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New Trends and Solutions in Mobile Business

Author(s): Razvan Daniel ZOTA
Mobility Impact on Performance of Mobile Grids

Author(s): A. S. Nandeppanavar, | M. N. Birje, | S. S. Manvi, | Shridhar,
Prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2 in women with history of gestational diabetes. A descriptive study

Author(s): Sônia Maria Soares | Dinamara Barreto dos Santos | Ivone Maria Martins Salomon
A systematic review of delay in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

Author(s): Storla Dag Gundersen | Yimer Solomon | Bjune Gunnar
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Analysis of novel geometry-independent method for dialysis access pressure-flow monitoring

Author(s): Weitzel William | Cotant Casey | Wen Zhijie | Biswas Rohan | Patel Prashant | Panduranga Harsha | Gianchandani Yogesh | Rubin Jonathan
Primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia – a systematic review

Author(s): Wakerman John | Humphreys John | Wells Robert | Kuipers Pim | Entwistle Philip | Jones Judith
Preventing AVF thrombosis: the rationale and design of the Omega-3 fatty acids (Fish Oils) and Aspirin in Vascular access OUtcomes in REnal Disease (FAVOURED) study

Author(s): Irish Ashley | Dogra Gursharan | Mori Trevor | Beller Elaine | Heritier Stephane | Hawley Carmel | Kerr Peter | Robertson Amanda | Rosman Johan | Paul-Brent Peta-Anne | Starfield Melissa | Polkinghorne Kevan | Cass Alan
Effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy and development of drug resistance in HIV-1 infected patients in Mombasa, Kenya

Author(s): Steegen Kim | Luchters Stanley | Dauwe Kenny | Reynaerts Jacqueline | Mandaliya Kishor | Jaoko Walter | Plum Jean | Temmerman Marleen | Verhofstede Chris
'PhysioDirect' telephone assessment and advice services for physiotherapy: protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Salisbury Chris | Foster Nadine | Bishop Annette | Calnan Michael | Coast Jo | Hall Jeanette | Hay Elaine | Hollinghurst Sandra | Hopper Cherida | Grove Sean | Kaur Surinder | Montgomery Alan
Family Physician attitudes about prescribing using a drug formulary

Author(s): Suggs L Suzanne | Raina Parminder | Gafni Amiram | Grant Susan | Skilton Kevin | Fan Aimei | Szala-Meneok Karen

Author(s): P Bera | Pallab Dasgupta | S K Ghosh
Detection Of Fiber Fault In FTTH Networking Using The Centralized Failure Detection System (CFDS)

Author(s): Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman | Ng Boon Chuan | Kasmiran Jumari
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Noureddine Boudriga | Habtamu Abie
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Uwe Brinkschulte | Marcello Cinque | Tony Givargis | Stefano Russo
Materials used in the treatment of endodontic perforations

Author(s): Deborah Meirelles COGO | José Roberto VANNI | Thiago REGINATTO | Volmir FORNARI | Flares BARATTO FILHO
Venezuela's Barrio Adentro: participatory democracy, south-south cooperation and health care for all

Author(s): Carles Muntaner | Francisco Armada | Haejoo Chung | Mata Rosicar | Leslie Williams-Brennan | Joan Benach
What 'outliers' tell us about missed opportunities for tuberculosis control: a cross-sectional study of patients in Mumbai, India

Author(s): Pradhan Anagha | Kielmann Karina | Gupte Himanshu | Bamne Arun | Porter John | Rangan Sheela
Tension-free procedures in the treatment of groin hernias

Author(s): Milić Dragan J. | Pejić Miljko A.
Update and critical appraisal of sevelamer in the management of chronic renal failure

Author(s): Jacob Grinfeld | Akimichi Inaba | Alastair J Hutchison
Reasons for revision surgery after orbital decompression for Graves’ orbitopathy

Author(s): Stefano Sellari-Franceschini | Luca Muscatello | Veronica Seccia | Riccardo Lenzi | Amelia Santoro | et al
Analysis of Components Failure, Malfunction Effect and Prevention Technique in Customer Access Network FTTH-PON

Author(s): M.S. Ab-Rahman | M. Tanra | S.C. Rosli Boonchuan Ng | Aida Baharudin | Siti Aishah Mohamad Khithir
The Effect of Channel Fading on Providing Quality

Author(s): Marzieh Varposhti | Naser-Movahhedinia Movahhedinia
Analysis of risk factors for central venous port failure in cancer patients

Author(s): Ching-Chuan Hsieh, Hsu-Huei Weng, Wen-Shih Huang, Wen-Ke Wang, Chiung-Lun Kao, Ming-Shian Lu, Chia-Siu Wang
Handheld computers and the 21st century surgical team: a pilot study

Author(s): Aziz Omer | Panesar Sukhmeet | Netuveli Gopalakrishnan | Paraskeva Paraskevas | Sheikh Aziz | Darzi Ara
Nutritional care of medical inpatients: a health technology assessment

Author(s): Lassen Karin | Olsen Jens | Grinderslev Edvin | Kruse Filip | Bjerrum Merete
Hernia recurrence as a problem of biology and collagen

Author(s): Klinge Uwe | Binnebosel Marcel | Rosch Raphael | Mertens Peter
Radio-median cubital / radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula at elbow to prevent vascular steal syndrome associated with brachiocephalic fistula: Review of 320 cases

Author(s): Kumar Anant | Jha Mrigank | Singla Manish | Gupta Nitin | Raina Pamposh | Dubey Deepak | Srivastava Aneesh
surgeon's role in case of children on renal replacement therapy --- Rola chirurga w leczeniu nerkozastepczym u dzieci

Author(s): Stanislaw Warchol | Krystyna Iwaszkiewicz | Teresa Dudek-Warchol | Andrzej Kaminski | Helena Ziolkowska | Beata Leszczynska | Maria Roszkowska-Blaim | Michal Brzewski
Single step access into the pelvicalyceal system using the webb target dilator for PCNL and comparison with sequential dilatation technique

Author(s): Goel Apul | Aron Monish | Goel Rajiv | Gupta N | Hemal A | Dogra P | Seth Amlesh

Author(s): Rodríguez López Jose Luis | Batista Guerrero Omar
Improving TCP Performance Over Wireless Network With Frequent Disconnections

Author(s): Purvang Dalal | Nikhil Kothari | K. S. Dasgupta
An invitro evaluation of coronal seal of amalgam and C & B Metabond against bacterial microleakage

Author(s): M Barati | A Tabibian | M Feizianfard | A Aslani Moghadam
Laparoendoscopic single-site transvesical removal of mid-urethral polypropylene sling eroded into the bladder

Author(s): Marek Roslan | Marcin Markuszewski | Artur Gibas | Wojciech Piaskowski | Kazimierz Krajka
Protocol - realist and meta-narrative evidence synthesis: Evolving Standards (RAMESES)

Author(s): Greenhalgh Trisha | Wong Geoff | Westhorp Gill | Pawson Ray
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Towards an Autonomous System for QoS management of IMS networks

Author(s): Mohammed Errais | Brahim Raouyane | Mostafa Bellafkih | Mohammed Ramdani
Successful recruitment to trials: a phased approach to opening gates and building bridges

Author(s): Patterson Sue | Mairs Hilary | Borschmann Rohan
Long-term outcome and patterns of failure in patients with advanced head and neck cancer

Author(s): Hauswald Henrik | Simon Christian | Hecht Simone | Debus Juergen | Lindel Katja
Handoff optimization in 802.11 wireless networks

Author(s): Hsieh IP | Kao Shang-Juh
Detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in patients with lung carcinoma by real-time fluorescent quantitative-PCR approach before and after chemotherapy

Author(s): Ming-Jian Ge | Qing-Chen Wu | Mei Wang | Li Li | Xiao-Long Zhao | Qiao-Min Huang | Liang-Bin Li
Saskatchewan Residents’ Use of The Cochrane Library

Author(s): Dorothy Anne Forbes | Christine Neilson | Janet Bangma | Jennifer Forbes | Daniel Fuller | Shari Furniss

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