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Early onset MSI-H colon cancer with MLH1 promoter methylation, is there a genetic predisposition?

Author(s): van Roon Eddy | van Puijenbroek Marjo | Middeldorp Anneke | van Eijk Ronald | de Meijer Emile | Erasmus Dianhdra | Wouters Kim | van Engeland Manon | Oosting Jan | Hes Frederik | Tops Carli | van Wezel Tom | Boer Judith | Morreau Hans
High-resolution array copy number analyses for detection of deletion, gain, amplification and copy-neutral LOH in primary neuroblastoma tumors: Four cases of homozygous deletions of the CDKN2A gene

Author(s): Carén Helena | Erichsen Jennie | Olsson Linda | Enerbäck Charlotta | Sjöberg Rose-Marie | Abrahamsson Jonas | Kogner Per | Martinsson Tommy

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