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Carbon Nanotubes Based Glucose Needle-type Biosensor

Author(s): Jinyan Jia | Wenjun Guan | Minghao Sim | Yongquan Li | Hong Li
Electrochemical sensors: a powerful tool in analytical chemistry

Author(s): Stradiotto Nelson R. | Yamanaka Hideko | Zanoni Maria Valnice B.
Flow injection amperometric determination of persulfate in cosmetic products using a Prussian Blue film-modified electrode

Author(s): Marcelo F. De Oliveira | Adelir A. Saczk | Jose A. Gomes Neto | Paulo S. Roldan | Nelson R. Stradiotto
Mathematical Model of the Biosensors Acting in a Trigger Mode

Author(s): Romas Baronas | Juozas Kulys | Feliksas Ivanauskas
Brain Tissue Oxygen: In Vivo Monitoring with Carbon Paste Electrodes

Author(s): Fiachra B. Bolger | John P. Lowry
Pulsed Amperometry for Anti-fouling of Boron-doped Diamond in Electroanalysis of β-Agonists: Application to Flow Injection for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Author(s): Chanpen Karuwan | Thitirat Mantim | Patcharin Chaisuwan | Prapin Wilairat | Kate Grudpan | Piyada Jittangprasert | Yasuaki Einaga | Orawon Chailapakul | Leena Suntornsuk | Oraphan Anurukvorakun | Duangjai Nacapricha
Modifications of Poly(o-phenylenediamine) Permselective Layer on Pt-Ir for Biosensor Application in Neurochemical Monitoring

Author(s): Sarah M. Kirwan | Gaia Rocchitta | Colm P. McMahon | Jennifer D. Craig | Sarah J. Killoran | Kylie B. O’Brien | Pier A. Serra | John P. Lowry | Robert D. O’Neill
Electrochemical Sensors Based on Organic Conjugated Polymers

Author(s): Md. Aminur Rahman | Pankaj Kumar | Deog-Su Park | Yoon-Bo Shim
Amperometric Enzyme-based Gas Sensor for Formaldehyde: Impact of Possible Interferences

Author(s): Sabine Achmann | Martin Hämmerle | Ralf Moos
Amperometric Determination of Sulfite by Gas Diffusion- Sequential Injection with Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode

Author(s): Chakorn Chinvongamorn | Kulwadee Pinwattana | Narong Praphairaksit | Toshihiko Imato | Orawon Chailapakul
Silicon Wafer-Based Platinum Microelectrode Array Biosensor for Near Real-Time Measurement of Glutamate in Vivo

Author(s): Kate M. Wassum | Vanessa M. Tolosa | Jianjun Wang | Eric Walker | Harold G. Monbouquette | Nigel T. Maidment
Amperometric Sensor for Detection of Chloride Ions

Author(s): Libuse Trnkova | Vojtech Adam | Jaromir Hubalek | Petr Babula | Rene Kizek
Electrochemical Microsensors for the Detection of Cadmium(II) and Lead(II) Ions in Plants

Author(s): Olga Krystofova | Libuse Trnkova | Vojtech Adam | Josef Zehnalek | Jaromir Hubalek | Petr Babula | Rene Kizek
Differential levels of glutamate dehydrogenase 1 (GLUD1) in Balb/c and C57BL/6 mice and the effects of overexpression of the Glud1 gene on glutamate release in striatum

Author(s): Kevin N Hascup | Xiaodong Bao | Erin R Hascup | Dongwei Hui | Wenhao Xu | Francois Pomerleau | Peter Huettl | Mary L Michaelis | Elias K Michaelis | Greg A Gerhardt
Aplicações eletroanalíticas com eletrodos de prata confeccionados a partir de CDs graváveis

Author(s): Richter Eduardo M. | Jesus Dosil P. de | Neves Carlos A. | Lago Claudimir L. do | Angnes Lúcio
N-Terminal Phosphorylation of the Dopamine Transporter Is Required for Amphetamine-Induced Efflux

Author(s): Khoshbouei Habibeh | Sen Namita | Guptaroy Bipasha | Johnson L'Aurelle | Lund David | Gnegy Margaret E | Galli Aurelio | Javitch Jonathan A

Author(s): Flora Shayegh | Fatemeh Hair | Seyed Mehdi Kamali Shahri
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