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Adoption of Web 2.0 tools in distance education

Author(s): Yasemin Koçak Usluel | Sacide Güzin Mazman
Regional policy of the European Union

Author(s): Međak Vladimir
Population policy: State and expectations

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana
Effect of bariatric surgery on future general surgical procedures

Author(s): Kini Subhash | Kannan Umashankkar
Welfare issues of modern laying hen farming

Author(s): Valentina Ferrante
Fundamentos Conceptuales del Resultado Global

Author(s): Francisco Sousa Fernández
Primary Values and Modernization

Author(s): Iqbal Zafar | Nazia Malik | Saif-ur-Rehman | Farooq Tanveer
How Does Human Capital Affect on Growth in Different Economies?

Author(s): Mehdi Safdari | Mohammad Shahiki | Zahra Sheidaee
An innovative telemedicine knowledge translation program to improve quality of care in intensive care units: protocol for a cluster randomized pragmatic trial

Author(s): Scales Damon | Dainty Katie | Hales Brigette | Pinto Ruxandra | Fowler Robert | Adhikari Neill | Zwarenstein Merrick
Effect of non-structural carbohydrate dietary content on the productive performance of Sarda primiparous ewes

Author(s): Fulvia Bovera | Monica Isabella Cutrignelli | Serena Calabrò | Giovanni Piccolo | Raffaella Tudisco | Fabio Zicarelli | Vincenzo Piccolo | Federico Infascelli
Un Estudio de la Influencia del País en los Indicadores Contables Bancarios de México, Chile, Argentina y España

Author(s): Salvador Marín Hernández | Juan Pedro Sánchez Ballesta | María Mercedes Bernabé Pérez
A Policy-Based Autonomic Model Suitable for Quality of Service Management

Author(s): Romildo Martins da Silva Bezerra | Joberto Sérgio Barbosa Martins

Author(s): Albenones José de Mesquita | Cristiano Sales Prado | Válter Ferreira Félix Bueno | José Ricardo Garcia Mansur | Rodrigo Balduino Soares Neves | Iolanda Aparecida Nunes | Moacir Evandro Lage | Antonio Nonato de Oliveira
Pay for performance: will dentistry follow?

Author(s): Voinea-Griffin Andreea | Fellows Jeffrey | Rindal Donald | Barasch Andrei | Gilbert Gregg | Safford Monika
Measuring Interaction: An Empirical Comparison of Three OLS Regression Models

Author(s): Ali Hussein Saleh Zolait | Ainin Sulaiman | Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi
Effect of Stocking Density on Performance of Growing Rabbits in Semi-Humid Tropics

Author(s): Iyeghe-Erakpotobor Grace, T. | Olorunju, SAS.
Effect of Farmers` Management Practices on Soil Properties and Maize Yield

Author(s): I.M. Tabu | R.K. Obura | A. Bationo | L. Nakhone
Factors Affecting the Adoption of E-commerce: A Study in Nigeria

Author(s): Folorunso | Olusegun | Awe Oludare Gabriel | Sharma | Sushil K. | Jeff Zhang
Factors Affecting the Adoption of the Organic Dried Fig Agriculture System in Turkey

Author(s): Ferruh Isin | Tayfun Cukur | Goksel Armagan
Identification of Puccinia pimpinellae on Anise Plant in Egypt and Its Control

Author(s): Wesam I.A. Saber | Khalid M. Ghoneem | Mohammed M. El-Metwally | Mohamed A. Elwakil
Exploring the Individual Characteristics on the Adoption of Broadband: An Empirical Analysis

Author(s): Jia Jia Sim | Garry Wei Han Tan | Keng Boon Ooi | Voon Hsien Lee
E-banking Functionality and Outcomes of Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation

Author(s): Ala`Eddin Mohd Khalaf Ahmad | Hasan Ali Al-Zu’bi
Las madres solteras por elección. ¿Ciudadanas de primera y madres de segunda?

Author(s): Rivas, Ana María | Jociles, María Isabel | Moncó, Beatriz
Impact of yoga way of life on organizational performance

Author(s): Adhia Hasmukh | Nagendra H | Mahadevan B
Determinants of generic drug substitution in Switzerland

Author(s): Decollogny Anne | Eggli Yves | Halfon Patricia | Lufkin Thomas
A system dynamics analysis determining willingness to wait and pay for the implementation of data standards in clinical research

Author(s): Cofiel Luciana | Zammar Guilherme | Zaveri Amrapali | Shah Jatin | Carvalho Elias | Nahm Meredith | Kesselring Gustavo | Pietrobon Ricardo
Seismic hazard map of the western hemisphere

Author(s): K. M. Shedlock | J. G. Tanner
Technology Support for Engagement Retention:The Case of BackPack

Author(s): Kai-Pan Mark | Doug Vogel (AIS Fellow)
Energy balance of five fodder cropping systems in the irrigated lowlands of Northern Italy

Author(s): Cesare Tomasoni | Lamberto Borrelli | Massimo Brambilla
Assessing Accrual Accounting Reform in Greek Public Hospitals: An Empirical Investigation

Author(s): Nikolaos Eriotis | Filippos Stamatiadis | Dimitrios Vasiliou
A Meta Analysis on Farm-Level Costs and Benefits of GM Crops

Author(s): Robert Finger | Nadja El Benni | Timo Kaphengst | Clive Evans | Sophie Herbert | Bernard Lehmann | Stephen Morse | Nataliya Stupak
Outcomes of the 2011 Botanical Nomenclature Section at the XVIII International Botanical Congress

Author(s): James Miller | Vicki Funk | Warren Wagner | Fred R. Barrie | Peter C. Hoch | Patrick Herendeen
Analysis of Fixed Assets Amortization in Ukraine

Author(s): I. Erfort | Y. Erfort
Development of E-government Services in Iran: A Comparison of Adoption Constructs

Author(s): Lotfollah Forozandeh Dehkordi | Reza Rasouli | Zahra Zebardast
Impacts of conservation tillage on the hydrological and agronomic performance of fanya juus in the upper Blue Nile (Abbay) river basin

Author(s): M. Temesgen | S. Uhlenbrook | B. Simane | P. van der Zaag | Y. Mohamed | J. Wenninger | H. H. G. Savenije1
A Model of ICT Acceptance and Use for Teachers in Higher Education Institutions

Author(s): N.D. Oye | N. A. Iahad | Zairah Ab. Rabin
Gender-Asymmetry in Dating Success of Korean Adoptees in the West

Author(s): Peter D. Dijkstra | Daniel Schwekendiek | Paul T.Y. Preenen
Computerized clinical decision support systems for drug prescribing and management: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Hemens Brian | Holbrook Anne | Tonkin Marita | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Brian Haynes R
The evolution of pyrimethamine resistant dhfr in Plasmodium falciparum of south-eastern Tanzania: comparing selection under SP alone vs SP+artesunate combination

Author(s): Malisa Allen | Pearce Richard | Mutayoba Ben | Abdullah Salim | Mshinda Hassan | Kachur Patrick | Bloland Peter | Roper Cally
Effect of Information Technology Policy on Nigerian Health Sector

Author(s): Hassan Omowunmi M | Siyanbola Willie O | Oyebisi T.O.

Author(s): Capraru Bogdan | Ihnatov Iulian
Green manures and levels of nitrogen topdressing in wheat crop under no-tillageAdubos verdes e doses de nitrogênio em cobertura na cultura do trigo sob plantio direto

Author(s): Anísio da Silva Nunes | Luiz Carlos Ferreira de Souza | Antonio Carlos Tadeu Vitorino | Leandro Henrique de Souza Mota
Educational intervention for the prevention of diarrheal diseases in the Mano de Dios neighborhood, Sincelejo, Colombia: A success experience

Author(s): Gloria Villareal | Laura Álvarez | Katherine Jiménez | Karina Martínez | Etilvia Martínez | Carolina Ojeda
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jean-Henry Morin | Shiguo Lian | Xin Wang | David Llewellyn-Jones
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Optimizing diffusion of an online computer tailored lifestyle program: a study protocol

Author(s): Schneider Francine | van Osch Liesbeth | Kremers Stef | Schulz Daniela | van Adrichem Mathieu | de Vries Hein
Evaluation on Information Technology Service Management Process with AHP

Author(s): Jiangping Wan | Hui Zhang | Dan Wan
An Effective Queue Management Scheme for Data Communication

Author(s): Sheela Thavasi | Nityanandam Natarajan
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