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Neutrophils: the forgotten cell in JIA disease pathogenesis

Author(s): Jarvis James | Jiang Kaiyu | Petty Howard | Centola Michael
Optimization of frequency filtering in random access JPEG library

Author(s): Michal Radziszewski | Witold Alda
Towards Learner Model Sharing Among Heterogeneous E-Learning Environments

Author(s): R. Sunitha, | R. Shyamala, | G. Aghila
Commons in a Multi-level World

Author(s): Fikret Berkes
Adaptive Team-Based Multi-Agent Organizational Model: A Case in Rescue Systems

Author(s): Afsaneh Fatemi | Kamran Zamanifar | Naser Nematbakhsh
Response to Christiansen and Altaweel

Author(s): Tony J. Wilkinson
Capacity Performance of Adaptive Receive Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Panagiotis Theofilakos | Athanasios G. Kanatas
Adaptive Stabilization of Networked Control Systems

Author(s): A.H. Tahoun | Fang Hua-Jing
Recent advances in cytokines: Therapeutic implications for inflammatory bowel diseases

Author(s): Guillaume Bouguen | Jean-Baptiste Chevaux | Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet
Distributed Research Project Scheduling Based on Multi-Agent Methods

Author(s): Constanta Nicoleta Bodea | Ileana Ruxandra Badea | Augustin Purnus
GA-Based Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Nonlinear Systems

Author(s): P. C. Chen | C. W. Chen | W. L. Chiang
Neural Network - A review

Author(s): Gharate M.K | Mrs. Rupali a. Patil
Disease-associated pathophysiologic structures in pediatric rheumatic diseases show characteristics of scale-free networks seen in physiologic systems: implications for pathogenesis and treatment

Author(s): Frank Mark | Wang Shirley | Aggarwal Amita | Knowlton Nicholas | Jiang Kaiyu | Chen Yanmin | McKee Ryan | Chaser Brad | McGhee Timothy | Osban Jeanette | Jarvis James
Genome-wide transcriptional response of an avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) pst mutant

Author(s): Crépin Sébastien | Lamarche Martin | Garneau Philippe | Séguin Julie | Proulx Julie | Dozois Charles | Harel Josée
A Review of Closed-Loop Algorithms for Glycemic Control in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Author(s): Joseph El Youssef | Jessica Castle | W. Kenneth Ward
The role of conversation in health care interventions: enabling sensemaking and learning

Author(s): Jordan Michelle | Lanham Holly | Crabtree Benjamin | Nutting Paul | Miller William | Stange Kurt | McDaniel Reuben
AIN-Based Action Selection Mechanism for Soccer Robot Systems

Author(s): Yin-Tien Wang | Zhi-Jun You | Chia-Hsing Chen
Ecological niche partitioning between Anopheles gambiae molecular forms in Cameroon: the ecological side of speciation

Author(s): Simard Frédéric | Ayala Diego | Kamdem Guy | Pombi Marco | Etouna Joachim | Ose Kenji | Fotsing Jean-Marie | Fontenille Didier | Besansky Nora | Costantini Carlo
Implementation research design: integrating participatory action research into randomized controlled trials

Author(s): Leykum Luci | Pugh Jacqueline | Lanham Holly | Harmon Joel | McDaniel Reuben
Novel Intrusion Detection using Probabilistic Neural Network and Adaptive Boosting

Author(s): Tich Phuoc Tran | Longbing Cao | Dat Tran | Cuong Duc Nguyen
Musculo-Skeletal and Vascular Involvement in Behcet’s Disease

Author(s): Meryem Can | Haner Direskeneli
MIDAS-W: a workstation-based incoherent scatter radar data acquisition system

Author(s): J. M. Holt | P. J. Erickson | A. M. Gorczyca | T. Grydeland
Adaptive Emotional Personality Model based on Fuzzy Logic Interpretation of Five Factor Theory

Author(s): Ahmed Mustafa | Aisha-Hassan A. Hashim | Othaman Khalifa | Shihab A. Hamed
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Athanasios V. Vasilakos | Neal N. Xiong | Laurence T. Yang | Chuan Lin | Lei Shu

Author(s): Jie-Xian Zeng | Fei Yu | Limin Sun | Mingwen Wang | Guangxue Yue
Combining Naive Bayes and Decision Tree for Adaptive Intrusion Detection

Author(s): Dewan Md. Farid | Nouria Harbi | Mohammad Zahidur Rahman
Genetic population structure of sympatric and allopatric populations of Baltic ciscoes (Coregonus albula complex, Teleostei, Coregonidae)

Author(s): Mehner Thomas | Pohlmann Kirsten | Elkin Che | Monaghan Michael | Nitz Barbara | Freyhof Jörg
Soft Computing Approaches for Prediction of Software Maintenance Effort

Author(s): Arvinder Kaur | Kamaldeep Kaur | Ruchika Malhotra
A Software Architecture for Adaptive Modular Sensing Systems

Author(s): Andrew C. Lyle | Michael D. Naish
Understanding Complex Adaptive Systems by Playing Games

Author(s): Arthur van BILSEN | Geertje BEKEBREDE | Igor MAYER
A Multi-agents System Approach for Designing Complex Systems

Author(s): Faiza Saheb | Mohamed Batouche
A Framework for Implementation of Adaptive Autonomy for Intelligent Electronic Devices

Author(s): A. Fereidunian | H. Lesani | C. Lucas | M. Lehtonen
An adaptive K-Means Clustering Algorithm and its Application to Face Recognition

Author(s): K. Rajalakshmi | B. Thilaka | N. Rajeswari
Redes Interorganizacionais Horizontais Vistas como Sistemas Adaptativos Complexos Coevolutivos: o Caso de uma Rede de Supermercados

Author(s): Aline Lourenço de Oliveira | Daniel Carvalho de Rezende | Cleber Castro de Carvalho
The challenge of supporting care for dementia in primary care

Author(s): Malaz Boustani | Cathy Schubert | Youcef Sennour
From the complex system leadership perspective: DNA leadership

Author(s): Hasan Basri Gündüz | Şenol Beşoluk | İsmail Önder
An Improved Low Complex Spatially Scalable ACC-DCT Based Video Compression Method

Author(s): G.Suresh | P.Epsiba, | Dr.M.Rajaram | Dr.S.N.Sivanandam
Group interventions to improve health outcomes: a framework for their design and delivery

Author(s): Hoddinott Pat | Allan Karen | Avenell Alison | Britten Jane
Robust dynamic balance of AP-1 transcription factors in a neuronal gene regulatory network

Author(s): Miller Gregory | Ogunnaike Babatunde | Schwaber James | Vadigepalli Rajanikanth
Complex Systems and Cellular Automata Models in the Study of Complexity

Author(s): Camelia Chira | Anca Gog | Rodica Ioana Lung | David Iclanzan
Mapping of health system functions to strengthen priority programs. The case of maternal health in Mexico

Author(s): González-Block Miguel | Rouvier Mariel | Becerril Victor | Sesia Paola
Reciprocal learning and chronic care model implementation in primary care: results from a new scale of learning in primary care

Author(s): Leykum Luci | Palmer Ray | Lanham Holly | Jordan Michelle | McDaniel Reuben | Noël Polly | Parchman Michael
The leukocyte receptor complex in chicken is characterized by massive expansion and diversification of immunoglobulin-like Loci.

Author(s): Laun Katja | Coggill Penny | Palmer Sophie | Sims Sarah | Ning Zemin | Ragoussis Jiannis | Volpi Emanuela | Wilson Natalie | Beck Stephan | Ziegler Andreas | Volz Armin
Organizational interventions employing principles of complexity science have improved outcomes for patients with Type II diabetes

Author(s): Leykum Luci | Pugh Jacqueline | Lawrence Valerie | Parchman Michael | Noël Polly | Cornell John | McDaniel Reuben
Automated smoother for the numerical decoupling of dynamics models

Author(s): Vilela Marco | Borges Carlos | Vinga Susana | Vasconcelos Ana | Santos Helena | Voit Eberhard | Almeida Jonas
A Real-Time Wavelet-Domain Video Denoising Implementation in FPGA

Author(s): Mihajlo Katona | Aleksandra Pižurica | Nikola Teslić | Vladimir Kovačević | Wilfried Philips
Implementing change in primary care practices using electronic medical records: a conceptual framework

Author(s): Nemeth Lynne | Feifer Chris | Stuart Gail | Ornstein Steven
Link-Adaptive Distributed Coding for Multisource Cooperation

Author(s): Alfonso Cano | Tairan Wang | Alejandro Ribeiro | Georgios B. Giannakis
Innovation, Competition and Growth: Evolving Complexiting or Complex Evolution

Author(s): J. Stanley Metcalfe | Maria da Graça Derengowski Fonseca | Ronald Ramlogan
Design of Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for a Rotary Dryer

Author(s): F. F. G. Areed | M. S. El-Kasassy | Kh. A. Mahmoud
Complexity Science: New Emerging Approach for Health Professionals

Author(s): N Keshavarz | I Huges | F Khavarpour
A Method Based on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Fault Detection of Planetary Gearboxes

Author(s): Yaguo Lei | Jing Lin | Zhengjia He | Detong Kong
Developing Adaptive Elearning: An Authoring Tool Design

Author(s): Said Talhi | Mahieddine Djoudi
An Immune Inspired Multilayer IDS

Author(s): Mafaz Muhsin Khalil Alanezi | Najlaa Badie Aldabagh
A Real-Time Wavelet-Domain Video Denoising Implementation in FPGA

Author(s): Katona Mihajlo | Pižurica Aleksandra | Teslić Nikola | Kovačević Vladimir | Philips Wilfried
Evolution of response dynamics underlying bacterial chemotaxis

Author(s): Soyer Orkun | Goldstein Richard
Efficient characterization of high-dimensional parameter spaces for systems biology

Author(s): Zamora-Sillero Elías | Hafner Marc | Ibig Ariane | Stelling Joerg | Wagner Andreas
Systems biology applied to vaccine and immunotherapy development

Author(s): Buonaguro Luigi | Wang Ena | Tornesello Maria | Buonaguro Franco | Marincola Francesco
Capacity Performance of Adaptive Receive Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Systems

Author(s): Theofilakos Panagiotis | Kanatas Athanasios G
Performance Comparison of Adaptive Beam Forming by Embedded GA in PIC and ARM Microcontroller

Author(s): C. S. Liew | S. K. Tiong | S. P. Koh | David F.W. Yap
Qualitative phase space reconstruction analysis of supply-chain inventor time series

Author(s): Chenxi Shao | Lizhong Wang | Lipeng Xiao | Jinliang Wu
Viral Ancestors of Antiviral Systems

Author(s): Luis P. Villarreal
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Antonio Teixeira | Anna Tzanakaki | Davide Careglio | Miroslaw Klinkowski
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Haiwen Liu | Wenlang Luo | Huojiao He | Chin-Chen Chang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsiao-Chun Wu | Tho Le-Ngoc | Jitendra K. Tugnait | Shih Yu Chang

Author(s): Žarko M Ćojbašić | Vlastimir D Nikolić | Ivan T Ćirić | Ljubica R Ćojbašić
Immunological network signatures of cancer progression and survival

Author(s): Clancy Trevor | Pedicini Marco | Castiglione Filippo | Santoni Daniele | Nygaard Vegard | Lavelle Timothy | Benson Mikael | Hovig Eivind
Congenital neutropenia: diagnosis, molecular bases and patient management

Author(s): Donadieu Jean | Fenneteau Odile | Beaupain Blandine | Mahlaoui Nizar | Chantelot Christine
Centriole polarisation to the immunological synapse directs secretion from cytolytic cells of both the innate and adaptive immune systems

Author(s): Stinchcombe Jane | Salio Mariolina | Cerundolo Vincenzo | Pende Daniela | Arico Maurizo | Griffiths Gillian
Ambient Intelligence: Next Generation Technology

Author(s): Anand Chandrasekhar, | Vineeth.P.Kaimal, | Mrs. Chhayadevi Bhamare, | Miss Sunanda Khosla

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