HS Sajadi | M Keivanara
Evaluation of Clean Air from Viewpoint of Tile Industry Personnel

Author(s): F Golbabaei | H Nazeman | SJ Shahtaheri | AR Kouhpaei
Job Satisfaction on Primary Health Care Providers in the Rural Settings

Author(s): M Arab | A Pourreza | F Akbari | N Ramesh | S Aghlmand
Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Workers towards Occupational Health and Safety

Author(s): H Sanaei Nasab | R Tavakoli | F Ghofranipour | A Kazemnejad | A Khavanin

Author(s): Ghasemi M. | Dehghan F. | Rezasoltani A. | Shaikhzadeh H
Assessment of illumination in Tehran electrical industries

Author(s): Kakooei H. | Poornajaf A.H
Exposure to psychological violence among the nursing staff in a large teaching hospital in Tehran

Author(s): E Teymoorzadeh | A Rashidian | M Arab | A Akbari Sari | M Ghasemi
Mental Health Status among Midwives Working in Tehran's Public Hospitals

Author(s): Golyan Tehrani Sh |  Monjamed Z |  Mehran A |  Hasheminasab L
An Acoustic Design for Control Room

Author(s): Masoud Rafie
Noise and Tinnitus

Author(s): Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman
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