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Genetic factors and variability in blood pressure. A brief literature review.

Author(s): Rogério Fermino | André Seabra | Rui Garganta | José António Ribeiro Maia
MHC-DAB allele polymorphism in Japanese flounders Paralichthys olivaceus

Author(s): XU Tian-Jun | CHEN Song-Lin | TIAN Yong-Sheng
Allele-specific expression assays using Solexa

Author(s): Main Bradley | Bickel Ryan | McIntyre Lauren | Graze Rita | Calabrese Peter | Nuzhdin Sergey
Genetic variation of goat Y chromosome in the Sardinian population

Author(s): Tiziana Sechi | Sabrina Miari | Daniela Piras | Lia Crasta | Giuliana Mulas | Antonello Carta
Haplotype allelic classes for detecting ongoing positive selection

Author(s): Hussin Julie | Nadeau Philippe | Lefebvre Jean-François | Labuda Damian
Dopamine-beta hydroxylase polymorphism and cocaine addiction

Author(s): Guindalini Camila | Laranjeira Ronaldo | Collier David | Messas Guilherme | Vallada Homero | Breen Gerome
Genetic Variation among Baluchi Sheep Population Using Microsatellite Markers

Author(s): S. Esmail Khanian | A. Negati Javaremi | F. Afraz | P. Daneshyar | S. Ghanbari
Cost-effective HRMA pre-sequence typing of clone libraries; application to phage display selection

Author(s): Pepers Barry | Schut Menno | Vossen Rolf | van Ommen Gert-Jan | den Dunnen Johan | van Roon-Mom Willeke
Gene action study in some fibre traits in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Author(s): Muhammad Shahid Mukhtar | Tariq Manzoor Khan | Abdus Salam Khan
Genomic variation in myeloma: design, content, and initial application of the Bank On A Cure SNP Panel to detect associations with progression-free survival

Author(s): Van Ness Brian | Ramos Christine | Haznadar Majda | Hoering Antje | Haessler Jeff | Crowley John | Jacobus Susanna | Oken Martin | Rajkumar Vincent | Greipp Philip | Barlogie Bart | Durie Brian | Katz Michael | Atluri Gowtham | Fang Gang | Gupta Rohit | Steinbach Michael | Kumar Vipin | Mushlin Richard | Johnson David | Morgan Gareth
The evolution of TEP1, an exceptionally polymorphic immunity gene in Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Obbard Darren | Callister Deborah | Jiggins Francis | Soares Dinesh | Yan Guiyun | Little Tom
Normalization of Illumina Infinium whole-genome SNP data improves copy number estimates and allelic intensity ratios

Author(s): Staaf Johan | Vallon-Christersson Johan | Lindgren David | Juliusson Gunnar | Rosenquist Richard | Höglund Mattias | Borg Åke | Ringnér Markus
RNAi-directed downregulation of OsBADH2 results in aroma (2-acetyl-1-pyrroline) production in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Author(s): Niu Xiangli | Tang Wei | Huang Weizao | Ren Guangjun | Wang Qilin | Luo Di | Xiao Yingyong | Yang Shimei | Wang Feng | Lu Bao-Rong | Gao Fangyuan | Lu Tiegang | Liu Yongsheng
Complex nature of SNP genotype effects on gene expression in primary human leucocytes

Author(s): Heap Graham | Trynka Gosia | Jansen Ritsert | Bruinenberg Marcel | Swertz Morris | Dinesen Lotte | Hunt Karen | Wijmenga Cisca | vanHeel David | Franke Lude
Polymorphisms of the IGF1R gene and their genetic effects on chicken early growth and carcass traits

Author(s): Lei Mingming | Peng Xia | Zhou Min | Luo Chenglong | Nie Qinghua | Zhang Xiquan
Genomic complexity of the variable region-containing chitin-binding proteins in amphioxus

Author(s): Dishaw Larry | Mueller M Gail | Gwatney Natasha | Cannon John | Haire Robert | Litman Ronda | Amemiya Chris | Ota Tatsuya | Rowen Lee | Glusman Gustavo | Litman Gary
Large-scale inference of the point mutational spectrum in human segmental duplications

Author(s): Nakken Sigve | Rødland Einar | Rognes Torbjørn | Hovig Eivind
Screening and association testing of common coding variation in steroid hormone receptor co-activator and co-repressor genes in relation to breast cancer risk: the Multiethnic Cohort

Author(s): Haiman Christopher | Garcia Rachel | Hsu Chris | Xia Lucy | Ha Helen | Sheng Xin | Le Marchand Loic | Kolonel Laurence | Henderson Brian | Stallcup Michael | Greene Geoffrey | Press Michael
The extent of population genetic subdivision differs among four co-distributed shark species in the Indo-Australian archipelago

Author(s): Ovenden Jenny | Kashiwagi Tom | Broderick Damien | Giles Jenny | Salini John
A clarified position for solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme in the evolutionary history of tomatoes (solanaceae)

Author(s): Ranc Nicolas | Muños Stéphane | Santoni Sylvain | Causse Mathilde
An extension to a statistical approach for family based association studies provides insights into genetic risk factors for multiple sclerosis in the HLA-DRB1 gene

Author(s): Ramagopalan Sreeram | McMahon Roisin | Dyment David | Sadovnick A Dessa | Ebers George | Wittkowski Knut
Allelic Variation of Hardness Genes (puroindoline a and b) in Iranian Commercial and Landrace Wheats

Author(s): KH. Malekzadeh | F. Shahriari | M. Farsi | E. Mohsenifard
Optimizing expression of the pregnancy malaria vaccine candidate, VAR2CSA in Pichia pastoris

Author(s): Avril Marion | Hathaway Marianne | Cartwright Megan | Gose Severin | Narum David | Smith Joseph
Global haplotype partitioning for maximal associated SNP pairs

Author(s): Katanforoush Ali | Sadeghi Mehdi | Pezeshk Hamid | Elahi Elahe
Complexity of the MSG gene family of Pneumocystis carinii

Author(s): Keely Scott | Stringer James
High throughput sequencing in mice: a platform comparison identifies a preponderance of cryptic SNPs

Author(s): Walter Nicole | Bottomly Daniel | Laderas Ted | Mooney Michael | Darakjian Priscila | Searles Robert | Harrington Christina | McWeeney Shannon | Hitzemann Robert | Buck Kari
Investigation of innate immunity genes CARD4, CARD8 and CARD15 as germline susceptibility factors for colorectal cancer

Author(s): Möckelmann Nikolaus | von Schönfels Witigo | Buch Stephan | von Kampen Oliver | Sipos Bence | Egberts Jan | Rosenstiel Philip | Franke Andre | Brosch Mario | Hinz Sebastian | Röder Christian | Kalthoff Holger | Fölsch Ulrich | Krawczak Michael | Schreiber Stefan | Bröring Clemens | Tepel Jürgen | Schafmayer Clemens | Hampe Jochen
Characterization of meiotic crossovers and gene conversion by whole-genome sequencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Qi Ji | Wijeratne Asela | Tomsho Lynn | Hu Yi | Schuster Stephan | Ma Hong
Population diversity and antibody selective pressure to Plasmodium falciparum MSP1 block2 locus in an African malaria-endemic setting

Author(s): Noranate Nitchakarn | Prugnolle Franck | Jouin Hélène | Tall Adama | Marrama Laurence | Sokhna Cheikh | Ekala Marie-Thérèse | Guillotte Micheline | Bischoff Emmanuel | Bouchier Christiane | Patarapotikul Jintana | Ohashi Jun | Trape Jean-François | Rogier Christophe | Mercereau-Puijalon Odile
Allelic diversity and phylogeny of homB, a novel co-virulence marker of Helicobacter pylori

Author(s): Oleastro Mónica | Cordeiro Rita | Ménard Armelle | Yamaoka Yoshio | Queiroz Dulciene | Mégraud Francis | Monteiro Lurdes
The evolution of Brassica napus FLOWERING LOCUST paralogues in the context of inverted chromosomal duplication blocks

Author(s): Wang Jing | Long Yan | Wu Baoduo | Liu Jia | Jiang Congcong | Shi Lei | Zhao Jianwei | King Graham | Meng Jinling
TILLING in the two-rowed barley cultivar 'Barke' reveals preferred sites of functional diversity in the gene HvHox1

Author(s): Gottwald Sven | Bauer Petra | Komatsuda Takao | Lundqvist Udda | Stein Nils
Genetic Traceability of the geographical origin of different water buffalo populations (Bubalus bubalis) by molecular markers

Author(s): D. Iamartino | C. Loffi | E. Genzini | A. Coletta | L. Gubitosi | M. Blasi
Microevolutionary dynamics of a macroevolutionary key innovation in a Lepidopteran herbivore

Author(s): Heidel-Fischer Hanna | Vogel Heiko | Heckel David | Wheat Christopher
Caspase-1 genetic variation is not associated with Alzheimer's disease risk

Author(s): Vázquez-Higuera José | Rodríguez-Rodríguez Eloy | Sánchez-Juan Pascual | Mateo Ignacio | Pozueta Ana | Martínez-García Ana | Frank Ana | Valdivieso Fernando | Berciano José | Bullido María | Combarros Onofre
Identification of copy number variations and common deletion polymorphisms in cattle

Author(s): Bae Joon | Cheong Hyun | Kim Lyoung | NamGung Suk | Park Tae | Chun Ji-Yong | Kim Jason | Pasaje Charisse | Lee Jin | Shin Hyoung
Identical repeated backbone of the human genome

Author(s): Zepeda-Mendoza Cinthya | Lemus Tzitziki | Yáñez Omar | García Delfino | Valle-García David | Meza-Sosa Karla | Gutiérrez-Arcelus María | Márquez-Ortiz Yamile | Domínguez-Vidaña Rocío | Gonzaga-Jauregui Claudia | Flores Margarita | Palacios Rafael
Association of Nrf2-encoding NFE2L2 haplotypes with Parkinson's disease

Author(s): von Otter Malin | Landgren Sara | Nilsson Staffan | Celojevic Dragana | Bergström Petra | Håkansson Anna | Nissbrandt Hans | Drozdzik Marek | Bialecka Monika | Kurzawski Mateusz | Blennow Kaj | Nilsson Michael | Hammarsten Ola | Zetterberg Henrik
Large genomic differences between the morphologically indistinguishable diplomonads Spironucleus barkhanus and Spironucleus salmonicida

Author(s): Roxström-Lindquist Katarina | Jerlström-Hultqvist Jon | Jørgensen Anders | Troell Karin | Svärd Staffan | Andersson Jan
High-throughput analysis of candidate imprinted genes and allele-specific gene expression in the human term placenta

Author(s): Daelemans Caroline | Ritchie Matthew | Smits Guillaume | Abu-Amero Sayeda | Sudbery Ian | Forrest Matthew | Campino Susana | Clark Taane | Stanier Philip | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Deloukas Panos | Dermitzakis Emmanouil | Tavaré Simon | Moore Gudrun | Dunham Ian
Population genetic structure of the malaria vector Anopheles nili in sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Ndo Cyrille | Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe | Cohuet Anna | Ayala Diego | Kengne Pierre | Morlais Isabelle | Awono-Ambene Parfait | Couret Daniel | Ngassam Pierre | Fontenille Didier | Simard Frédéric
Fibronectin-binding protein B variation in Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Burke Fiona | McCormack Niamh | Rindi Simonetta | Speziale Pietro | Foster Timothy
Short rare hTERT-VNTR2-2nd alleles are associated with prostate cancer susceptibility and influence gene expression

Author(s): Yoon Se-Lyun | Jung Se-Il | Do Eun-Ju | Lee Se-Ra | Lee Sang-Yeop | Chu In-Sun | Kim Wun-Jae | Jung Jaeil | Kim Choung | Cheon Sang-Hyeon | Leem Sun-Hee
Estimation of relatedness among non-pedigreed Yakutian cryo-bank bulls using molecular data: implications for conservation and breed management

Author(s): Tapio Ilma | Tapio Miika | Li Meng-Hua | Popov Ruslan | Ivanova Zoya | Kantanen Juha
A Preliminary Study of Genetic Diversity of MSP-1 Types in Plasmodium falciparum in Southern Province of Sistan Baluchistan of Iran

Author(s): Zamani Zahra | Razavi Mohammad Reza | Assmar Mehdi | Sadeghi Sedigheh | Pourfallah Fatemeh | Nasoohi Nikoo | Sheibani Ashraf | Raisi Mohammad
Morphometric and Genetic Variation of Six Seed Sources of Azadirachta excelsa (Jack) Jacobs

Author(s): Hazandy Abdul-Hamid | Nor-Aini Ab-Shukor | Abdul-Latib Senin
Polymorphism of Gli-D1 alleles of Kragujevac’s winter wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): Knežević Desimir | Novoselskaya-Dragovich Aleksandra Yu.
Molecular characterization of chemical mutagenesis induced diversity in elite maize germplasm

Author(s): Christov Nikolai K. | Todorovska Elena G. | Fasoula Dionysia A. | Ioannides Ioannis M. | Atanassov Atanas I. | Hristov Kiril N.
Transforming growth factor-β-1 polymorphisms are infrequent but exist at selected loci in oral submucous fibrosis

Author(s): Rajendran R | Harish R | Anil Sukumaran | Vidyadharan Ravi | Banerjee Moinak
Characterization of the rainbow trout transcriptome using Sanger and 454-pyrosequencing approaches

Author(s): Salem Mohamed | Rexroad Caird | Wang Jiannan | Thorgaard Gary | Yao Jianbo
Detection of 1014F kdr mutation in four major Anopheline malaria vectors in Indonesia

Author(s): Syafruddin Din | Hidayati Anggi | Asih Puji | Hawley William | Sukowati Supratman | Lobo Neil
Analysis of CYP3A4*1B and CYP3A5*3 polymorphisms in population of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Sabina Semiz | Tanja Dujić | Barbara Ostanek | Besim Prnjavorac | Tamer Bego | Maja Malenica | Barbara Mlinar | Janja Marc | Adlija Čaušević
Systematic search for enhancer elements and somatic allelic imbalance at seven low-penetrance colorectal cancer predisposition loci

Author(s): Niittymäki Iina | Tuupanen Sari | Li Yilong | Järvinen Heikki | Mecklin Jukka-Pekka | Tomlinson Ian | Houlston Richard | Karhu Auli | Aaltonen Lauri
Variants in KCNQ1 increase type II diabetes susceptibility in South Asians: A study of 3,310 subjects from India and the US

Author(s): Been Latonya | Ralhan Sarju | Wander Gurpreet | Mehra Narinder | Singh JaiRup | Mulvihill John | Aston Christopher | Sanghera Dharambir
Association analysis of PON2 genetic variants with serum paraoxonase activity and systemic lupus erythematosus

Author(s): Dasgupta Sudeshna | Demirci F Yesim | Dressen Amy | Kao Amy | Rhew Elisa | Ramsey-Goldman Rosalind | Manzi Susan | Kammerer Candace | Kamboh M Ilyas
Haplotyping, linkage mapping and expression analysis of barley genes regulated by terminal drought stress influencing seed quality

Author(s): Worch Sebastian | Rajesh Kalladan | Harshavardhan Vokkaliga | Pietsch Christof | Korzun Viktor | Kuntze Lissy | Börner Andreas | Wobus Ulrich | Röder Marion | Sreenivasulu Nese
Association genetics in Solanum tuberosum provides new insights into potato tuber bruising and enzymatic tissue discoloration

Author(s): Urbany Claude | Stich Benjamin | Schmidt Lysann | Simon Ludwig | Berding Hergen | Junghans Holger | Niehoff Karl-Heinz | Braun Alexander | Tacke Eckhard | Hofferbert Hans-Rheinhardt | Lübeck Jens | Strahwald Josef | Gebhardt Christiane
Divergence of gene regulation through chromosomal rearrangements

Author(s): Goettel Wolfgang | Messing Joachim
Natural diversity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) invertases

Author(s): Draffehn Astrid | Meller Sebastian | Li Li | Gebhardt Christiane
Statistical design of personalized medicine interventions: The Clarification of Optimal Anticoagulation through Genetics (COAG) trial

Author(s): French Benjamin | Joo Jungnam | Geller Nancy | Kimmel Stephen | Rosenberg Yves | Anderson Jeffrey | Gage Brian | Johnson Julie | Ellenberg Jonas
Functionally relevant microsatellites in sugarcane unigenes

Author(s): Parida Swarup | Pandit Awadhesh | Gaikwad Kishor | Sharma Tilak | Srivastava Prem | Singh Nagendra | Mohapatra Trilochan
Clinical and molecular characterization of a cohort of patients with novel nucleotide alterations of the Dystrophin gene detected by direct sequencing

Author(s): Magri Francesca | Del Bo Roberto | D'Angelo Maria | Govoni Alessandra | Ghezzi Serena | Gandossini Sandra | Sciacco Monica | Ciscato Patrizia | Bordoni Andreina | Tedeschi Silvana | Fortunato Francesco | Lucchini Valeria | Cereda Matteo | Corti Stefania | Moggio Maurizio | Bresolin Nereo | Comi Giacomo
Evidence for population variation in TSC1 and TSC2 gene expression

Author(s): Jentarra Garilyn | Rice Stephen | Olfers Shannon | Saffen David | Narayanan Vinodh
Transcriptome characterization and high throughput SSRs and SNPs discovery in Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae)

Author(s): Blanca José | Cañizares Joaquín | Roig Cristina | Ziarsolo Pello | Nuez Fernando | Picó Belén
Low major histocompatibility complex class II DQA diversity in the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

Author(s): Zhu Liang | Ruan Xiang-Dong | Ge Yun-Fa | Wan Qiu-Hong | Fang Sheng-Guo
Mapping a candidate gene (MdMYB10) for red flesh and foliage colour in apple

Author(s): Chagné David | Carlisle Charmaine | Blond Céline | Volz Richard | Whitworth Claire | Oraguzie Nnadozie | Crowhurst Ross | Allan Andrew | Espley Richard | Hellens Roger | Gardiner Susan
Toward accurate high-throughput SNP genotyping in the presence of inherited copy number variation

Author(s): MacConaill Laura | Aldred Micheala | Lu Xincheng | LaFramboise Thomas
Highly asymmetric rice genomes

Author(s): Ding Jing | Araki Hitoshi | Wang Qiang | Zhang Pengfei | Yang Sihai | Chen Jian-Qun | Tian Dacheng
EcoTILLING for the identification of allelic variants of melon eIF4E, a factor that controls virus susceptibility

Author(s): Nieto Cristina | Piron Florence | Dalmais Marion | Marco Cristina | Moriones Enrique | Gómez-Guillamón Ma Luisa | Truniger Verónica | Gómez Pedro | Garcia-Mas Jordi | Aranda Miguel | Bendahmane Abdelhafid
Polymorphism and epitope sharing between the alleles of merozoite surface protein-1 of Plasmodium falciparum among Indian isolates

Author(s): Mamillapalli Anitha | Sunil Sujatha | Diwan Suraksha | Sharma Surya | Tyagi Prajesh | Adak Tridibes | Joshi Hema | Malhotra Pawan
Regions of Diversity 8, 9 and 13 contribute to Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence

Author(s): Embry Addie | Hinojosa Ernesto | Orihuela Carlos
Impact of estrogen receptor gene polymorphisms and mRNA levels on obesity and lipolysis – a cohort study

Author(s): Nilsson Maria | Dahlman Ingrid | Jiao Hong | Gustafsson Jan-Åke | Arner Peter | Dahlman-Wright Karin
OSIRISv1.2: A named entity recognition system for sequence variants of genes in biomedical literature

Author(s): Furlong Laura | Dach Holger | Hofmann-Apitius Martin | Sanz Ferran
Lack of association of genetic variation in chromosome region 15q14-22.1 with type 2 diabetes in a Japanese population

Author(s): Yamaguchi Yuka | Moritani Maki | Tanahashi Toshihito | Osabe Dai | Nomura Kyoko | Fujita Yuka | Keshavarz Parvaneh | Kunika Kiyoshi | Nakamura Naoto | Yoshikawa Toshikazu | Ichiishi Eiichiro | Shiota Hiroshi | Yasui Natsuo | Inoue Hiroshi | Itakura Mitsuo
Construction of nested genetic core collections to optimize the exploitation of natural diversity in Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sativa

Author(s): Le Cunff Loïc | Fournier-Level Alexandre | Laucou Valérie | Vezzulli Silvia | Lacombe Thierry | Adam-Blondon Anne-Françoise | Boursiquot Jean-Michel | This Patrice
Interactions Between SNP Alleles at Multiple Loci and Variation in Skin Pigmentation in 122 Caucasians

Author(s): Sumiko Anno | Takashi Abe | Koichi Sairyo | Susumu Kudo | Takushi Yamamoto | Koretsugu Ogata | Vijay K. Goel
Sequence diversity in the A domain of Staphylococcus aureus fibronectin-binding protein A

Author(s): Loughman Anthony | Sweeney Tara | Keane Fiona | Pietrocola Giampiero | Speziale Pietro | Foster Timothy
Association of limbic system-associated membrane protein (LSAMP) to male completed suicide

Author(s): Must Anne | Tasa Gunnar | Lang Aavo | Vasar Eero | Kõks Sulev | Maron Eduard | Väli Marika
Selection, diversity and evolutionary patterns of the MHC class II DAB in free-ranging Neotropical marsupials

Author(s): Meyer-Lucht Yvonne | Otten Celine | Püttker Thomas | Sommer Simone
High-throughput gene and SNP discovery in Eucalyptus grandis, an uncharacterized genome

Author(s): Novaes Evandro | Drost Derek | Farmerie William | Pappas Georgios | Grattapaglia Dario | Sederoff Ronald | Kirst Matias
Creating Porcine Biomedical Models Through Recombineering

Author(s): Margarita M. Rogatcheva | Laurie A. Rund | Kelly S. Swanson | Brandy M. Marron | Jonathan E. Beever | Christopher M. Counter | Lawrence B. Schook
Genetic Polymorphisms of the Coding Region (Exon 6) of Calpastatin in Indonesian Sheep

Author(s): M. I. A. Dagong | C. Sumantri | R. R. Noor | R. Herman | M. Yamin
Wild and Hatchery Populations of Korean Starry Flounder (Platichthys stellatus) Compared Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): Hye Suck An | Soon Gyu Byun | Yi Cheong Kim | Jang Wook Lee | Jeong-In Myeong
Apolipoprotein A1/C3/A5 haplotypes and serum lipid levels

Author(s): Yin Rui-Xing | Li Yi-Yang | Lai Chao-Qiang
Genetic variation in the tau protein phosphatase-2A pathway is not associated with Alzheimer's disease risk

Author(s): Vázquez-Higuera José | Mateo Ignacio | Sánchez-Juan Pascual | Rodríguez-Rodríguez Eloy | Pozueta Ana | Calero Miguel | Dobato José | Frank-García Ana | Valdivieso Fernando | Berciano José | Bullido Maria | Combarros Onofre
The genetic basis of salinity tolerance traits in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Author(s): Norman Joseph | Danzmann Roy | Glebe Brian | Ferguson Moira
Clonal diversity of the glutamate dehydrogenase gene in Giardia duodenalis from Thai Isolates: evidence of genetic exchange or Mixed Infections?

Author(s): Siripattanapipong Suradej | Leelayoova Saovanee | Mungthin Mathirut | Thompson RC Andrew | Boontanom Parima | Saksirisampant Wilai | Tan-ariya Peerapan
A fitness assay for comparing RNAi effects across multiple C. elegans genotypes

Author(s): Elvin Mark | Snoek Laurens | Frejno Martin | Klemstein Ulrike | Kammenga Jan | Poulin Gino
Rapid evolution and copy number variation of primate RHOXF2, an X-linked homeobox gene involved in male reproduction and possibly brain function

Author(s): Niu Ao-lei | Wang Yin-qiu | Zhang Hui | Liao Cheng-hong | Wang Jin-kai | Zhang Rui | Che Jun | Su Bing
Parkinsonian phenotype in Machado-Joseph disease (MJD/SCA3): a two-case report

Author(s): Bettencourt Conceição | Santos Cristina | Coutinho Paula | Rizzu Patrizia | Vasconcelos João | Kay Teresa | Cymbron Teresa | Raposo Mafalda | Heutink Peter | Lima Manuela
Diversity of Merozoite Surface Protein-3β Gene of Plasmodium vivax Isolates from Iran

Author(s): A Shahbazi | A Raeisi | M Nateghpour | H Mirhendi | M Mohebali | M Asmar
Association of HLA-DQB1 Allelic Sequence Variation with Susceptibility to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Author(s): Zahra Rezaieyazdi | Jalil Tavakkol-Afshari | Ehsan Esmaili | Elyas Orouji | Fakhrozaman Pezeshkpour | Mohammad Khodadoost | Maryam Mazhani | Mahnaz Sooghi
Polymorphism of Merozoite Surface Protein-3α Gene of Plasmo-dium vivax in Isolates of Iran

Author(s): A Shahbazi | A Raeisi | M Nateghpour | H Mirhendi | M Mohebali | M Asmar
Modulation of Human Serotonin Transporter Expression by 5-HTTLPR in Colon Cells

Author(s): Anchalee Prasansuklab | Yong Poovorawan | Tewin Tencomnao
Matrix metalloproteinase 9 polymorphism and outcome after myocardial infarction

Author(s): Sophie Rodius | Guillermo Mulliert | Francisco Azuaje | Yvan Devaux | Daniel R. Wagner
Comparison between Wild and Hatchery Populations of Korean Pen Shell (Atrina pectinata) Using Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author(s): Hye Suck An | Byeong Hak Kim | Jang Wook Lee | Chun Mae Dong | Shin Kwon Kim | Yi Cheong Kim
A note on the rationale for estimating genealogical coancestry from molecular markers

Author(s): Toro Miguel | García-Cortés Luis | Legarra Andrés
Determinants of selenium status in healthy adults

Author(s): Combs Gerald | Watts Jennifer | Jackson Matthew | Johnson LuAnn | Zeng Huawei | Scheett Angela | Uthus Eric | Schomburg Lutz | Hoeg Antonia | Hoefig Carolin | Davis Cindy | Milner John
Evidence for a purifying selection acting on the β-lactamase locus in epidemic clones of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Milheiriço Catarina | Portelinha Ana | Krippahl Ludwig | de Lencastre Hermínia | Oliveira Duarte
Genetic variation in DNA-repair pathways and response to radiochemotherapy in esophageal adenocarcinoma: a retrospective cohort study of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group

Author(s): Yoon Harry | Catalano Paul | Murphy Kathleen | Skaar Todd | Philips Santosh | Powell Mark | Montgomery Elizabeth | Hafez Michael | Offer Steven | Liu Geoffrey | Meltzer Stephen | Wu Xifeng | Forastiere Arlene | Benson Al | Kleinberg Lawrence | Gibson Michael
A fast and accurate method to detect allelic genomic imbalances underlying mosaic rearrangements using SNP array data

Author(s): González Juan | Rodríguez-Santiago Benjamín | Cáceres Alejandro | Pique-Regi Roger | Rothman Nathaniel | Chanock Stephen | Armengol Lluís | Pérez-Jurado Luis
Risk and protective genetic variants in suicidal behaviour: association with SLC1A2, SLC1A3, 5-HTR1B & NTRK2 polymorphisms

Author(s): Murphy Therese | Ryan Maria | Foster Tom | Kelly Chris | McClelland Roy | O'Grady John | Corcoran Eleanor | Brady John | Reilly Michael | Jeffers Anne | Brown Katherine | Maher Anne | Bannan Noreen | Casement Alison | Lynch Dermot | Bolger Sharon | Tewari Prerna | Buckley Avril | Quinlivan Leah | Daly Leslie | Kelleher Cecily | Malone Kevin
Genome wide association study identifies KCNMA1 contributing to human obesity

Author(s): Jiao Hong | Arner Peter | Hoffstedt Johan | Brodin David | Dubern Beatrice | Czernichow Sébastien | van't Hooft Ferdinand | Axelsson Tomas | Pedersen Oluf | Hansen Torben | Sørensen Thorkild | Hebebrand Johannes | Kere Juha | Dahlman-Wright Karin | Hamsten Anders | Clement Karine | Dahlman Ingrid
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of PARKIN Gene in Ten Indian Populations

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