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P06-04. Using referrals from government health centers to expand an HIV discordant couple cohort in Lusaka, Zambia in preparation for vaccine efficacy trials

Author(s): Sitrin D | Clements A | Mwananyanda L | Kilembe W | Kautzman M | Conkling M | Luisi N | Chomba E | Allen S
Low Occurrence of Tuberculosis Drug Resistance among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients from an Urban Setting, with a Long-Running DOTS Program in Zambia

Author(s): Chanda Mulenga | Allan Chonde | Innocent C. Bwalya | Nathan Kapata | Mathilda Kakungu-Simpungwe | Sven Docx | Krista Fissette | Isdore Chola Shamputa | Françoise Portaels | Leen Rigouts
Child spacing and contraception among the poor in Zambia

Author(s): Vijayan K Pillai | Rashmi Gupta
Preliminary report of transfrontier disease surveillance in free-ranging buffalo in the Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Author(s): Andrea Capobianco Dondona | Mark Jago | Rossella Lelli | Anna Marais | Massimo Scacchia
Confirmation of the occurrence of Mus neavei in South Africa

Author(s): C. H. Newbery | G. N. Bronner
Breeding and genetic properties of the maize variety Uzbekska bela

Author(s): Kojić Lazar | Ajgozina Dillyara
Fisheries co-management institutions in Southern Africa: A hierarchical analysis of perceptions of effectiveness

Author(s): D.C.K. Wilson | M. Ahmed | A. Delaney | S. Donda | C.K. Kapasa | I. Malasha | K. Muyangali | F. Njaya | T. Olesen | E. Poiosse | J. Raakjær
Contraception and family planning among HIV-seroconcordant and -serodiscordant couples in the US and Zambia

Author(s): Deborah L Jones | Olga Villar-Loubet | Chipepo Kankasa | et al
Analysis of the Knowledge Base and Evaluation of Risk Factors of Schistosomiasis in Rural Zambia

Author(s): Eiman Zargaran | Gavin Silwambe | Shree Baboo | Aaron Yarmoshuk
Revision of world species of the genus Oreiscelio Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea, Platygastridae)

Author(s): Elijah Talamas | Norman Johnson | Simon van Noort | Lubomir Masner | Andrew Polaszek
Isolation and characterization of Mycobacterium bovis strains from indigenous Zambian cattle using Spacer oligonucleotide typing technique

Author(s): Munyeme Musso | Rigouts Leen | Shamputa Isdore | Muma John | Tryland Morten | Skjerve Eystein | Djønne Berit
Enterview with Edith Turner

Author(s): George Mentore
The role of nurses and midwives in polio eradication and measles control activities: a survey in Sudan and Zambia

Author(s): Nkowane Annette | Boualam Liliane | Haithami Salah | El Sayed El Tayeb | Mutambo Helen
Selected hematologic and biochemical measurements in African HIV-infected and uninfected pregnant women and their infants: the HIV Prevention Trials Network 024 protocol

Author(s): Mwinga Kasonde | Vermund Sten | Chen Ying | Mwatha Anthony | Read Jennifer | Urassa Willy | Carpenetti Nicole | Valentine Megan | Goldenberg Robert
Barriers to the care of HIV-infected children in rural Zambia: a cross-sectional analysis

Author(s): van Dijk Janneke | Sutcliffe Catherine | Munsanje Bornface | Hamangaba Francis | Thuma Philip | Moss William
The relationship of Plasmodium falciparum humeral immunity with HIV-1 immunosuppression and treatment efficacy in Zambia

Author(s): Van Geertruyden Jean-Pierre | Van Eijk Erika | Yosaatmadja Francisca | Kasongo Webster | Mulenga Modest | D'Alessandro Umberto | Rogerson Stephen
International flow of Zambian nurses

Author(s): Hamada Naomi | Maben Jill | McPake Barbara | Hanson Kara
Accountable priority setting for trust in health systems - the need for research into a new approach for strengthening sustainable health action in developing countries

Author(s): Byskov Jens | Bloch Paul | Blystad Astrid | Hurtig Anna-Karin | Fylkesnes Knut | Kamuzora Peter | Kombe Yeri | Kvåle Gunnar | Marchal Bruno | Martin Douglas | Michelo Charles | Ndawi Benedict | Ngulube Thabale | Nyamongo Isaac | Olsen Øystein | Onyango-Ouma Washington | Sandøy Ingvild | Shayo Elizabeth | Silwamba Gavin | Songstad Nils | Tuba Mary
Trace gas and particle emissions from domestic and industrial biofuel use and garbage burning in central Mexico

Author(s): T. J. Christian | R. J. Yokelson | B. Cárdenas | L. T. Molina | G. Engling | S.-C. Hsu
Increasing the uptake of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV services in a resource-limited setting

Author(s): Torpey Kwasi | Kabaso Mushota | Kasonde Prisca | Dirks Rebecca | Bweupe Maxmillian | Thompson Catherine | Mukadi Ya
Geographical patterns and predictors of malaria risk in Zambia: Bayesian geostatistical modelling of the 2006 Zambia national malaria indicator survey (ZMIS)

Author(s): Riedel Nadine | Vounatsou Penelope | Miller John | Gosoniu Laura | Chizema-Kawesha Elizabeth | Mukonka Victor | Steketee Rick
Primary gamma-herpesviral infection in Zambian children

Author(s): Minhas Veenu | Brayfield Brad | Crabtree Kay | Kankasa Chipepo | Mitchell Charles | Wood Charles
Excluding pregnancy among women initiating antiretroviral therapy: efficacy of a family planning job aid

Author(s): Torpey Kwasi | Mwenda Lona | Kabaso Mushota | Malebe Thierry | Makelele Patrick | Mwema Francis | Phiri Henry | Mukundu Jonathan | Weaver Mark | Stanback John
Cattle owners' awareness of bovine tuberculosis in high and low prevalence settings of the wildlife-livestock interface areas in Zambia

Author(s): Munyeme Musso | Muma John | Munang'andu Hetron | Kankya Clovice | Skjerve Eystein | Tryland Morten
Brain Research to Ameliorate Impaired Neurodevelopment - Home-based Intervention Trial (BRAIN-HIT)

Author(s): Wallander Jan | McClure Elizabeth | Biasini Fred | Goudar Shivaprasad | Pasha Omrana | Chomba Elwyn | Shearer Darlene | Wright Linda | Thorsten Vanessa | Chakraborty Hrishikesh | Dhaded Sangappa | Mahantshetti Niranjana | Bellad Roopa | Abbasi Zahid | Carlo Waldemar
A Student Perspective on ELAM and its Educational Program

Author(s): Razel Remen | Lillian Holloway
Diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotypes circulating in Ndola, Zambia

Author(s): Mulenga Chanda | Shamputa Isdore | Mwakazanga David | Kapata Nathan | Portaels Françoise | Rigouts Leen
Home-based voluntary HIV counselling and testing found highly acceptable and to reduce inequalities

Author(s): Mutale Wilbroad | Michelo Charles | Jürgensen Marte | Fylkesnes Knut
Sarcoptes mite epidemiology and treatment in African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) calves captured for translocation from the Kafue game management area to game ranches

Author(s): Munang'andu Hetron | Siamudaala Victor | Matandiko Wigganson | Munyeme Musso | Chembensofu Mwelwa | Mwase Enala
Análisis bibliométrico de la literatura publicada sobre SIDA en el Sur de África

Author(s): Macías-Chapula, C. A. | Mijangos-Nolasco, A. | Eguía Lis-Márquez, J. J. | Ramírez Godoy, M. E. | García-Hernández, G.
Mental health policy process: a comparative study of Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Author(s): Omar Maye | Green Andrew | Bird Philippa | Mirzoev Tolib | Flisher Alan | Kigozi Fred | Lund Crick | Mwanza Jason | Ofori-Atta Angela
Secular trends in pediatric antiretroviral treatment programs in rural and urban Zambia: a retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Sutcliffe Catherine | Bolton-Moore Carolyn | van Dijk Janneke | Cotham Matt | Tambatamba Bushimbwa | Moss William
Integrating mental health into primary health care in Zambia: a care provider's perspective

Author(s): Mwape Lonia | Sikwese Alice | Kapungwe Augustus | Mwanza Jason | Flisher Alan | Lund Crick | Cooper Sara
Meeting human resources for health staffing goals by 2018: a quantitative analysis of policy options in Zambia

Author(s): Tjoa Aaron | Kapihya Margaret | Libetwa Miriam | Schroder Kate | Scott Callie | Lee Joanne | McCarthy Elizabeth
Gastric and intestinal barrier impairment in tropical enteropathy and HIV: limited impact of micronutrient supplementation during a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Kelly Paul | Shawa Tamara | Mwanamakondo Stayner | Soko Rose | Smith Geoff | Barclay G Robin | Sanderson Ian
Evaluating the assumptions of surface reflectance and aerosol type selection within the MODIS aerosol retrieval over land: the problem of dust type selection

Author(s): T. Mielonen | R. C. Levy | V. Aaltonen | M. Komppula | G. de Leeuw | J. Huttunen | H. Lihavainen | P. Kolmonen | K. E. J. Lehtinen | A. Arola
Victimization from bullying among school-attending adolescents in grades 7 to 10 in Zambia

Author(s): Seter Siziya | Emmanuel Rudatsikira | Adamson Sinjani Muula
Rapporto preliminare dell’attività di sorveglianza delle malattie transfrontaliere nei bufali africani nella regione del Caprivi, Namibia

Author(s): Andrea Capobianco Dondona | Mark Jago | Rossella Lelli | Anna Marais | Massimo Scacchia
A method of active case detection to target reservoirs of asymptomatic malaria and gametocyte carriers in a rural area in Southern Province, Zambia

Author(s): Stresman Gillian | Kamanga Aniset | Moono Petros | Hamapumbu Harry | Mharakurwa Sungano | Kobayashi Tamaki | Moss William | Shiff Clive
Doubling the number of health graduates in Zambia: estimating feasibility and costs

Author(s): Tjoa Aaron | Kapihya Margaret | Libetwa Miriam | Lee Joanne | Pattinson Charmaine | McCarthy Elizabeth | Schroder Kate
Task sharing in Zambia: HIV service scale-up compounds the human resource crisis

Author(s): Walsh Aisling | Ndubani Phillimon | Simbaya Joseph | Dicker Patrick | Brugha Ruairí
'Rumours' and clinical trials: a retrospective examination of a paediatric malnutrition study in Zambia, southern Africa

Author(s): Kingori Patricia | Muchimba Maureen | Sikateyo Bornwell | Amadi Beatrice | Kelly Paul
Occupational illnesses in the 2009 Zambian labour force survey

Author(s): Muula Adamson | Rudatsikira Emmanuel | Siziya Seter
Cost-effectiveness of novel vaccines for tuberculosis control: a decision analysis study

Author(s): Tseng Chia-Lin | Oxlade Olivia | Menzies Dick | Aspler Anne | Schwartzman Kevin
Complementary feeding: a Global Network cluster randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Krebs Nancy | Hambidge K Michael | Mazariegos Manolo | Westcott Jamie | Goco Norman | Wright Linda | Koso-Thomas Marion | Tshefu Antoinette | Bose Carl | Pasha Omrana | Goldenberg Robert | Chomba Elwyn | Carlo Waldemar | Kindem Mark | Das Abhik | Hartwell Ty | McClure Elizabeth
Barriers to implementation of the HIV guidelines in the IMCI algorithm among IMCI trained health workers in Zambia

Author(s): Mugala Nantalile | Mutale Wilbroad | Kalesha Penny | Sinyinza Elijah
Communities, birth attendants and health facilities: a continuum of emergency maternal and newborn care (the global network's EmONC trial)

Author(s): Pasha Omrana | Goldenberg Robert | McClure Elizabeth | Saleem Sarah | Goudar Shivaprasad | Althabe Fernando | Patel Archana | Esamai Fabian | Garces Ana | Chomba Elwyn | Mazariegos Manolo | Kodkany Bhala | Belizan Jose | Derman Richard | Hibberd Patricia | Carlo Waldemar | Liechty Edward | Hambidge K Michael | Buekens Pierre | Wallace Dennis | Howard-Grabman Lisa | Stalls Suzanne | Koso-Thomas Marion | Jobe Alan | Wright Linda
Investigating effects of parasite infection on body condition of the Kafue lechwe (Kobus leche kafuensis) in the Kafue basin

Author(s): Munyeme Musso | Munang'andu Hetron | Muma John | Nambota Andrew | Biffa Demelash | Siamudaala Victor
Management of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in an urban setting in Zambia: a patient's perspective

Author(s): Mulenga Chanda | Mwakazanga David | Vereecken Kim | Khondowe Shepherd | Kapata Nathan | Shamputa Isdore | Meulemans Herman | Rigouts Leen
Identifying malaria vector breeding habitats with remote sensing data and terrain-based landscape indices in Zambia

Author(s): Clennon Julie | Kamanga Aniset | Musapa Mulenga | Shiff Clive | Glass Gregory
Weight and height z-scores improve after initiating ART among HIV-infected children in rural Zambia: a cohort study

Author(s): Sutcliffe Catherine | van Dijk Janneke | Munsanje Bornface | Hamangaba Francis | Sinywimaanzi Pamela | Thuma Philip | Moss William
Safety and efficacy of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine in the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Zambian children

Author(s): Nambozi Michael | Van Geertruyden Jean-Pierre | Hachizovu Sebastian | Chaponda Mike | Mukwamataba Doreen | Mulenga Modest | Ubben David | D'Alessandro Umberto
Goals and expectations of nurse students on nursing profession

Author(s): Anna Kavga | Urania Govina | Stelios Parissopoulos | Eugenia Vlahou | Zambia Vardaki
Eucamaragnathus desenderi, a new ground beetle species from Africa (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Author(s): Thorsten Assmann | Claudia Drees | Andrea Matern | Andreas Schuldt
Book Reviews

Author(s): Yvan Simonis | Bertel Nathhorst | A.J.F. Köbben | G.P. Murdock | J. Blauw | Banton Michael | C. Baks | J.F. Boissevain | C.J. Lammers | Tom Burns | P. van Daalen | M.M. Albinski | W. Brand | Louise B. Young | J.H.B. den Ouden | C. Baks | Mohan K. Gautam | William H. Newell | P.J. van Winter | Monica Wilson | F.L. van Holthoon | Margaret Priestley | Jan Knappert | Hasani bin Ismail | A.A. Trouwborst | V.W. Turner | A. Maesen | Philip Allison
Early detection of malaria foci for targeted interventions in endemic southern Zambia

Author(s): Davis Ryan | Kamanga Aniset | Castillo-Salgado Carlos | Chime Nnenna | Mharakurwa Sungano | Shiff Clive
Assessing the impact of a food supplement on the nutritional status and body composition of HIV-infected Zambian women on ARVs

Author(s): Zulu Rodah | Byrne Nuala | Munthali Grace | Chipeta James | Handema Ray | Musonda Mofu | Hills Andrew
The charcoal trap: Miombo forests and the energy needs of people

Author(s): Kutsch Werner | Merbold Lutz | Ziegler Waldemar | Mukelabai Mukufute | Muchinda Maurice | Kolle Olaf | Scholes Robert
Diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection among HIV discordant partners using interferon gamma release assays

Author(s): Talati Naasha | Gonzalez-Diaz Esteban | Mutemba Charles | Wendt Joyanna | Kilembe William | Mwananyanda Lawrence | Chomba Elwyn | Allen Susan | del Rio Carlos | Blumberg Henry
Validation of the UCLA Child Post traumatic stress disorder-reaction index in Zambia

Author(s): Murray Laura | Bass Judith | Chomba Elwyn | Imasiku Mwiya | Thea Donald | Semrau Katherine | Cohen Judith | Lam Carrie | Bolton Paul
The ACTwatch project: methods to describe anti-malarial markets in seven countries

Author(s): Shewchuk Tanya | O'Connell Kathryn | Goodman Catherine | Hanson Kara | Chapman Steven | Chavasse Desmond
Modern Contraceptive and Dual Method Use among HIV-Infected Women in Lusaka, Zambia

Author(s): Carla J. Chibwesha | Michelle S. Li | Christine K. Matoba | Reuben K. Mbewe | Benjamin H. Chi | Jeffrey S. A. Stringer | Elizabeth M. Stringer
Diabetes in Sub Saharan Africa 1999-2011: Epidemiology and public health implications. a systematic review

Author(s): Hall Victoria | Thomsen Reimar | Henriksen Ole | Lohse Nicolai
Self-reported poor oral hygiene among in-school adolescents in Zambia

Author(s): Siziya Seter | Muula Adamson | Rudatsikira Emmanuel
Classifying perinatal mortality using verbal autopsy: is there a role for nonphysicians?

Author(s): Engmann Cyril | Ditekemena John | Jehan Imtiaz | Garces Ana | Phiri Mutinta | Thorsten Vanessa | Mazariegos Manolo | Chomba Elwyn | Pasha Omrana | Tshefu Antoinette | McClure Elizabeth | Wallace Dennis | Goldenberg Robert | Carlo Waldemar | Wright Linda | Bose Carl
Taking stock: provider prescribing practices in the presence and absence of ACT stock

Author(s): Hensen Bernadette | Paintain Lucy | Shretta Rima | Bruce Jane | Jones Caroline | Webster Jayne
Options for Improving Smallholder Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

Author(s): Bridget. B. Umar | Jens. B. Aune | Fred. H. Johnsen | Obed. I. Lungu
Early alcohol use and problem drinking among students in Zambia and Uganda

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Bina Ali | Jane Palmier | Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye | George Sikazwe | Jeremiahs Twa-Twa | Kasirye Rogers
Comparative Intradermal Tuberculin Testing of Free-Ranging African Buffaloes (Syncerus caffer) Captured for Ex Situ Conservation in the Kafue Basin Ecosystem in Zambia

Author(s): Hetron Mweemba Munang'andu | Victor Siamudaala | Wigganson Matandiko | Andrew Nambota | John Bwalya Muma | Aaron Simanyengwe Mweene | Musso Munyeme
Fibrosarcoma retroperitoneal. Presentación de un caso

Author(s): Alfredo Sandelis Acosta | Jorge Ernesto Sandelis Pérez
An assessment of mental health policy in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Author(s): Faydi Edwige | Funk Michelle | Kleintjes Sharon | Ofori-Atta Angela | Ssbunnya Joshua | Mwanza Jason | Kim Caroline | Flisher Alan
Practicing provider-initiated HIV testing in high prevalence settings: consent concerns and missed preventive opportunities

Author(s): Njeru Mercy | Blystad Astrid | Shayo Elizabeth | Nyamongo Isaac | Fylkesnes Knut
MCP1 haplotypes associated with protection from pulmonary tuberculosis

Author(s): Intemann Christopher | Thye Thorsten | Förster Birgit | Owusu-Dabo Ellis | Gyapong John | Horstmann Rolf | Meyer Christian
Validation of brief screening tools for depressive and alcohol use disorders among TB and HIV patients in primary care in Zambia

Author(s): Chishinga Nathaniel | Kinyanda Eugene | Weiss Helen | Patel Vikram | Ayles Helen | Seedat Soraya
Strengthening the research to policy and practice interface: exploring strategies used by research organisations working on sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Theobald Sally | Tulloch Olivia | Crichton Joanna | Hawkins Kate | Zulu Eliya | Mayaud Philippe | Parkhurst Justin | Whiteside Alan | Standing Hilary
National policy development for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia: the relationship between Context, Evidence and Links

Author(s): Hutchinson Eleanor | Parkhurst Justin | Phiri Sam | Gibb Di | Chishinga Nathaniel | Droti Benson | Hoskins Susan
Telemedicine in Primary Health: The Virtual Doctor Project Zambia

Author(s): Mupela Evans | Mustarde Paul | Jones Huw
Relative costs and effectiveness of treating uncomplicated malaria in two rural districts in Zambia: implications for nationwide scale-up of home-based management

Author(s): Chanda Pascalina | Hamainza Busiku | Moonga Hawela | Chalwe Victor | Banda Patrick | Pagnoni Franco
Use of remote sensing to identify spatial risk factors for malaria in a region of declining transmission: a cross-sectional and longitudinal community survey

Author(s): Moss William | Hamapumbu Harry | Kobayashi Tamaki | Shields Timothy | Kamanga Aniset | Clennon Julie | Mharakurwa Sungano | Thuma Philip | Glass Gregory
Validation of oral fluid samples to monitor serological changes to Plasmodium falciparum: An observational study in southern Zambia

Author(s): Chidi Alexis | Chishimba Sandra | Kobayashi Tamaki | Hamapumbu Harry | Mharakurwa Sungano | Thuma Philip | Moss William
Health and human rights of women imprisoned in Zambia

Author(s): Todrys Katherine | Amon Joseph
Failure to detect tuberculosis in Black lechwe antelopes (Kobus leche smithemani) in Zambia

Author(s): Munyeme Musso | Muma John | Munang'andu Hetron | Nalubamba King | Kankya Clovice | Skjerve Eystein | Godfroid Jacques | Tryland Morten
Smallholder Farmers’ Perceptions of Climate Change and Conservation Agriculture: Evidence from Zambia

Author(s): Progress H Nyanga | Fred H Johnsen | Jens B Aune | Thomson H Kalinda
Emerald mineralization in the Kafubu area, Zambia

Author(s): Seifert A V | Žáček V | Vrána S | Pecina V | Zachariáš J | Zwaan (Hanco) J C
Sangu garnet deposit, Eastern Province, Zambia

Author(s): Seifert A V | Vrána S
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