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Los años sesenta: una memoria personal.

Author(s): Álvaro Camacho.
Audiovisual interpretative skills: between textual culture and formalized literacy

Author(s): Petxo Idoyaga, Ph. D. | Amaia Andrieu, Ph. D. | Estefanía Jiménez, Ph. D.
Dominant perceptions on the age

Author(s): Komatina Slavica
Music Therapy with Adolescents

Author(s): Jukko Tervo
Visual Signs of Ageing

Author(s): Helle Rexbye | Jørgen Povlsen
Multicultural contexts and comprehension of youth literary texts.

Author(s): Marin, B. | Legros, D. | Prodeau, M.
Prolegómenos al estudio de la cultura rock

Author(s): Garay , Adrián de
Explainers – New energy for the museum

Author(s): Sebastian Martin | Modesto Tamez

Author(s): Martina Kohl
Race and Place: Hollywood’s Vision of Urban Youth in Los Angeles Film

Author(s): David E. James | Marika Piday-Warren
Fronteras de la escuela y mundos de la vida juveniles

Author(s): Diego Alejandro Muñoz Gaviria
Bacterial resistance to antibiotics in acne vulgaris: An in vitro study

Author(s): Hassanzadeh Parvin | Bahmani M | Mehrabani Davood
Dor e Tecnificação no Contemporâneo Culto ao Corpo Pain and Technical View in the Contemporary Body Cult

Author(s): Gisele Torri | Jaison José Bassani | Alexandre Fernandez Vaz
Cultural Practices of Peace in High-School Students in the youth for Peace Network

Author(s): Blanca Patricia Ballesteros de Valderrama | Mónica María Novoa Gómez | Stella Sacipa Rodríguez
ecneloiV, eht dlrow edispu nwod

Author(s): Elizabeth Cordeiro Fernandes (Betinha)
“Se eu morrer nasce outro igual a mim”“/If i die, someone will be born like me”

Author(s): Maria Teresa de Arruda Campos | Ricardo de Castro e Silva
A report on patients who were suspected gonorrhea and refereed to the clinical laboratories of Mashhad

Author(s): Mahbobeh Naderinasab | Monavvar Afzal Aghaie | Reza Ataei | Parastoo Tajzadeh | Hamid Reza Norozi
Teachers and parents as a source of stereotype formation

Author(s): Đerić Ivana | Studen Rajka
Media changing the Youth Culture: An Indian Perspective

Author(s): Dr. Ritu Soni | Bharati Kamboj
Youth in the face of History: national and international agendas in Latin America

Author(s): Luis Fernando Cerri | Jonathan de Oliveira Molar
O Sujeito contemporâneo: um recorte psicanalítico

Author(s): Claudia Alves Jacob | Ruth Helena Pinto Cohen
Validation of the Arab Youth Mental Health scale as a screening tool for depression/anxiety in Lebanese children

Author(s): Mahfoud Ziyad | Abdulrahim Sawsan | Taha Madeleine | Harpham Trudy | El Hajj Taghreed | Makhoul Jihad | Nakkash Rima | Kanj Mayada | Afifi Rema
Prevalence and demographics of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in culturable skin and soft tissue infections in an urban emergency department

Author(s): Jacobus Christian | Lindsell Christopher | Leach Sabrina | Fermann Gregory | Kressel Amy | Rue Laura
Entre Velhos e Outros nem tão Idosos Assim: Cuidado de Si em Tempos de Biopoder

Author(s): Lazaro Batista da Fonseca | Kleber Jean Matos Lopes
Prevention of alcohol misuse among children, youths and young adults

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
The abortion culture issue in Serbia

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana | Sedlecki Katarina
Identities in transition: communication, body and technology in Villavicencio’s urban youth

Author(s): Héctor R. Chaparro-Hurtado | Claudia M. Guzmán Ariza | Armando Acuña-Pineda
Os circuitos dos jovens urbanos

Author(s): José Guilherme Cantor Magnani
Habitus and Style of Music Consumption: A Case Study of the Youth in the City of Tehran ---منش و سبك مصرف موسيقي: مطالعه موردي جوانان شهر تهران

Author(s): Ali Shakoori, - علي شكوري | Amirhossein Gholamzadeh-e Natanzi - امیر حسین غلامزاده نطنزی
Juventude, cultura e comunicação

Author(s): Stella Maria Peixoto de Azevedo Pedrosa | Maria Apparecida Campos Mamede-Neves
Pleasure and Politics. Making Youth-Cultural Commitment Visible

Author(s): Renate Müller | Marc Calmbach | Stefanie Rhein
Televizyonda Çeviri Olgusu

Author(s): Faruk YÜCEL
A Riot Problem in Three Southern Frontier Province: A Cultural Management Model by Means of Peace

Author(s): Niphon Chuchouisuwan | Songkoon Chantachon | Chamnan Rodhetphai
European youth care sites serve different populations of adolescents with cannabis use disorder. Baseline and referral data from the INCANT trial

Author(s): Phan Olivier | Henderson Craig | Angelidis Tatiana | Weil Patricia | van Toorn Manja | Rigter Renske | Soria Cecilia | Rigter Henk
Adolescents' perceptions about smokers in Karnataka, India

Author(s): Bhojani Upendra | Elias Maya | N Devadasan
Identity: Globalization, culture and psychological functioning

Author(s): Paul Narh Doku | Kwaku Oppong Asante

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