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Catalytic Asymmetric Nitro-Mannich Reactions with a Yb/K Heterobimetallic Catalyst

Author(s): Tatsuya Nitabaru | Naoya Kumagai | Masakatsu Shibasaki
Killing cancer cells by targeted drug-carrying phage nanomedicines

Author(s): Bar Hagit | Yacoby Iftach | Benhar Itai
Enhanced A3 adenosine receptor selectivity of multivalent nucleoside-dendrimer conjugates

Author(s): Klutz Athena | Gao Zhan-Guo | Lloyd John | Shainberg Asher | Jacobson Kenneth
The high-resolution NMR structure of the R21A Spc-SH3:P41 complex: Understanding the determinants of binding affinity by comparison with Abl-SH3

Author(s): Casares Salvador | AB Eiso | Eshuis Henk | Lopez-Mayorga Obdulio | van Nuland Nico | Conejero-Lara Francisco
The Deuterator: software for the determination of backbone amide deuterium levels from H/D exchange MS data

Author(s): Pascal BD | Chalmers MJ | Busby SA | Mader CC | Southern MR | Tsinoremas NF | Griffin PR
Fragment-based identification of determinants of conformational and spectroscopic change at the ricin active site

Author(s): Carra John | McHugh Colleen | Mulligan Sheila | Machiesky LeeAnn | Soares Alexei | Millard Charles

Author(s): Geraldo M. de Lima | Edward R. T. Tiekink | James L. Wardell | Solange M. S. V. Wardell
Extraction of consensus protein patterns in regions containing non-proline cis peptide bonds and their functional assessment

Author(s): Exarchos Konstantinos | Exarchos Themis | Rigas Georgios | Papaloukas Costas | Fotiadis Dimitrios
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