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Author(s): Jerome C. Arnett. Jr., M.D. | Edward Stevenson
Aid Works After 1909 Adana Events

Author(s): Necla Günay
Practices and daily routine of professionals in health public services under the light of academic studies

Author(s): Giselda Quintana Marques | Sandra Maria Cezar Leal | Maria Alice Dias da Silva Lima | Ana Lúcia de Lourenzi Bonilha | Marta Júlia Marques Lopes
Editorial Foreword

Author(s): Vasile IŞAN
Delivering Online Examinations: A Case Study

Author(s): Jason HOWARTH, John MESSING and Irfan ALTAS | John MESSING | Irfan ALTAS
The Service University

Author(s): Arild Tjeldvoll
Developing Professional Track towards Excellence in Academician’s Career Path

Author(s): Kamaruzaman Jusoff | Siti Akmar Abu Samah
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Abdulrahman Yarali | Saifur Rahman | Michael Bowman
What’s the Use of Culture?

Author(s): Tom O'Dell
Texas charter school legislation and the evolution of open-enrollment charter schools.

Author(s): Carrie Y. Barron Ausbrooks | Edith J. Barrett | Theresa Daniel
Student-Centered Teaching Meets New Media: Concept and Case Study

Author(s): Renate Motschnig-Pitrik | Andreas Holzinger
Identification, Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Tutors at the Open University of Israel

Author(s): Ruth Beyth-Marom | Gal Harpaz-Gorodeisky | Avaid Bar-Haim | Eti Goder
Open access on a zero budget: a case study of Postcolonial Text

Author(s): John Willinsky | Ranjini Mendis
The connection between academia and industry

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Concerned Journals, Editors And ICMJE

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
Monograph: Concluding Remarks

Author(s): Ajai R. Singh | Shakuntala A. Singh
The Arabic translation of the Declaration of Academic Freedom

Author(s): Open Letter by the Editor-in-Chief

Author(s): Schneider Suzana | Cosma Dorin | Bene Gheorghe Florin
Escrita acadêmica e escrita de si: experienciando desvios

Author(s): João Paulo Macedo | Magda Dimenstein
Academic Librarianship: A Crisis or an Opportunity?

Author(s): Diane Granfield | Mary Kandiuk | Harriet Sonne de Torrens
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