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The genome sequence of Rickettsia felis identifies the first putative conjugative plasmid in an obligate intracellular parasite.

Author(s): Ogata Hiroyuki | Renesto Patricia | Audic Stéphane | Robert Catherine | Blanc Guillaume | Fournier Pierre-Edouard | Parinello Hugues | Claverie Jean-Michel | Raoult Didier
The Journey to smORFland

Author(s): Wagied Davids | Hans-Henrik Fuxelius | Siv G. E. Andersson
Association study of SHANK3 gene polymorphisms with autism in Chinese Han population

Author(s): Qin Jian | Jia Meixiang | Wang Lifang | Lu Tianlan | Ruan Yan | Liu Jing | Guo Yanqing | Zhang Jishui | Yang Xiaoling | Yue Weihua | Zhang Dai
ASB9 interacts with ubiquitous mitochondrial creatine kinase and inhibits mitochondrial function

Author(s): Kwon Sanghoon | Kim Dongbum | Rhee Jae | Park Jeong-A | Kim Dae-Won | Kim Doo-Sik | Lee Younghee | Kwon Hyung-Joo
The Drosophila Anion Exchanger (DAE) lacks a detectable interaction with the spectrin cytoskeleton

Author(s): Dubreuil Ronald | Das Amlan | Base Christine | Mazock G Harper
Poxvirus Exploitation of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System

Author(s): Michele Barry | Nicholas van Buuren | Kristin Burles | Kelly Mottet | Qian Wang | Alastair Teale
Using gene expression databases for classical trait QTL candidate gene discovery in the BXD recombinant inbred genetic reference population: Mouse forebrain weight

Author(s): Lu Lu | Wei Lai | Peirce Jeremy | Wang Xusheng | Zhou Jianhua | Homayouni Ramin | Williams Robert | Airey David
Disruption of chromosome 11 in canine fibrosarcomas highlights an unusual variability of CDKN2B in dogs

Author(s): Aguirre-Hernández Jesús | Milne Bruce | Queen Chris | O'Brien Patricia | Hoather Tess | Haugland Sean | Ferguson-Smith Malcolm | Dobson Jane | Sargan David
Validation of suitable house keeping genes for hypoxia-cultured human chondrocytes

Author(s): Foldager Casper | Munir Samir | Ulrik-Vinther Michael | Søballe Kjeld | Bünger Cody | Lind Martin
Low level of polymorphism in two putative NPR1 homologs in the Vitaceae family

Author(s): Bergeault Karine | Bertsch Christophe | Merdinoglu Didier | Walter Bernard
MNF, an ankyrin repeat protein of myxoma virus, is part of a native cellular SCF complex during viral infection

Author(s): Blanié Sophie | Gelfi Jacqueline | Bertagnoli Stéphane | Camus-Bouclainville Christelle
Functional proteomic analysis of Ankaferd® Blood Stopper

Author(s): Duygu Özel Demiralp | İbrahim C. Haznedaroğlu | Nejat Akar
Ordered Assembly of the Adhesive and Electrochemical Connections within Newly Formed Intercalated Disks in Primary Cultures of Adult Rat Cardiomyocytes

Author(s): Sarah B. Geisler | Kathleen J. Green | Lori L. Isom | Sasha Meshinchi | Jeffrey R. Martens | Mario Delmar | Mark W. Russell
Myc suppression of Nfkb2 accelerates lymphomagenesis

Author(s): Keller Ulrich | Huber Jürgen | Nilsson Jonas | Fallahi Mohammad | Hall Mark | Peschel Christian | Cleveland John
Characterization of antibodies directed against the Ankrd2 human muscle protein

Author(s): Kojić Snežana | Medeot Elisa | Faulkner Georgine
Emerging and re-emerging zoonotic buffalopox infection: a severe outbreak in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India

Author(s): Gnanavel Venkatesan | Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan | Manimuthu Prabhu | Revanaiah Yogisharadhya | Durlav P. Bora | Pradeep N. Gandhale | M.S. Siva Sankar | A.M. Kulkarni | Raj K. Singh | Veerakyathappa Bhanuprakash
Functional analysis of the Theobroma cacao NPR1 gene in arabidopsis

Author(s): Shi Zi | Maximova Siela | Liu Yi | Verica Joseph | Guiltinan Mark
Phylogenomics of the Reproductive Parasite Wolbachia pipientis wMel: A Streamlined Genome Overrun by Mobile Genetic Elements

Author(s): Wu Martin | Sun Ling V | Vamathevan Jessica | Riegler Markus | Deboy Robert | Brownlie Jeremy C | McGraw Elizabeth A | Martin William | Esser Christian | Ahmadinejad Nahal | Wiegand Christian | Madupu Ramana | Beanan Maureen J | Brinkac Lauren M | Daugherty Sean C | Durkin A. Scott | Kolonay James F | Nelson William C | Mohamoud Yasmin | Lee Perris | Berry Kristi | Young M. Brook | Utterback Teresa | Weidman Janice | Nierman William C | Paulsen Ian T | Nelson Karen E | Tettelin Hervé | O'Neill Scott L | Eisen Jonathan A
Insulin-induced glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) binding to red cell membrane proteins

Sequence variation in ligand binding sites in proteins

Author(s): Magliery Thomas | Regan Lynne
PIKE GTPase Signaling and Function

Author(s): Ahn Jee-Yin | Ye Keqiang
The tripartite associations between bacteriophage, Wolbachia, and arthropods.

Author(s): Bordenstein Seth R | Marshall Michelle L | Fry Adam J | Kim Ulandt | Wernegreen Jennifer J
Genomic sequence and analysis of a vaccinia virus isolate from a patient with a smallpox vaccine-related complication

Author(s): Li Guiyun | Chen Nanhai | Feng Zehua | Buller R Mark | Osborne John | Harms Tiara | Damon Inger | Upton Chris | Esteban David
Cloning and expression of a zebrafish SCN1B ortholog and identification of a species-specific splice variant

Author(s): Fein Amanda | Meadows Laurence | Chen Chunling | Slat Emily | Isom Lori
Ankyrin repeat domain-encoding genes in the wPip strain of Wolbachia from the Culex pipiens group

Author(s): Walker Thomas | Klasson Lisa | Sebaihia Mohammed | Sanders Mandy | Thomson Nicholas | Parkhill Julian | Sinkins Steven
Species-specific pharmacology of Trichloro(sulfanyl)ethyl benzamides as transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) antagonists

Author(s): Klionsky Lana | Tamir Rami | Gao BaoXi | Wang Weiya | Immke David | Nishimura Nobuko | Gavva Narender
Intestinal Spirochaetes of the Genus Brachyspira Share a Partially Conserved 26 Kilobase Genomic Region with Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli

Author(s): Yair Motro | David S. Dunn | Tom La | Nyree D. Phillips | David J. Hampson | Matthew I. Bellgard
The expression of Muscle ankyrin repeat proteins in brown adipose tissue

Author(s): Rakićević Ljiljana | Petrović Nataša | Radojković Dragica | Kojić Snežana
Ankyrin repeat and SOCS box containing protein 4 (Asb-4) colocalizes with insulin receptor substrate 4 (IRS4) in the hypothalamic neurons and mediates IRS4 degradation

Author(s): Li Ji-Yao | Chai Biaoxin | Zhang Weizhen | Wu Xiaobin | Zhang Chao | Fritze Danielle | Xia Zefeng | Patterson Cam | Mulholland Michael
Is Ankyrin a genetic risk factor for psychiatric phenotypes?

Author(s): Gella Alejandro | Segura Mònica | Durany Núria | Pfuhlmann Bruno | Stöber Gerald | Gawlik Micha

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