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Consequences and Utility of the Zinc-Dependent Metalloprotease Activity of Anthrax Lethal Toxin

Author(s): Jennifer Bromberg-White | Chih-Shia Lee | Nicholas Duesbery
Emergence of Anthrax Edema Toxin as a Master Manipulator of Macrophage and B Cell Functions

Author(s): Bryan T. Gnade | Scott T. Moen | Ashok K. Chopra | Johnny W. Peterson | Linsey A. Yeager
Activity of the Bacillus anthracis 20 kDa protective antigen component

Author(s): Hammamieh Rasha | Ribot Wilson | Abshire Terry | Jett Marti | Ezzell John
Transcriptional and apoptotic responses of THP-1 cells to challenge with toxigenic, and non-toxigenic Bacillus anthracis

Author(s): Bradburne Christopher | Chung Myung-Chul | Zong Qin | Schlauch Karen | Liu Derong | Popova Taissia | Popova Anna | Bailey Charles | Soppet Dan | Popov Serguei
ATP Depletion Via Mitochondrial F1F0 Complex by Lethal Factor is an Early Event in B. Anthracis-Induced Sudden Cell Death

Author(s): Mitchell W. Woodberry | Leopoldo Aguilera-Aguirre | Attila Bacsi | Ashok K. Chopra | Alexander Kurosky | Johnny W. Peterson | Istvan Boldogh
Anthrax - past, present and future

Author(s): Madle-Samardžija Nadežda D. | Turkulov Vesna S. | Vukadinov Jovan S. | Čanak Grozdana J. | Doder Radoslava Ž. | Sević Siniša Đ.
Quantitative Mass Spectrometry for Bacterial Protein Toxins — A Sensitive, Specific, High-Throughput Tool for Detection and Diagnosis

Author(s): Anne E. Boyer | Maribel Gallegos-Candela | Renato C. Lins | Zsuzsanna Kuklenyik | Adrian Woolfitt | Hercules Moura | Suzanne Kalb | Conrad P. Quinn | John R. Barr
Acceleration of epithelial cell syndecan-1 shedding by anthrax hemolytic virulence factors

Author(s): Popova Taissia | Millis Bryan | Bradburne Chris | Nazarenko Svetlana | Bailey Charles | Chandhoke Vikas | Popov Serguei
Antibodies against Anthrax: Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Applications

Author(s): Jeffrey W. Froude II | Philippe Thullier | Thibaut Pelat
Anthrax Lethal Toxin-Induced Gene Expression Changes in Mouse Lung

Author(s): Eric K. Dumas | Philip M. Cox | Charles O’Connor Fullenwider | Melissa Nguyen | Michael Centola | Mark Barton Frank | Igor Dozmorov | Judith A. James | A. Darise Farris
Monoclonal Antibody Therapies against Anthrax

Author(s): Zhaochun Chen | Mahtab Moayeri | Robert Purcell
The Effects of Anthrax Lethal Toxin on Host Barrier Function

Author(s): Tao Xie | Roger D. Auth | David M. Frucht

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