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WDM in Courses of Communication Technologies

Author(s): Miloslav Filka | Miroslav Bernkopf
Comparison of an Analog Behavioral and Transistor Level Model of Operational Amplifier

Author(s): Daniela Durackova | Karol Kovac | Viktor Smiesko
New Nanocrystalline Materials for Power Electronics Applications

Author(s): Elemir Usak | Peter Svec | Jozef Kuchta | Jan Bydzovsky
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester

Author(s): Vaclav Havlicek | Martin Pokorny
1.8 GHz Lumped Component Thick Film Amplifier

Author(s): C. P. Allen | C. E. Tucker | K. W. Woodcock | P. G. Barnwell
A Thick Film Hybrid IC Amplifier for Industrial Use

Author(s): Hiromi Tosaki | Akira Ikegami | Tsutomu Okayama | Yoshitaka Matsuoka
Grounded Capacitor Oscillators Using A Single Operational Transconductance Amplifier

Author(s): Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti | Muhammad Haroon Khan
New Grounded-Capacitor Sinusoidal Oscillators Using the Current-Feedback-Amplifier Pole

Author(s): Muhammad Taher Abuelma’atti | Husain Abdullah Al-Zaher
New Quartz Crystal Oscillators Using the Current-Feedback Operational Amplifier

Author(s): Muhammad Taher Abuelma'atti | Ahmad Al-Ghazwani
Strategic Review of Arsenide, Phosphide and Nitride MOSFETs

Author(s): Gourab Dutta | Palash Das | Partha Mukherjee | Dhrubes Biswas
Tunable Picosecond OpticalParametric Amplifiers for TimeResolved Resonance RamanSpectroscopy

Author(s): M. Towrie | G. Gaborel | P. Matousek | A. W. Parker | W. Shaikh | R. H. Bisby
Current Mode Interface Circuit for Differential Capacitive Sensor

Author(s): Ghasem Shahrivar | Hamid Reza Dalili Oskoie | Ali Zamingard Rozbahani
High-Speed Low-Distortion Common-Mode Feedback Circuit Based on Differential-Difference Amplifier

Author(s): SABERKARI Alireza | FATHIPOUR Rasoul | SABERKARI Hamidreza
Low Power Low Voltage Bulk Driven Balanced OTA

Author(s): Neha Gupta | Meenakshi Suthar | Sapna Singh | Priyanka Soni
An Optimized Highly Efficient RF Power Amplifier for WLAN System Application

Author(s): Mohammed H. Ali | C. K. Chakrabarty | Mithaq H. Raheema
Human Pulse Detection Using Multiple Silicon Microphones toward Estimation of Physical Condition

Author(s): Shusaku Nomura | Yasushi Hanasaka | Yuudai Katsuda | Ryoma Hirota | Takashi Ishiguro | Kantaro Takada | Masaru Uryu | Hiroshi Ogawa
Development of a multiwire position sensitive proportional counter

Author(s): Kakavand Tayeb | Nasseri Mohammad M. | Sharifi Bahador | Razavi Rohallah
Non Linearity Analysis of High Power Amplifier in OFDM System

Author(s): Amanjot Singh | Hardeep Kaur
WDM in Courses of Communication Technologies

Author(s): Miloslav Filka | Miroslav Bernkopf
Comparison of an Analog Behavioral and Transistor Level Model of Operational Amplifier

Author(s): Daniela Durackova | Karol Kovac | Viktor Smiesko
New Nanocrystalline Materials for Power Electronics Applications

Author(s): Elemir Usak | Peter Svec | Jozef Kuchta | Jan Bydzovsky
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester

Author(s): Vaclav Havlicek | Martin Pokorny
A K-Band RF-MEMS-Enabled Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Low-Noise Amplifier Hybrid Circuit

Author(s): R. Malmqvist | C. Samuelsson | A. Gustafsson | P. Rantakari | S. Reyaz | T. Vähä-Heikkilä | A. Rydberg | J. Varis | D. Smith | R. Baggen
Investigation of the Transient Behavior of a Cantilever Beam Using PVDF Sensors

Author(s): Chien-Ching Ma | Yu-Hsi Huang | Shan-Ying Pan
Pocket PC-based portable gamma-ray spectrometer

Author(s): Kamontip Ploykrachang | Decho Thong-Aram | Suvit Punnachaiya | Somchai Baotong
Switching Optimization for Class-G Audio Amplifiers with Two Power Supplies

Author(s): Sophie Taupin | Nacer Abouchi | Gael Pillonnet | Patrice Russo | Firas Yengui
High Performance Op Amp Design Review

Author(s): Rajashri Deshmukh | Deepak Dandekar
PAPR Reduction for OFDM System Using Companding Technique

Author(s): Bahubali K. Shiragapur | Uday Wali
Differential ultra low noise amplifier for low frequency noise measurements

Author(s): Graziella Scandurra | Gianluca Cannatà | Carmine Ciofi

Author(s): E. Tlelo-Cuautle | J. Aguila-Meza
Improved Echo cancellation in VOIP

Author(s): Patrashiya Magdolina Halder | A.K.M. Fazlul Haque
Low Noise Amplifier Design for Digital Television Applications

Author(s): Anastasios Tsaraklimanis | Evangelia Karagianni
Using LDMOS Transistor in Class-F Power Amplifier For WCDMA Applications

Author(s): Masoud Sabaghi | Seyed Reza Hadianamrei | Mehdi Rahnama | Maziyar Niyakan Lahiji
Alternative Post-Processing on a CMOS Chip to Fabricate a Planar Microelectrode Array

Author(s): Francisco López-Huerta | Agustín L. Herrera-May | Johan J. Estrada-López | Carlos Zuñiga-Islas | Blanca Cervantes-Sanchez | Enrique Soto | Blanca S. Soto-Cruz
Blind Equalization of a Nonlinear Satellite System Using MCMC Simulation Methods

Author(s): Sénécal Stéphane | Amblard Pierre-Olivier
Modeling Nonlinear Power Amplifiers in OFDM Systems from Subsampled Data: A Comparative Study Using Real Measurements

Author(s): Santamaría Ignacio | Ibáñez Jesús | Lázaro Marcelino | Pantaleón Carlos | Vielva Luis
Using MEMS Capacitive Switches in Tunable RF Amplifiers

Author(s): Danson John | Plett Calvin | Tait Niall
Charge-Domain Signal Processing of Direct RF Sampling Mixer with Discrete-Time Filters in Bluetooth and GSM Receivers

Author(s): Ho Yo-Chuol | Staszewski Robert Bogdan | Muhammad Khurram | Hung Chih-Ming | Leipold Dirk | Maggio Kenneth
Block Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access for Power Efficiency, Robustness, Flexibility, and Scalability

Author(s): Svensson Tommy | Frank Tobias | Eriksson Thomas | Aronsson Daniel | Sternad Mikael | Klein Anja
Particle Filtering Equalization Method for a Satellite Communication Channel

Author(s): Sénécal Stéphane | Amblard Pierre-Olivier | Cavazzana Laurent
OFDM versus Single Carrier: A Realistic Multi-Antenna Comparison

Author(s): Tubbax Jan | Van der Perre Liesbet | Engels Marc | De Man Hugo | Moonen Marc
Principles and Limitations of Ultra-Wideband FM Communications Systems

Author(s): Gerrits John FM | Kouwenhoven Michiel HL | van der Meer Paul R | Farserotu John R | Long John R
An SIMD Programmable Vision Chip with High-Speed Focal Plane Image Processing

Author(s): Ginhac Dominique | Dubois Jérôme | Paindavoine Michel | Heyrman Barthélémy
Turbo Decision Aided Receivers for Clipping Noise Mitigation in Coded OFDM

Author(s): Colas Maxime | Gelle Guillaume | Declercq David
A Potential Transmitter Architecture for Future Generation Green Wireless Base Station

Author(s): Bassoo Vandana | Tom Kevin | Mustafa AK | Cijvat Ellie | Sjoland Henrik | Faulkner Mike
Сhoosing the optimal parameters of some frequency meter’s units of microwave band

Author(s): Krival I. I. | Skrypnyuk A. I. | Protsenko V. A. | Maryenko A. V.
Full-wave current conveyor precision rectifier

Author(s): Đukić Slobodan R.
Influence of current reuse LNA circuit parameters on its noise figure

Author(s): Radić Jelena | Djugova Alena | Videnović-Mišić Mirjana
Symbolic Analysis of OTRAs-Based Circuits

Author(s): C. Sánchez-López | E. Martínez-Romero | E. Tlelo-Cuautle
Development of a Synchronous-Generator Experimental Bench for Standstill Time-Domain Tests

Author(s): M.A. Arjona | M. Cisneros-Gonzalez | C. Hernandez

Author(s): E. Ruíz-May | F. Sandoval-Ibarra

Author(s): J.A. Tirado-Méndez | H. Jardón-Aguilar

Author(s): Alpana Adsul | Dr. S. K. Bodhe
Raman Amplifier Based on Amorphous Silicon Nanoparticles

Author(s): M. A. Ferrara | I. Rendina | S. N. Basu | L. Dal Negro | L. Sirleto
A Two-Step Identification Approach for Twin-Box Models of RF Power Amplifier

Author(s): You-Jiang Liu | Bang-Hua Zhou | Jie Zhou | Yi-Nong Liu
Design of Active Filters using CNTFET Opamp

Author(s): Sridevi.V | Jayanthy.T
A Fault Dictionary-Based Fault Diagnosis Approach for CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

Author(s): Mouna Karmani | Chiraz Khedhiri | Belgacem Hamdi | Brahim Bensalem
Detector de IR de lámina ferroeléctrica de (Pb,Ca)TiO3

Author(s): Ramos, P. | Mendiola, J. | Jiménez, R. | Calzada, M. L. | González, A. | Tejedor, P.
The Theory and Application of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Fiber

Author(s): WEI Jia-ju | LIANG Yi-ping | DAI Te-li
Impact of GVD and SPM on the Performance of DS-OCDMA

Author(s): Md. Jahedul Islam | Md. Rafiqul Islam
Toward a Low Cost and Single Chip Holter: SoC-Holter

Author(s): Hao Ding | Kun-mean Hou | Jacques Lecoq | Gerard Bohner | Hai-ying Zhou | Hong Sun
A Fuzzy Reputation Management System with Punishment Mechanism for P2P Network

Author(s): Zhengbing Hu | Huaiqing Lin | Yonghong Zhou
All-optical Label Swapping Techniques for Optical Packets at Bit-rate Beyond 160 Gb/s

Author(s): Nicola Calabretta | Hyun-Do Jung | Harm Dorren
CFOA-Based Lossless and Lossy Inductance Simulators

Author(s): F. Kaçar | H. Kuntman
Robot-Aided Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Based on Motor Imagery EEG

Author(s): Baoguo Xu | Si Peng | Aiguo Song | Renhuan Yang | Lizheng Pan
GaAs Monolithic Integrated Circuits for DBS Reception

Author(s): Vera Marković | Bratislav Milovanović
A Review Note on Different Components of Simple Electromagnetic Levitation Systems

Author(s): Banerjee Subrata | Sarkar Mrinal | Biswas Pabitra | Bhaduri Rupam | Sarkar Prasanta
Power Efficiency Improvement in CE-OFDM System With 0 dB IBO for Transmission over PLC Network

Author(s): El Ghzaoui Mohammed, Belkadid Jamal, Benbassou Ali & EL Bekkali Moulhim
Real-Time Telemetry System for Amperometric and Potentiometric Electrochemical Sensors

Author(s): Wei-Song Wang | Hong-Yi Huang | Shu-Chun Chen | Kuo-Chuan Ho | Chia-Yu Lin | Tse-Chuan Chou | Chih-Hsien Hu | Wen-Fong Wang | Cheng-Feng Wu | Ching-Hsing Luo
Seroprevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (LC) in dogs and identification of vectors (Diptera:Psychodidae) in Bela Vista do Paraíso, Parana stateSoroprevalência da Leishmaniose Tegumentar Americana (LTA) canina e fauna de Flebotomíneos (Diptera: Psychodidae) em Bela Vista do Paraíso, Paraná

Author(s): Homero Ribeiro dos Reis | Fabiana Maria Ruiz Lopes-Mori | Célia Rosimarie dos Reis | Roberta Lemos Freire | Elizabete Regina Marangoni Marana | Andreas Lazaro Chryssafidis | André Vieira Tedim | Bruno Bergamo Ruffolo | Felipe Monteiro Bugni | Edilene Alcântara de Castro | Vanete Thomaz-Soccol | Luciene Biazzono Nabut | Italmar Teodorico Navarro
Operational Transresistance Amplifier-Based Multiphase Sinusoidal Oscillators

Author(s): Rajeshwari Pandey | Neeta Pandey | Mayank Bothra | Sajal K. Paul
Analysis of BER Degradation for Transmitted Downlink DSCDMA Signals

Author(s): Ashok Ch | Murali Mohan K V | David Solomon Raju Y
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