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Identification of chromosome regions determining kernel high oil content in maize (Zea mays L.) Synthetic populations

Author(s): Marković Ksenija | Ignjatović-Micić Dragana | Saratlić Goran | Lazić-Jančić Vesna
An integrated molecular cytogenetic map of Cucumis sativus L. chromosome 2

Author(s): Han Yonghua | Zhang Zhonghua | Huang Sanwen | Jin Weiwei
The gene-reduction effect of chromosomal losses detected in gastric cancers

Author(s): Hong Seung-Jin | Jeon Eun-Jung | Oh Jung-Hwan | Seo Eun-Joo | Choi Sang-Wook | Rhyu Mun-Gan
Variability of Microsatellites and their Association with Egg Production Traits in Chicken

Author(s): R.N. Chatterjee | R.P. Sharma | A. Mishra | M. Dange | T.K. Bhattacharya
Microsatellite Genetic Differentiation Analysis of Two Local Chicken Breeds Compared with Foreign Hy-Line Strain

Author(s): Kh. Roushdy | A. Zein El-Dein | M.M. Fathi | U.M. Ali | Heba M. Assy
Triploidy in a fetus following amniocentesis referred for maternal serum screening test at second trimester

Author(s): Bagherizadeh E | Oveisi M | Hadipour Z | Saremi A | Shafaghati Y | Behjati F
Cryptic PML-RARα positive acute promyelocytic leukemia with unusual morphology and cytogenetics

Author(s): Goyal Manu | Dattatreya Palinki | Goud Irawathy | Murthy Sudha
Loss of chromosome 9p21 and decreased p16 expression correlate with malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumor

Author(s): Yun Zhang, Hui Cao, Ming Wang, Wen-Yi Zhao, Zhi-Yong Shen, Dan-Ping Shen, Xing-Zhi Ni, Zhi-Yong Wu, Yan-Ying Shen, Yan-Yan Song
Identification and Development of Sex Specific DNA Markers in the Ostrich Using Polymerase Chain Reaction

Author(s): J.D. Hinckley | R.L. Park | S. Xiong | W.R. Andersen | D.L. Kooyman
Study on Molecular OPAY02-Scar Markers Related to Early Body Weight of New Yangzhou Chickens

Author(s): G.J. Dai | J.Y. Wang | O. Olajide | Q.S. Li | H. Shen | K.Z. Xie | Z.Y. Wang | S.L. Wu | Y.P. Gu | G.X. Zhang
Associations Between Microsatellite Markers and Traits Related to Performance, Carcass and Organs in Chickens

Author(s): C. Boschiero | M.F. Rosario | M.C. Ledur | R.L.R. Campos | M. Ambo | L.L. Coutinho | A.S.A.M.T. Moura
Identification of QTLs for Quantitative Resistance to Stripe Rust (Puccinia striiformis F. sp. tritici) in Bread Wheat

Author(s): Imtiaz Muhammad | Cromey Matthew | Ahmad Maqbool | Hampton John | McNeil David
Micronuclei and chromosomal aberrations in healthy tobacco chewers and controls: A study from Gujarat, India

Author(s): Patel Beena P. | Trivedi Pina J. | Brahmbhatt Manisha M. | Shukla Shilin N. | Shah Pankaj M. | Bakshi Sonal R.
S1 families as a source of beneficial alleles for breeding drought tolerant maize genotypes

Author(s): Marković Ksenija | Nikolić Ana | Ignjatović-Micić Dragana | Anđelković Violeta | Lazić-Jančić Vesna
Application of molecular markers in bulk segragant analysis of yield in maize (Zea mays L) synthetic populations

Author(s): Ignjatović-Micić Dragana | Marković Ksenija | Lazić-Jančić Vesna
Molecular characterization of chemical mutagenesis induced diversity in elite maize germplasm

Author(s): Christov Nikolai K. | Todorovska Elena G. | Fasoula Dionysia A. | Ioannides Ioannis M. | Atanassov Atanas I. | Hristov Kiril N.
Effect of GammaRay in the Progeny of Trispecific Hybrid [(Gossypium hirsutum x G. raimondii)² x G. sturtianum]

Author(s): Fatimata Bintou Hassedine DIOUF | Halima BENBOUZA | N’Guessan Olivier KONAN | Djibril SARR | Khadidiatou Ndoye NDIR | Jean Pierre BAUDOIN | Guy MERGEAI
The imprint of the Slave Trade in an African American population: mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome and HTLV-1 analysis in the Noir Marron of French Guiana

Author(s): Brucato Nicolas | Cassar Olivier | Tonasso Laure | Tortevoye Patricia | Migot-Nabias Florence | Plancoulaine Sabine | Guitard Evelyne | Larrouy Georges | Gessain Antoine | Dugoujon Jean-Michel
Allelotyping identification of genomic alterations in rectal chromosomally unstable tumors without preoperative treatment

Author(s): Romain Benoît | Neuville Agnès | Meyer Nicolas | Brigand Cécile | Rohr Serge | Schneider Anne | Gaub Marie-Pierre | Guenot Dominique
DNA sequence polymorphisms in a panel of eight candidate bovine imprinted genes and their association with performance traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian cattle

Author(s): Magee David | Sikora Klaudia | Berkowicz Erik | Berry Donagh | Howard Dawn | Mullen Michael | Evans Ross | Spillane Charles | MacHugh David
A machine learning pipeline for quantitative phenotype prediction from genotype data

Author(s): Guzzetta Giorgio | Jurman Giuseppe | Furlanello Cesare
Genetic linkage map of a wild genome: genomic structure, recombination and sexual dimorphism in bighorn sheep

Author(s): Poissant Jocelyn | Hogg John | Davis Corey | Miller Joshua | Maddox Jillian | Coltman David
Inheritance and identification of molecular markers associated with a novel dwarfing gene in barley

Author(s): Ren Xifeng | Sun Dongfa | Guan Weiwei | Sun Genlou | Li Chengdao
Near-saturated and complete genetic linkage map of black spruce (Picea mariana)

Author(s): Kang Bum-Yong | Mann Ishminder | Major John | Rajora Om
Instability of chromosome number and DNA methylation variation induced by hybridization and amphidiploid formation between Raphanus sativus L. and Brassica alboglabra Bailey

Author(s): Li Xuanli | Guo Weiwei | Wang Bing | Li Xiangsong | Chen Honggao | Wei Lihua | Wang Yanjie | Wu Jiangsheng | Long Hong
Integrative mapping analysis of chicken microchromosome 16 organization

Author(s): Solinhac Romain | Leroux Sophie | Galkina Svetlana | Chazara Olympe | Feve Katia | Vignoles Florence | Morisson Mireille | Derjusheva Svetlana | Bed'hom Bertrand | Vignal Alain | Fillon Valérie | Pitel Frédérique
Functional Annotation, Genome Organization and Phylogeny of the Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Terpene Synthase Gene Family Based on Genome Assembly, FLcDNA Cloning, and Enzyme Assays

Author(s): Martin Diane | Aubourg Sébastien | Schouwey Marina | Daviet Laurent | Schalk Michel | Toub Omid | Lund Steven | Bohlmann Jörg
Admixture mapping of end stage kidney disease genetic susceptibility using estimated mutual information ancestry informative markers

Author(s): Shlush Liran | Bercovici Sivan | Wasser Walter | Yudkovsky Guennady | Templeton Alan | Geiger Dan | Skorecki Karl
Loss of heterozigosity in the short arm of human chromosome 3 in sporadic lung cancer

Author(s): Lina Marcela Barrera | Lizeth Marelly Álvarez | Miguel Ignacio Roldán | Héctor Ortega | Omar Triana | Alonso Martínez
Atherosclerotic lesions and mitochondria DNA deletions in brain microvessels: Implication in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease

Author(s): Gjumrakch Aliev | Eldar Gasimov | Mark E Obrenovich | Kathryn Fischbach | Justin C Shenk | et al
Autosomal Recessive Deafness is Heterogeneous in Pakistani Pakhtun Population

Author(s): S.M. Ibrahim | S. Ahmad | R. Tareen | F.U. Amin
Association and haplotype analysis of candidate genes in five genomic regions linked to sow maternal infanticide in a white Duroc × Erhualian resource population

Author(s): Chen Congying | Yang Zhuqing | Li Yanying | Wei Na | Li Pinghua | Guo Yuanmei | Ren Jun | Ding Nengshui | Huang Lusheng
Information content in genome-wide scans: concordance between patterns of genetic differentiation and linkage mapping associations

Author(s): Wiener Pamela | Edriss Mohammad | Williams John | Waddington David | Law Andrew | Woolliams John | Gutiérrez-Gil Beatriz
Induction of B-cell lymphoma by UVB Radiation in p53 Haploinsufficient Mice

Author(s): Puebla-Osorio Nahum | Miyahara Yasuko | Coimbatore Sreevidya | Limón-Flores Alberto | Kazimi Nasser | Ullrich Stephen | Zhu Chengming
Enhanced genetic maps from family-based disease studies: population-specific comparisons

Author(s): He Chunsheng | Weeks Daniel | Buyske Steven | Abecasis Goncalo | Stewart William | Matise Tara
A second generation genetic map of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758) reveals slow genome and chromosome evolution in the Apidae

Author(s): Stolle Eckart | Wilfert Lena | Schmid-Hempel Regula | Schmid-Hempel Paul | Kube Michael | Reinhardt Richard | Moritz Robin
Genome structure of cotton revealed by a genome-wide SSR genetic map constructed from a BC1 population between gossypium hirsutum and G. barbadense

Author(s): Yu Yu | Yuan Daojun | Liang Shaoguang | Li Ximei | Wang Xiaqing | Lin Zhongxu | Zhang Xianlong
An overview of the Phalaenopsis orchid genome through BAC end sequence analysis

Author(s): Hsu Chia-Chi | Chung Yu-Lin | Chen Tien-Chih | Lee Yu-Ling | Kuo Yi-Tzu | Tsai Wen-Chieh | Hsiao Yu-Yun | Chen Yun-Wen | Wu Wen-Luan | Chen Hong-Hwa
DNA sequence polymorphisms within the bovine guanine nucleotide-binding protein Gs subunit alpha (Gsα)-encoding (GNAS) genomic imprinting domain are associated with performance traits

Author(s): Sikora Klaudia | Magee David | Berkowicz Erik | Berry Donagh | Howard Dawn | Mullen Michael | Evans Ross | MacHugh David | Spillane Charles
Nucleotide diversity maps reveal variation in diversity among wheat genomes and chromosomes

Author(s): Akhunov Eduard | Akhunova Alina | Anderson Olin | Anderson James | Blake Nancy | Clegg Michael | Coleman-Derr Devin | Conley Emily | Crossman Curt | Deal Karin | Dubcovsky Jorge | Gill Bikram | Gu Yong | Hadam Jakub | Heo Hwayoung | Huo Naxin | Lazo Gerard | Luo Ming-Cheng | Ma Yaqin | Matthews David | McGuire Patrick | Morrell Peter | Qualset Calvin | Renfro James | Tabanao Dindo | Talbert Luther | Tian Chao | Toleno Donna | Warburton Marilyn | You Frank | Zhang Wenjun | Dvorak Jan
Patterns of sequence polymorphism in the fleshless berry locus in cultivated and wild Vitis vinifera accessions

Author(s): Houel Cléa | Bounon Rémi | Chaïb Jamila | Guichard Cécile | Péros Jean-Pierre | Bacilieri Roberto | Dereeper Alexis | Canaguier Aurélie | Lacombe Thierry | N'Diaye Amidou | Le Paslier Marie-Christine | Vernerey Marie-Stéphanie | Coriton Olivier | Brunel Dominique | This Patrice | Torregrosa Laurent | Adam-Blondon Anne-Françoise
Specific patterns of gene space organisation revealed in wheat by using the combination of barley and wheat genomic resources

Author(s): Rustenholz Camille | Hedley Pete | Morris Jenny | Choulet Frédéric | Feuillet Catherine | Waugh Robbie | Paux Etienne
Characterization of the association between 8q24 and colon cancer: gene-environment exploration and meta-analysis

Author(s): Hutter Carolyn | Slattery Martha | Duggan David | Muehling Jill | Curtin Karen | Hsu Li | Beresford Shirley | Rajkovic Aleksandar | Sarto Gloria | Marshall James | Hammad Nazik | Wallace Robert | Makar Karen | Prentice Ross | Caan Bette | Potter John | Peters Ulrike
A new implementation of high-throughput five-dimensional clone pooling strategy for BAC library screening

Author(s): You Frank | Luo Ming-Cheng | Xu Kenong | Deal Karin | Anderson Olin | Dvorak Jan
LTC: a novel algorithm to improve the efficiency of contig assembly for physical mapping in complex genomes

Author(s): Frenkel Zeev | Paux Etienne | Mester David | Feuillet Catherine | Korol Abraham
Developing high throughput genotyped chromosome segment substitution lines based on population whole-genome re-sequencing in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Xu Jianjun | Zhao Qiang | Du Peina | Xu Chenwu | Wang Baohe | Feng Qi | Liu Qiaoquan | Tang Shuzhu | Gu Minghong | Han Bin | Liang Guohua
Assessing karyotype precision by microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization in the myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative syndromes

Author(s): Slovak Marilyn | Smith David | Bedell Victoria | Hsu Ya-Hsuan | O'Donnell Margaret | Forman Stephen | Gaal Karl | McDaniel Lisa | Schultz Roger | Ballif Blake | Shaffer Lisa
A single mutation results in diploid gamete formation and parthenogenesis in a Drosophila yemanuclein-alpha meiosis I defective mutant

Author(s): Meyer Régis | Delaage Michèle | Rosset Roland | Capri Michèle | Aït-Ahmed Ounissa
Comparative genomic analysis of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, from Europe and North America

Author(s): Lubieniecki Krzysztof | Jones Stacy | Davidson Evelyn | Park Jay | Koop Ben | Walker Seumas | Davidson William
A novel syndrome of paediatric cataract, dysmorphism, ectodermal features, and developmental delay in Australian Aboriginal family maps to 1p35.3-p36.32

Author(s): Hattersley Kathryn | Laurie Kate | Liebelt Jan | Gecz Jozef | Durkin Shane | Craig Jamie | Burdon Kathryn
Goblet cell carcinoid tumors of the appendix: An overview

Author(s): Paromita Roy | Runjan Chetty
Linajes masculinos y su diversidad en comunidades Wichí de Formosa

Author(s): Virginia Ramallo | María Rita Santos | Marina Muzzio | Josefina María Brenda Motti | Susana Salceda | Graciela Bailliet
A Genetic Analysis of Aluminium Tolerance in Cereals

Author(s): Sheeba Navakode | Annette Weidner | Rajeev K. Varshney | Ulrike Lohwasser | Uwe Scholz | Marion S. Röder | Andreas Börner
Are there tumor suppressor genes on chromosome 4p in sporadic colorectal carcinoma?

Author(s): Hai-Tao Zheng, Li-Xin Jiang, Zhong-Chuan Lv, Da-Peng Li, Chong-Zhi Zhou, Jian-Jun Gao, Lin He, Zhi-Hai Peng
Clonality and allelotype analyses of focal nodular hyperplasia compared with hepatocellular adenoma and carcinoma

Author(s): Yi-Ran Cai, Li Gong, Xiao-Ying Teng, Hong-Tu Zhang, Cheng-Feng Wang, Guo-Lian Wei, Lei Guo, Fang Ding, Zhi-Hua Liu, Qin-Jing Pan, Qin Su
Investigation of QF-PCR Application for Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Chromosomal Aneuploidies in Iranian Population

Author(s): Habib Nasiri | Mohammad-Reza Noori-Dalooi | Jila Dastan | Saeed-Reza Ghaffari
Molecular and genetic dissection of peduncle elongation in rice

Author(s): A. Subathra Devi , V.Krishnasamy, M.Raveendran, N.Senthil and S.Manonmani
Tumor suppress genes screening analysis on 4q in sporadic colorectal carcinoma

Author(s): Li-Xin Jiang, Jie Xu, Zhao-Wen Wang, Da-Peng Li, Zhi-Hai Peng, Jian-Jun Gao, Lin He, Hai-Tao Zheng
Loss of heterozygosity on chromosome 10q in glioblastomas, and its association with other genetic alterations and survival in Indian patients

Author(s): Kakkar Aanchal | Suri Vaishali | Jha Prerana | Srivastava Arti | Sharma Vikas | Pathak Pankaj | Sharma Mehar | Sharma Manish | Kale Shashank | Chosdol Kunzang | Phalak Manoj | Sarkar Chitra
Analysis of BAC-end sequences (BESs) and development of BES-SSR markers for genetic mapping and hybrid purity assessment in pigeonpea (Cajanus spp.)

Author(s): Bohra Abhishek | Dubey Anuja | Saxena Rachit | Penmetsa R Varma | Poornima KN | Kumar Naresh | Farmer Andrew | Srivani Gudipati | Upadhyaya Hari | Gothalwal Ragini | Ramesh S | Singh Dhiraj | Saxena Kulbhushan | Kishor PB Kavi | Singh Nagendra | Town Christopher | May Gregory | Cook Douglas | Varshney Rajeev
Molecular, genetic and transcriptional evidence for a role of VvAGL11 in stenospermocarpic seedlessness in grapevine

Author(s): Mejía Nilo | Soto Braulio | Guerrero Marcos | Casanueva Ximena | Houel Cléa | de los Ángeles Miccono María | Ramos Rodrigo | Le Cunff Loïc | Boursiquot Jean-Michel | Hinrichsen Patricio | Adam-Blondon Anne-Françoise
A novel nucleo-cytoplasmic hybrid clone formed via androgenesis in polyploid gibel carp

Author(s): Wang Zhong-Wei | Zhu Hua-Ping | Wang Da | Jiang Fang-Fang | Guo Wei | Zhou Li | Gui Jian-Fang
Quantitative trait loci analysis for leg weakness-related traits in a Duroc × Pietrain crossbred population

Author(s): Laenoi Watchara | Uddin Muhammad | Cinar Mehmet | Große-Brinkhaus Christine | Tesfaye Dawit | Jonas Elisabeth | Scholz Armin | Tholen Ernst | Looft Christian | Wimmers Klaus | Phatsara Chirawath | Juengst Heinz | Sauerwein Helga | Mielenz Manfred | Schellander Karl
The contribution of a 9p21.3 variant, a KIF6 variant, and C-reactive protein to predicting risk of myocardial infarction in a prospective study

Author(s): Shiffman Dov | O'Meara Ellen | Rowland Charles | Louie Judy | Cushman Mary | Tracy Russell | Devlin James | Psaty Bruce
Exceptional lability of a genomic complex in rice and its close relatives revealed by interspecific and intraspecific comparison and population analysis

Author(s): Tian Zhixi | Yu Yanjun | Lin Feng | Yu Yeisoo | SanMiguel Phillip | Wing Rod | McCouch Susan | Ma Jianxin | Jackson Scott
DNA methylation in states of cell physiology and pathology.

Author(s): Anetta Sulewska | Wieslawa Niklinska | Miroslaw Kozlowski | Lukasz Minarowski | Wojciech Naumnik | Jacek Niklinski | Katarzyna Dabrowska | Lech Chyczewski
Assessment of Genetic Diversity of Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) Using ISSR Markers

Author(s): Tayebeh Mohammadi Farsani | Nematollah Etemadi | Badraldin Ebrahim Sayed-Tabatabaei | Majid Talebi
QTL Mapping of Adult-Plant Resistance to Stripe Rust in Chinese Wheat Cultivar Chuanyu 16

Author(s): Ling Wu | Youliang Zheng | Xianchun Xia | Yunliang Peng | Huazhong Zhu | Yongjian Liu | Yu Wu | Shizhao Li | Zhonghu He
Considerations on the relationship between chromosome constitution and biochemical phenotype in five ecotypes of seabuckthorn

Author(s): Elena Truta | Maria Magdalena Zamfirache | Elena Ciornea | Lacramioara Oprica | Gabriela Vochita
Investigation of QF-PCR Application for Rapid Prenatal Diagnosis of Chromosomal Aneuploidies in Iranian Population

Author(s): Habib Nasiri | Mohammad-Reza Noori-Dalooi | Jila Dastan | Saeed-Reza Ghaffari
Mapping QTL for Grain Yield under Moisture Stress Environments in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Supriyo CHAKRABORTY | Sheng-Chu WANG | Zhao-Bang ZENG
Gonadotropin and Testosterone hormone’s serum levels and partial deletions in the AZFc region in Iranian oligozoospermia infertile males

Author(s): Nasser Salsabili | Reza Mirfakhraei | Maryam Montazeri | Mitra Ataei | Paricheher Yaghmaei | Gholamreza Pourmand
Considerations on the relationship between chromosome constitution and biochemical phenotype in five ecotypes of seabuckthorn

Author(s): Elena Truta | Maria Magdalena Zamfirache | Elena Ciornea | Lacramioara Oprica | Gabriela Vochita
A first-generation integrated tammar wallaby map and its use in creating a tammar wallaby first-generation virtual genome map

Author(s): Wang Chenwei | Deakin Janine | Rens Willem | Zenger Kyall | Belov Katherine | Marshall Graves Jennifer | Nicholas Frank
A combined functional and structural genomics approach identified an EST-SSR marker with complete linkage to the Ligon lintless-2 genetic locus in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Hinchliffe Doug | Turley Rickie | Naoumkina Marina | Kim Hee | Tang Yuhong | Yeater Kathleen | Li Ping | Fang David
A second-generation anchored genetic linkage map of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

Author(s): Wang Chenwei | Webley Lee | Wei Ke-jun | Wakefield Matthew | Patel Hardip | Deakin Janine | Alsop Amber | Marshall Graves Jennifer | Cooper Desmond | Nicholas Frank | Zenger Kyall
Haplo2Ped: a tool using haplotypes as markers for linkage analysis

Author(s): Cheng Feng | Zhang Xianglong | Zhang Yinan | Li Chaohua | Zeng Changqing
Enhancing genome investigations in the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus via BAC library construction and characterization

Author(s): Hickner Paul | deBruyn Becky | Lovin Diane | Mori Akio | Saski Christopher | Severson David
Y-chromosome phylogeny in the evolutionary net of chamois (genus Rupicapra)

Author(s): Pérez Trinidad | Hammer Sabine | Albornoz Jesús | Domínguez Ana
High degree of sex chromosome differentiation in stickleback fishes

Author(s): Shikano Takahito | Natri Heini | Shimada Yukinori | Merilä Juha
Identification and analysis of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) transcriptomes by massively parallel pyrosequencing

Author(s): Kalavacharla Venu | Liu Zhanji | Meyers Blake | Thimmapuram Jyothi | Melmaiee Kalpalatha
Localization of QTLs for in vitro plant regeneration in tomato

Author(s): Trujillo-Moya Carlos | Gisbert Carmina | Vilanova Santiago | Nuez Fernando
Chemopreventive effect of cactus Opuntia ficus indica on oxidative stress and genotoxicity of aflatoxin B1

Author(s): Brahmi Dalel | Bouaziz Chayma | Ayed Yousra | Ben Mansour Hédi | Zourgui Lazhar | Bacha Hassen
Genetic Analysis of Oculocutaneous Albinism Type1A (OCA1A) in an Iranian Family

Author(s): H Pour-Jafari | A Zamanian | B Pour-Jafari
Iranian Azeri's Y-Chromosomal Diversity in the Context of Turkish-Speaking Populations of the Middle East

Author(s): L Andonian | S Rezaie | A Margaryan | DD Farhud | K Mohammad | K Holakouie Naieni | MR Khorramizadeh | MH Sanati | M Jamali | P Bayatian | L Yepiskoposyan
Microsatellite Analysis in Multistage Carcinogenesis of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma from Chongqing in Southern China

Author(s): Ming Liu | Feng Zhang | Shen Liu | Wen Zhao | Jing Zhu | Xiaoli Zhang
Telomerase activity and telomere length in AML-M3 patients

Author(s): Hamidollah Ghaffari | Abdol H. Jamialahmadi | Nilofar Shayan-Asl | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Polar Body Diagnosis for Monogenic Disorders in Regensburg

Author(s): Hehr A | Seifert B | Hehr U | Bals-Pratsch M
Detection of segregation distortion loci in triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack) based on a high-density DArT marker consensus genetic linkage map

Author(s): Alheit Katharina | Reif Jochen | Maurer Hans | Hahn Volker | Weissmann Elmar | Miedaner Thomas | Würschum Tobias
Molecular analysis of lipoid proteinosis: identification of a novel nonsense mutation in the ECM1 gene in a Pakistani family

Author(s): Nasir Muhammad | Latif Amir | Ajmal Muhammad | Qamar Reem | Naeem Muhammad | Hameed Abdul
Syntenic relationships between cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) and melon (C. melo L.) chromosomes as revealed by comparative genetic mapping

Author(s): Li Dawei | Cuevas Hugo | Yang Luming | Li Yuhong | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Zalapa Juan | Staub Jack | Luan Feishi | Reddy Umesh | He Xiaoming | Gong Zhenhui | Weng Yiqun
Seed sexing revealed female bias in two Rumex species

Author(s): Dagmara Kwolek | Andrzej J. Joachimiak
A novel locus (CORD12) for autosomal dominant cone-rod dystrophy on chromosome 2q24.2-2q33.1

Author(s): Manes Gaël | Hebrard Maxime | Bocquet Béatrice | Meunier Isabelle | Coustes-Chazalette Delphine | Sénéchal Audrey | Bolland-Augé Anne | Zelenika Diana | Hamel Christian
The distal end of porcine chromosome 6p is involved in the regulation of skatole levels in boars

Author(s): Ramos António | Duijvesteijn Naomi | Knol Egbert | Merks Jan | Bovenhuis Henk | Crooijmans Richard | Groenen Martien | Harlizius Barbara
Genome-wide linkage study of atopic dermatitis in West Highland White Terriers

Author(s): Salzmann Cary | Olivry Thierry | Nielsen Dahlia | Paps Judith | Harris Tonya | Olby Natasha
QTL underlying resistance to two HG types of Heterodera glycines found in soybean cultivar 'L-10'

Author(s): Chang Wei | Dong Limin | Wang Zizhen | Hu Haibo | Han Yingpeng | Teng Weili | Zhang Hongxia | Guo Maozu | Li Wenbin
Intragenomic diversity of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii clover nodule isolates

Author(s): Mazur Andrzej | Stasiak Grażyna | Wielbo Jerzy | Kubik-Komar Agnieszka | Marek-Kozaczuk Monika | Skorupska Anna
Genetic structure of the Mon-Khmer speaking groups and their affinity to the neighbouring Tai populations in Northern Thailand

Author(s): Kutanan Wibhu | Kampuansai Jatupol | Fuselli Silvia | Nakbunlung Supaporn | Seielstad Mark | Bertorelle Giorgio | Kangwanpong Daoroong
A genetic linkage map and comparative mapping of the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster) genome

Author(s): McGraw Lisa | Davis Jamie | Young Larry | Thomas James
Construction of an American mink Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) library and sequencing candidate genes important for the fur industry

Author(s): Anistoroaei Razvan | ten Hallers Boudewijn | Nefedov Michael | Christensen Knud | de Jong Pieter
Mapping of QTL affecting incidence of blood and meat inclusions in egg layers

Author(s): Honkatukia Mervi | Tuiskula-Haavisto Maria | Ahola Virpi | Uimari Pekka | Schmutz Matthias | Preisinger Rudolf | Cavero David | Vennerström Pia | Arango Jesus | O'Sullivan Neil | Fulton Janet | Vilkki Johanna
Detection of quantitative trait loci affecting serum cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglyceride in pigs

Author(s): Uddin Muhammad | Duy Do | Cinar Mehmet | Tesfaye Dawit | Tholen Ernst | Juengst Heinz | Looft Christian | Schellander Karl
Exome-wide DNA capture and next generation sequencing in domestic and wild species

Author(s): Cosart Ted | Beja-Pereira Albano | Chen Shanyuan | Ng Sarah | Shendure Jay | Luikart Gordon
Morphological characteristics and identification of new monosomic stocks for cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Marina F. Sanamyan | Julia E. Petlyakova | Elnora A. Sharipova | Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov
Characterization of a novel rat cholangiocarcinoma cell culture model-CGCCA

Author(s): Chun-Nan Yeh | Kun-Ju Lin | Tsung-Wen Chen | Ren-Ching Wu | Lee-Cheng Tsao | Ying-Tzu Chen | Wen-Hui Weng | Miin-Fu Chen
Genetic Analysis of Segregation Distortion of SSR Markers in F2 Population of Barley

Author(s): Xianjun Liu | Jinmei You | Leilei Guo | Xinchun Liu | Yujing He | Jin'e Yuan | Guoxiang Liu | Zongyun Feng
Are ABL and MTP markers at chromosome 4Q28 of patients with abetalipoproteinemia really the same loci?

Author(s): Triantafillidis J. | Kottaras G. | Cheracakis P. | Neou P. | Zervou F.
Principal Component Analyses in Anthropological Genetics

Author(s): Xingdong Chen | Chao Chen | Li Jin
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