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Analysis of Network Security and Risks Prevention Strategies of Hongqiao Airport West Terminal

Author(s): Chongjun Fan | Honglin Xiong | Haiying Zhang | Wujun Liu | Liqiang Wang | Xiaohui Song
Finding and Indexing of Eccentric Events in Video Emanates

Author(s): Md. Haidar Sharif | Nacim Ihaddadene | Chaabane Djeraba
Book Reviews

Author(s): J Kelly Stewart | Mark J Roberts | Jeff Ahn | Lloyd H. Hoffman | Donald J. Goldstein
Providing and financing aged care in Australia

Author(s): Ergas H | Paolucci F
Aircraft Noise and Quality of Life around Frankfurt Airport

Author(s): Dirk Schreckenberg | Markus Meis | Cara Kahl | Christin Peschel | Thomas Eikmann
Do Low Cost Carriers Provide Low Quality Service?

Author(s): Nicholas G. Rupp | Tejashree Sayanak
Modeling Airplane Load Sheet using Wireless Communication

Author(s): H.A. Farhan | H.H. Owaied | M.A. Shanableh
An Aircraft Service Staff Rostering using a Hybrid GRASP Algorithm

Author(s): Vincent Cho | Gene Pak Kit Wu | W.H. Ip
The challenge of improving visibility in Beijing

Author(s): Q. Zhang | J. Zhang | H. Xue
Passenger Classification for an Airport Movement Forecast System

Author(s): Stefan Richter | Christoph Ortmann | Torsten Reiners
Neurobehavioral effects of transportation noise in primary schoolchildren: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): van Kempen Elise | van Kamp Irene | Lebret Erik | Lammers Jan | Emmen Harry | Stansfeld Stephen
A New Approach in Airport Capacity Enhancement Based on Integrated Runway Assignment and Operations Planning Model

Author(s): M. Saffarzadeh | I.N. Kamal Abadi | A.A. Kordani | E.A. Gangraj
Western Tourists Perception of Malaysian Gastronomic Products

Author(s): Mohd Hairi Jalis | Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari | Muhammad Izzat | Zulhan Othman
Drehkreuze der Globalisierung

Author(s): Kesselring, Sven
Diagnosis of the Brazilian airport system and the alternatives for its privatization

Author(s): Dorieldo Luiz dos Prazeres | Leonardo Lúcio Esteves, | Rogério Pecci Filho
Steganography An Art of Hiding Data

Author(s): Shashikala Channalli | Ajay Jadhav
Pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in Saudi Arabia: Description of the first one hundred cases

Author(s): AlMazroa Mohammad | Memish Ziad | AlWadey Ali
Research and Design of Hongqiao Airport Water Management Information System

Author(s): Lanying Zhang | Chongjun Fan | Xiaodong Zhu | Jianzheng Yang | Wenchun Shu | Chen Zeng
Localization of License Plates from Surveillance Camera Images: A Color Feature Based ANN Approach

Author(s): Satadal Saha | Subhadip Basu | Mita Nasipuri | Dipak Kr. Basu
Navigation Aids Performance Evaluation for Precision Approaches

Author(s): Pier Domenico Tromboni | Giovanni B. Palmerini
The Effect of Climate on Poultry Productivity in Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria

Author(s): Obayelu Abiodun Elijah | Adeniyi Adedapo
Sensitivity Analysis of Heavy Pavement Design for a Container Terminal Area, Case Study: Port of Gaza, Palestine

Author(s): Mazen Abualtayef | Ronald De Heer | Masamitsu Kuroiwa | Yuhei Matsubara | Ahmed Khaled Seif
CO2 column-averaged volume mixing ratio derived over Tsukuba from measurements by commercial airlines

Author(s): M. Araki | I. Morino | T. Machida | Y. Sawa | H. Matsueda | H. Ohyama | T. Yokota | O. Uchino
The challenge of improving visibility in Beijing

Author(s): Q. H. Zhang | J. P. Zhang | H. W. Xue
Effects of Changed Aircraft Noise Exposure on the Use of Outdoor Recreational Areas

Author(s): Norun Hjertager Krog | Bo Engdahl | Kristian Tambs
Comparisons of urban and rural heat stress conditions in a hot–humid tropical city

Author(s): Ahmed A. Balogun | Ifeoluwa A. Balogun | Zachariah D. Adeyewa
The experimental study of shallow flows of liquid on the airport runways and automobile roads

Author(s): Andrey Beljatynskij | Olegas Prentkovskis | Julij Krivenko

A aviação civil brasileira no debate sobre a mudança do clima

Author(s): Jorge A. Silveira | Rafael Matera | Daniel Nicolato | Luiz Brettas | Fabio Magalhães | Alexandre Filizola
Aero-disaster in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: A case study

Author(s): Seleye-Fubara D | Etebu E | Amakiri CNT
Nitrogen dioxide concentrations in neighborhoods adjacent to a commercial airport: a land use regression modeling study

Author(s): Adamkiewicz Gary | Hsu Hsiao-Hsien | Vallarino Jose | Melly Steven | Spengler John | Levy Jonathan
Ten years analysis of Tropospheric refractivity variations

Author(s): S. A. Isaakidis | T. D. Xenos

Author(s): Guimarães, C.S., Arbilla, G., Corrêa, S.M., Gatti, L.V.
Safety Perception of Turkish and European Passengers in Turkish Airports: A Cross-National Comparison

Author(s): Nuriye Güres | Halil Demirer | Senkan Aldemir | Lutfu Tayfur | Seda Arslan
A Multi Agent Based Model for Airport Service Planning

Author(s): W.H. Ip | Vincent Cho | Nick Chung | George Ho
Impact of cloud processes on aerosol particle properties: results from two ATR-42 flights in an extended stratocumulus cloud layer during the EUCAARI campaign (2008)

Author(s): S. Crumeyrolle | R. Weigel | K. Sellegri | G. Roberts | L. Gomes | A. Stohl | P. Laj | T. Bourianne | J. M. Etcheberry | P. Villani | J. M. Pichon | A. Schwarzenboeck
Research and Planning of Application Blueprint for Shanghai Airport Business Intelligence System

Author(s): Huigang Fu | Chongjun Fan | Jianbai Wang | Ding Fang | Lu Yu | Xianglai Ran
Application of a water balance model for estimating deep infiltration in a karstic watershed

Author(s): Rodrigo de Arruda Camargo | Eduardo de Aguiar do Couto | Luna Gripp Simões Alves | Maria Lúcia Calijuri | Marcos Dornelas Freitas Machado e Silva
Sensitivity analysis of airport noise using computer simulation

Author(s): Flavio Maldonado Bentes | Jules Ghislain Slama
Development of level of service standards for airport check-in facilities

Author(s): Anderson Ribeiro Correia | S. C. Wirasinghe
Análise da importância relativa de atributos de nível de serviço em um terminal de cargas aeroportuário

Author(s): Luiz Antonio Tozi | Anderson Ribeiro Correia | Carlos Müller | David dos Santos Mendes | Liu Chia Feng
Proposals for mitigation of pollutant emissions from aircraft: application to Lisbon airport

Author(s): Joana André Matias Ribeiro | Rosário Macário | Vasco Reis
Instability indices and forecasting thunderstorms: the case of 30 April 2009

Author(s): S. Tajbakhsh | P. Ghafarian | F. Sahraian
Simulating melt, runoff and refreezing on Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, using a coupled snow and energy balance model

Author(s): W. J. J. van Pelt | J. Oerlemans | C. H. Reijmer | V. A. Pohjola | R. Pettersson | J. H. van Angelen
Building Entry Loss and Delay Spread Measurements on a Simulated HAP-to-Indoor Link at S-Band

Author(s): Perez-Fontan F | Hovinen V | Schönhuber M | Prieto-Cerdeira R | Delgado-Penín JA | Teschl | Kyröläinen J | Valtr P
Optimizing Statistical Character Recognition Using Evolutionary Strategies to Recognize Aircraft Tail Numbers

Author(s): Berlanga Antonio | Besada Juan A | Herrero Jesús García | Molina José M | Portillo Javier I | Casar José R
Robust Face Detection in Airports

Author(s): Jiang Jimmy Liu | Loe Kia-Fock | Zhang Hong Jiang
A Multitarget Tracking Video System Based on Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

Author(s): García Jesús | Molina José M | Besada Juan A | Portillo Javier I
Validity of The PTSD Symptoms Scale Self Report (PSS-SR) in Iran

Author(s): Seyed-Mahmoud Mirzamani | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi | Javad Mahmoudi-Gharaei | Monireh-Sadat Mirzamani
The way the mistery of the Mattei’s case was solved

Author(s): Donato Firrao | Graziano Ubertalli | Paolo Matteis | Chiara Pozzi
Computational Intelligence and its Role in Enhancing Sustainable Transport Systems

Author(s): Eric Goodyer | Samad Ahmadi | Francisco Chiclana | David Elizondo | Mario Gongora | Ben Passow | Yinjie Yang
Reducing Fuel Consumption in Bucharest Terminal Area for Flights Using a Standard Instrument Departure

Author(s): Alin George DIACONU | Octavian Thor PLETER | Virgil STANCIU
A Multivariate Poisson Model of Consumer Choice in a Multi-Airport Region

Author(s): Andrew J. BUCK | Erwin A. BLACKSTONE | Simon HAKIM
An Architecture of the Lexicon: New Perspectives

Author(s): Sabri Alshboul | Yousef Al shaboul | Suhail M.Asassfeh
A Study to Examine If Integration of OTAs Features can Make SBTs More Flexible Online Airline Reservation Systems?

Author(s): Arif Mushtaq | Suzia Bt. Sulaiman | P.D.D. Dominic | Sadia Riaz | Muhammad Abdul Tawab Khalil
A Multi Agent Based Model for Airport Service Planning

Author(s): W.H. Ip | Vincent Cho | Nick Chung | George Ho
An Aircraft Service Staff Rostering using a Hybrid GRASP Algorithm

Author(s): Vincent Cho | Gene Pak Kit Wu | W.H. Ip
Mixed-State Models for Nonstationary Multiobject Activities

Author(s): Cuntoor Naresh P | Chellappa Rama
Prospects of Waterway Development as a Catalyst to Improve Regional and Community Socio-Economy Level

Author(s): Sulaiman M. Yassin | Hayrol A.M. Shaffril | Md. S. Hassan | Mohd. S. Othman | Asnarulkhadi A. Samah | Bahaman A. Samah
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