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Author(s): Jovica Jovanovic | Konstantinos Lazaridis | Violeta Stefanovic
Triptans in the Treatment of Migraine

Author(s): Baburhan Guldiken
Prevention, promotion and restoration of worker´s oral health

Author(s): Érica Silva Carvalho | Sandra Regina Hortense | Lívia Maria Vieira Rodrigues | José Roberto de Magalhães Bastos | Arsenio Sales Peres
The labor load in a socioeducative support center - descriptive study

Author(s): Maristel KG Kasper Grando | Ana LCK Lúcia Cardoso Kirchhof | Carmem LCB Lúcia Colomé Beck | Letícia LT de Lima Trindade
Work of ambulatorial nursing: a descriptive study on the implications in the health of the worker

Author(s): Letícia de Lima Trindade | Ana Lúcia Cardoso Kirchhof | Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck | Maristel Kasper Grando
Work absence by disease in a public hospital net. A descriptive study

Author(s): Solange CB Godoy | Marilia Alves | Adelaide DE M Rocha | Daniela Santana
Comorbidities of obesity in school children: a cross-sectional study in the PIAMA birth cohort

Author(s): Wijga Alet | Scholtens Salome | Bemelmans Wanda | de Jongste Johan | Kerkhof Marjan | Schipper Maarten | Sanders Elisabeth | Gerritsen Jorrit | Brunekreef Bert | Smit Henriette

Author(s): Villareal Carlos | Buelvas David | Moron Lina | Gomez Esperanza | Castillo Orlando
Quality of life in patients with psoriasis

Author(s): Bhosle Monali | Kulkarni Amit | Feldman Steven | Balkrishnan Rajesh
The sick building syndrome

Author(s): Joshi Sumedha
Socialization at secondary school: applying a model of social climate improvement

Author(s): Mari Ángeles García-Hierro García | Sixto Cubo Delgado
Impact of Hiv/Aids Morbidity on Households Economy in Malaysia

Author(s): Khalid Yaser Ghailan | A. Jusoh, M. Rizal, Sharifa Ezat | F. Ibrahim, Jalal Halil & S. Aljunid
Frequency of occupational injuries and the health status of workers

Author(s): Jovanović Jovica M. | Jovanović Milan
Werkafwesigheid: 'n Studie van vragmotorbestuurders

Author(s): J. S. Gouws | A. Cronje
A simulation model approach to analysis of the business case for eliminating health care disparities

Author(s): Nerenz David | Liu Yung-wen | Williams Keoki | Tunceli Kaan | Zeng Huiwen
Nursing professionals absenteism at a university hospital: a quantitative analysis

Author(s): Fernanda da Cunha Ferroni | Zenith Rosa Silvino | Bárbara Pompeu Christovam

Author(s): Pınar Erbay Dündar | Hakan Baydur | Erhan Eser | Bedri Bilge | Nasır Nesanır | Tümer Pala | Alp Ergör | Ahmet Oral
Development of a screening tool predicting the transition from acute to chronic low back pain for patients in a GP setting: Protocol of a multinational prospective cohort study

Author(s): Melloh Markus | Aebli Nikolaus | Elfering Achim | Röder Christoph | Zweig Thomas | Barz Thomas | Herbison Peter | Hendrick Paul | Bajracharya Suraj | Stout Kirsten | Theis Jean-Claude
Healthcare workers' attitudes to working during pandemic influenza: a qualitative study

Author(s): Ives Jonathan | Greenfield Sheila | Parry Jayne | Draper Heather | Gratus Christine | Petts Judith | Sorell Tom | Wilson Sue
Will the NHS continue to function in an influenza pandemic? a survey of healthcare workers in the West Midlands, UK

Author(s): Damery Sarah | Wilson Sue | Draper Heather | Gratus Christine | Greenfield Sheila | Ives Jonathan | Parry Jayne | Petts Judith | Sorell Tom
Return-to-work of sick-listed workers without an employment contract – what works?

Author(s): Vermeulen Sylvia | Tamminga Sietske | Schellart Antonius | Ybema Jan | Anema Johannes
Promoting mental health in small-medium enterprises: An evaluation of the "Business in Mind" program

Author(s): Martin Angela | Sanderson Kristy | Scott Jenn | Brough Paula
Preliminary results, methodological considerations and recruitment difficulties of a randomised clinical trial comparing two treatment regimens for patients with headache and neck pain

Author(s): De Hertogh Willem | Vaes Peter | Devroey Dirk | Louis Paul | Carpay Hans | Truijen Steven | Duquet William | Oostendorp Rob
Impact of gastroesophageal reflux disease on work absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity in daily life: a European observational study

Author(s): Gisbert Javier | Cooper Alun | Karagiannis Dimitrios | Hatlebakk Jan | Agréus Lars | Jablonowski Helmut | Nuevo Javier
Malaria is associated with poor school performance in an endemic area of the Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): Vitor-Silva Sheila | Reyes-Lecca Roberto | Pinheiro Tamam | Lacerda Marcus
Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Cosmetologists

Author(s): Alexandra Tsigonia | Dimitra Tanagra | Athena Linos | Georgios Merekoulias | Evangelos C. Alexopoulos
Estimating the impact of school closure on social mixing behaviour and the transmission of close contact infections in eight European countries

Author(s): Hens Niel | Ayele Girma | Goeyvaerts Nele | Aerts Marc | Mossong Joel | Edmunds John | Beutels Philippe
Clinical profile, outcomes and improvement in symptoms and productivity in rhinitic patients in Karachi, Pakistan

Author(s): Saleem Taimur | Khalid Umair | Sherwani Ubaid | Ghaffar Shehzad
The Relationship between School, Class and Co-Curriculum Absenteeism on the Academic Performance of Selected Secondary School

Author(s): Azizi Yahaya | Jamaludin Ramli | Shahrin Hashim | Mohd. A.   Ibrahim | Zurihanmi Zakaria
Student absenteeism in engineering colleges: Evaluation of alternatives using AHP

Author(s): P. Kousalya | V. Ravindranath | K. VizayaKumar
Nursing professionals absenteism at a university hospital: a quantitative analysis

Author(s): Fernanda da Cunha Ferroni | Zenith Rosa Silvino | Bárbara Pompeu Christovam
Computer-assisted resilience training to prepare healthcare workers for pandemic influenza: a randomized trial of the optimal dose of training

Author(s): Maunder Robert | Lancee William | Mae Reet | Vincent Leslie | Peladeau Nathalie | Beduz Mary | Hunter Jonathan | Leszcz Molyn
Interventions aimed at improving the nursing work environment: a systematic review

Author(s): Schalk Donna | Bijl Marloes | Halfens Ruud | Hollands Louk | Cummings Greta
Will the community nurse continue to function during H1N1 influenza pandemic: a cross-sectional study of Hong Kong community nurses?

Author(s): Wong Eliza | Wong Samuel | Kung Kenny | Cheung Annie | Gao Tiffany | Griffiths Sian
Treatment of viral warts by intralesional injection of zinc sulphate.

Author(s): Sharquie Khalifa | Al-Nuaimy Adil
The economic costs of alcohol consumption in Thailand, 2006

Author(s): Thavorncharoensap Montarat | Teerawattananon Yot | Yothasamut Jomkwan | Lertpitakpong Chanida | Thitiboonsuwan Khannika | Neramitpitagkul Prapag | Chaikledkaew Usa
Peer relationships and academic achievement

Author(s): Krnjajić Stevan B.
The teacher under stress

Author(s): Krnjajić Stevan B.
Occupational diseases: absenteeism for the prevalence of pain in the musculoskeletal system in nursing professionals working in the surgical center

Author(s): Angélica Santos de Souza, Lúcia Helena França Ferreira, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente, Álisson Hygino Silva
Diabetes: cost of illness in Norway

Author(s): Solli Oddvar | Jenssen Trond | Kristiansen Ivar
Towards A Typology Of Gossip In The Workplace

Author(s): C. M. de Gouda | L. J. van Vuuren | A. Crafford
Sense of responsibility in health workers source of job stress

Author(s): Nedić Olesja | Jocić Neda | Filipović Danka | Šolak Zdravko
Die omvang en aard van afwesigheid in die werkplek: ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse gevalstudie

Author(s): Anel Du Plessis | Deléne Visser | Linda Fourie
General hospital staff worries, perceived sufficiency of information and associated psychological distress during the A/H1N1 influenza pandemic

Author(s): Goulia Panagiota | Mantas Christos | Dimitroula Danai | Mantis Dimitrios | Hyphantis Thomas
The significance of presenteeism for the value of lost production: the case of rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Rikke Søgaard | Jan Sørensen | Louise Linde | et al
Asthma-related productivity losses in Alberta, Canada

Author(s): Nguyen X Thanh | Arto Ohinmaa | Charles Yan
Región y elites en perspectiva electoral

Author(s): López García, Bernabé
Teacher Absenteeism in Urban Schools

Author(s): James E. Bruno
Factors associated with patient absenteeism for scheduled endoscopy

Author(s): Victor K Wong, Hong-Bin Zhang, Robert Enns
Occupational Stress and its Effects towards the Organization Management

Author(s): Azizi Yahaya | Noordin Yahaya | Kamariah Arshad | Jasmi Ismail | Saini Jaalam | Zurihanmi Zakariya
Evaluation of school absenteeism data for early outbreak detection, New York City

Author(s): Besculides Melanie | Heffernan Richard | Mostashari Farzad | Weiss Don
Prevalence of physical and verbal aggressive behaviours and associated factors among older adults in long-term care facilities

Author(s): Voyer Philippe | Verreault René | Azizah Ginette | Desrosiers Johanne | Champoux Nathalie | Bédard Annick
Determinants of staff job satisfaction of caregivers in two nursing homes in Pennsylvania

Author(s): Castle Nicholas | Degenholtz Howard | Rosen Jules
Musculoskeletal disorders in shipyard industry: prevalence, health care use, and absenteeism

Author(s): Alexopoulos Evangelos | Tanagra Dimitra | Konstantinou Eleni | Burdorf Alex
Randomised controlled trial of a psychiatric consultation model for treatment of common mental disorder in the occupational health setting

Author(s): van der Feltz-Cornelis Christina | Meeuwissen Jolanda | de Jong Fransina | Hoedeman Rob | Elfeddali Iman

Author(s): Alonso Álvarez ML | Terán Santos J | Cordero Guevara J | Coma del Corral MJ | Ordax Carbajo E
Student absenteeism in engineering colleges: Evaluation of alternatives using AHP

Author(s): P. Kousalya | V. Ravindranath | K. VizayaKumar
Knowledge and anticipated behavior of health care workers in response to an outbreak of pandemic influenza in Georgia

Author(s): Maia Butsashvili,1 Wayne Triner,2 George Kamkamidze,1 Maia Kajaia,1 Louise-Anne McNutt.2
Estimating the costs of school closure for mitigating an influenza pandemic

Author(s): Sadique Md | Adams Elisabeth | Edmunds William
School absenteeism surveillance data during the 2009 influenza A/H1N1 pandemic

Author(s): Kenneth Dufault | Elizabeth Daly | Susan Bascom | Christopher Taylor | Paul Lakevicius | Sharon Alroy-Preis
Disease surveillance using school absenteeism data in rural Cambodia

Author(s): Calvin Ka Cheng | Hing Channarith
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
Age at Menarche and Menstrual Cycle Pattern among School Adolescent Girls in Central India

Author(s): Dharampal G. Dambhare | Sanjay V. Wagh | Jayesh Y. Dudhe
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
Treatment profiles and costs of patients with chronic pain in the population setting

Author(s): Sicras Mainar A | Navarro Artieda R | Villoria Morillo J | Esquivias Escobar A

Author(s): Suresh K. Kumbhar, Mrudula Reddy, Sujana B., Roja Reddy K., Divya Bhargavi K., C. Balkrishna

Author(s): Suresh K. Kumbhar, Mrudula Reddy, Sujana B., Roja Reddy K., Divya Bhargavi K., C. Balkrishna
Musculoskeletal disorders among video display terminal (VDT) workers comparing with other office workers

Author(s): SJ. Mirmohammadi | AH. Mehrparvar | H. Soleimani | MH. Lotfi | H. Akbari | N. Heidari
Prevalence of Asthma in Elementary School Age Children in Iran- A Systematic Review and Meta Analysis Study

Author(s): Abolfazl Mohammadbeigi | Jafar Hassanzadeh | Ali Mousavizadeh
Prospective evaluation of indirect costs due to acute rotavirus gastroenteritis in Spain: the ROTACOST study

Author(s): Bouzón-Alejandro Marta | Redondo-Collazo Lorenzo | Sánchez-Lastres Juan | Martinón-Torres Nazareth | Martinón-Sánchez José | Martinón-Torres Federico
The economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity: an Australian example

Author(s): Cadilhac Dominique | Cumming Toby | Sheppard Lauren | Pearce Dora | Carter Rob | Magnus Anne
Alternative tools to mass production and human performance indicators in sheltered work centers of Valencian community (Spain)

Author(s): Juan A. Marin-Garcia | Cristobal Miralles | Julio J. Garcia-Sabater | M. Rosario Perello-Marin
Causes of Absenteeism from the Schools at Secondary Level

Author(s): Gulap Shahzada | Safdar Rehman Ghazi | Habib Nawaz | AbdUllah Khan
An Investigation of Organizational Commitment and Education Level among Employees

Author(s): İsmail Bakan | Tuba Büyükbeşe | Burcu Erşahan
Work related complaints of neck, shoulder and arm among computer office workers: a cross-sectional evaluation of prevalence and risk factors in a developing country

Author(s): Ranasinghe Priyanga | Perera Yashasvi | Lamabadusuriya Dilusha | Kulatunga Supun | Jayawardana Naveen | Rajapakse Senaka | Katulanda Prasad
Food insecurity, school absenteeism and educational attainment of adolescents in Jimma Zone Southwest Ethiopia: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Belachew Tefera | Hadley Craig | Lindstrom David | Gebremariam Abebe | Lachat Carl | Kolsteren Patrick
Staying at work with chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain: a qualitative study of workers' experiences

Author(s): de Vries Haitze | Brouwer Sandra | Groothoff Johan | Geertzen Jan | Reneman Michiel
Antenatal care in practice: an exploratory study in antenatal care clinics in the Kilombero Valley, south-eastern Tanzania

Author(s): Gross Karin | Schellenberg Joanna | Kessy Flora | Pfeiffer Constanze | Obrist Brigit
The societal benefits of reducing six behavioural risk factors: an economic modelling study from Australia

Author(s): Cadilhac Dominique | Magnus Anne | Sheppard Lauren | Cumming Toby | Pearce Dora | Carter Rob
The increasing burden of depression

Author(s): Lépine J-P | Briley M

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