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Advances in radiation therapy dosimetry

Author(s): Paliwal Bhudatt | Tewatia Dinesh
Magnetic resonance imaging for adaptive cobalt tomotherapy: A proposal

Author(s): Kron Tomas | Eyles David | Schreiner John | Battista Jerry
Preliminary results of ion trajectory tracking in the acceleration region of the VINCY cyclotron

Author(s): Ilić Anđelija Ž. | Ristić-Đurović Jasna L. | Ćirković Saša T.
On-Line Adaptive Radiation Therapy: Feasibility and Clinical Study

Author(s): Taoran Li | Xiaofeng Zhu | Danthai Thongphiew | W. Robert Lee | Zeljko Vujaskovic | Qiuwen Wu | Fang-Fang Yin | Q. Jackie Wu
Effect of Edge-Preserving Adaptive Image Filter on Low-Contrast Detectability in CT Systems: Application of ROC Analysis

Author(s): Miwa Okumura | Takamasa Ota | Kazuhisa Kainuma | James W. Sayre | Michael McNitt-Gray | Kazuhiro Katada
Genetic structure along an elevational gradient in Hawaiian honeycreepers reveals contrasting evolutionary responses to avian malaria

Author(s): Eggert Lori | Terwilliger Lauren | Woodworth Bethany | Hart Patrick | Palmer Danielle | Fleischer Robert
Evolutionary morphology of the rattlesnake style

Author(s): Meik Jesse | Pires-daSilva André
Characterizing ecosystem-atmosphere interactions from short to interannual time scales

Author(s): M. D. Mahecha | M. Reichstein | H. Lange | N. Carvalhais | C. Bernhofer | T. Grünwald | D. Papale | G. Seufert
Adaptive radiation of gobies in the interstitial habitats of gravel beaches accompanied by body elongation and excessive vertebral segmentation

Author(s): Yamada Tomohiko | Sugiyama Tomoshige | Tamaki Nana | Kawakita Atsushi | Kato Makoto
Practical and clinical considerations in Cobalt-60 tomotherapy

Author(s): Joshi Chandra | Dhanesar Sandeep | Darko Johnson | Kerr Andrew | Vidyasagar P | Schreiner L
Development of a neuro-fuzzy technique for automated parameter optimization of inverse treatment planning

Author(s): Stieler Florian | Yan Hui | Lohr Frank | Wenz Frederik | Yin Fang-Fang
A comparison of reptilian and avian olfactory receptor gene repertoires: Species-specific expansion of group γ genes in birds

Author(s): Steiger Silke | Kuryshev Vladimir | Stensmyr Marcus | Kempenaers Bart | Mueller Jakob
Phylogeny and evolutionary history of Leymus (Triticeae; Poaceae) based on a single-copy nuclear gene encoding plastid acetyl-CoA carboxylase

Author(s): Fan Xing | Sha Li-Na | Yang Rui-Wu | Zhang Hai-Qin | Kang Hou-Yang | Ding Cun-Bang | Zhang Li | Zheng You-Liang | Zhou Yong-Hong
In vivo99mTc-HYNIC-annexin V imaging of early tumor apoptosis in mice after single dose irradiation

Author(s): Guo Ming-fang | Zhao Yaqing | Tian Rong | Li Lin | Guo Leiming | Xu Feng | Liu Yong-mei | He Yong-bo | Bai Sen | Wang Jin
Does evolutionary innovation in pharyngeal jaws lead to rapid lineage diversification in labrid fishes?

Author(s): Alfaro Michael | Brock Chad | Banbury Barbara | Wainwright Peter
Functional chloroplasts in metazoan cells - a unique evolutionary strategy in animal life

Author(s): Händeler Katharina | Grzymbowski Yvonne | Krug Patrick | Wägele Heike
Evolution of surface-based deformable image registration for adaptive radiotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Author(s): Guckenberger Matthias | Baier Kurt | Richter Anne | Wilbert Juergen | Flentje Michael
Microarray analysis of DNA damage repair gene expression profiles in cervical cancer cells radioresistant to 252Cf neutron and X-rays

Author(s): Qing Yi | Yang Xue-Qin | Zhong Zhao-Yang | Lei Xin | Xie Jia-Yin | Li Meng-Xia | Xiang De-Bing | Li Zeng-Peng | Yang Zhen-Zhou | Wang Ge | Wang Dong
Lineage-specific positive selection at the merozoite surface protein 1 (msp1) locus of Plasmodium vivax and related simian malaria parasites

Author(s): Sawai Hiromi | Otani Hiroto | Arisue Nobuko | Palacpac Nirianne | de Oliveira Martins Leonardo | Pathirana Sisira | Handunnetti Shiroma | Kawai Satoru | Kishino Hirohisa | Horii Toshihiro | Tanabe Kazuyuki
Molecular pedomorphism underlies craniofacial skeletal evolution in Antarctic notothenioid fishes

Author(s): Albertson R Craig | Yan Yi-Lin | Titus Tom | Pisano Eva | Vacchi Marino | Yelick Pamela | Detrich H William | Postlethwait John
Genetic population structure of sympatric and allopatric populations of Baltic ciscoes (Coregonus albula complex, Teleostei, Coregonidae)

Author(s): Mehner Thomas | Pohlmann Kirsten | Elkin Che | Monaghan Michael | Nitz Barbara | Freyhof Jörg
Molluscan mega-hemocyanin: an ancient oxygen carrier tuned by a ~550 kDa polypeptide

Author(s): Lieb Bernhard | Gebauer Wolfgang | Gatsogiannis Christos | Depoix Frank | Hellmann Nadja | Harasewych Myroslaw | Strong Ellen | Markl Jürgen
Genome-wide characterization of the biggest grass, bamboo, based on 10,608 putative full-length cDNA sequences

Author(s): Peng Zhenhua | Lu Tingting | Li Lubin | Liu Xiaohui | Gao Zhimin | Hu Tao | Yang Xuewen | Feng Qi | Guan Jianping | Weng Qijun | Fan Danlin | Zhu Chuanrang | Lu Ying | Han Bin | Jiang Zehui
Hybridisation between two cyprinid fishes in a novel habitat: genetics, morphology and life-history traits

Author(s): Hayden Brian | Pulcini Domitilla | Kelly-Quinn Mary | O'Grady Martin | Caffrey Joe | McGrath Aisling | Mariani Stefano
Chromosome differentiation patterns during cichlid fish evolution

Author(s): Poletto Andréia | Ferreira Irani | Cabral-de-Mello Diogo | Nakajima Rafael | Mazzuchelli Juliana | Ribeiro Heraldo | Venere Paulo | Nirchio Mauro | Kocher Thomas | Martins Cesar
Adaptive Radiation for Lung Cancer

Author(s): Daniel R. Gomez | Joe Y. Chang
Active Microstructured Optical Arrays of Grazing Incidence Reflectors

Author(s): Richard Willingale | Charlotte Feldman | Alan Michette | Tim Button | Camelia Dunare | Melvyn Folkard | David Hart | Chris McFaul | Graeme R. Morrison | William Parkes | Sławka Pfauntsch | A. Keith Powell | Daniel Rodriguez-Sanmartin | Shahin Sahraei | Matthew T. Shand | Tom Stevenson | Boris Vojnovic | Dou Zhang
Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

Author(s): Fang Guang-Chen | Blackmon Barbara | Henry David | Staton Margaret | Saski Christopher | Hodges Scott | Tomkins Jeff | Luo Hong
Island species radiation and karyotypic stasis in Pachycladon allopolyploids

Author(s): Mandáková Terezie | Heenan Peter | Lysak Martin
Insights into the role of differential gene expression on the ecological adaptation of the snail Littorina saxatilis

Author(s): Martínez-Fernández Mónica | Bernatchez Louis | Rolán-Alvarez Emilio | Quesada Humberto
Gamma-ray Irradiation Impairs Dendritic Cell Migration to CCL19 by Down-regulation of CCR7 and Induction of Cell Apoptosis

Author(s): Cong Liu, Jin Lin, Luqian Zhao, Yanyong Yang, Fu Gao, Bailong Li, Jianguo Cui, Jianming Cai
Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Scheme with Reduced Computational Complexity and Improved Capacity

Author(s): L. C. Siddanna Gowd | A. R. Rajini | A. R. Rajini
A Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna for Adaptive MIMO Systems

Author(s): Cetiner Bedri A. | Qian J. Y. | Li G. P. | De Flaviis F.
Recent Advances in the Collapse and Fragmentation of Turbulent Molecular Cloud Cores

Author(s): R. I. Klein | R. T. Fisher | M. R. Krumholz | C. F. McKee
Haematopoietic development and immunological function in the absence of cathepsin D

Author(s): Tulone Calogero | Uchiyama Yasuo | Novelli Marco | Grosvenor Nicholas | Saftig Paul | Chain Benjamin
Reciprocal diversification in a complex plant-herbivore-parasitoid food web

Author(s): Nyman Tommi | Bokma Folmer | Kopelke Jens-Peter
Experimental demonstration of ecological character displacement

Author(s): Tyerman Jabus | Bertrand Melanie | Spencer Christine | Doebeli Michael
Annotation of expressed sequence tags for the East African cichlid fish Astatotilapia burtoni and evolutionary analyses of cichlid ORFs

Author(s): Salzburger Walter | Renn Susan | Steinke Dirk | Braasch Ingo | Hofmann Hans | Meyer Axel
Multigene phylogeny of the Mustelidae: Resolving relationships, tempo and biogeographic history of a mammalian adaptive radiation

Author(s): Koepfli Klaus-Peter | Deere Kerry | Slater Graham | Begg Colleen | Begg Keith | Grassman Lon | Lucherini Mauro | Veron Geraldine | Wayne Robert
Molecular phylogeny and divergence times of Malagasy tenrecs: Influence of data partitioning and taxon sampling on dating analyses

Author(s): Poux Céline | Madsen Ole | Glos Julian | de Jong Wilfried | Vences Miguel
The effect of radio-adaptive doses on HT29 and GM637 cells

Author(s): Schwarz Silke | Schaffer Pamela | Kulka Ulrike | Ertl-Wagner Birgit | Hell Roswitha | Schaffer Moshe
Basal DNA repair machinery is subject to positive selection in ionizing-radiation-resistant bacteria

Author(s): Sghaier Haïtham | Ghedira Kaïs | Benkahla Alia | Barkallah Insaf
Highly conserved gene order and numerous novel repetitive elements in genomic regions linked to wing pattern variation in Heliconius butterflies

Author(s): Papa Riccardo | Morrison Clayton | Walters James | Counterman Brian | Chen Rui | Halder Georg | Ferguson Laura | Chamberlain Nicola | ffrench-Constant Richard | Kapan Durrell | Jiggins Chris | Reed Robert | McMillan William
An Approach to Adaptive Enhancement of Diagnostic X-Ray Images

Author(s): Juha Lemmetti | Jarkko Niittylahti | Karen Egiazarian | Hakan Öktem
Radiation dose reduction with application of non-linear adaptive filters for abdominal CT

Author(s): Sarabjeet Singh | Mannudeep K Kalra | Mi Kim Sung | Anni Back | Michael A Blake
Speed-Sensitive Weighting Algorithm for Digital Beamforming of Adaptive Antenna Arrays

Author(s): Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam | Mahyar Shirvani Moghaddam
Does Photofrin II Combined with a Radio-Adaptive Dose Lead to a Synergistic or Additive Effect after Ionising Irradiation in Vitro?

Author(s): Moshe Schaffer | Alina Balandin | Birgit Ertl-Wagner | Pamela Schaffer | Luigi Bonavina | Alfons Hofstette | Ulrike Kulka
An Approach to Adaptive Enhancement of Diagnostic X-Ray Images

Author(s): Öktem Hakan | Egiazarian Karen | Niittylahti Jarkko | Lemmetti Juha
A Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna for Adaptive MIMO Systems

Author(s): Cetiner Bedri A | Qian JY | Li GP | De Flaviis F

Author(s): A. Padrón | J. I. Garduño | A. A. Herrera | R. Prieto
A new method for measuring gamma camera uniformity

Author(s): Hossein Zamani Zeinali
Design and Performance Analysis of Smart Antenna System for DECT Radio Base Station in Wireless Local Loop

Author(s): Muhammad Mahfuzul Alam | Md. Majharul Islam Rajib | Sumon Jumar Biswas
Influence of solar radiation and groundwater table on carbon balance of phreatophytic desert shrub Tamarix

Author(s): XU Hao | LI Yan | XIE Jing-Xia | CHENG Lei | ZHAO Yan | LIU Ran
Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in the Midas cichlid fish pharyngeal jaw and its relevance in adaptive radiation

Author(s): Muschick Moritz | Barluenga Marta | Salzburger Walter | Meyer Axel
A New On-Line/Off-Line Adaptive Antenna Array Beamformer for Tracking the Mobile Targets

Author(s): Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam | Mahyar Shirvani Moghaddam
Patterns of Speciation and Adaptive Radiation in Parnassius Butterflies

Author(s): C. Rebourg | F. Petenian | E. Cosson | E. Faure
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