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An analysis of the Medicolegal deads performed in Diyarbakir, in 1996-1998

Author(s): Yaşar Tıraşçı | Süleyman Gören
Work-related unusual penetrating head trauma caused by industrial welding rod

Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Singh | PN Pandey | Rohit Kumar
Irreducible lateral dislocation of the elbow.

Author(s): Chhaparwal M | Aroojis A | Divekar M | Kulkarni S | Vaidya S
Hidden diseases detected after a fall.

Author(s): Vadivelu R | Mathew E | Hadid N
Fatal penetrating orbitocerebral injury by bicycle brake handle

Author(s): MS Gopalakrishnan | B Indira Devi
Las redes verticales de seguridad en la construcción de edificios. I

Author(s): Irles Más, Ramón | González Sánchez, Antonio | Segovia Eulogio, Enrique | Maciá Mateu, Antonio
Bacteria isolated from parasitic nematodes - a potential novel vector of pathogens?

Author(s): Lacharme-Lora Lizeth | Salisbury Vyv | Humphrey Tom | Stafford Kathryn | Perkins Sarah
Physical exercises and risk of fall reduction in elderly: a systematic review

Author(s): Paulo Cesar Barauce Bento | Andre Luiz Rodacki | Diogo Homann | Neiva Leite
Injury severity score as possible parametar for evaluation of height of fall in deadly injured

Author(s): Atanasijević Tatjana | Nikolić Slobodan | Đokić Vesna
Patients' falls and injuries during hospitalization as quality indicators of work in hospitals

Author(s): Milutinović Dragana | Martinov-Cvejin Mirjana | Simić Svetlana
Determination of risk factors for child fall based on the Calgary

Author(s): Aline de Souza Pereira | Samira Valentim Gama Lira | DeborahPedrosa Moreira | Isabella Lima Barbosa | Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza Vieira
Documentation of in-hospital falls on incident reports: Qualitative investigation of an imperfect process

Author(s): Haines Terry | Cornwell Petrea | Fleming Jennifer | Varghese Paul | Gray Len
Impact of infection control activities on the rate of needle stick injuries at a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan over a period of six years: an observational study

Author(s): Zafar Afia | Habib Faiza | Hadwani Roshan | Ejaz Muslima | Khowaja Khurshid | Khowaja Rozina | Irfan Seema
Epidemiology of drowning in Isfahan province, center of Iran

Author(s): Ardeshir Sheikhazadi | Mohammad Hasan Ghadyani
Approach to Fall in Elderly Population

Author(s): Mehmet Ilkin Naharci | Huseyin Doruk
Anselm's Theory of Freedom

Author(s): Thomas Gwozdz
Falls requiring medical attention among veterans with multiple sclerosis: A cohort study

Author(s): Michelle H. Cameron, MD, PT | Amy J. Poel, MPH, PhC | Jodie K. Haselkorn, MD, MPH | Alex Linke, BS | Dennis Bourdette, MD
The Analysis of Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizures Associated Injuries in Emergency Department

Author(s): Yusuf Ali ALTUNCI | Servan GOKHAN | Mehmet USTUNDAG | Murat ORAK | Ayhan OZHASENEKLER | Cahfer GULOGLU
Medication as a risk factor for falls in older women in Brazil

Author(s): Rozenfeld Suely | Camacho Luiz Antonio Bastos | Veras Renato Peixoto
Emergency surgery in a severe penetrating skull base injury by a screwdriver: case report and literature review

Author(s): De Tommasi Antonio | Cascardi Pasquale | De Tommasi Claudio | Luzzi Sabino | Ciappetta Pasqualino
Fractures in elderly due to falls registered in a traumatology tertiary reference hospital in the year 2004

Author(s): Marcelo de Carvalho Filgueiras | Fred Ribeiro Santiago | Hildemberg Agostinho Rocha de Santiago | Luiza Jane Eyre de Souza Vieira
A study of occurrence of domestic accidents in semi-urban community

Author(s): Bhanderi Dinesh | Choudhary Sushilkumar
Presternal Skin Growth in a Brazilian Young Woman

Author(s): Vitorino Modesto SANTOS | Antonio Augusto Dall'Agnol MODESTO | Milena Oliveira AMUI
Right prefrontal cortex is activated for perceiving postural limits: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study

Author(s): Noriyuki Kamata | Yoshimi Matsuo | Ayako Matsuya | Satoru Inoue | Kazuo Abe

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