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Upregulation of angiopoietin-like 4 by viral G protein-coupled receptor promotes angiogenesis and vascular permeability in Kaposi’s sarcoma

Author(s): Ma Tao | Jham Bruno | Hu Jiadi | Friedman Eitan | Basile John | Sodhi Akrit | Montaner Silvia
Gene expression profiling of subcutaneous adipose tissue in morbid obesity using a focused microarray: Distinct expression of cell-cycle- and differentiation-related genes

Author(s): Rodríguez-Acebes Sara | Palacios Nuria | Botella-Carretero José | Olea Nuria | Crespo Lorena | Peromingo Roberto | Gómez-Coronado Diego | Lasunción Miguel | Vázquez Clotilde | Martínez-Botas Javier
Effects of iron loading on muscle: genome-wide mRNA expression profiling in the mouse

Author(s): Rodriguez Alejandra | Hilvo Mika | Kytömäki Leena | Fleming Robert | Britton Robert | Bacon Bruce | Parkkila Seppo
Pioglitazone administration alters ovarian gene expression in aging obese lethal yellow mice

Author(s): Brannian John | Eyster Kathleen | Weber Mitch | Diggins Maureen
ANGPTL4 variants E40K and T266M are associated with lower fasting triglyceride levels in Non-Hispanic White Americans from the Look AHEAD Clinical Trial

Author(s): Smart-Halajko Melissa | Kelley-Hedgepeth Alyson | Montefusco Maria | Cooper Jackie | Kopin Alan | McCaffery Jeanne | Balasubramanyam Ashok | Pownall Henry | Nathan David | Peter Inga | Talmud Philippa | Huggins Gordon
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